MasterMarc: Hi Xavier. What happened the last few months? We haven’t seen you on screen. Haven’t you been doing porn during the last few months? And what was the reason why?

Xavier: Hey MasterMarc, to be honestly with you it’s because my life in Paris change during this few months and I found a job like a MakeUp Artist in the shop. This job was amazing but the shoot miss me so much…But now I’m back and I promess to all you an amazing comeback!

MasterMarc: Sounds as you have had a busy time, Xavier. So what are your plans for your comeback? Do you have already done some new movies?

Xavier: Very busy! My plans for my comeback it’s to be back in France and in the International…and obviously give more to my fans! I don’t have news video for the moment because i will be back on shoot in January and February!  It will be a French production but i wanna suprise my fans, this is why i don’t tell more.

MasterMarc: Oh I see you have your secrets. Let us talk about another secret you have. It is connected to your profession as MakeUp artist. Probably people don’t belive it, but you like to go out and perform as DRAG QUEEN. Can you tell us, for how long you’re doing drag and how does it come?

Xavier: Ahahah, with pleasure. I think i started drag when I was 19 years ago or something like that but first when i started that’s my friend does my make up and only for going out sometimes with us! I started to do my own make up more than 2 years ago and to do some performance in the same time! Why i do drag? I think because …. Click here to read the whole article and see more pics. …


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