You don’t control an empire by being nice. Strict discipline and fear keep a subjugated people in check. We saw how Peter the Great did it in Russia, and if you were aroused, you might be interested in the control strategies of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire.

Let me entice you with an anecdote about the Ottoman Empire that you might find interesting and instructive – then we’ll get into their exquisite torture with modern day suggestions. This true story will give you an idea of the scope and power of the sultans of the immense Ottoman Empire during the height of their empire – 1683. 

Princes Mustafa and Mehmed, attended by a crowded procession, are driven in an ornate carriage to the Topkapi Palace to be circumcised. Surname-i Vehbi, Topkapi Palace Museum Library in Istanbul, Collection Ahmed III, MS 3593.
Daytime at the Golden Horn. The Sultan, his two princes, and retinue are seen at the Aynalikavak Palace, with open shutters. A play is being performed on the raft that is decorated with artificial cypress trees and Mühr-I Süleyman. On the raft below are puppets, swings, and a merry-go-round. Surname-i Vehbi, Topkapi Palace Museum Library in Istanbul, Collection Ahmed III, MS 3593.

In 1723, Sultan Ahmet III decided to have four of his young teenage sons circumcised. He made it a special celebration so that along with his sons, a thousand other young boys were circumcised at the Sultan’s expense. All their foreskins were collected into a pile and Sultan Ahmet III had ‘the irrefutable evidence of the competency of the surgeons’ covered with gold coins.

Impalement – An anal experience

That was the good times for young Ottoman subjects, but for captured enemies, it was a different story. The Ottomans favorite torture was impalement. They were so good at it that they could skewer a victim from rectum to neck and keep him alive for days. A skilled surgeon inserted the stake up the anus in such a way that it followed the spine and avoided the vital organs.

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Part of slave-one ball’s research assignment was to detail a modern example of ancient torture techniques, so what do you do for impalement? The standard ‘impalement’ comparison would be fisting. A fist deep up the rectum as another Master shoved his hard cock down the ‘victims’ throat. It is a good idea but hardly novel or ‘torture’ in today’s kinky world.

A variation on the theme adds a novelty dimension. You have your slave stand on his tiptoes and put a thick dildo up his ass that is on the end of a stick – think stake – another ‘stake’ hangs from the ceiling with another huge dildo that goes in the slave’s throat. Looking at him from a distance, it appears that the stake up his ass extends out his mouth.

Speaking of variations, another style of impalement was to force an iron meat hook beneath a person’s ribs and hang him up to die slowly. slave-one-ball got creative with this torture. Hire a talented blacksmith to weld together three rings with sharp ended ‘hooks’ extending out and up. One ring goes around the slave’s thigh, one around his belly and the last one around his tits.

IF the slave stands in the exact middle of the rings, the hooks won’t touch him, BUT the slightest movement in any direction will result in the sharp ends poking the slave’s balls or cock or ass or belly or tits. I wonder how long a slave could stand there before begging for mercy – kind of like the slave hanging on the hooks in the Ottoman days?

The last torture it will describe for you is only appropriate for high-ranking enemies – or slaves. It is a mode of execution that was reserved for sultans and one example happened in 1618 when Sultan Osman was executed by ‘the compression of his testicles’. its thinking that all you slave ‘gulping’ out there consider yourself low enough on the scale of humanity that you don’t warrant such a high-level punishment. But a facsimile could be a VERY tight chastity cage or worse – a change of chastity cage each day with each one being a little tighter and smaller than the last.

So, now all you Masters and slaves have a choice to visit ancient Russia or the Ottoman Empire on your playdays. Which one(s) of the delicious modern-day equivalents would you want to try out – maybe, ALL of them.  Go ahead, knock yourself out (figuratively not literally).  


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