A kinky story written by Pete Brown | Chapter 2

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I stood there, naked, as the audience filed back in.  If they’d been a little raucous before the interval,  they were much more so now – a whole lot of additional  drinks had been consumed, I suppose.   

One of the leather-shorted goons kept a big beefy hand  on my bicep, and that was enough to keep me standing  there – after all, what was the point in trying to  escape?  There were so many of the “members” of this  club around that I’d have no chance of getting out of  the building, and, in any case, when you’re totally  naked and there are a whole lot of men all around you  all properly dressed, you feel very vulnerable and  afraid:  they’d only have to trip me up, then kick at  me, and there were no clothes to help protect my  sensitive parts!   

The MC made an announcement asking for the audience to  take their seats, then, as the hubbub subsided, he  went on “And now, the major part of the evening, what  we’ve all been waiting for…. The newly-ringed prey  will now take part with our father and son duo, Joey  and Todd… Let’s give them a big, traditional  welcome…”   

The door opened and two guys came in, and the watching  men all erupted into cheering and hollering.  The MC  called for quiet, and announced “This is Joey’s first  time, gentlemen… Do you remember how it was for you,  when you were sixteen?  Joey has been having lessons  from Todd, one of our most popular performers here at  the Club, but this is his first actual time performing  in public – indeed, his first actual fuck.  He’s a  virgin now, gentlemen, and in a very few minutes he  will no longer be…. Just like the prey!”   

I looked at the two men, and I could see the family  resemblance – both had strong jaws and thick black  hair, and tall, neat bodies.  Joey, the younger, was  wearing  a sweat shirt and the sort of baggy Jeans  that were only just staying up as they were slung so  low down on his hips.  Like most kids of his age, he  had one of those ubiquitous baseball caps on his head,  with the peak turned backwards over his neck.  His  dad, Todd, was however almost naked – his genitals  were just concealed by a small piece of black leather  hung from a string around his waist.  As he moved I  could see his muscular arse muscles flexing, and he  was clearly in peak condition – I guessed that, like  me, he worked at some sort of manual work, and also  took care of himself at the gym.  His black hair  extended over most of his body – his chest was heavily  thatched, and a trail led right down his belly to  disappear under the flap concealing him.  Wiry black  hair covered his arms and legs, and there was a tuft  of it poking up from the top of his arse crack,  forming a little separate patch just at the base of  this spine.   

I wondered what the hell was going to happen next, and  the MC announced “Now, gentlemen, the choice is  yours… Who do you want to perform first?  Joey, or  Todd?  You’ll have an opportunity to see both of them  in action, but who goes first?  Young virginal Joey,  or Todd, who we’ve all seen in action before?”   

There were a few shouts of “Todd”, but he majority of  the audience started a rhythmic chant of “Joey, Joey,  Joey…”   

“Right, gentlemen, I think that’s clear…. So let’s  ask young Joey here to get ready to perform…”   

The older man, Todd, moved towards his son, and helped  him lift his sweatshirt up and over his head.  He was  swearing a standard kind of white T underneath, but as  the sweat pulled upwards, the T lifted as  well and we  all got a glimpse of his belly – smooth and firm as  you’d expect in a young guy who seemed to take care of  himself, with just that hint of a late adolescent  treaasure-trail climbing out of the top of his boxers,  which of course poked up way above the low-slung  waistband of his jeans.   

He hopped around from one foot to another as he took  off his trainers, then he didn’t even bother to  unbuckle his Jeans – they were so low-slung that all  he really needed to do was kind of wriggle them  around, and they slipped off his hips and down his  legs.  The men had been mostly quiet whilst this was  going on, but now he stood there in his T, boxers and  socks, they cheered again.   

Usually guys take their Ts off next, don’t they? But  after a gesture from his dad, young Joey simply put  his thumbs under his waist band and pushed his boxers  off.  Only then did he reach down to grab the hem of  his T and pull it up over his head, and as he did so  we all saw how his dick jerked upwards as the muscles  in his stomach were stretched.  He had a big dick for  a kid, I thought, – still, I suppose that by the time  you’re sixteen it is fully grow, isn’t it? – the rest  of you gets bigger and stronger, but your dick mainly  stays the same size after puberty, so it starts to  look smaller as your body fills out.  He hadn’t been  cut, but he didn’t have one of  those very long,  droopy foreskins – his kind of stopped somewhere on  his dick head, so that a small part of it was exposed,  and I could see his piss slit.  His balls were slung  low, and he had a mass of wiry black pubic hair like  his dad.  You could tell that he must wear those kind  of long baggy swimming shorts, as his tan stopped at  his waist, and only started again at his knees, so  that his whole trunk and arse were a very white white.   

