MasterMarc: Hi Tyler. You’re a 20 years young very boyish looking guy from Russia. To be a cam boy seems to be your passion. Can you tell us, how have you started to present you on chaturbate and flirt4free?

Taylor: Yes, that’s right, it all began when I was invited to work in a Russian webcam Studio. First I started to work on a popular American website flirt4free. I was very attracted because I like to flirt with guys, I like strip dancing and also I love to do hot shows, especially a show for someone! This is amazing and to me it’s very exciting to be in charge and manage the boys, or be of use of them at the bottom. I gradually started to do more and more work, earn money, I wanted to get in the world’s top boys in this website. Subsequently I began to work on – but this website is different from the previous because here you got the freedom of your imagination, and when you’re hot and crazy – the more you have of subscribers and earnings you get respectively. Most of all I like because it is a site of freedom of action and freedom jerking. Agitation and Masturbation is cool when you’re young.

MasterMarc: Can you tell us a little what kind of show you’re offering? Is it making you hot and horny if you show yourself on screen and know that now many others are wanking during they are watching you?

Taylor: Oh, It always is different show. Some people just want to talk, find a friend, find an Internet lover boy, or just jack off with him, others want dirty talk , and others again want to be ruled and dominated by me. Well ok, some want me or my hole only for their pleasure too. Different guys and different shows – but a big part of me honestly wants me to be the bottom for them, wanking with a cum show at the end. It is so hot! But it makes me hot too when I can fuck with hairy men or I fuck a teenager boy.

MasterMarc: So we really want to know what kind of men and sex you like in your real life?

Taylor: I like guys with different looks. But more the athletic build, but not the guys-the jocks, haha. The main thing that makes it when I found in them something very special and cute. For me there is special significance in his voice, in his eyes, in the attitude of the people. I myself am a romantic and I love these guys, with a smile and joy on her face.

MasterMarc: And what kind of sex do you like? Can you also tell us a little about your hottest experience you’ve ever had in real life?

Taylor: Oh yeah, I though skromnyi and cute boy, but I love sex of course too. It’s fun if sensually and passionately! Hehe I have a relationship with a guy and we, in addition to my work, almost every time have astonishing sex when we meet. Because as soon as we hold each other, our dicks immediately begin to get hard. In sex I like kissing, I like when I suck your dick and you lick my hole, but I also love doing it to guys and I get an incredible buzz when the guys moan during sex, while caressing their bodies. That gets me even more horny and I want to be fucked and be moaning like that, to feel like my partner, not that we fucked like logs hahaha. But if the sex is under poppers that takes me away, and I want to fuck even longer and harder, get fucked long and hard, and drain myself  with all the strength in his mouth and in tight ass hole of my partner-it’s crazy and I must be careful not to overdo it, hehe.

MasterMarc: Hehe. Sounds like there is good action in your house. Btw. Can you tell us a little about your best cam shows you’ve ever made?

Taylor: I think the best the show I had was when I was using a toy that vibrated with different frequency depending on the number of tokens. The more tokens given, the stronger and longer the vibration was, which -ultimately- vigorously and emotionally made me cum, because it was an incredibly cool and strong sense of vibration in your tight hole. The incredible feeling of the vibration and touch of the prostate is the best feeling that you can give to myself and my sweet ass.

MasterMarc: When are you normally on chaturbate doing shows?

Haha thats an easy on. I’m there pretty much every day.

MasterMarc: You have told me, that you are interested to do also porn. Can you tell us, why you think that you would be a good porn actor and with which labels you would like to work with?

Taylor: Oh yeah, I already took part in shooting porn to be honest, solo, and now I go shooting in Spain for the British porn Studio txxxn –  They are going to release around 3-4 gay videos. I already did some scenes and they were very hot, but I still have a few days of filming. One of the movies – I can say that already – is going to be a Slave and Master themed one, that was very interesting. But the others are going to be awesome as well. I think its something to look forward to!

And I definitely hope I can do something like this again in the future, it is a cool experience and I want more 😉

MasterMarc: It was great to tak to you, Taylor. We wish you all the best for your career in front of the cam and of course we hope for many sexy and horny moments with you as cam boy.

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