WARNING: I tend to use the “n-word” in my stories quite a bit. If you cannot handle reading that word, then this story isn’t for you!

“Please, sweetheart…please don’t kick me out.” I peeked around the corner and saw my dad on his knees in front of my mom and her new boyfriend. My mother was a beautiful middle aged woman who could easily get any man she could ever want. God only knows why she’s just now deciding to be with this horrible new black boyfriend she found.

My mom and dad recently took a trip down to Jamaica for some time off together. I have no idea what exactly happened down there, but my mother came back with a huge muscular black man that she insists on always being around. I stared over towards the door as my father started to cry. “I…I’ll do anything for you two. Just please don’t end this.” My mother leaned down, picked up my father’s suitcase, and threw it at him.

“I’m sorry, honey…but I know what I want now.” This only caused my father to cry even more. The huge black man just stood there with a smile on his face.

“You better hit the road, bitch. You’re not going to want to stick around and listen to me pound your wife’s tight white cunt for the next few hours.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Even at my young age, I knew just what was going on. I couldn’t forgive my mother for cheating on my father with this crazy man.

“Please…please, sweetheart. I still love you.” My mother just turned away from my father and stared at the large black man instead. “The divorce is final! I don’t need you anymore.” She stared lovingly into the man’s eyes, which towered about a foot above hers. Before my father could get another word out, they slammed the door on him and ran up to the bedroom. Within a couple minutes, the house was shaking from the vigorous and violent sex they were having.

It’s been a month since that day…since the last day I saw my father. Sometimes he leaves messages on the answering machine, begging mom to take him back. Mom and her new boyfriend just laugh and make fun of him. I still have yet to learn this black man’s name, because mom just keeps calling him ‘Master’. At first I thought that it was a playful pet name that these two were trying out…but it’s serious. We ALL have to call this man ‘Master’, unless we want to get beaten.

Honestly, it’s horrible around here now. When my mother isn’t having sex with Master upstairs, she’s waiting on him hand and foot. Whatever he wants, she gives to him. Even when she’s been obedient, he still slaps her around. I think she’s starting to like it. I’ve never seen her smile bigger than when Master is slapping her with all his might. Luckily, most of Master’s time is spent with my mother; he hardly even notices me. When he does remember that I’m there too, it’s usually to spit on me or yell at me. I hate living with this man, and having to listen to mom tell me to obey him makes it even worse. My life was pretty much a living hell, and I never thought it could get worse…until one day.

As I was about to go into the kitchen, I heard my mother making her way down the stairs. I leaned tightly against the corner, peaking out into the kitchen ever so slightly. She walked over to the kitchen table, where Master was sitting. She pressed her lips tight against his and gave him a big, sloppy kiss. She reached down and rubbed at the massive bulge in his crotch.

“I sure hope that your fat nigger dick isn’t going to be too lonely without me.” She said, with a huge smile on her face. “I’m sorry, Master, but this is an important business trip. I’ll be gone for a week.” Master didn’t even seem to care, as he read his morning newspaper quietly. “Do you think you can contain those manly urges of yours for that long?” He looked up at her and let out a little chuckle.

“I’ve always got that worthless kid of yours. I bet his virgin hole would be incredibly tight.” A look of fear quickly replaced the smile on my mother’s face.

“I…I know I can’t tell you what to do, Master…but…but please take it easy on him. He doesn’t understand how the world works, like you and I do.” Master rose up from his seat and slapped my mother with incredible force, right on her cheek.

“I’ll fuck whatever I want to, whore. You should just be lucky that I don’t kill him while you’re gone, and rid this world of one more pathetically weak white boy.” My mother rubbed the sore spot on her cheek and smiled back at Master.

“Of course, Master. It was foolish of me to try to tell a nigger what to do.” She gave him another sloppy, open mouthed kiss that lasted a few minutes. She picked up the suitcase beside her and walked out the door, closing it behind her. Within an instant, Master set down the paper he was reading and started to yell.

“Hey white loser! Get that worthless ass in here!” I was used to being verbally berated by Master, but I couldn’t help but be scared at the thought of him fucking me. I turned around the corner and walked towards him with my head handing down towards the floor.

“Y-Yes…Master.” I could barely stand still without shaking.

