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WolvesPerv shows us his Playroom

Master WolvesPerv invites us to visit his DUNGEON.

MasterMarc: Hi WolvesPerv. Thank you for the invitation to your house. It is great to be here. Before you start to show us your dungeon we want to know a little more about you. For how long are you living your kinks and what has been your first steps into the fetish world?

WolvesPerv: Hi MasterMarc, you are very welcome – great to have you here.

Long before I knew anything about fetish, men or sex I knew about leather! As a kid I had a massive fascination with sports bike leathers. Motorbikes or cars never really interested me – but a guy in leathers riding a bike was an instant head turner!

But then it was quite a while before I really developed my fetish interests – I was really quite a late starter sexually, into my 20’s. I discovered the world of fetish in the early days of the Internet, when we had to use Telnet before the Web really started. Growing up and living in North Wales there was no real gay scene, and the thought of any fetish scene was a distant dream.

But by my late 20’s work was better, I moved to a job in London and was able to build my fetish social network. Visiting your first fetish store is always something to remember, I did them all in London in one day! I don’t really recall much of my early scene experiences, but I do remember visiting SM Gays for my first visit to The Hoist, volunteering at a KinkFest event in London and then I found Leather heaven.

Turns out it is a sun soaked street packed full of the most amazing people of every shape, size and fetish proudly walking around in their gear. I have now visited Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco four or five times, and spent countless hours browsing and shopping the best fetish store in the world – Mr S Leather. So many of my friends talk about visiting Folsom, for them that is Berlin … it will always be San Francisco for me. In fact I still haven’t visited Folsom Europe yet.

It didn’t take long for me to start building my toy collection, and of course my own gear to wear and enjoy. But it wasn’t until visiting another iconic American event that I really connected my fetish life with my daily life – International Mr Leather in 2006. This is where I realised that for me and so many others fetish and leather is much more than sex. It’s an identity, a community, and a part of my everyday life – not just a shag or sexual kick.

: You’ve told me now about your fetish experiences with bars and events. But how have your sexual preferences developed during this time? 

WolvesPerv: For me sex is a journey of exploration and discovery. For a long time I suffered with what I thought was a low sex drive, it partly led to my interest in more fetish sex – particularly the play element. One of the biggest developments in my sexuality came while talking with a counsellor. I had a eureka moment of realising I love sexual exploration, but don’t really have a need to orgasm. Which explained why I hardly ever wank!

Once I knew this, so many things fell into place and I started exploring sexuality a lot more. For me sex really has become about your brain and not your dick. The biggest development in my sexuality has been a shift in roles, I always saw myself as more sub, but I started to explore my dom side.

My interest in ass play has also really grown, I never really connected with my own hole as a bottom so it wasn’t really something I explored. But now, a guy in my sling, a shelf full of toys and a bucket of lube can only lead to some happy hot times!

When we start exploring our fetish interests there is a lot of eagerness to try it all at once. But there is so much to try, too much in single sessions. So I love it when play buddies come back! It takes time to build an amazing connection with a sub, but when you get that connection the sparks really can fly – and not just from the violet wand!

: You’re right, the base of real good sm is trust and that needs time. And to see the development of the slaves and to know that you have had part of it is just great. What are the properties a good and interesting slave has to have?

WolvesPerv: For me a good slave has to have one very important quality, the ability to communicate.

I remember chatting to a friend once who was telling me a story of this incredibly hot guy he hooked up with, he was ticked every box for him – big hairy muscle bear, trimmed beard. He was his ultimate fantasy fuck. He said he came over and was everything he hoped for, instant horn and hard on, which just got more intense as the clothes came off. Then it all went down hill … He got on the bed all spread eagle, furry butt with a welcome mat just above it. And that was it, he didn’t move, didn’t communicate or give feedback. Just lay there – who wants to fuck a starfish? Most disappointing and boring fuck he ever had.

And for me slaves can be like that. Ones who just want to be ‘used’ … They don’t seem to have any input to give you about their desires, their interests, fetishes, what they want to get by submitting to you, by handing over that control.

