A kinky story written by “DestroyWhiteBoys“. (Illustration by Theo Blaze)

This one’s about a young college student who runs into an all-black fraternity. Since they’re the only ones who actually accept and want him…he’s willing to do anything to get in.

College was tough for me. I’m not one of those cool kids that hang out at parties; I’m more like one of the shy kids that no one notices. I can’t blame them, to be honest. Who would even notice a wimpy little shrimp like me. I’m 5’7” and barely 140 pounds. I can’t help but be jealous of all these muscular jocks that are so cool around girls. These thoughts were only further confirmed as I walked down the sidewalk, seeing dozens of buff jocks with a girl around each arm.

I couldn’t help but notice the sea of dark muscled bodies, and the girls that were swooning over them. Huge muscular guys with a girl around each arm; what I wouldn’t give to be like that. I must not have noticed what I was doing, because before I knew it I had bumped into something. I looked up and saw one of those huge muscled jocks, like the ones I had been eyeing up.

“Watch it, loser.” He grunted in a low booming voice. I hung my head, almost ashamed of hitting him. He towered above me, nearly 6 and a half feet tall. His body must have been twice the size of mine. His huge bulging muscles were obvious to see; his arms must have been even thicker than my legs!

“Sorry. I…I didn’t see you.” His amazing stature made it hard to talk to him.

“You better be sorry, white boy.” He sized me up, running his eyes up and down my body. He snorted with confidence. “What’s your name, wimp?”

“J-Jordan.” I quivered, still unable to look him in the eyes.

“I’m Jamal.” He bellowed, with a smile on his face. “You know what…I think you’d be a great addition to my fraternity.” I perked up, amazed at what I was hearing. “Why don’t you come on down to BBC house and me and my brothas will see if you have what it takes.”

“Wow! Really? I-I don’t know what to say! Thank you!” Finally, I was being accepted by these cool jocks. Jamal simply smirked and walked away.

All I could think about for the rest of the day was joining these guys and finally turning my life around. Finally, when classes ended, I went directly to BBC house. The huge stone brick building sat before me. Plastered on the outside of the building were huge posters and signs that read such things as: ‘Death To The White Man’ and ‘Niggas Rule!’. As scared as I was about these signs, I knew I had to enter. This was the only fraternity that had ever even considered accepting me into their fold.

Right as I entered through the door, I was met by a huge black guy leaning against the wall.

“What the fuck are you doing here, honky?” He yelled, making me jump slightly.

“I…I…I was invited here. J-Jamal said I could join your fraternity.” I couldn’t help but stutter as I stood in his massive presence. As he eyed me up and down, I stared in awe at his shirtless and muscled chest. His whole body glistened with sweat. Finally he smiled and motioned over to the hallway.

“Yeah…I guess you’ll do nicely. Get your ass inside and into the living room.” I slowly stepped past the massive black man at the door and began walking down the dimly lit hallway. The sounds of echoing moans and screams were clearly audible. Whether they originated from a guy or a girl, I could not tell. As I walked past one room, I couldn’t help but stop and look in. Two girls sat on a couch dressed in skimpy maid outfits. They stroked their pregnant bellies that pushed out past their clothing. One looked up and gave me a disgusted look.

“Get out of here little white boy! Your kind isn’t welcome here.” Without a word, I quickly continued down the hallway. As I turned the last corner, I entered into a huge room with a few black men. There must have been a dozen shirtless black men scattered around the room, each doing something different. Suddenly, one of the men noticed me out of the corner of his eye. An arrogant smirk appeared on his face as he walked over to me.

“It’s about damn time you losers got here. I’ve been working up a big load all day!” The rest of the room must have heard this man, because they all began to make their way over to me. Suddenly, I found myself surrounded by a dozen shirtless black men. Every one of them completely dwarfed me in size. Most of them were a few feet taller than me and far more muscular too. Before anyone could say anything, I heard someone running towards me from behind.