His father now put one arm in an almost protective  gesture around Joey’s shoulders, then guided him along  the front of the rows of seated men, so that Joey was  displayed to them.  From the rear, the similarity of  the two men was obvious – Joey was perhaps an inch or  so taller than his father, but both men had the  classic wide-shouldered, V- shaped body tapering to  their waists, after which their arses flared out.  It  seemed somehow almost obscene to see them like this –  the young lad naked except for his socks, and his  father naked except for his tiny loin cloth.   

When they had completed the circuit, they came and  stood by me and the doors opened and something was  wheeled in – a kind of table on a couple of small  wheels.  It was left by us, and the goon holding my  bicep now moved me towards it.   

“Lie down, boy”, he whispered into my ear.  “Lie down,  head to one end, so that you’re as comfortable as you  can be.  Don’t worry about the length – just get your  head on it and as much of your body  as you can, and  hold the rest of yourself up wit h your legs.”   

“No, please, I don’t want…”   

“Do you want a little shot from my tazer?  Now,  fucking lie down, and do as you’re told…”   

Well, what could I do?  He held all the cards, didn’t  he?  I looked at the black leather covered top, and  lowered myself onto it and kind of shuffled around so  that my head was at one end.  The length was such that  it stopped somewhere just below my navel, and I  shuffled my feet, as best I could, to give myself a  proper purchase and make myself feel comfortable.  As  my weight went onto the table I noticed that the  wheels retracted – they must have been sprung – so  that it was now solidly on the ground.   

As I lay there the other goon came around the front  and pulled at the bar that was still holding my arms  spread quite wide.  He pulled it down, and latched it  onto the front legs of the table somewhere near the  floor, and I was now effectively trapped – there was  no way I could get up.  What the hell was going on, I  wondered.   

To my horror, I soon found out!  The MC’s voice boomed  out again and I started to struggle, to absolutely no  good effect, as he said “So now the prey is secured on  the activity table and Joey is prepared, let’s waste  no more time,  and get on with the Club’s activity…  Gentlemen, The Fuck Club presents another spectacular  fucking of a straight virgin prey….. By the newest  member of our team, Joey, for the first time….”   

There was renewed cheering, and he went on “Now,  gentlemen, as is traditional at the Fuck Club, members  are asked to remain silent as the prey is fucked –  it’s pretty traumatic for most of them, and we all  want to hear them protest, don’t we…. So, gentlemen,  silence, please….”   

A hush fell on the room, and Joey and his dad  disappeared behind me.  Then I felt something hot on  the middle of my back – one of the men was pushing his  hand down on me, as if to steady me.   

“Right, Joey”, I heard the father say.  “Remember what  I’ve told you.. .you can just start to fuck him, but  it will hurt:  hurt you, I mean.  You could rape him  now, as he’s helpless, but it will chafe your dick.  So I always recommend lubing the prey, and you know  how to do that, don’t you, son… Milk him, to get  some proper organic lube!”   

I felt something warm brush against my naked legs, and  somehow knew it must be Joey’s body.  Then a hand  gripped my dick – I felt its presence as it reached in  between my thighs, then the next moment hot, strong  fingers had curled around me and were gripping me.  “NO…..”, I shouted.  “Leave me alone…”   

But it did no good.  The lad’s fingers tightened on my  dick and he started to jerk me off.  I could feel  myself go hard, in spite of not wanting to – when  someone’s relentlessly jerking away at you, your body  takes over, in spite of what your mind wants, doesn’t  it?   I carried on crying out “No, no, leave me  alone….” And trying my best to wriggle away from  him, but there was no escape with my arms held  securely and his hand around my dick.  I started to  get that real thrill from my dick as his hand bumped  into the flange around my dick head, and my cries of  protest and outrage just had to mitigate as my body’s  primeval senses took over.  I was rock hard now, and I  could almost feel my foreskin sliding over my dick  head as Joey worked away.  I was no longer crying out,  more moaning gently  – I’d never had another guy touch  my dick like this before, and having someone else jerk  me off, rather than my own hand, was a wholly  different experience:  I wasn’t in control of the  speed, or the pressure, or the length of the stroke:  my dick just had to take whatever Joey decided to do,  and it was a wholly new sensation.  Most of the women  I’d been with had touched my dick, or course, but I’d  never had them jerk me off – after all, they were  there to be fucked, weren’t they?  This new sensation  was actually better than jerking it myself – or was it  that I was enjoying having to relinquish control, to  give myself over entirely to the whims of another man?   