As I said earlier for me my play really is all about the headspace and emotional journey, a sub who is just a bunch bag for my floggers is no fun. There needs to a connection, an understanding of what is happening in the head not just on the body.

I also expect a slave to communicate after a session. That may not be immediately after, sometimes after really intense scenes it can take a few days to fully process and understand the emotions and experiences. I want to know how they experienced the session, and what I can learn from that to become a better Dom.

For me a good slave also needs to have respect – for their owner, their Dom and themselves. And this should extend to the play and choices, limits of the Dom are to be respected. There are things I do not do because I don’t enjoy them or the safety risk is too high so I don’t participate in them. Try and push me to do them after explaining why I don’t and I’ll show you the door.

Someone who offers to help clear up the playroom afterwards is always welcome.

MasterMarc: Hehe. I totally understand what you mean. Before you start to show us your playroom I just want to ask you, how important equipment and toys are and how difficult it was to build up an own playroom?

WolvesPerv: For me they are quite important, I’m a total gear pig! I always prefer to play in gear, even if just boots and gloves.

Equipment I love. My sling for example,I was so pleased to be able to get one of the last slings made by Master U … This is one of the centre pieces of my playroom. Quality is so important and I don’t know of anyone who has made slings as good since he closed the store in London. And you can use it for so many scenes and types of play, long ass play sessions with amazing eye contact – heavenly.

The hardest part about building your own playroom is the space itself, having somewhere to put it. It needs to be big enough, but you also need to think about practicalities of having a room kitted out. What happens when family members or non kink friends visit? Do you need to take it down / pack it up. This can have a real impact – a load of key clamp scaffolding bolted to the walls can be hard to explain. I waited a long time before having a house with the space to build my playroom.

It hasn’t been physically difficult to build the playroom, expensive yes. And it’s always developing and changing. I love getting new big pieces of furniture, build new things, and find I need new ways of storing toys and kit.

It was also hard sorting lighting for the room, it has to look atmospheric and feel sexy. The best room with a bunch of fluorescent lights won’t feel like a fun place to play. The smoke machine has proved very effective!

I’m never satisfied with it, it won’t be complete. For example I am lucky enough to have such a high ceiling I have been able to put an electric hoist in for suspension. For most that may be enough, but then I had to get a second split reel manual hoist because this offers new possibilities. Being able to lift a guy up half a centimetre at a time, suspending him so he is just on his toes, or so that there is just that little but more tug.

You also need to research and work hard to find equipment and suppliers. The right flooring for example was quite hard. And think about how you can use things …  kitchen utensil holders from IKEA to hang floggers from for example.

And of course I have a shopping list of toys and kit to add!

Master Marc: Out of my own experience the own playroom is always changing because with new experiences you get also new ideas. I think everybody is curious now to see what you’ve build up. I’m sure after your little tour I’ll have some additional questions.

WolvesPerv: Ok, so if I take you around the room and show you what I have, and some information about the room.

First of all lets start with one of the two main items I have … the Fetters Mark 1 Whipping Bench. An amazing piece of furniture, did you know they have one of the original versions of this that Jim Stewart designed in their showroom? 12 straps, that boy isn’t moving anywhere! I recently had this modified to include the face recess and head restraint here on the top. It makes it a lot more comfortable for longer use, and you can hold both the torso and head down now to really enjoy yourself. I also love the access you have to their cock and balls – hang some weights off the balls and it really adds something new to the experience for them.

You’ll notice that a lot of my gear comes from a few companies, Fetters for example I use for all my restraints, here the padded thigh restraints and over by the lube their wrist and ankle restraints. I’ve also got their foot suspension stirrups – upside down is such a head fuck in more ways then one!

Ass play is a big thing for me, and as you can see I like big toys for greedy holes with these delights from Crackstuffers, and the camo ones are all Silicone from a London company (Babes-n-horny). This is just the start, I have about 15 more ass toys on my current shopping list to collect!