“Sorry I’m late! I tried to get here as fast as I could.” A young white guy bellowed as he ran to my side. He wasn’t all that different from me; similar in height and lacking any hint of muscle mass. Both of us stood still as the horde of muscular black giants stared at us.

“Step aside my niggas! There’s going to be plenty of time to break these boys in soon enough.” I heard a familiar voice come from behind the crowd. As the group of black men parted down the middle, Jamal came into sight. Just like the others, he was barely wearing any clothes. He joined the mass of muscular and sweaty black men. “Welcome to BBC house, initiates!” Both the strange white kid and I stared intently at Jamal.

“Now I’m sure you both understand how fraternities work. We’re gonna break you in first…like ‘hazing’.” As much as I hated to admit it, I knew that joining a fraternity would not be simple. Every one of them forced their pledges to do degrading and embarrassing acts. It was simply something that I would have to push through if I wanted to join their group.

“Yeah…we know.” The other kid said, sounding bored. Jamal’s smile quickly left his face he leaned forward and threw his open palm at the kid. A thunderous clap erupted as Jamal’s hand slapped against the other kid’s face. It didn’t take long for a huge red mark to appear on the guy’s cheek.

“You will address the members of BBC house with the title of ‘Master’. Got it?” Jamal said, practically yelling at us in a demanding tone. My eyes widened as I looked over at the boy. He held the side of his face that was beet red. He muttered, trying to hold back his tears.

“Y-Yes, M-Master…I’m sorry.” He hung his head in fear. My jaw dropped as a tough realization finally hit me. I knew that I would have to endure much more pain than that if I was going to be accepted into this group.

“First you losers are gonna have to strip down.” Jamal commanded, holding his hands at his waist in a dominant pose. Both I and the other boy looked at him with puzzled faces.

“But…Jamal…isn’t that a little weird?” I asked, trying to be polite. Suddenly, he flung his hand forward and grabbed tightly around my neck. As I gasped for breath, he lifted me up so that my feet were dangling off the floor. I couldn’t help but marvel at his incredible strength. As my vision began to get dark and fuzzy, he finally let me go. My body slammed back down against the floor with a loud thud.

“I thought I told you pieces of shit to call us ‘Masters’.” While rubbing at my sore neck, I looked up at Jamal with a pained look on my face.

“Yes…Master. I-I’m sorry.” Jamal smiled as I turned into a cowering mess.

“Now take off those fucking clothes, pledges!” I jumped slightly as Jamal screamed at us. Both of us initiates slowly began to remove our clothing. We both stood there, shamefully slouched over in nothing but our boxers. Our pale bodies were all skin and bones; there was not an ounce of muscle on either of us. “The boxers, too, pledges! We wanna see those little white dicks.” I was scared out of my mind. As much as I didn’t want to get naked in front of a dozen huge black men…I really didn’t want to get abused by Jamal more. I looked over to the boy beside me. Both of us were shaking with fear. We both knew what we had to do.

Timidly, we both slowly pulled down our boxers. Thunderous laughter erupted throughout the room as our limp and flaccid dicks came into view. Scared and embarrassed, the boy and I stood still with shame.

“Damn! You honkys really are worthless, aren’t you?” One of the jocks said while he sipped his beer. Jamal gave us a stern look, as if commanding us to answer the other man. Out of fear of being hit again, I quickly spoke up.

“Y-Yes, Master. We truly are worthless.” I timidly muttered. With a content smile, he went back to drinking his beer. Another muscled hunk spoke up.

“I wanna see those tiny little pricks get hard!” Suddenly, the entire room erupted in comments.

“Yeah! Get those worthless dicks hard!”

“Go on, losers…jerk each other off.”

“I bet those disgusting little dicks can’t even get hard!”

I stared over at the boy, and he stared at me. I didn’t know what to do. I looked down at his small flaccid cock. It looked nearly the same as mine. Since we weren’t aroused, both our dicks were only a couple inches long and quite thin. Jamal must have noticed our hesitation, because he walked over to a table and grabbed two cups. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of large blue pills. He dropped one into each drink, and watched as the pills began to dissolve.