I just couldn’t help it – I felt the pressure building  up in my balls, and then, in spite of the humiliation  of having the whole audience watch, I shot my load.  I’ve got a really sensitive dick, and as soon as I  start to shoot I always stop stroking myself, else  that strange mixture of incredible pleasure starts to  turn into one of agony.  But Joey didn’t know this,  and in spite of the spurts of hot cum that must have  been shooting out of me he carried on moving his hand  up and down my shaft, his thumb and forefinger  colliding with my flange.  I tried to get away, but it  was no good – I couldn’t move, and I cried out “No,  stop…. No…..”.   

I don’t think I’d ever shot so much before as Joey’s  remorseless “milking” carried on even though I was  trying to thrash around and my cries were filling the  room.   I could feel my balls tightening and screwing  up as they pumped further “aftershocks” of cum out,  and then, mercifully, Joey stopped.  I lay there,  gasping and panting, relieved that it was over, and  feeling strangely exhilarated and excited.  Yes, I  know this was almost the ultimate humiliation, to be  jerked off against my will in front of an audience of  other guys, but somehow it was at the same time  intensely thrilling and erotic.   

“OK, son, you caught his cum, didn’t you?”   

“Yes, dad”, I heard Joey reply.   

“Right then – give it to me… Here, in my hand, as  you’ll need both of yours.  Then lube his hole well,  starting with one finger, and working up…”   

No!  This couldn’t be…. Surely he wasn’t going to  touch my arse hole, was he?  I got my reply almost  immediately, as I felt a warm hand on my arse, then a  finger probing down the deep crack between my arse  cheeks.  Look, some of the women I’ve been with have  been pretty daring and have tried to touch my arse in  foreplay, before I fucked them, but I didn’t like it  at all and I always made them stop. One bitch told me  that I didn’t know what I was missing, but I didn’t  believe her and made her stop anyway.  But now I was  powerless to prevent Joey’s finger probing at me.  I  shuddered, literally, as the tip of his finger first  touched against my pucker, my virgin pucker, that just  wasn’t used to being touched at all.   

“No, please, no….”, I cried out, but I knew it  wasn’t going to do any good – evidently Joey knew what  he was supposed to be doing as the pressure of his  finger against me increased, and in spite of all my  attempts to keep my hole closed, I felt it slide into  me.  He wriggled it around a bit, then slid it in and  out, almost experimentally.  Sensation flooded through  me, a new, incredible sensation the like of which I’d  only ever vaguely had before when I’d shat a big,  solid turd.  My cries begging him to stop were almost  choked off, and then I couldn’t help it, I started  almost to moan with pleasure.  I couldn’t help notice  that the whole audience was deadly silent, as they had  been since Joey started to milk me, and they were all  leaning forwards in their seats to get a better view  of my humiliation.   

“Good, son… Now, remember how I’ve showed you… Put  a bit more of his cum on your second finger and get  that up too, then start to stretch him and get him  ready….”   

“Yes, dad..”, Joey almost whispered:  he seemed to be  so intent on what he was doing that he didn’t have the  effort to really reply to his father, who stood there,  looking almost proud of his son.   

As Joey’s second finger pushed its way up into me I  moaned again – not in pain, exactly, and not in  pleasure, either, but in some strange mixture of the  two.  Having a man probing your hole is, as I now  know, one of the great sensations, but this first time  I was scared, and embarrassed, and worried and…  well, everything!  It felt both odd, and humiliating,  and yet pleasurable to have these strong fingers  teasing at me, and they slid in and out, presumably  lubricated by my own cum, in a way that sent waves of  feeling through me.  I shuffled my feet as best I  could and knew that my arse must be moving around in  response, and I felt Joey’s other hand rest on the  base of my spine as if to steady himself.   

“Easy, boy…”, Todd said to me, bending his head  towards mine.  “Relax… It will be easier for you if  you just accept it, you know…  And I don’t want Joey  worried or scared – it’s his first time, and if you  make it hard for him, you’ll regret it later….”   

