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Weredog XL Gage Review: A filling Experience

Hello readers and hole enthusiasts,

A while ago I’ve gotten a very nice surprise from the Weredog company, and wanted to try out making a review. Sadly, I’ve gotten distracted with several other projects here, but I’ve never stopped wanting to finish it. Now it’s finally done! It’s about the XL Gage Dildo. And it’s Huge!

First off, this review is not sponsored. I won the dildo in a raffle they did for starting off their new company, and squeeeed when I got the notice. And, naturally, as one does, chose the biggest thing they had in stock 😉

I went to their website for that, which is very well organized. They got good comparison photos, a lot of customization options, colours and very detailed sizing info, both in imperial and metric.

Their pricing is kinda average for fantasy shape dildos this size if you compare them with others. And I can’t say anything about the shipping/tax, as it was free for me this time. Their calculator at least shows reasonable rates.

Also, a little note: As I said, the toy arrived a while ago. But this review about the test was, although slightly edited, genuinely written back when I first tried it out 😉 So it’s a real experience review. Though the video is from the day after ;P I hope you enjoy it. Now let’s get started!


When I got notice the package arrived I was as happy as a buttslut can be. The package was packed discretely and wrapped very well. Like, reallly well. xD took me a while to get it out.

But once I cut it open, I was greeted by a very nice card, which gives you all the necessary info to take care of your toy.

I always appreciate those, as it’s often easy to forget to do that when you’re horny and, after a session, exhausted. I find them generally good tips for sex toy storage, so I posted a snapshot of it here.

Continuing on, after I read through through Roscoe’s tips, I went and took out the filling. And got another surprise… well not really, I’ve read the card after all.

But it’s still a nice thing to get. Most companies don’t send you a storage bag for their dildos. Especially with ones like these, where you would wish for them!

Cheap latex toys often give off an aerosol that can damage other toys, often kinda melting them into a sticky goo. That’s why you need to separate high grade toys from cheaper ones.

And the quality suprised me as well. Sure, it’s thin, not made to be a backback after all, but it doesn’t feel very cheap. And it’s got the stylish logo of weredogs on it.

Once I finished examinining that bag for a few quick moments, I opened it up – I was anxious to pack out what it contained: My new sex(y) toy! And holy crap!

First Impression

To be honest, even I didn’t expect it to be so humongously big. It is even bigger than my Rex (although not quite as large), which can make me moan and leak like a bitch in heat from the pure pressure against my prostate and walls. I was really wondering if I could fit it. And I felt something I last had when buying my very first sex toy for a moment – newbie fear xD That quickly faded though, and now it’s my new goal 😉

When first examining the toy it felt very nice and smooth. The overall look of it is just fantastic. The Ribbing, the veins, the knot – it kinda looks like a sci-fi weapon – and like a real bitchbreaker! Made my hole tingle just fantasizing about getting it in XD

I went for the soft version because of the size (usually the bigger the toys, the softer you should buy). It has a very nice give/squishiness. That’s important to me because

1. It prevents injuries and

2. It feels better – at least for me. I like to wrap my ass muscles around my toys and feel it form, press, stretch and react.

Note: I didn’t get the sample pack beforehand as I just assumed they’ll be alright and kinda as I imagined. But if you’re unsure about the feel your toy would have, you can order them on their page. they also have a comparison chart.

The quality feels very high grade as well. Definitely better than your average amazon toy. And there was no smell (as cheap latex often has when you open up the packaging), except from the light corn starch from the powder they rubbed it in, to keep it nice and dry during the shipping 🙂


Shortly after unpacking it I went to take it for a real test ride. I put down a towel, lube and some cameras to record everything for you guys 😉 and started trying to get it in. In the beginning it took me a some time to stretch and ease it in past the tip, as it’s quite blunt. But it was actually not as difficult as I imagined it to be.

The form is well thought out. The first half up to the knot is easy to get down to once you get over a certain point. And the softness prevents any uncomforable pain and tens-ups, at least to a degree. If you’ve never taken anything this big before, you’re gonna have some pain from the stretching no matter what.

I have to say I’ve never felt so full before in my life, even when fisting >.< and I immediately started leaking from my caged cock.

I had to remain still in position for a while to get used to this intense feeling. You really can feel the shape of it inside. And when it was too much and I tried to push it out, the ribs on the the underside gave me pleasure waves which made me tense up and sent my head spinning from the sensual overload. It was amazing!

After a few more tries where I slowly got myself aquinted with Gage, I started to try to ride him up and down. I still only went at a slow pace as he is just so big. I felt the ribs sliding up, and I looked forward to them more and more each time ;P the head design made it easy to hold the tip in and not let accidentally go and drop it when going up.

As for the knot – well tbh I can only say that it makes a nice cushion as I haven’t yet gotten it in yet ^^’ I don’t know if I ever can, actually. Although the round shape of the tip makes it more comfortable getting it past the second ring, the circumference expands very quickly and the whole thing is just so massive..! But I definitely won’t give up trying, and if I succeed, I’ll write about it here 😉

So now to the summary. I tried to gather all the points that matter for a sex toy and it’s purchase.


Design – Hot! Looks like a modern scifi weapon made to bang you into submission, and is designed with pleasure in mind and to get it in easy. + you can even choose from many different colours to make it more yours.

Quality – Top! The Silicone is very high quality, and the cast is detailed and without nicks or faults. No smell, made & packed with care + caring guide.

Feel – Soft feel to the touch, very smooth surface which makes it easy to glide down. On the Grade soft very nice give and squishy feeling. Again, it’s quality is showing.

Fun & Uses – Well it’s use is kinda clear. And in this size it’s only made for one thing only. Maximum anal stretching and pleasure. And it does not disappoint 🙂

Price Range – As it’s high end, naturally expensive. But I’d say normal in its range: approx. XL is 170 USD with all extras + Shipping. Smaller ones are of course cheaper.


Overall this stomach bulging dragon dong is a great addition to my collection. I definitely recommmend you to check the company out if you are into fantasy shapes and/or big toys like me, even if you’re not going for XL toys 😉 They have different sizes in stock after all. And I am looking forward to what else they’ll come up with in the future.

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