“Now I want both you losers to drink these and just let yourselves relax.” Fearing more violence if we refused, both of us grabbed the drinks and chugged them down. I heard another guy speak up from the back of the group.

“I hope you guys are ready, because these boys are about to transform into cock-hungry faggots…any second now.” A few of the guys chuckled arrogantly. I could feel my mind getting fuzzy. It became hard to focus on any single thing. I could feel big swells of pleasure spread through my body when I began to think about my dick hanging out in the open. I reached down and grazed my hand over my tiny little dick. Huge waves of pleasure and lust coursed through my mind. Without being able to think straight, I began jerking off my cock. As I sensually rubbed my hand over every inch of my rock hard prick, I looked over at the other boy. With drool dripping down his open mouth and a pained look on his face, he viciously jerked his cock back and forth. He must have had the same pleasure and ecstasy that I felt.

“You know…you’ll feel even better if you suck some dick.” Jamal said, in a cocky and arrogant tone.

“R-Really?” The other boy said. The pleasure must have completely drowned his mind, because he was nothing but a stuttering and drooling mess now. The thought of getting even more pleasure must have been enticing to the boy, because he dropped to his knees and crawled over to me. Within an instant, he forced his dripping wet mouth over the end of my cock. He easily slid the few inches of my dick into his mouth. Furiously, he flung his tongue around and slurped over every edge of my dick. I nearly came the second I felt his mouth close tightly. Never had I ever felt something so incredible; I had never even felt someone put their mouth around my dick. After about a minute of sloppy dick sucking, Jamal grabbed the boy by the hair and yanked him backwards.

Huge piles of spit and slobber ran out of his mouth as my rock hard dick twitched in the air.

“That’s enough, faggot. It’s about time that both of you learned that serving niggas is more pleasurable than being serviced yourselves!” The gang of black men all gathered around us in a half circle. In unison, they all began grunting and yanking at their loose shorts and pants. I couldn’t help but drop my jaw as I saw huge bulges beginning to form in the guy’s pants. The more they rubbed at their own crotches, the more massive and pushed out theses bulges became. I couldn’t help but notice the other boy fidgeting at my side. I could see the excitement building in his eyes. As much as I hated to admit it too, whatever was in the drink they gave me was starting to make me incredibly horny. Giving into his lust, the boy beside me leaped forward and grabbed at the zipper of one of the black guy’s pants. Quickly, he yanked it down. The man’s gigantic soft shaft plopped out. I let out an audible gasp as the giant soft shaft slithered out of the fly of his pants. When every inch had been pulled out, the tip of his cock reached all the way down to his knees. The young boy moaned with excitement as he ran his hands up and down the huge veiny shaft.

“Holy shit! This thing must be a foot long!” The other kid exclaimed as he flopped around the huge cock.

“It gets even bigger, faggot.” He bellowed in a low and manly tone. “Time to make yourself useful and use that inferior white mouth!” He grabbed the young boy by the head and yanked his face against the flaccid shaft of his cock. Instinctually, the boy pushed out his tongue. The muscular black man dragged the boy’s head all over his growing cock. Thick streams of slobber poured out of the boy’s mouth and were smeared all over the horse-sized dick. Jamal leaned down so that his face was close to the boy.

“How do you like that big nigga cock?” He asked, in a cocky and arrogant tone. The young boy looked over to him with glossy eyes and a huge smile.

“I love it! I never knew nigger dicks tasted so good.” He instantly threw his head back to the black man in front of him and continued licking every inch of his monster shaft. Jamal stood up and looked over at me.

“Well, faggot? Don’t you want to feel this good too? Trust me…once you get a taste of these monsters, you’ll never want anything else.” He grabbed at his large bulge. The thick soft cock meat jiggled around within his pants. Jamal was right! I couldn’t resist anymore. I NEEDED to try these dicks for myself. I knelt down in front of Jamal and pressed my hand against his giant bulge. I could feel the throbbing fleshy cock underneath. I just couldn’t resist any longer. I unzipped his pants and yanked them completely down to his feet. My eyes widened as I stared at the girthy black dick twitching in front of my face. It must have been nearly a foot long and about as thick as my wrist. Suddenly, Jamal grabbed the base of his cock in one hand and the back of my head with his other hand.