“Me and you are gonna spend some good quality father and son time together, bitch. Now get into the fucking living room before I beat you senseless.” I knew Master wasn’t joking. I had learned a while ago that disobeying Master was a surefire way to get thrown around. I sat down on the couch and listened to Master walk into the room.

His feet crashed down to the floor with so much muscle and strength that the room shook slightly with every step he took. He sat down beside me on the couch. Even in a sitting position, he rose above me a good two feet. “Listen, boy…I think we both know what’s going to happen here, right?” I was literally shaking with fear and anticipation. I knew what he wanted from me…but I just couldn’t give it to him.

“Please…master…I-I can’t do it.” I thought back to all those time of listening to my mother getting mercilessly pounded by him. I was disgusted by the thought of doing that with him.

“You’ll do whatever the fuck I tell you to, you worthless honky.” He closed his fist tight and punched me square in the jaw. I fell back against the couch, my ears ringing from the force of his punch. He pulled me back up to a sitting position and wrapped one of his arms around me. With the other hand, he undid his zipper and reached into his pants. I watched as he shoved his entire arm into his pants.

As he began to withdraw his hand, I noticed a huge bulge beginning to form. Suddenly, I caught a glimpse of his limp shaft. I couldn’t believe how thick this thing was. This monster must have been as wide as my dick is long! The second the head of his giant cock was freed, his entire shaft sprung up and swung around in the air. I watched in awe as Master ran his hand up and down the massive shaft. Even with the huge hands he had, it would have probably taken 4 of his hands to completely cover this massive cock.

“Holy shit! How…but…I can’t believe it!” Master just smiled and pulled me closer.

“Guess you’ve never seen a nigga before, huh? Why don’t you try and touch it, son?” My ears were still ringing from his previous punch; I knew I couldn’t disobey Master again. I reached out and wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock. My fears about the immense girth were confirmed. My fingers weren’t even close to touching each other, as they tried their best to wrap around his shaft.

“Since you’ve already got those tiny white hands wrapped around your daddy’s cock…why not jerk it off a bit.” Even though it sounded like a playful sentence, I knew that was an order he was giving me. If I didn’t start doing what he said, I knew I’d be in for a world of pain. Reluctantly, I slowly began jerking his dick up and down. I watched his long rubbery nutsack flopped around as I yanked at the shaft of his horse cock. “I bet this nigga cock would feel even better in your mouth, bitch.” He said, as he rubbed my shoulder with his hand.

“I…I don’t think I could ever fit this thing in my mouth, sir…and besides…I-I’m not gay.” As I stuttered in fear of what Master was about to do, he just laughed and pushed me off the couch and onto the floor.

“Of course you’re gay, fag boy. All white boys are! They just don’t realize it until they see their first nigga dick.” I sat up to a kneeling position in front of the couch. He stood up and let his big dick flop around in front of my face. He leaned down so far that his face was almost touching mine. I heard him collect as much sit as he could in his mouth. He leaned back to get as much force as he could, then spit a giant wad of saliva right onto my mouth.

“Now…are you gonna be a good little boy, or is daddy gonna have to teach you a lesson?” I knew just what that meant. I don’t think I could have dealt with another one of his powerful punches. I leaned forward and reluctantly opened my mouth. A big smile crept across Master’s face. “That’s a good little faggot! Now hold still…daddy’s gonna pump your mouth sore of a few hours.” He pressed his cock tight against my open mouth. To my amazement, the head of his monster shaft was bigger than the widest I could open my mouth.

He grabbed his dick at the base and pressed harder against my mouth. He kept pressing harder and harder until I felt a bit of his head finally push its way into my already sore mouth. He kept pushing until the entire head slipped inside. I couldn’t imagine how my mother was able to blow this man. Just the head of his cock literally filled my entire mouth. “That’s a good little white bitch! Now let’s see if you can take this whole thing.”

He kept pressing it in further and further. Even after the first couple inches, I felt myself gagging and choking. I tried the best I could to resist the urge to throw up, as Master stretched out my entire esophagus. Before I knew it, my eyes were pressed tight against his rippling muscled stomach. I could feel my entire throat slowly being ripped apart, as his foot long shaft laid in there.

