This article is not really about fetish. But it is about a subject which concerns a lot of fetish people: How to surf safe and to keep your privacy?

sadOsam is an excellent example. Our magazine is providing articles about gay people, fetish and sm. Topics which aren’t really accepted in all societies of this world. Some people also think of those things as a dark side of themselves. So how do you surf on such kind of webpages and are safe at the same time?

We recommend you to use a VPN Service Provider. VPN means Virtual Private Network. If you’re not really an IT specialist then you probably wont know what that means. So let us explain how it works.

If you think that the internet is an anonymous space than you’re wrong. Every time you connect to the internet you get an IP address. You can compare it with the address you have at home. So people know where you are. If you’re sending a letter to a friend from your home latest at the post office it gets a stamp on which you can read where it was sent from and in which city you are. So people know, that this letter is coming from your city (for example Berlin). Now VPN is a service to which you can hand out your letter in Berlin and the VPN service provider will now bring your letter to a New York post office for example. So if somebody takes a look at this letter, it would have a sender which is located in the US and not in Germany.

If you would like to have a more technical information how vpn works, than visit this homepage.

We have informed ourselves about different vpn service providers and also read several product comparisons you can find online. There is a group of independent people in Germany who really compare offers seriously. They have tested several VPN service providers and have published their results. In the top 4 of their ranking you will also find the service we use to protect ourselves and which we can really recommend:

Ivacy is a serious company located in Hong Kong with 250 servers in over 100 different locations all over the world. So you can select in which country the ip address you’re surfing with should be located.  We haven’t had problems with the speed of this service it was good to surf on internet with. A really important quality of the service of Ivacy is that they have a really great price if you compare it with other providers. If you order a 24 month service you’ll get it for only US$ 1.66 per month. So you get a good service for less money. With one account you are protected on up to 5 different devices you’re using. If you want to check out the service of Ivacy just click here. Of course there are also many other providers, just always inform yourself to be sure that it is really a serious company you will work with.

I have to say that I really like to surf safe, to know that nobody can follow my surf history. Even if I don’t do illegal things it a nice feeling that you don’t have to be afraid that others who shouldn’t know it know what kind of fetish and sm I am living. It is my sexuality, my private life, part of my privacy and it also should for all the hackers in the virtual world.