“Let’s cut to the chase! It’s time to ruin your faggot mouth!” Without mercy, he yanked my head forward and impaled my mouth on his massive dick. I felt his soft squishy cock head reach all the way to the base of my throat. I gagged and choked as spit flung out from the seams of my mouth. With an evil grin on his face, he rapidly thrust into my mouth. He seemed to be delighted the more I squirmed and the redder my face got. After a full minute of not being able to breath, he threw me back. I tried desperately to catch my breath.

“What’s wrong, loser? Can’t handle a REAL man’s cock?” Jamal turned around and motioned to the other men. Some were watching while jerking off, and some were facefucking the other white boy. “It’s time for everyone to try out these white boys!” The black men all gathered around me in a circle. One of them grabbed the other white boy by the hair and tossed him into the middle of the circle with me. I looked over and noticed his face. His glazed-over eyes and giant smile made it clear that whatever Jamal put in our drinks had completely destroyed his mind. As much as I tried to fight it, I knew the same would soon happen to me as well. I could feel the urges bubbling up inside of me when I looked around at the big group of buff and dark alpha males. Each one of them stood there with their massive dicks hanging in plain sight.

“Go on, brothas! Do whatever you want with these new faggot pledges!” Jamal exclaimed, causing the crowd to rush inward, towards me and the other boy. Suddenly, my entire vision was completely filled with giant veiny black dicks. Some of the men forcefully slapped their cocks against my face, while others grabbed at my mouth and forced me to suck them. One after another, each man took me by the head and had his way with my mouth. As I was drenching myself in the spit that was being fucked out of my mouth, I looked over at the other boy. Tears were running down his cheeks as he grabbed hold of the man in front of him and forced the cock as far down his mouth as he could.

“God damn! We got ourselves a deepthroating faggot!” The huge black alpha smiled as the boy took every last inch of his gigantic dick. With his mouth pressed firmly against the man’s crotch, the boy began making the most disgusting choking and gagging sounds I had ever heard. “That’s right, you worthless piece of shit! Break that faggot throat!” As he pulled his head backwards, 12 inches of dripping wet black meat slid out of his mouth. He panted with exhaustion briefly before a different black man grabbed him and violated his throat as well. For the next hour, every one of those huge black men used and abused our mouths without any care for our pain or discomfort.

Finally, Jamal spoke up. “Okay, boys. It’s time to test out your other holes.” The whole room erupted with smiles and snickering. Both I and the other boy were thrown onto the couch, with our asses hanging off the edge. With our faces side by side, I glanced over at him. His entire face was dripping wet with his own spit. He was still gasping for breath from the violent throat-fucking he endured earlier. I could feel the drink starting to make my vision fuzzy. When I felt one of the hulking black men spit a big wad of saliva onto my asshole, a massive rush of pleasure shot through my body.

“Oh…fuck! That feels incredible. Keep playing with my ass.” I couldn’t even think about the words that were coming out of my mouth. With my brain completely swimming in pleasure and ecstasy, I lost all reasonable thought.

“I see those drinks are starting to work nicely! Hey, faggot!…” The man said, while punching the other boy in the crest of his back. “…Why don’t you make yourself useful and lube up this other loser’s ass!” The other boy just smiled and bent over towards my ass.

“Of course, Master.” Without easing into it, he flung his face into my ass and began throwing his tongue onto every inch around my asshole. The wet slopping sounds of him slobbering on my asshole echoed through the room.

“Yes! More!” I couldn’t think of anything other than having my ass played with some more. As he withdrew his dripping wet face, he then plunged a couple fingers deep into my ass. Furiously, he twisted them around and pulled them in and out. This was the first time I had ever had anything enter into my ass. If this was how great it felt…then I needed even more! Without even thinking about it, I flung my head backwards and pleaded with Jamal.