“Bastard…”, I hissed “You shouldn’t be allowing  this… Your son… This audience…”   

“Hey, shut the fuck up!  Don’t tell me how to look  after my kid – mind your own business!  I know what’s  best for Joey, and he’ll remember this long after he’s  forgotten a lot of other stuff..”   

I’d have gone on arguing with him but I just had to  cry out as Joey pushed a third finger up into my hole,  and then, with all three of them in, started to  stretch me – I could almost feel his fingers forcing  themselves apart as he massaged my virgin muscle into  submission.  Joey’s pressure at the base of my spine  also increased as he was clearly working quite hard  and needed to steady himself.  Sweat was pouring off  me in buckets, I knew, and my body felt all hot and  tense as I moved impotently around as best I could on  the leather covered table – I was almost sliding over  the surface, I was so wet.    “OK, son… That’s enough”, Todd said.  “Now let’s  give the folks here the show they’re waiting for.”   

Joey and Todd came and stood at the front of me, by my  head, and Todd went down on one knee in front of his  son.  I could see Joey’s erect dick sticking out in  front of him, and his father now gently stroked this  with his hand that still had the remains of my cum in  it.  I saw a shiver run through Joey’s whole body as  this stimulated him, and he reached down and pushed  his hands onto his father’s shoulders to steady  himself.  Is head was thrown back slightly, and, as  you do at times like this, it was almost as if my  brain took a snapshot of one aspect of the scene:  Joey’s young muscles in tension in his neck, and his  Adam’s apple sticking out, as he stood there in front  of his father.    “OK, son… Now, remember what I’ve taught you….”   

There was an almost visible tension in the place as  Joey slowly walked around me.  I saw his dick bobbing  up and down as he moved.  It was as if every man in  the audience had stopped breathing, so that there  should be no noise, no disturbance of any kind.  It  was me who broke the silence  “NO!  Please, no….”, I  shouted, as I felt Joey’s hands on my arse cheeks and  the insistent pressure with which he pulled them  apart.  I tried to move, to wriggle, to squirm, but it  was no use.  And then something else, something warm,  soft, hard, wet, sensuous… Pressing at my hole.  The  end of his dick wavered up and down a bit and my cries  of alarm just had to be muted as the feelings from my  pucker flooded through me – almost as if I was being  tickled, helplessly tickled, but a thousand times  better.  A warm flood of feeling raced through my  body, and my “NO…..” Changed to more of an  “Oh…..”.   

There was an insistent pressure on me.  An incredible,  pushing, nudging, relentless pressure.  I’d never had  anything like this before, and I heard Joey give a  little grunt and almost felt his body move, and then  the feelings I was getting from my hole redoubled – I  just knew that he must have forced his entry, and his  dick was now in my hole.  An instant later I got that  sensation that’s so hard to describe, as Joey  continued to push and his whole dick moved itself  inside me.  At last I felt his warm body press against  my arse, and I knew he must be buried in to the hilt.   

It was as if the whole room had been waiting for this,  as there was a long, very audible sigh from all the  watching men as they all started breathing again, as  if they had been waiting for this moment.   

And then it started – well, we all know what it feels  like, don’t we, as a dick slides in and out of you?  I  could never have imagined that something that I’d  thought was so repugnant, so vile, could cause me such  exquisite pleasure.  Joey pumped away vigorously and  his dick slid smoothly in and out of me easily.  Somewhere, as if far away, I heard him start to say  “Yes, yes, yes…” In time to his strokes, and I found  myself gasping “Uggh…” almost as if in reply.   

It was all over very quickly, actually –  I guess a  young horny sixteen year old just can’t help cumming  quickly, as Joey suddenly shouted “Oh, yes, sweet  Jesus, yes….”   

He stopped fucking and I felt his body hard against my  arse as he remained deep in me.  I supposed he must be  shooting, and I suppose I was vaguely disappointed not  to feel it – when I’d read a gay story once in a  magazine I’d found on a plane, it went on and on about  how the splashes of hot cum surged up inside, and so  on. Of course I now know that you don’t feel the other  guy’s cum at all as there are no nerve receptors, or  very few, deep up inside you, but it was odd then and  I guess it’s all a matter of expectation.   

Joey fell forward onto me, and my sweaty back felt the  almost searing heat of his body all along me.  He was  breathing hard – harder than me – and I felt his  muscles move as he got his breath back.  We lay there,  his conquest, me, under him, and a huge wave of  applause and cheering came from the audience.   

