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FUN QUIZ: The dirty secrets of Porn Actors


Jacen Zhu

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It’s something hot and sexy about a guy in “feminine” clothing. It brings out a different side of them which makes me really hot.

James Oakleigh

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I like the objectification and humiliation of it, to serve dominant/superior men whilst being degraded to nothing more than a feminine fuck boy. But is important to say, that i I see me as feminine fuck boy and not as sissy.

Osiris Blade

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Lots of guys enjoy smelling my pits because of the two scents they smell. Some people smell a cum scent ... others smell poppers. It's the reason I have a pig tattoo under my arm pits.

Timmy Treasure

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Some time ago, I was walking the dogs along the beach promenade, and I saw a super hot blond twink straight boy walking in my direction with his girlfriend. They stop and the guy jumped a bush and got into a garden and he pee on the bush. Then he came back to the promenade where is girlfriend was waiting for him. At the same time I was walking to their direction with the dog and got into the garden to take a look. I saw the bush all wet with that super hot straight twink so... I touch it with my fingers, started to get super horny and ended puting some in my mouth to taste it a couple of times. I got a big erection so had to stay in that garden for a while till it went down and I could leave the place

Pablo Bravo

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All my friends was fucking a sassy boy I found them . So decide to try too and I fucked this way for the first time as a top.

Avery Monroe

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In a completely consensual planned situation, I wouldn't be against the idea of being blindfolded, bundled into the back of a car and kidnapped to some remote location to get abused really hard. ;D

Dirty Secrets of Porn Actors

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