“Damn, faggot! And I thought your mother loved gagging on nigga dicks. Your mouth is perfect for big ol’ nigga cocks.” He chuckled to himself as he started thrusting in and out of my mouth. Every time I felt my throat tighten back up as his cock left, he slammed it back in as roughly as he could. Even after a couple minutes, my throat was already sore and aching. All I could hear were the sounds of me gagging and choking as Master plowed my face faster and faster. As he continued to pick up the pace, more and more spit and slobber slipped out of my mouth, to the point where it was basically pouring out.

After a couple minutes, he was humping my mouth at lightning speed. I thought at any moment my throat might literally tear apart, as his horse sized cock continued to stretch my neck past its limits. Suddenly, he yanked his cock completely out of my mouth. The second his monster dick finally left my mouth, piles of slobber and juices came pouring out of my mouth and ran down my body, completely drenching myself in my own saliva. I threw my head down to the floor and panted like an overworked dog.

“Please…ugh…no more! I-I can’t breathe right anymore…UGH.” I tried my best to talk as I gasped for air through my broken esophagus. Master had pushed my throat beyond its limits. I could feel that the muscles of my throat were pushed out and loose. I don’t think my mouth can ever go back to normal now that a giant nigger cock ripped it apart. Master grabbed me by the hair and threw me into a bent over position on the couch. I felt his giant hands reach onto my waist and pull my pants down. He ripped them off of me in one violent pull.

“Now…let’s really see if you take after your whore mother. She loves taking my phat nigga cock in all of her holes; I bet you’ll love it too.”

“Please! Please don’t do this, Master! That monster would tear me in two.” Suddenly, I realized that I probably should stop telling Master what to do. I could hear him breathing heavily, as he became enraged.

“Listen, bitch…I’m not some tiny dicked loser like you worthless white boys are…” In a blinding flash of pain, I felt his boot slam tight against my limp cock and balls that were slightly dangling off the couch. He pushed and turned his boot, almost as if he was compressing a piece of trash. As I screamed in pain at the top of my lungs, Master finished his sentence. “…I’m a NIGGA! And niggas deserve to get whatever they want!”

“FUCK! Please…Please STOP!” I’ve never felt a pain so intense before.

“Sure, I’ll stop. Just as soon as you beg for your daddy’s giant cock, like the faggot you are.” He pressed down a bit harder.

“I want your cock! I…I want it.” That’s all I could think to say, as I felt my tiny nutsack being crushed under his huge boot.

“I’m sorry…what was that?” He said, pressing down even harder. I couldn’t hold out any longer; the pain was too much. I swallowed my pride and told him exactly what he wanted to hear.

“FINE! Fuck me with that monster nigger cock!” In truth, I was too worried about my nuts being crushed into a fine dust to think about what he wanted me to say.

“Spoken like a true worthless white boy addicted to niggas!” He finally released his boot from my balls. As a sense of relief washed over me, I felt one of his fingers rubbing against my tight puckered butthole. “Damn! This boy pussy is air tight! This is just what I needed, too. I’ve been getting sick of your mother’s sloppy and gaping butthole. I guess once a horse hung nigga rips you apart for a few years…you’re just never the same anymore.” He said, with clever grin on his face. “Now be a good little bitch and beg your daddy for his big dick.”

“Please…please just give it to me.”

“Come on, fag, I know you want it more than that. I said FUCKING beg for it!” I jumped a bit when I heard him scream. As much as I hated to say these things, I feared what Master would do to me if I didn’t comply. I blurted out, in a mix of screaming and crying, the first thing that came to my mind.

“PLEASE…please jam that fat nigger cock in my virgin boy pussy!” At this point, I knew there was no going back. Master was going to have his way with me, and there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t help but start to cry.

“Oh…it’s okay, little white bitch. Daddy’s got just the thing to make you feel all better.” He said, chuckling to himself a bit. Suddenly, I felt something huge press against my puckered butthole with incredible force. There was no sign of this massive meat stick ever being able to fit inside of me. It felt like someone was pressing a god dammed traffic cone against me.

As he pressed even harder, I felt my asshole starting to open. After a couple minutes of moaning and groaning, the impossible had happened. His entire dickhead, which was probably as thick as my fist, was being squeezed tight by my virgin ass muscles.

“Damn, bitch! Your fag boy pussy is really clamping down tight on my horse cock. It’s almost like you don’t want me to pull it out.” I couldn’t even think of words to speak. All I could do was cry and moan in pain. “Well don’t worry, whore…my phat nigga dick isn’t going anywhere. This tight honky butt is its new HOME!” As he yelled that last word, he slammed every last inch of his whale sized cock into my already sore ass.

