If slave Luna is not serving his Master, he loves to read the stars. He studies the celestial body but also the cum stains of his Master to foresee your future and help you to enrich your kink life. This week we present you the kink spring horoscope of the first six zodiacs for spring and summer this year. And the other six you can look forward to next week.



As a Cancer you really need courage to feel happy, even more as a kinkster.

As a pain pig maybe you should consider to forget about your limits and let the stars float you to new spheres of pain and happiness. Your suffering will not only enjoy and entertain yourself, but also your top.

Yes, as a gay pet player it needs courage to put your doggy hood away and to tell all your pet player friends that you’re a kitty. But you’ll see the disgrace you earn satisfies your need for humiliation.



To explore your own heart is a requirement to live a happy kink life. Jupiter, which looks backwards, but even more Saturn starting to explore a new orbit will help to guide you to your real kinks.

It is time to put your leather gear away. Even if it gives you a self-confidence boost on the outside, it is not what you really feel.

Show your vulnerability and cry for daddy so that he can give you your pacifier, change your nappies and sing you a lullaby before he fucks you hard and merciless.



Neptune has a very special influence to all Virgos this spring. It is the season in which they become very slutty this year, and open for all kind of meetings and relationship.

It seems they are totally in heat and they take everybody who crosses their way.

Normally in horoscopes one give advices for the called zodiac, but for this one we have to warn all the other guys about the nymphomaniac danger of Virgos. Take care and keep distance, or you’ll not be able to keep them away anymore.



For all Libras the current Uranus constellation makes this spring a time for all kind of commitments.

Are you a slave without contract? Then it is really the time to sign one. You can be sure that this contract will be as unbalanced as possible so that you really become the worthless thing you feel that you are.

For chastity lovers we can recommend to start a chastity challenge on twitter. You can be sure that next time you’ll be able to touch your dick will be at a nursing home.



Are you living in a harmonic kink relationship and you think that together you’re strong? That’s normally true but not for Scorpios. Uranus and Lilith show your partner another way to treat you as you need it.

It is the time to cuckold you. You will love this powerless feeling, even more if your inability and impotence will be exposed to others.

Are you the partner of a Scorpio, then do enjoy this cruising months, but make sure that he can also see that he gets cheated.



Kink is something you are interested in for a long time, but you don’t dare to live it? Start now. The current Jupiter constellation helps the Sagittarius to enter to this universe of infinite horniness and filthiness.

It’s time to come out of the closet and to explore this new world. Believe us, the real kink world is even more interesting than all the hot pictures you’ve seen in internet.

Start to shoot your loads into greedy holes of hot subs. They are more satisfying than the Kleenex box next to your computer.

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We want to thank Pup Posejdon, formerly known as Bartek, for his great illustrations of the twelve zodiacs. If you want to see more of his funny kink illustrations and cartoons just click on the button to visit his archive here on sadOsam.

Are you a kinky artist and would you like to design the zodiacs for the next kink season horoscope? Please contact us.


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