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When my skin got inked while my ass got creamed

I was bound to a mattress while a guy was continuously sticking a needle into my chest causing excrutiating pain.

Now, how did I get there?

It all started with me being sure about two things I would never do to my own body: get pierced and get a tattoo. That was until Spring 2020. One of the few people I still met during our local Corona lockdown was a young dom. Before we played for the first time he sent me a message asking if I was okay with his PA. «Your what?», I asked. «PA. Prince Albert», he responded. 

Turns out I was more than okay with the damn thing. When the tattoo and piercing studios were allowed to reopen in May I went down to our local pierceoire and had a hole punched through the head of my cock. 

The same Dom then showed me a tattoo he had just had done. It looked very different from the usual shit gay tattoos you see on casual dates and random dudes. You know, the stars, ancient words of wisdom in Hebrew, Chinese characters meaning crap like «tea», «spring» or some particle that doesn’t even mean anything outside of a proper sentence. One hot guy at my gym had whole damn biblical sermon tattooed on his back and Jesus’ face on top of his left calf muscle. No wonder I never cared to get a tattoo when all you see is this nonesense.

But this one was different. This tattoo artist (nom de plume or rather «nom d’aiguille») Altr did queer fetish tattoos, hand poked. And I wanted one.

Altr’s label is «cant_host_tattoo» (Insta) because he actually comes to your place to do the job. I liked that a lot, because during my last visit to the piercing studio I had a brief look into their tattoo room. And it reminded me a lot of my dentist’s place. 

Altr’s designs are rather peculiar. He usually draws the outlines of body parts of or nude guys and adds his signature design elements like straight lines and red dots. The design I chose showed two dangling legs.

Altr came around to mine and turned out to be rather sexy, bit of a pup otter. He is actually a trained actor slash retail assistant, like most trained actors these days. We decided the two dangling legs best be placed between my belly button and my cock. That way the feet would look like they are brushing off against my pubes, which is kind of a fun thought.

After all the necessary preparations Altr started poking me with his needle above my groin area. It didn’t take long for my cock to get hard in my sweat pants. Altr found that quite amusing, he touched my hard-on once or twice with the back of his hand and smiled cheekily.

When he was done I realized I hadn’t had enough and asked if he could do another tattoo. Sure, he said. We chose one showing two legs, one of the feet pushing a sneaker off the other, sort of a tribute to the ones he had just tattooed onto me. They were to be placed on my right side, below my armpit.

We changed to another sofa and I got naked since I didn’t want any pants or underwear to rub against that new tattoo Altr had just finished. The second one proved to be more painful, especially around my ribs. Also my skin seemed to be more sensitive than above my pubes. After a while I figured I should take some poppers to see what effect that had on the procedure.

That’s when an already erotic situation entered a new phase: With the poppers and some self created images in my head I managed to persuade myself that the needle was actually fucking my skin. So every time Altr poked me, I moaned. It was a totally different sensation and it allowed me to channel the pain I had felt before into lust.

We were just a few lines short of finishing and I had remained high on poppers when Altr ordered me to pull down his shorts. I did as told and knowing where he was going reached for some of the vaseline he was using for the tattoo to rub it onto my hole. 

I could feel Altr’s hard cock slowly entering my butt. Then he started both poking me with his needle and fucking me at the same time. For a second I was worried that he could mess up his lines. But it just felt so good to be double penetrated by Altr’s cock and his needle.

Didn’t take long for him to shoot a huge load up my butt. What an amazing finish that was! I was totally intoxicated by the mix of the pain and the lust I had felt. 

So a few weeks later I contacted Altr again. I had this idea of getting another tattoo, this time a bondage-themed one. And I wanted to get it while I was in bondage and have some photos taken for you guys. Altr was all for it, the setup met his basic requirements for an artistic intervention. So with the help of my friends at sadOsam we did it. I think the pictures should speak for themselves. I had an amazing time. Did take a while though, the new design was so much more complex than the others. It was all about the ropes, Altr said. They were the hardest.

Also I figured that given circumstances I could not expect Altr to perform both artistically and sexually. So I asked my little slave pup (I’ll tell you about him some other time) to keep me horny while Altr was poking me with his needle. Turned out to be a terrific idea. The pup edged my cock and pulled my balls, handed me some poppers or untied my arms right before my hands turned blue. He even fingered me and used a dildo while I was tied to the bondage chair. 

That, the edging and playing again made the pain so much nicer and rather bearable. Because again, around my chest the poking was intense as hell. Needless to mention that just as Altr had finished my Pup knew what to do and made me shoot my load.

It’s been a week now and the tattoo looks amazing. Not only do I love the design every time I look at myself in the mirror. It comes with vivid memories of a day filled with a unique mix of pain and pleasure. 

Click here to watch the video, to read a little interview with Altr and to see some making-of pics of this kinky tattoo session.

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