A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 4

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sal’s collar woke him up. sal wondered what he should do. he would know exactly how to wake Master Max up, but not sure what Bill would want. sal knelt by the bed, head bowed. The picture of the attentive slave. sal had been that way for a while when Bill roused himself and looked over. “Get up here and kiss my cock.” Bill tossed the covers aside revealing his fit body, penis half hard.

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal leaned over and delivered a noisy smooch to Bill’s cockhead.

“I’m going to lay here, you get down and bring me breakfast in bed.” Bill put his hands behind his head, shifting his body to be a bit more comfortable.

“As you wish Superior Alpha Man.” sal crawled out of the room hearing Bill saying something about it being the life. Out the door, sal got to his feet, as crawling wasn’t required by Max for normal household duties. In the kitchen, sal prepared a sumptuous breakfast of sausage, potatoes, toast, fruit, coffee, and orange juice. During the preparation, sal made himself some oatmeal and quickly ate it. sal put everything on a tray and carried it up.

Entering the room, sal approached Bill on the bed, the commanding man sat up. “I need someone to bring me breakfast in bed every day.” sal placed the tray over Bill’s lap and kneeled as Bill pointed down. sal kept his head bowed as Bill enjoyed his breakfast, but noticed that the act of quiet submission caused an effect to Bill’s dick.

Bill had a leisurely breakfast, enjoying his dominance. As he finished Bill looked over at sal, put on a fake-posh accent “Go draw me a bath.”

sal hadn’t expected that, “At once, Superior Alpha Man.” sal crawled to the attached bathroom and started the water in the oversized tub. He added bath salts, lit a few candles and wished there was a towel warmer in this bathroom. The closest was too far away for him to attend Bill properly. sal monitored the water temperature to be sure it was perfect.

“Everything ready?” Bill stood in the doorway, completely naked.

“Certainly, Superior Alpha Man.” sal remained on his knees and held his hand up to assist Bill into the tub. Bill used sal’s proffered hand and eased into the water. sal lowered his hand and remained kneeling in attendance.

Bill luxuriated in the bath, his dick aroused by the comfort and subservience of sal. This was so much better than his normal life. He had to get a slave of his own. sal would be great, but there was no way on earth Max would let sal go. Maybe Max would help him find his own slave. Yeah, that would be so sweet, getting his dick sucked whenever he wanted. That was the dream, one he had to make a reality. This was too good to give up.

Bill stood up. “Dry me.” And stepped out of the tub.

sal reached for the large, towel he had at hand. “Of course, Superior Alpha Man.” sal stayed on his knees and began to run the towel up the dominant’s young body, removing the cooling water. Bill stood there and was serviced in this new way. Did it get any better? sal rose off his knees only to reach up on Bill’s body, finishing with his hair. His job done, sal knelt and folded the towel.

“I’m like a fucking king!” Bill exclaimed.

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man, the world is at your feet.” sal humbly agreed.

“Damn right. Now get your ass bent over that bed. I need to fuck.”

“I’m ready to take your massive dick, Superior Alpha Man.” sal crawled to the bed and bend over with his ass in perfect position for the fucking he was about to get.

Naked and with a rising dick, Bill strode in after. A few strokes was all he needed to get hard enough to enter sal’s waiting hole, which he did in a single motion. Going hilt-deep in and letting out a loud sigh of contentment. “Just what I needed this morning, a nice piece of ass.”

“It’s all yours Superior Alpha Man. Pussies like me were put on this earth to take your dick any time, any place, any where.”

Bill was shoving his cock into sal with force, the bed reacting as sal was shoved into it by Bill.

“You have got such a great ass. And I can wear it out.”

“You sure can Superior Alpha Man, use me any way you want.”

“Ummph.” Bill leaned over as he began to shoot up sal’s ass. sal gripped the sheets in his fists as Bill collapsed over him. After a few minutes, Bill got up, withdrew his softened dick and headed out. “Clean this place up.”

“At once, Superior Alpha Man.” sal levered himself up and got to tidying.

Once finished, sal went looking for Bill to discover he was back in the TV room, playing some game on the console, still naked. sal knelt and waited as Bill ignored him. “Get your mouth on my dick.” Bill widened his legs.

“My pleasure Superior Alpha Man.” sal crawled between the strong legs of the man, taking the growing member in his mouth.

“Go easy, not much action. I don’t want to be distracted.” sal couldn’t answer with his mouth full of dick. Nose up against Bill’s pubes, sal could smell the manly musk under the cleaner scent of the soap sal had applied. And there was the sex sweat of the fucking sal had gotten.

sal kept his mouth busy. Slow, but busy. It was a monotonous task, but as he was commanded, so he must do.

Bill would look down and chuckle. Having a slave to do all his bidding was the best thing ever. “Go fetch me some chips and a coke.” He said, kicking sal gently on the side.