“Please, Master…I need more! It feels so good!” With a pleased look on his face, he pushed away the other boy and stood behind my ass.

“Of course it feels good. This is what white losers like you were made for! Since your tiny little dicks are completely worthless, you must have some other use, right? The only good thing about you pieces of trash are your tight virgin asses.” I could feel the huge soft head of his cock pressing against my clenched asshole. “Just give in, faggot. Your asshole belongs to niggas now!” With one rough thrust, he ripped through my virgin ass with every inch of his horse-sized cock.

“AHHH! FUCK!” I screamed in pain as I felt my body splitting in two.

“It might hurt now…but soon you’ll be begging for more niggas inside you.” Every time he pulled his cock out and pushed it back in, the pain lessened. Even though it felt like someone was shoving their entire arm into my ass, I couldn’t help but start to enjoy it. His massive baseball sized nuts slammed against my ass with every powerful thrust. I looked over at the other boy. He was shaking with excitement and anticipation as he watched every last shred of manhood leave my body. He spun his head around and looked back at the crowd of muscular black men standing behind us.

“Please, Masters, I need a nigger cock inside of me too!” Two black hunks stepped forward and smirked at each other.

“Let’s give this faggot the double team special!” They grabbed each other’s cock and pulled it close, squeezing it tightly against their own. With their two massive dicks pressed tightly, side by side, they pushed them towards the boy’s tight asshole. Without any mercy, they slammed them into his ass, causing the boy to scream in agony. As I lay there having my own ass completely torn apart, I watched as tears streamed down the young boy’s face.

“What’s wrong, you little faggot? I thought you were ready for nigga dick.” The two black boys chuckled to themselves. With alternating motions, they thrust in and out of his ass at incredibly speeds. Every now and then I could hear the sounds of their giant meaty nuts slapping together. Both I and the boy laid there for hours. Every black boy in the room had his way with us. Whenever one boy tired, another stepped up to continue the onslaught of massive dicks we had to endure. The lust inside of us took over and caused every reasonable thought to leave of minds. All we could think about was having more and more dark dicks shoved into our loose assholes. After the entire fraternity was done splitting apart our asses, a couple black hunks grabbed me and the other boy by the hair and dragged us to the center of the room. A circle formed around us. Encircled around us were more than a dozen horse-hung black guys. Every one of them was stroking his rock-hard shaft.

“Open your mouths, faggots! It’s time to fill up those stomachs!” Jamal said, while running his hand up and down his incredibly long shaft. Suddenly, the crowd of black men began grunting and breathing heavily. Within an instant, a couple huge shots of cum slammed right into my face. The incredible amount, and force that it came out with, nearly caused me to fall backwards. No less than a couple seconds later, another huge continuous stream of cum slammed into my chest and drenched my entire shirt in thick hot cum. I tried looking over to see the other boy, but I couldn’t even make out his face. The entire top half of his body was completely coated in cum. I could see him reaching down and picking up as much cum as he could with his hands. He threw it into his mouth, trying desperately to swallow as much cum as possible. For the next few minutes, our bodies were bombarded with fire hydrant-like streams of cum. After every black alpha male had fully drained his heavy nuts, Jamal motioned over to the hallway.

“You didn’t think you were done, did you? There’s still more members that wanna meet you.” He must have noticed the looks on our faces. It was a strange mix of fear and excitement. “That’s right! I’ll be amazed if you can even walk tomorrow. Your poor asses are gonna be utterly destroyed.” As the room of black men grabbed their clothes and started to cover themselves back up, I felt a sense of emptiness. Watching those giant soft dicks being curled up into balls and jammed into their tight jeans only made my ass feel hungrier. Fully exhausted, the boy and I crawled through the huge pool of cum on the floor. As we made our way down the hallway to meet the rest of the fraternity, I could hear Jamal’s voice from behind me. “Enjoy being used and abused, fags…because that’s all you’re good for anymore! You’re property of BBC House now!”


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