Another big interest for me is flogging, too often guys think it’s all about pain – it really isn’t. I say it’s about sensations. It can be painful yeah, particularly with the Buffalo hide or ThudStinger (Cow hide and rubber tails), but it can also be very erotic – feel how light and soft the deer hide is compared to the Elk and Cow hides. I love these floggers, all from Bare Leatherworks in the USA (they have some distributors but not too many in Europe sadly) – the grip and variety is awesome.

I was a scout as a young lad, and they always say you should be prepared. So here I always like to keep a selection of lubes – silicone, water, hybrid and powder for mixing up. Different guys react different to lubes – one lube doesn’t suit all holes. And of course a selection of condoms and black nitrile gloves. I prefer them to latex, less drag and the black looks sexier!

On the floor by the rim seat here I have my leg spreader, brilliant bit of kit! The suspension rig above you (bolted into the brick walls with 32 heavy duty screws) is all made using the Kee Klamp system, its great and so versatile to use and easy to get. And of course reusable, the thinner tubing here for the spreader I have a variety of lengths – I can just unscrew the two ends, put onto a longer or shorter piece as I need.

I’m also using the klamp tubing system to work out a horizontal suspension system for use with the sleepsack over behind the door. Yeah I’m really lucky to have such high ceilings, I’ve got the loud but effective electric winch there and also a manual one.

The manual one is a split reel worm drive – its slow to move! 30 turns of the handle is about a centimetre of movement. But that precision is amazing, put a guy in the suspension harness and straightjacket and slowly lift them up just onto the tips of their toes. Put a blindfold on and they have no idea if they are 1cm or 1m above the ground.

This is one item of kit I feel very lucky to own! One of the last slings made by Master-U in London before his store closed, I bought it on the last day infact. To this day I haven’t found another sling as comfortable or high quality as this one!

 My small library, compact but full of so much information and knowledge! For me to be a good Sir I need help, I can’t think of every scene, every scenario, and I wasn’t born with a bunch of Kinky skills. I learnt a lot from trial and error, from mentors, and also from reading. Some of the books are a bit dated, but there aren’t that many published books to choose from so you take what you can from them. I’ve also got every edition of Instigator magazine here, a great read! Clearly a focus on the American scene, but then so much leather culture is. The Bad Taste Bears I keep as a reminder, I take my BDSM play and lifestyle very seriously, but sometimes it worth reminding people that play is about fun and enjoyment. And also not to take yourself too seriously all the time – you are allowed to wear leather and smile.

And of course there is the boots collection! Also have a fucking machine here, which is great when you combine it with the eStim box. I’d really like to add a Venus 2000 and a computer control system for the Fucking Machine, eStim and Venus – the fun you could have with that! Quite literally plug and play.

And I feel I should point this out – the control centre! I have 10 lights, a simple laser, and smoke machine in here. Having a great playroom / dungeon is more than just some furniture and toys. It’s about atmosphere! Lighting and effects really can heighten the experience, for example I’ve done scenes where the room is brightly lit. Then I’ve blindfolded and put ear defenders on the slave. Played with them for a while, moved them around a little. Whilst doing that changed the lighting so the room is full of a smokey haze and there is a dim red glow to it. They don’t know what’s coming next!

: If suddenly the bearded leather fairy would appear out of thin air in front of you and granted you 2 wishes for your dungeon and its equipment, what would you wish for?

WolvesPerv: My biggest wish would be to move it, ideally to an industrial unit for example, or a dedicated house. Somewhere that gives me a lot more room to build the play space(s) I really want with lots more space, equipment, furniture and somewhere I could rent out. There are some great dungeons you can hire in the UK, but there isn’t anything that comes up to what I would like to build.

And then for my dungeon as it exists I think a Fetters Bondage Chair. That combined with the bench, sling and bondage points I have around the room gives me a lot of options for fun times! The classic of course being a boy strapped into the chair, plugged and then electro applied!

MasterMarc: Thank you WolvesPerv, for your invitation to your kinky kingdom and the time you’ve spent with us.


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