Hi rubberax. Nice to have this sweet and hot rubber boy with me. You really look good in your rubber suit today. Why does rubber fascinate you so much, and how did you first come in contact with it?

I’ve always been attracted by shiny clothing. Puffer jackets, PVC pants, rain wear gear… I tried rubber when I was 16 or 17 I don’t really remember my age. It was a singlet that was waaaay too big for me, but OMG the feeling was so amazing. Since that, I’m a rubber addict. I love the smell, the feeling on your skin, the look, licking it… It’s like a second skin. But better ahah because it’s making you horny. And it’s so smooth and shiny, I just love it … I tend to love heavy rubber more and more …

Does the rubber you’re wearing change your behaviour, the way you’re acting, and what kind of other impacts does it have?

When I’m wearing rubber, I feel super confident and sexy. It’s like my superhero suit. It can change my behaviour from super submissive to very dominant. I also like to wear my rubber for parties, as a fashion thing. I just feel like myself, but sexier and more confident. For example, when I wear rubber in a nightclub I don’t have any issue with kissing guys and more…but when I’m wearing my «normal» clothes, I’m way more shy with guys.

You’re really shy? Can’t believe that. Beside the rubber, what are your other kinks?

I’m only shy when it comes to kissing guys. When someone attracts me, I’m too shy to tell him, kiss him …. But apart from that im@not shy at all.

I have lots of other kinks, my other kinks are heavy bondage, humiliation (if it’s really a kink), heavy gear such as rain gear or heavy rubber. I’m also more and more interest in the dog play. I love objectification too, sensory deprivation … the list is long. But I hate sounding, scat and blood. Not a big fan of pain. I’m much more into the mental play rather than just simply pain.

Ahhhhh, the boy likes humiliation …. What is the attraction of it, fag boy? 🙂

Being degraded, seen as a non human, not having any right… things like that. I love to loose control and being « forced ». In my everyday life Im such a control freak, that being a sub is a way to let go everything.

Can you tell us some humiliating experiences you’ve had and which you have really loved?

I’ve been used as a foot rest, as a art piece too (with milking machine on). My favorite experience so far was with pup cassy, hooded with semi transparant eye blindfold, muzzled with a inflatable gag, inflatable mitts, on a sling, milked and edged for more than 3 hours. I wasn’t able to remove the machine or free myself and it was so amazing. One of my favorite bdsm play ever.

So I see you have enjoyed some good sessions. Let us talk a little about your job. You’re working as sexworker. What are the things you really like in this job?

I’ve always be very open about my sexuality and sex work. I always knew I’ll do some at some point. When I moved to London, I met lots of guys that’s were (and still) into escorting. So I said let’s go for it. The only thing I don’t do it’s getting fucked cause that’s only for the one I love. I mean the one I will love haha. It’s easy money too, so it’s kind of a perfect job, easy money and sex. Of course some days I do feel like a piece of garbage, but on others day it’s like so great full to see guys cumming just because you touched their willy and they can’t resist you. After every escort date I feel like a badass business powerful women Ahahha.

Hehe. How important is the self-confidence we have spoken before for your job?

OMG you need self-confidence, and you have to be strong-minded, otherwise you’ll fall apart. 90% of my clients are married straight men, sometimes I’m wondering if what I’ve done will destroy families, make their wife and kids sad etc. And sometimes I just don’t give a damn fuck. You also need to face the opinion of other people. I’m not ashamed to say, oh I’m doing escort and amateur porn, cause that’s a part of me.

You really don’t have any reason to feel ashamed. You’ve told us before that rubber makes you even more self-confident. Are you presenting yourself to clients in rubber often?

It depends on what they want. They usually ask for PVC pants or rubber jockstraps. I only had one client who wanted the full rubber suit, and it was great. To be 100% honest I prefer when they only want the jockstrap, it’s easier for me to wear, and to transport ahaha

Oh, a lazy little bitch :))) … Do you also offer fetish & SM services to your clients?

I had one client who had never done bdsm before, and he said that he wanted to lick my rubber. I decided to wear my rubber leggings and my rubber polo. I tied him up on the floor and said to him that’s if he wanted to be not punished, he had to lick my rubber. Of course, he couldn’t move so… I whipped his ass off. And then I edged him, a few loads and I left him tied up for a few minutes to have a little conversation about life.

And what kind of other fetish and SM experiences can clients book with you?

That can ask for mummification, nipple torture, CBT, edging, sensory deprivation with me as a Dom. I can also be their slave, worshipping then, poking in rubber, massaging… but I’m not getting tied up, immobilized by someone that I never met, and someone that don’t have any experience. It’s easier for me to Dom anyway.

OK, I can understand that you don’t let you tie up by somebody you don’t know and trust. How is it, in private life, do you love to be immobilized, and what makes it such a turn on for you?

In private life, I love to be immobilised. They less I love, the hornier I am. I love to lose control, be totally dependant. I love inflatable rubber as well, kind of body modification. I really love the idea of not being a human any more, just a thing, transformed and immobilised, can’t talk, move, hear…

Hehe, I understand totally that to Dom is in your job what you prefer, but to be honest your private desires sound much more interesting. Should we start the action? Thank you for talking with us and not open the mouth, it’s time for the gag! 🙂

Hmmm, glmpf mmmmmmmmmmmmhh!

Axel Rubberax