Todd gave him a couple of minutes to recover, than  came and helped Joey to his feet.  As he moved off me  I went momentarily chilled as my sweat evaporated in  the conditioned air.  Todd had a damp cloth, and as I  watched he went down on one knee again and began to  wipe Joey’s dick and balls  they were all stained  brown, I noticed, and from the smell that was now  getting to me I knew that it must be my ass juices  that Todd was removing from his son.   

Satisfied, Todd tossed the cloth to one side and then  led Joey, his dick now rapidly detumescing, on a kind  of “victory” parade around in front of the audience  again.   

I just lay there – well, there wasn’t much else I  could do, was there?  I felt relaxed, happy, almost,  but at the same time deeply humiliated.  I’d been  stripped and now raped, and I knew I ought to be  furious, but something was making me calmer than I  should be – perhaps it was that mood that sweeps over  you after sex that was working its magic – I don’t  really know.  But this mood of happy relaxation was  almost shattered when I felt something on the inside  of my thighs as I stood there helpless – something was  trickling down them, and I suppose I knew what it must  be:  Joey’s cum and my ass juices leaking from my  arse, and running down over my flesh.   

Joey and Todd finished their circuit, and now Todd  picked up the washcloth he’d used on his son.  He  stood behind me, and I heard him say to Joey “Now,  it’s courteous always to clean up the guy after you’ve  fucked him… And even more so when he’s helpless,  like this prey.  No guy really likes all that liquid  leaking all over him, and it stains the bed if you  don’t clean it up.  The smells’ not great, either.  Take this cloth, and give him a good clean, all around  his arse, and down the inside of his thighs….”   

Look, I know it’s humiliating to have someone wipe  your arse, but what are you supposed to do when you’re  totally held there?  And I suppose I was glad to have  myself cleaned up as the sensation of the stuff  sliding down my thighs wasn’t exactly pleasant.   

The MC’s voice boomed out now, though, asking for a  big round of applause for Joey – which he got.  Then,  almost to my horror, the voice continued “So,  gentlemen, do you want an encore?   

“Yes!” Came he thunderous response from the audience.    

“Right, gentlemen.  Todd is one of our favourites here  at the Fuck Club, and after seeing young Joey in  action I think we can all agree that he’s a real chip  off the old block.  But now let’s see the man in  person… Todd is going to fuck the prey next.”   

As I realised with sick horror that my ordeal wasn’t  over, the audience continued to roar, clap and stamp,  until the MC again called for silence.   

“As is traditional, members choose.  So, gentlemen,  ‘dog’, or ‘missionary’?”   

There were cried of both “dog” and “missionary” from  the audience, but gradually the “dogs” subsided and  almost all the men started chanting “on his back, on  his back, on his back…”   

The two goons, the front of their brief leather shorts  tented as they were evidently very erect after  watching Joey, now came on again.  There was just no  way I could resist them as they undid the bar with my  wrists cuffed to it from the front of the table,  neatly flipped me over onto my back, pulled my arms  above my head again and then down, and re-fastened the  bar.  In another of those weird flashes that go into  your memory I noticed  how cold and clammy the  sweat-covered leather top of the table felt against my  back as I had to lie there again.   

They weren’t finished yet, though – they lifted the  bar that held and separated my ankles, and pulled it  high into the air and up and over my body so that my  feet were almost over my nips.  A couple of wires from  somewhere behind my head were then pulled out, and the  bar was held in this position.  My arse was almost in  the air, and I knew that my hole was now totally  exposed to the view of the watching men.   

Todd came and stood near my arse, and I looked along  the length of my body and could see him.  He must have  had some of my cum left in his hand, as he was  stroking his dick, getting it fully hard and erect,  and covering it in a layer of my cum.  It seemed to be  much thicker than Joey’s, and I knew he was going to  fuck me with it – I inwardly winced, almost in terror,  at the thought of that big, thick thing being inserted  into me.   

Todd reached down and almost caressed my hole with his  fingers.  The room had gone silent again, and he said  to me, almost conversationally, “You’re nice and loose  already, as Joey’s softened you up.  So don’t worry –  I’ve got a really thick cock, but I’ve never split  anyone in half yet!  And I’m all lubed up, so… Let’s  go!”   

He moved, his dick bobbing up and down as he did, and  positioned himself at my arse.  He shuffled forward  and I again felt that amazing sensation as the moist  head of a dick first touches your hole.   