“FUCK! NOOO!” Tears rolled down my face as his massive black snake ripped its way through my entire colon. As he finally slammed his waist against my ass, I could feel his giant cock pushing all the way up to my stomach. Master grabbed a chunk of my hair and yanked it until my head reared up in pain.

“Don’t just sit there, faggot! You’re going to be the one to break your own ass apart with my monster dick. Fuck yourself…NOW!” He pushed my head forward, burying it into the coach. I couldn’t help but do as Master said. As much as I knew this would hurt, disobeying him would end up hurting even more.

I slowly started moving my ass forward and backward on his massive dick. Every time his cock slowly slid out a bit, I rammed my ass back against it. Every thrust felt like he was ripping me apart for the first time. As I picked up the pace, I could feel his huge floppy nutsack slapping against my butt. “That’s my boy! Tell me how much you love daddy’s dick.” He said, with a huge smile on his face. I couldn’t even think straight anymore; the pain was unbearable. It felt like I was being fucked by a train. Being able to focus only on the pain, I blurted out whatever I knew he wanted to hear.

“Daddy, your big fat nigger cock feels so great in my ass.” I kept fucking myself on his giant cock for what seemed like forever. Suddenly, I felt Master pull back. I felt his slippery cock slide out of my ass and slap down against his thighs.

“Go ahead and take a look, faggot. This is all your weak, inferior body is good for now! That boy cunt is only gonna fit nigga horse cocks from now on!” I reached my hand back and placed a few fingers on my butthole. I could feel it pulsating and throbbing in pain. I ran a finger around the rim of my butthole, just to see exactly how stretched out Master had made me. To my amazement, my gape must have been as wide as my entire arm.

I couldn’t believe it! Even in its relaxed state, my ass just couldn’t stretch back to its normal size. This monster had completely destroyed my ass beyond all repair! I just couldn’t hold back anymore…tears started to stream down my face, as I felt my entire life being destroyed. “Oh…don’t worry, bitch. Once I dump my big fat load in you, that gaping chasm where your ass used to be won’t feel so empty.” He grabbed my shoulders with both his hands and held tight. In one fluid motion, he slammed his entire foot long shaft back into my loose hole. To my surprise, I almost couldn’t feel a thing.

This only made me cry even more, as I realized that this nigger had truly ruined my body. The only way I knew that he had inserted his entire shaft into my numb asshole was when I felt his heavy baseball sized nuts slam against my butt cheeks. As he started to moan and groan in an incredibly manly way, I could feel his cock starting to swell. Suddenly, he erupted in the most virile sounding series of grunts I had ever heard. I could feel my bowels starting to stretch out, as his massive load was filling every inch of my insides. After what seemed like a few minutes, I felt the last spurt of cum squirt out of his giant meat stick.

As he pulled out his still throbbing dick, thick lumps of cum clung to his shaft. As his shaft entirely left my ass, I could feel thick streams of his cum pouring out of my ruined hole. He pushed me down to the floor with such force that I thought my head was going to crack open when it slammed against the carpet. I turned my head around and looked up at Master. With his hands on his hips, I watched as drops of cum leaked out of his still throbbing cock.

“P-Please…daddy…please no more. I-I can’t take it anymore.” Even though my asshole was numb and swollen, I could feel the huge amounts of his cum jiggling around in my insides.

“Oh we’re done…for now. You’re whore mother isn’t gonna be home for almost a week. I’ll be breeding that ruined boy pussy of yours every day till then.” I couldn’t help but watch as he turned to walk away. His giant cock was flopping around with every movement he made. That was the monster that had ruined my asshole beyond any hope of repair. That was the foot long horse cock that was responsible for my entire body being ruined. I hated that man for what he had done to my life.

He abuses and beats me and my mother every day…but there’s just nothing we can do about it. My mother always told me, “Niggers are the only REAL men out there…and real men deserve to get whatever they want.” I guess I don’t have a choice except to keep serving my big strong daddy.

Illustration by Theo Blaze


  1. The language doesn’t bother me, after all they’re just words. The story was truly brutal, especially when the boy was used. I got the impression he was only about 13 or 14 from what his mother said about “he doesn’t know how the world works.”
    All in all an interesting story.

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