Using the Prusa i3 MK3 and PLA filament, I make some stuff for kink play!

Links for the itemsS10 Lens Covers40mm Gasmask FilterCollar 120mm with socket screwsEasy Install Male Chastity

Print details:

S10 Lense Cover: Detail: 20mm | Time: 1hr, 15 min

Chastity Cage: Detail: 10mm | Time: Cage2-ring-f – 51 min / Cage2-ring-lock – 54 min / Cage2-ring-m – 54 min / Cage2-ring-lock-pin – 7 min / Cage2-ring-pin – 5 min / Cage2 – 5hr, 20 min 40mm

NATO Gas Mask Filter: Detail: 20mm | Body1 – 6hr, 28 min | 33m of filament used

Collar 120mm with socket screws: Detail: 20mm | Part 1: 3hr 40min / Part 2: 3hr 52min


  1. Three things this video doesn’t say:

    1) When you have a file of something you want to print you can change the dimensions slightly in the slicing software and print it again to make sure it fits properly.

    2) The cost of the plastic is a fraction of what you would normally pay for those items in a shop, so as long as they’re strong enough, you can save a load of money. (3D printing is generally pretty strong in compression, but not so strong in tension as moulded plastic)

    3) There are free programs such as OpenSCAD or FreeCAD that you can use for designing things you want to make, or altering the designs of things you download.

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