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This boy needs to get punished!

Hi SpankedFTM. If we have a look what kind of pictures and videos you present on your twitter, I have to say that you seem to be a very naughty boy. What makes you such a bad boy that you deserve so many punishments?

Oh, posting such content online must make me a very bad boy indeed! Well, spanking for me is not about purging real-life guilt. I don’t care to be spanked for not filing my taxes on time (though I wish I could be spanked instead of filing them) and I’m trying to live studiously, courteously, conscientiously, healthily, etc… What I love best is to enter into power-exchange dynamics predicated on mutual respect, but within which I’m very clearly a rascal who has earned serious old-fashioned punishment. I don’t like to provoke my spankers into exasperation, but I love harmless pranks, cheekiness and inventive naughtiness. I’m very happy to be the brat who won’t do his chores; the schoolboy who’s cheated on a test; the gardener who’s texting instead of working… the more creative the better! It’s all so much fun and it always ends with me getting a comeuppance and an aching bottom, just as I love it.

As an FTM (Female to Male) transboy you have a souvenir of your old life, a quite big butt. That seems to be an invitation for a good and hard spanking. Or isn’t it?

Oh yes, very much – if anything, I am trying every day to make my bottom bigger, stronger and plumper with exercises (and chocolate). After so long taking testosterone, I’m not sure if the size of my bottom has much to do with me being trans – there are a lot of cis guys with enormously majestic cheeks – but I’m so proud of its chubbiness. There’s an extra thrill for me when a spanker, who understands my gender and accepts me as a boy, plays with the idea of testing my plump (FTM) bottom, and makes comments to that effect. I played a scene in a spanking club with one of my longest-term spankers, who was outing me (with my permission) when others came to comment on the size of my bottom and its endurance. ‘Oh yes, he’s a trans boy, he has the fattest bottom in town – watch, I’ll show you what he can take. Get that fat bottom up, boy!’ I was in heaven and my chubby bottom stayed in position for of the most thorough strappings of my life! Non-consensual mockery or fat-shaming is absolutely unacceptable of course… but everyone reading this certainly has my permission to tease me and make fun of my plump rump. In fact I would enjoy every minute!

So your corporal punishment sessions are always including role play?

If the session is revolving around punishment, then I would say there’s always an element of role play. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, though. The agreement can be as simple as ‘submissive boy gets put into his place by stern man’ – still involving power exchange, but without the contrivance of a detailed roleplay. Not all my spankings are within a punitive context, though. For instance, when I meet strangers at spanking parties and partake in sessions with them, there’s generally no element of discipline or correction involved and so the mood is generally quite light, even if the spanking isn’t!

What is more fun for you, a scenario in which the roleplay sets the gaurd railing for the action and your headspace or sessions in which you just surrender to the pleasure of the pain?

Roleplay is definitely the most fun for me! I get to be inventively naughty and I know I’ll be punished within reasonable parameters. I love to get spanked and my tolerance is fairly high, but I’m not a serious masochist able to take colossal amounts of pain.

Can you explain us why it is more fun for you to get spanked in the framework of role play?

It’s a safe framework in which I can indulge my naughtiness, be a little bit bratty, and come up with the most creative ways to get into trouble – all while staying within the realms of the scenario. That also means I’m going to earn a realistic domestic or scholastic-style punishment, bounce back from it and behave myself until I decide to act up again! That’s a very safe, liberating and fun space for me. You could also say that I’m in charge of my fate, in so far as my level of naughtiness determines my level of punishment. That all keeps it playful. If I’m spanked for a real offence, it’s often terribly emotional. For instance: this week I visited a spanker whom I like and respect very much, who invests much time and energy into our connection, and he had to punish me for having been a brat to him in real life. I cried after he had caned me, because I really felt so ashamed of having disappointed him, and I know that I earned that punishment and I have learned from it. When he spanks me within our roleplay dynamic, even though we bring much of our own characters into it, I’ll always come out wryly smiling no matter how sore my bottom is, because the framework of play remains intact. As for the spankings without any punitive element, such as those at parties – I have learned my limits there! I sometimes left those spaces feeling completely exhausted, having gone to the end of my capacity for endurance, and would suffer pretty bad sub-drop afterwards too. Now that I have learned my limits, I make sure not to go beyond the point at which I’m still exhilarated.

Luckily most of us didn’t have to suffer spankings in their childhood. But still, in our minds spanking is connected with punishment. Do you think it is a natural thing? That to accept a spanking is much easier if there is a reason why you get spanked, even if it is just a fictious reason?

Well, I think a lot of people do simply enjoy the physical sensation, or engage with spanking more as a feat of endurance or indeed athleticism! For me, it’s very much connected to this half-performative element of roleplay, which often has an ageplay component too, and about handing over power in such an intimate and profound way to someone I really trust. I also love to perform reluctance and then resignation about my spankings, and to end them very sore, sorry and promising to do better!

What is the pleasure which spanking pain is giving you? What are the sensations you like while and after having got a hard spanking?

Haha, that is a question which I’m sometimes asking myself while waiting for another stroke of a cane or belt to land! I find lighter spankings very pleasurable, as well as the feeling of being over the knee, or in the wheelbarrow position (which is quite erotically stimulating in its own right) but generally I would say I’m not really sexually aroused during a spanking. The pleasure, if it comes, is more one born from the dopamine release – or of course the emotional elements of the scene: forgiveness, a feeling of proximity to the disciplinarian, gratitude, relief. The algolagniac element is one I experience in planning the spanking, or in remembering it – one reason why I especially love to document the sessions when it is possible. (The other reason being that I just love to squirm with embarrassment when I read people’s responses to the pictures and videos I post!)

