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Why do you like … CHASTITY ?

An interview with three young and sexy bottomboys, slaves and pups.

A lot of people take chastity as a requirement for a slave. Others just enjoy making a commitment. Everyone has a personal reason for locking up. We asked some kinky guys about their experiences and their opinion about chastity.


22 years

from Manchester (UK)


22 years

from Zürich (CH)


25 years

from Amsterdam (NL)

sadOsam: How long have you been experimenting with chastity and what turns you on about it?

Pony: I’ve been experimenting with chastity play since I was a teenager. I managed to get my first cage, a CB3k, when I was 18 and even wore it to school for a few days. It was hard to keep going for longer time at that age though, since I was full of hormones and usually jacked off 2-3 times a day. The fantasies were still there though, and I’d say at least half the time I was jacking off over the thought of being locked up.

I have a huge fetish for humiliation and control, so chastity hits that button hard. Having someone else in control of your dick has the emasculating factor of not being in charge of the one thing that makes you male. It also means that the hormones build up quickly, and you get very, very horny.

I find after 2-3 days in chastity, my whole body starts feeling more and more sensitive, to the point where someone groping my ass feels as good as jacking off. Getting fucked feels -amazing-, being locked up definitely makes me a better bottom, and I love things that make me better at taking dick. Around the 3-5 day mark I start becoming insanely obedient. It feels -good- to carry out commands. Cleaning, cooking, fucking… It’s like Stockholm syndrome. It makes me generally happier, and more confident.

The main problem with going this long is I get insanely horny. Back when I was 19, after being locked up for a few days I could wear out multiple tops in a matter of hours. Nowadays I can go for a little longer in chastity. I’ve just got myself a Holy Trainer; in Pink for double the humiliation factor, and am experimenting with longer and longer lockups. My record is currently set at two weeks, but I’d like to work up to months or more.

Sev:I discovered it when I was 19, when I first started to live out my kinks. I got invited by a top and 2 days before I went to him he sent me a package where a cockcage was in. I put it on and liked and wore it so naturally he let me leave it on even after I left his place. Nowadays my master has me locked up all the time and when he lets me out for a short time for some reason, I miss the feeling of the cage.

For me, the biggest turnon about it is the loss of control. The feeling of not being able to play with my imprisoned dick makes me feel more like a sub that is just there to be used… It puts me in my place, makes me more obedient and increases my horniness. A very nice combination.

Gayboykink: In my teens I used to visit websites with a lot of teasing/edging games, dares and challenges. I liked to prolong a quick jerk-off with some edging and orgasm denial, because cumming just felt way better after a long evening of edging. It was many years later that I learnt about male chastity devices and the thought of being locked in one immediately appealed to me. However, I had a boyfriend, and even though we were exploring kinky stuff, I had never told him anything about that fantasy of mine. So what did then is starting to look up some blogs about guys in chastity on tumblr and went searching for web shops selling chastity devices. I ended up buying a metal Jailhouse device a little over two years ago, without my boyfriend knowing, just to see if it was something I liked or not. I started blogging about it on my Tumblr page but I never knew chastity (and the blog XD) would grow on me so quickly though. Nowadays I’m locked indefinitely, only allowed out when my boyfriend wants to play with me, tease me or just wants to see me cum.

sadOsam: How important is chastity for you and which aspects in perticular?

Pony: I could live without alcohol, but life would be a little less fun. The same goes for chastity.

The self control is particularly important. When you can’t masturbate, all that energy goes into other things. I find when I’m locked up my flat is cleaner, I eat healthier, and I get more things done, while still being better in bed.

It’s just a super horny feeling in general. Kissing is nicer, cuddling is nicer, I feel more inclined to do more outgoing fetish acts, and go to clubs. I don’t feel the need to be selfish in bed. Plus it turns a lot of dominant guys on…

Sev: It is quite important to me.

Even though I can go on without masturbating without much problems, the feeling of having my cock in a cage just feels more right to me. It takes away my control. And since I can’t always be around my Master, it is a good way for him to keep me in check. Also we both think it looks cool. So I am going to keep on going with it.

The things I gained with it also make it worth being locked up. It helped me a lot to discover myself. Basically I think it is the symbolism of chastity that I like. It’s a commitment I make, and an insurance to the one I make it to.

Gayboykink: For my sex drive, I find being denied orgasms quite important as I find it super hot having sex where my boyfriend cums and I don’t. I like the pretty constant horny buzz chastity gives and the submissive aspect of it. Being told not to touch yourself and not to cum or there’ll be punishment is a total turn on. That’s the paradox of chastity, haha, getting off on not getting off. However, strictly seen, orgasm denial doesn’t necessarily have to involve a chastity device. Some say that having a Master tell you not to touch yourself should be enough and a chastity device is redundant if a sub has enough discipline. I kinda agree to that, but having no choice is part of the thrill for me. Besides, pretty much like a collar, a chastity device is also a constant reminder of being under control of your Sir.

sadOsam: How long was your longest chastity phase and And what effects did it have on you during that time? How did it affect you?