Todd really was skilled – I felt the relentless  pressure as he tried to push his dick in against the  resistance of my sphincter muscles, then, as  I  watched, he just pulled his hips back a little, not so  much as to lose contact between his dick and my hole,  and gave a little thrust forwards so that the sudden  increase in pressure forced an entrance.  I gave a  little gasp, and I saw him almost grin down at me.  “Easy, boy”, he  whispered, as if he didn’t want the  crowd to hear. “…now for the fun.”   

Look, I know Joey was the first, and they always say  you remember the first, but it’s really that  performance of Todd’s that’s etched into my brain.  He  played me – no, not played with me – played me;  played me as if I was an instrument that needed the  finesse of a master to bring it to life, and to give a  performance that would entrance and delight an  audience.   

He did everything – long, slow, languorous strokes  that had me moaning with pleasure.  Then quick, sharp,  stabbing thrusts that slammed his pubic bone into the  sensitive areas around my hole, and had me shouting  out in panic in time to his strokes.  A succession of  fast, light, inch or two motions would be followed by  heavy, strong, pistoning that would bury him  completely in me and almost pull himself right out.  It went on and on, and my whole body was consumed with  the sensations that he was causing me – I completely  lost control, and I no longer cared about being  watched by the other men, or about being held helpless  on the table, or anything – my whole universe focussed  down onto Todd, and what Todd’s dick was doing to me.  I was conscious of moaning, sighing, shouting – I no  longer cared, and I felt a total abandon.  My body  gave itself up entirely to pleasure, to that  overwhelming feeling of total relaxation and joy that  you get when a strong, expert man is dominating and  controlling you.   

I could have stayed like that for ever.  I didn’t want  it to stop.  I actually have no idea how long it did  go on for, it could have been minutes, or hours.  But  even Todd couldn’t entirely deny the response of his  body, and, as I watched, his back arched, his head  went back and he thrust into me one final time, deep  and hard, and I knew he must have cum.   

As before, the silent audience then broke into  rapturous applause and hollering, and Todd lay forward  on to me, taking some of his weight, though, on his  elbows.  His face was close to mine, and he said, so  that I could just hear it above the noise of the  crowd, “OK?  I think you enjoyed that, didn’t you…?”   

“Bastard!  Yes… No… No one wants to be raped…”   

“You might not have wanted it before, but you enjoyed  it, didn’t you, boy?  I can always tell.”   

There was a mischievous grin on his face, and he  carried on lying there for a couple of minutes.  I  could feel his heart racing in his chest as it was  pushed into mine, and there was something that  continued to be erotic about having another man in  such intimate contact with me, something quite  different that when women did this.  Perhaps it was  the hard feel of his muscles, or the way the neat  thatch of hair on his pecs rubbed against mine, or  perhaps it was just the different male pheromones  having their effect.  Whatever it was, as he lay on  top of me, I felt my dick stir, and as it vainly  thrust against his muscled belly, he again grinned at  me, but said no more.   

He got up eventually and gently withdrew his cock from  me, then used the washcloth to clean himself, and then  me.  The goons released the bar holding my legs so  that I was lying comfortably on my back, as I turned  my head to watch Todd and Joey, both totally naked,  parading for one last time in front of the audience –  Todd had his arm around his son’s shoulders again, and  you could see that their bodies were cast in there  same mould, and that as Joey matured and his muscles  enlarged, he would soon look like Todd’s brother,  rather than his son.   

The goons now released the bar holding my hands down,  and helped me to stand.  I was allowed to have my  hands at the level of my neck, as they held the ends  of the bar and paraded me around in front of the  audience.  “Let’s give our prey, Steve, one final big  hand, gentlemen”, the MC boomed out.  “Without prey  like him, receiving dick for the first time, our  entertainment here would be merely ordinary….  Gentlemen…. Steve!”   

Well, I don’t know if I like being thanked for  something like this!  I was once again conscious of my  total nakedness, of the way that these men’s eyes were  looking intently at my body.  The strong lights eat  down, making my sweat-soaked skin shine, and I saw  glints and flashes as they caught the shiny stainless  steel of my new tit ring.   

