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The Need for Transformation

It is one of the things I hear most during interviews. I love the transformation into another being. It’s a constant around rubber, to be turned into a toy or rubber creature, and also very much apparent in pup play, to be an outgoing pup with a different state of mind.

How do these things do that?

I mean, really how? How does simply putting on rubber or a hood bring you into a state where you feel like a thing, to think about nothing but to pleasure and be used by others / use them, or a dog, forget about everything besides being happy and friendly and curious?

Well one part certainly come from the materials and objets we use. When Adam Driver put on the dark multilayered outfit for Kylo Ren, the red-sabered sith in the new star wars trilogy, I’ve heard he said it let him feel heavy, breathe more heavy. The restrictive clothing brought him to put more power in every movement. The mask dampened his hearing and only made him see impaired. It helped him portray, move and feel more like a masked villain, aggressive, unfearing and clunky under the dark layered armor clothing, hidden from being identified and therefore having to follow any rules behind the mask. What we wear can influence our behaviour and thoughts.

Covering up someone in a black rubber suit does take away the personality while still keeping a human shape. A full covering mask represents anonymity, no judgement or recognition of any feeling behind it. and you have something that is a very sensual, objectifying and convenient for sex material that can enhance sexual intensity.

With dog hoods a not unnecessary amount also comes from what it represents. And one with dog characteristics like ears and snout of course lets you behave in some sort of animal mannerism when you put it on, as it is expected of you, since it’s now associated when looking at you, and of yourself as you wanted to have that association. Rubber also can be shaped like anything, provided you fill it with air or other components, and due to it’s organic-like touch it can let one feel quite like a second skin, and enhance the “new body” experience.

A lot comes also from our wishes, and personalities as well. I described rubber as something objectifying, but it also could be seen as something merely anonymizing. Which one a person may go for is very individual. And are you more of a dog or a wolf when you put on the hood? If so, are you timid or aggressive? Or do you even see another animal in it?

No matter what we want to portray or how, when we put our things on, our mind tries to let our expectations become a reality, and bring itself into a state that conforms with how we think those toys and pups, objects or creatures should behave and think. As for why we sometimes think it feels real or we feel alive when it happens… well why wouldn’t it? Your brain is pretty much your reality, and your mind actively brings you into that brain-state, tries to let out the endorphins and chemicals into your brain and body in moments it feels appropriate. So it makes sense.

Before, I made a comparison with an actor , but I also want to mention there are still quite a few differences. For instance he is hired to perform as somebody else, while we try to become somebody/something else, or often also bring forth some hidden aspects within us, because of personally fueled objectives.

That last sentence brings me to the next question in this article:

Why do we want to transform?

The sentences I most hear accompanied for the love for transformation as reason is that it’s fun, freeing and it lets you forget the restrictions and worries of daily life.

Us humans are naturally curious creatures. We are born with inherent need to see what the world has to offer to us, be it the universe with it’s laws and resources, humans and society or our head and ourselves. We want to explore it all and find out how we can all do with it in our lives. Of course that also goes for our mind and our sexuality. Now partially we are restricted (and fueled) by our biology and bodies, but still our head lets us discover many things and states of mind. And to experience those is fun for many, and is part of what drives us.

The second thing mentioned was the thing that keeps you often from the first. Society, although the thing that makes our worlds we humans built work, sadly is something that inherently restricts us too. We state some things as normal, and some as not. Some as good, some as bad. Some as goals, and some as failures if fallen into. All these parameters can make a single human sometimes feel quite pressured, no matter in which situation you are in.

It seems the need for transformation seems to partially stem from there. You want to break free of these restrictions you have been placed upon, be somewhere else and someone else, that’s got nothing to do with your normal world, be that position, body, or mind. Be something that’s confident in its role, able to convey things clearly, safe etc. And, by doing that, may “reset” your brain from its mindset and bring it into a better state to deal with things when coming back.

Why is that connected with sex? Well for one I’d say it’s not necessarily sex. For many in pup play for example it something entirely non-sexual. It’s however, definitely biological and, well, maybe anthropological? I am not a scientist, so I can’t say clearly.

But often, to break these shackles that you have, you need to free up your thoughts, and one of the best ways to do that is by reducing your thought complexity. And one of the best ways to do that,… well is to focus, connect to and bring fourth your primal and instinctive self. Of course our nature is very much connected with copulation, so therefore it’s not surprising to find it often in this 😉 But more inherently you want to get into the roots of yourself, grab that aspect there, intensify and feel it to the maximum. And by bringing up this powerful, raw thing inside you, you let it and the accompanying emotions, thoughts, and endorphins wash over and flood our brain, and drain out everything else occupying our thoughts. And, once you’re done, can go back with a “fresh” mindset. If we go for something like pup play and rubber gimpification, that’s at least how I sense/grasp this process.

Btw. I’m using all these “powerful” characterizations, but what kind of nature is inside you, may be very peaceful and happy too 😉 It’s just easiest to describe the effect for me like that. And I know that some of you probably say now: “That’s not how it is for me!”. And of course, you’re probably right. If it’s another role that you build up as a character to slip into, you may want to experience another world, immerse and experience something you could not in your normal body. You may want to feel closer to something. You may want to re-experience something you’ve seen somewhere. Transformation’s quite complex and very individual. I also don’t claim to have figured out the whole thing myself, this is just a train of thoughts for me. And I’d actually be very interested to hear how you think about this topic, and what factors play a role for you. So please, if you want to, drop them in the comments 😉

Anyways, this is it for my sunday rambling. I hope it all made sense and is somwhat coherent, and that you enjoyed riding on someone elses train for a bit. See you on the next one!

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