Hello dear readers,

Have you already noticed a slightly different experience on our pages today? No, it’s not only the background 😉 We’ve updated a lot of our page design again, to make your browsing experience more enjoyable.

When you visit a Fetish & SM category page, instead of just simple listed articles, we’ve made them themed pages now, where you can find all the info about your kink. On the top of the page, right underneath the big welcoming banner, you’re going to notice 4 buttons. These will now quickly get you to the different category pages of your fetish.


This is where you will find all the current fetish articles and interviews, very much like a mini- main page just for your kink.

You’ll also find basic info to the fetish, and when you scroll down you can view kinky art to your fetish, fiction and more. And at the end you will get a nice quick overview of the other pages of your category with porn, products and academy articles.


Here you will find infos to products that are available on the market for your interest. The main window shows you a selection, and right underneath you can see testing videos that have been made.

Right under those you can find the available products that we have tested so far, where if you click on them you’ll find a quick info about them, at least one review, and articles where they’ve appeared. And if you scroll down further on the category page, you will find a quick overview over the other categories again, and at the end you will see a small selection of shops we can recommend for products of the fetish category.

(This page may appear still a little empty in some categories, as we are still building up a product collection. It will continue to grow and be filled up in the next few weeks.)

Academy & Know-How

This is where you will find all the educational articles on your fetish. They will be shown right at the beginning.

And when you scroll down, after the quick overview over the other categories, you will find more fun and educational content like quizzes, quick tutorials etc.


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We know you’re not only here to read and educate yourself. You also want to find hot horny stuff. So to make it easier to find what you like, we made a category page for that as well.

You’ll see the newest inserted porn, horny online cam guys, interviews with porn actors and more.

As you will likely see when you browse around on them, you should be able to find content interesting to you a lot more easier from now on. And this is not all that’s been done, there’s a lot more in this update, like a new layout structure to the Academy and Art section, subpages, etc. And we are still improving and finishing other parts which will go online over time. But to summarize it all quickly for you:

We’re trying to bring more of a matrix structure to sadosam, and to connect all pages of a fetish (or ones that are tied together) to each other. That means you should be able to surf around and find all interesting content to your fetishes a lot more quickly than before, and also find new stuff about them you maybe didn’t know before that’s on here as well, without having to click and search for it through many tabs labourously. This should (hopefully) improve your experience on here a lot.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new design and structure, and like being on sadosam.com even more now. We’ll continue to make it even better step by step, and with you a lot of fun reading:)


Your sadOsam Team

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