Hehe. When did you realise that pain can be a pleasure and an arousal for you?

I’ve definitely had a lifelong fascination with spanking, since as long as I can remember, and I even used to spank myself when I was a budding kinky youngster, or concoct spanking-forfeit games with my friends and be sure to lose every time. But it was only upon having my first ‚punitive’ spanking when I moved to Berlin that I learned how much one of those really hurts! I keep going back though…

And when has become spanking part of your sexuality? And what else are you sexually into?

Oh, I think it always was integral to my sexuality and it forms the basis of thoughts and fantasies which are indeed sexually arousing, but I usually don’t have sex with my spankers, unless we are counting spanking as a sexual interaction. I’m not very driven by sexual urges, but I’m very driven by my spanking kink.

You’ve told us that your spanking fetish is conntected to the Domdad boy fetish. Is that the reason why most of your spanking partners in the videos are older than you? How important is that difference in age?

Well, that is a really interesting question! I find the trappings (but not the politics) of classical masculinity really fascinating, and it does tend to be older men who espouse them: the way they conduct themselves, their clothing, their homes. I have generally been spanked by men considerably older than me, but a lot of my favourite spankers are within a decade of my age. I’ve never been spanked by anyone substantially younger than me, but I presume that will change as I get older myself. It will be very interesting to see what happens! Above all I would say attitude is far more important than age – and with that I’d also like to decry the ageism directed against older subs. I haven’t felt that yet, but I suppose I will do soon, and it’s very silly.

That is more a problem the subs have to suffer. As a Master you don’t feel this ageism so often. But as it is more natural for you to get spanked by guys who are older than you for me it feels more natural to dominate guys who are younger than me. Of course sometimes I have also sessions with older guys with who I feel a good connection. I think everyone has his different preferences. One of them is probably also the gender, a topic which is for you as ftm (female to male transboy) not unimportant. On your pics I just see daddies spanking you. Do you do also sessions with women?

I would absolutely love to! I’m fascinated by the idea of being deeply embarrassed and thoroughly spanked by an Aunt, Governess, or strict female schoolteacher.

Hehe, so for you the gender is not important. What kind of experiences have you done with your spankers as they have seen that there is missing something when they have pulled down your underwear?

Oh, gender is very important! But I’m delighted by the prospect of being spanked by people of any gender. Well, the trans issue… I’ve been contending with that for over a decade, so you can imagine I’ve heard a lot of transphobic nonsense and been rejected many times on those grounds. I can only say that this seems to be happening much infrequently now, and anyway I prefer to focus on the fact that I’ve had thousands of amazing spankings from hundreds of people! I’ve been sure that my spankers understand my gender before I meet them in person – at parties, people have been surprised but I’ve been able to shrug it off. These are statements made from a position of immense privilege though, as a male-passing white person in a city with a strong LGBTIQ community and world-renowned kink scene which has granted me many opportunities to pursue my fetish.

I think as kinkster you have to be open because everyone of us is non-normative in a very special way, and I’m happy that you have had much more positive experiences than bad ones. I think you have experiences with different spanking tools. Which kind of spanking is your favourite and can you tell us why?

My favourite is the classic over-the-knee spanking by hand, or with a hairbrush or slipper. It’s what I associate most with domestic-style spankings, from the comic books of my childhood. The wheelbarrow position is very stimulating (!) but extremely intimate and doesn’t fit with most of the roleplay settings in which I play. I also like to be bent over a desk for the strap or cane. I’m not very much interested in floggers, rubber implements or others which don’t fit the remit of traditional domestic / scholastic corporal punishment, but I could play with those implements at a party. My definite favourite is a long, powerful over-the-knee hand-spanking with my undies at my ankles and a never-ending lecture!

I have my experiences with long hand-spanking. Sometimes with well trained spankees you suffer more as top than the sub does. 🙂

Haha, oh my goodness, I can imagine! I don’t know how the spankers do it! 🙂 Maybe that’s what they mean when they say, ‘This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you…’

You’ve had a lot of spanking experiences. Can you give us an insight into your best of and tell us why these experiences are so memorable?

Oh, that’s a nice question! My best experiences have always been those in which I’ve really felt secure and thereby been able to give into all the apprehension that the roleplay entails. I’ve had a couple of experiences in which I really haven’t felt safe and those haven’t been pleasant. But roleplaying with trusted and experienced partners has always led to the best results for me. One thing that can be awkward is the transition between pleasantries and the scene itself – that can be alleviated by, for instance, putting on a [school] uniform or having another means by which the scene definitively begins.

We all live in apartments here in Berlin… I had a wonderful experience recently whereby my spanker left me in position over a pile of pillows, went out of his flat, descended a few flights of stairs and then walked back up. Hearing him ascending the stairs and knowing that he would return in ‘Uncle’ mode and carrying a bathbrush had my bottom shaking like a leaf by the term I heard him open the door! My favorites have always been those in which my bottom has been red enough to marvel at in the mirror afterwards, the spanking has been accurate and severe within my limits, and the scene has been realistic and fun. Absolute best of all is when there is also the chance to leave a camera running!



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