Pony: My longest time in chastity so far is two weeks; a bet between me and my boyfriend.

I got really horny, really quickly, Day 2-5 were the hardest. I ended up working my hole every night from when I got home to when I went to bed, and at one point used a belt to strap a 9” dildo inside of me overnight! I just -needed- something in me. It was a fun night, I kept falling asleep and relaxing, the dildo would slip deeper and wake me up, I’d clench and push it out… etc etc. As I said, I tend to get pretty damn horny when in chastity.

I watched a lot of porn too, which probably didn’t help. By the end of it I was a sweaty, horny mess and would have done -anything- to get off. My boyfriend and I ended up stretching our holes for hours before finally getting off.

… I’d definitely do that again 😛

Some people say the horniness wears off after two weeks. I haven’t been locked up that long, so I couldn’t comment, but it would be interesting to find out.

Sev: My longest chastity phase was around 4-5 weeks. It could be more though, since I had stopped to count the weeks after some time then. I noticed that after a little while I get a lot more obedient. I respond a lot faster to commands. Also I do more things myself, like quickly cleaning the room, or other things, and become more attentive,

I also got a lot thirstier for cock. After a week my ass started to become more and more sensitive and it only took a bit to make me the slut I am. I didn’t get any cuts on my endurance though, and wore out quite a few tops since then. Furthermore I started to stop thinking about any action with my dick. It came that far that I even started to dislike it if people started to play with it.

Another noticeable thing is that when I am imprisoned I start to have more energy and focus to do things. Most likely because I don’t spend time on jacking off or thinking about it. I do more sports, and strangely I discovered that I keep my rooms tidier.

Gayboykink: I don’t always count the days/weeks/months I’m locked. To be honest I think that’s overrated. Being locked for three months isn’t better than being locked for three days. To me it’s not about permanent chastity, it’s all about giving away control to your keyholder. If he decides you get released and milked every other day, then that’s what should happen, same if he decides you earned a 6 month lock up. The longest period that my boyfriend kept me locked was a little over two months. Being locked for such long periods of time, pretty much 24/7, makes it feel all natural and normal. The device became a part of me and I found other ways of stimulating myself, mostly through anal play, aiming for my prostate hoping on some anal orgasm. So,  I’d definitely say that chastity turned me into a 100% bottom and a very eager sub. Few things get me as subby as seeing precum drip from my locked cock during a fuck.

sadOsam: What is the most difficult part of chastity for you? And what do you gain from it?

Pony: The most difficult part is getting to sleep. I get so grumpy after I’ve not slept well, and a lot of cages made it impossible to sleep on my front.

That and I have quite a fetishy lifestyle, so there’s lots of opportunity to be turned on. This both gives me erections, which tend to hurt in a chastity device, and keep me super pent 24/7. I remember once 5 day stint in chastity where I barely slept at all, was so tired by the end I couldn’t even get hard!

There’s also the problem with wearing a cage at work. I obviously don’t want to mix work and kink, and it’s rather difficult to hide a bulky device around your dick when you wear tight jeans.

However, I’ve just started trying the Holy Trainer, which I can sleep comfortably in, and boy does it make a difference. Now it’s all gain. I get the sharp focus and energy from the chastity, without getting grumpy and angry from not being able to sleep.

Sev: That would be sleeping. The nightly hardons and morning woods were quite annoying in the beginning, and I woke up from them. I also had to change my sleeping stances due to the cage. But I got used to it, and today I sleep tight again. There is one problem though that came up quite recently due to the material of my cage.

I went on a trip with my schoolmates for a tour through a federal building. And it only came to my mind when we were sitting in the train that they probably had metal detectors at the entrance. I was lucky that my master used a plastic lock, and was able to take it off and got through the check. From that day on I got a lot more careful.

What I gained from it was that I lived out myself much more. I got more active as a person. I became much more of a slave. And I love any anal action a lot more than I thought I could do. I definitely got a lot more sensitive when someone plays with my butt, and it doesn’t very take much to make me in a slut to use as you see fit.

Gayboykink: Eeehm, I don’t know, haha. In the beginning it can be tough dealing with night time erections or skin pinches during the day. I’m past that point now fortunately, so I wouldn’t say chastity is that difficult, since I’m so used to it. There are still some minor issues though, for example wearing my device during sports or keeping my skin from drying out and chafing, but fortunately my boyfriend is very sensible when it comes to practical stuff like that, so if it’s really needed, he lets me out to take care of such practical inconveniences. Only to be locked up right after of course!
What I gained from chastity? I turned from tight insecure bottom, to an eager fisting bottom. I also learned how to enjoy anal sex. Chastity even made me learn how to milk myself using a dildo. Plus, when I’m locked it takes verrry little to get me turned on and turned into a slutty, subby boy begging for cock. Being allowed an orgasm becomes extra super special and intense after being denied for so long and the thrill of not knowing if or when I get to cum gets me straining all the time. So, yeah, it definitely has it’s pro’s, haha.

sadOsam: What chastity cages did you all test and what were their advantages and disadvantages? Is there one you can especially recommend?