The goons led me out through the door, away from the  arena, and along a corridor into a room with three  shower heads arranged along one wall, a range of  lockers along the other wall, and some of those wooden  benches down the middle that you see in locker rooms  at sports fields and gyms.  It all seemed so normal –  it was almost as if we were back in the “normal”  world.  Todd and Joey were under the showers as we  entered, but they finished, and started to towel  themselves dry.  The two goons held onto my bar so  that I couldn’t approach them, and father and son sat  down on the benches and dressed, as if it was the most  normal thing in the world to do.   

It was our turn then.  As I watched, first one goon,  and then the other, undid his leather harness, then  pushed his leather shorts down, to stand totally  naked.  “Now, fella,”, one of them said, “There’s two  ways we can do this.  Either you can remain tethered  to this bar, and we can clean you up, or we can let  you go, and we can all shower together, like proper  buddies.”   

“No way!  I’m not your buddy…”   

“Suit yourself!  We prefer it this way, anyway….”   

They led me under the water, and soon were washing me  – soaping their hands, then running them down all over  my naked body. I really didn’t like the way they  lingered on my arse, and in my arse crack.  And when  they washed my dick and my balls, it was almost as if  they vied with each other to do it, as if they both  wanted to fondle me so intimately.  They seemed to  know each other very well, too, as they’d break off  from washing me to wash each other, almost caressing  each other’s bodies as they did so.   

They left me shivering – you know how it is when  you’ve showered and you can’t dry yourself – as they  towelled each other down, then dressed in  short-sleeved casual shirts, Jeans, and heavy work  boots.  They didn’t seem to bother with underwear, and  they picked up and packed their leather harnesses and  leather shorts into ordinary sports bags.  As they  stood there, their short hair still damp from the  shower, they looked like a couple of ordinary guys  who’d just come from the gym.    Todd and Joey said  goodnight to them and left, and the three of us were  alone.   

“Right, now let’s get you dressed, shall we?”, one of  them said.  “I think it would be fun for us to do it  for him, don’t you?”, he went on, addressing his  companion.   

And that’s what they did – they took the towels, still  damp from where they had dried themselves, and really  dried me thoroughly, all over, paying particular  attention to patting my balls, skinning me back “just  to make sure your dick head is nice and dry”, and then  pulling the towel up and down my arse crack.   

I hadn’t been dressed by someone else since I was a  little kid, and it was odd to have these two big men  pulling on my socks, then helping me step into my  boxers.  One of them couldn’t resist “settling me in”,  as he put it, to make sure my dick was nice and snug,  and then they helped me into my Jeans, zipped up the  fly neatly, and did up my belt.   

“Right, boy”, they went on “Now we’re going to let  your hands free.  Any trouble, and it will be the  tazer for you….”   

It was so good to b able to move my arms freely after  all that time.  I stood there flexing my shoulders and  swinging my arms, but they seemed impatient to get on.   Even though I was perfectly capable of doing it for  myself now they pulled my T over my head, and then  gave me a little slap on my arse, as if to say “all  done.”   

I was going to say something, but heard a faint  hiss…..   

….and then, there I was, sitting in the front seat  of my truck again, in the car park.  I blinked, and  shook my head.  Had it all been a dream?  And then, as  my body came to life, I knew it must be true – there  was a pain in my tit, and as I moved in my seat, I  felt that sensation I now know you have when you’ve  been well and truly fucked:  my hole felt kind of  full, and there was a dull throb radiating from it,  not unpleasant, not hurting, but somehow exciting and  different, the kind of sensation Id never had down  there before.   

As I sat there, I wondered what to do next.  I thought  of driving to the nearest police station, but as I  reached for the keys, there was an envelope.  Inside  were ten crisp fifties, and a neat, typewritten note.  I put on the interior light, and read “Thank you for  participating in this evening’s activities at The Fuck  Club.  You have not been harmed, and any discomfort  you feel will disappear within a day or so.  Look on  this as a learning experience, and make it part of  your future development as a man.  We trust that the  five hundred is adequate compensation for your time  this evening, and wish you every success for the  future.”   

The note was signed “The management”, and underneath,  there was a postscript “P.S. Other prey who have  bothered to go to the police have never had a  satisfactory resolution to their problems.  Our  premises are discrete, and our members naturally do  not talk.  The police have never been able to trace  our activities, and prey who have persisted in  demanding action have simply wasted enormous amounts  of their own time, and have generally been  subsequently harassed by their local police force.”   

So what the fuck was I supposed to do?  I thought on,  and decided that as it was now very late I’d go home  and sleep on it.  I’d consider my next course of  action in the morning.     

To be continued …

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