Pony: CB3k:
My first device, so I’m a bit sentimental about it.
The main flaw in this cage is it has a series of three bars which jab into your chest if you lie down on your front. It makes it impossible to sleep in unless you sleep on your side/back.

However, it is pretty comfortable, and doesn’t show too much through pants.

This is basically the CB3k with the bars removed, and more airholes. The air holes make it easier to clean out, but can also cause weird marks if you get hard in it a lot. Much easier to sleep in than the CB3k.

Dickcage Duo:
This is a super comfortable and flexible cage, easy to sleep in and hides well under clothing. The problem is, because it’s so flexible it also comes off easily. I can generally get it off with a slight tug, and I’ve even had it fall off in my sleep before.

Generic Ebay Metal cage:
I find the metal chastity cages on eBay aren’t very comfortable under clothing nor good for long term wear. However, a good bunch of them do look good, and I think they have a place as a cheap addition to some gear for a night out.

Holy Trainer:
The holy trainer is -amazing-. It falls basically flat against the body, so hides very well even under my tight jeans. I’ve had no problems with comfort, to the point where it feels more comfortable on than off. I think if there’s any device I’m going to be able to do some long-term chastity in, it will be this one.

However, like any ball-grabbing chastity, I think I could probably get out if I wanted to. For full security, I think it’s best to look for a custom belt.


CB: That was the first one I tried out. I liked it a lot in the beginning, it was very comfortable, but after some days it became uncomfortable because it was too big and bulky. It was hindering me when I was doing sports. So I quickly gave up on that one.

Cheap Ebay Metal Device: That was my first tryout I bought to myself, and I still regret it. The cage was not out of stainless steel, as I found out, and it was very uncomfortable. There was only one ring to it too, and I was able to pull out my dick without any effort. I never went on there to buy something like that again.

BON4 Metal: My current and Favorite. It is very well made for a metal cage and sits well even after weeks of wearing. The metal and the many airholes make it easy to clean, a problem I had with other cages, and since it is not as bulky as the plastic cages it does not hinder me while doing sports. Also the heavier metal pulls it a bit more down, a feeling I quite came to like.

Birdlocked: That one I am quite fond of. It is the most comfortable one I have, and since it is out of silicone it doesn’t hinder my movements at all. The only reason why I am not wearing it currently is because I don’t have the right skin for it. It starts to scratch after a week, and I would need to cream it daily, what would be quite a hassle. If I only would wear a cage for a few days though, I would definitely chose that and I recommend it to everyone.

Gayboykink: I have worn three different chastity devices; The Jailhouse (metal), a CB6000 ripoff (plastic) and currently my Holy Trainer V2 (resin).

The Jailhouse was quite cheap and thus not made of stainless steel, so after a few months it started rusting. It was quite heavy and bulky, so pretty revealing under clothes. Because it only came in one size, it wasn’t the best fit for my anatomy. Though I liked the look of it and it’s easy to clean yourself through the open bars. Because of the rusting, I later bought a CB6000 ripoff.

The CB is lighter, has a smaller tube and is a bit harder to assemble properly. It comes with multiple ring and spacer options, so you can find the most comfortable sizing combination after some experimentation. However, the ring often caused pain in my balls during (night) erections  and it’s harder to clean your foreskin properly because of the fairly closed design. I was fairly content with it, but after almost a year, the tube split at the seam while I was straining, caused a helll of a skin pinch and making the device useless. Something that’s often reported with these devices, especially the cheaper ones.

Then my boyfriend bought me a HolyTrainer. It’s more expensive, but according to the comments we read it was one of the most comfortable ones. And it indeed was way more comfortable immediately, mainly because of the anatomic design of the ring. There’s still the closed tube design, so I have to unlock myself to properly clean everything every once in a while. A big advantage is the fact there’s no bulky lock on the outside, so it’s less obvious under clothes. I’m very happy with it, though it could be a little more secure, I might be better off with a slightly smaller ring. Oh, and you really, really should not use hot water to clean your HT, because hot water makes the material go soft and very fragile! It’s how my cage broke and we had to buy a new one.

Overall, I think cheaper devices are okay to start experimenting with. Especially the CB is nice, since it has multiple sizing options, so you can find out what’s the most comfortable setup and sizing for you if you want to upgrade later. If you want to approach chastity more seriously and aim for longterm lockups, I would definitely suggest investing in a proper device. The Holy Trainer works for me, but from what I hear the best results are achieved with custom made steel devices.

For more information about the recommended chastity devices and pictures click here.


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  1. I loved the article. It is excellent for those of us who are willing to start in this fetish world of chastity and submission. I’m glad to know that these guys were able to start using cages from an early age and learning about their experiences can help me choose wisely which cage I will have and how I will feel about it. I hope to start on this journey of chastity soon and enjoy it very much.

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