“At once, Superior Alpha Man.” sal pulled his mouth off the big cock and went to the kitchen. sal put chips in a bowl, poured a glass of coke and carried them to Bill. Bill was in an intense part of the game, so sal placed them on a table near the young dominant. Knowing what was expected of him, sal got back on his knees and took Bill’s cock back in his mouth.

sal felt like an object, simply holding Bill’s manhood in his mouth. He felt so submissive, Bill was using him, but not paying any real attention to him. This was use, pure and simple. sal was almost nothing in the situation, relegated to a minor role, even if he was doing the work. sal had served his Master for years, at dinner parties, late evenings. sal served his owner alone, or with his owner’s friends. Now this young man was using him while playing a video game. sal was used to being objectified, this seemed different. sal found obeying this way oddly erotic. It was what his Master wanted, so sal had to do it. As a slave he didn’t need to be concerned with what he wanted or made him feel involved. sal only needed to obey.

The doorbell rang. sal looked up at Bill, who grinned at the slave. “Better go get it.”

sal gently removed Bill’s cock from his mouth. “At once Superior Alpha Man.”

Knowing he wouldn’t be allowed the shorts he usually put on before answering the door, sal opened it naked. The delivery guy from yesterday was there. “I knew you’d still be naked.”

“Dade, I’m in here. Make the scum carry you in.” Bill called.

“You heard the man.” Dade said.

“Yes Sir.” sal crouched down and Dade climbed on his back.

Dade was heavy, and sal was glad he worked out under Tyler. sal carried Dade into the TV room and Bill jumped up. “Now get down and I’ll make him kiss your feet.”

Dade slid off sal’s back and said “What are you waiting for?”

sal knelt down and kissed each of Dade’s shoes. “This is so great, this is the way to live.”

“Sure is. Hey slave.” Bill kicked sal in the side. “You obey Dade like you do me. You understand bitch.”

“I understand, Superior Alpha Man, I will obey him like I do you.” sal stayed kneeling.

“Yeah, we can’t have you calling him Superior Alpha Man. He calls me Superior Alpha Man because he’s a pathetic worm of a slave.” Bill kicked sal several times to emphasize his point. “We got to think of what he has to call you.”

“I like Superior Alpha Man.” Dade replied, kicking sal as well.

“Yeah, but that’s me. How about Great Studly Boss?” Bill offered.

“Great Studly Boss, that’s cool, I can take that.”

“You got it. Slave, you call Dade Great Studly Boss from now on, got it.” Bill kicked sal again.

“Got it Superior Alpha Man.” sal took the kicks like a good slave, they weren’t very hard, just a couple near boys exercerting their dominance.

“I’ve been waiting for you to get here, and I really need to fuck. You up to get your nob polished?”

“I am indeed.” Dade said, moving his hips side to side as sal shifted into position. Dade opened his pants, pulled out a very impressive dick. Without ceremony he shoved it into sal’s mouth. sal sputtered a bit in surprise but his training was too good for him to do anything but start making the cock in his mouth feel extraordinary.

“Fuck me he’s good at that!” Dade said running his hands over his own face and through his hair, his knees almost buckling at the pleasure he was getting.

Bill watched sal orally pleasure his new friend and smiled like he had given a great gift of his own manufacture. Dade made all sorts of sounds in pleasure. “Never had it so good, have you?”

“Hell no. The dude’s who’ve sucked me off are amateurs compared to this. And he can take the whole thing.” sal had gotten Dade’s length all the way down and had his nose pressed into Dade’s pubes. sal stayed in place and let the convulsing of his throat massage Dade. “Hot Damn! This boy has some skills.”

“Yeah, I get to watch over him and use him, but I so want to own his ass. So damn bad I want to own his ass.” Bill reached over and ran his hands down sal’s back, a back with muscles moving on sal’s continued felliaco of Dade. Bill squatted down and gripped sal’s ass, one cheek in each hand. “He’s got a great ass. Such a great ass.”

“Fuck it man. Fuck it.” Dade urged.

“Great idea.” Bill pulled his shorts off and moved sal’s butt up so he could enter the boy pussy the slave had. Bill moved in to mount sal, stroking his dick, already hard from watching sal’s service, to greater hardness.

Entering sal’s hole was smooth, warm, and perfectly tight. sal adjusted his ass muscles to let the invader in. Bill’s cock felt like it was home, sal working it with contractions and movements of his entire ass to please Bill. That was his job, pleasing these two men. sal had to split his mind to service two men at different parts of his body. It was a challenge. It always was. This wasn’t the first time sal had to service two men at once. It wouldn’t be the last either.

sal had to concentrate hard to pleasure both men. He could not rest for a single moment. Dade and Bill were not on the same rhythm, and both were being very vocal about the success sal was having at pleasing them.

Bill shoved his cock all the way in and stayed there. Bill loved the feeling of the warm chute over his cock. It was more than the warmth the hot slave surrounding his manhood, pressing into the huge organ, it was that Bill dominated the slave, made the boy crawl. Share him out. The feeling of power was intense. To be able to control another human being so totally. Sure, it was borrowed, sal obeyed him because his Master ordered it, but the dominion Bill exerted could almost make him cum even without the stimulation of skin on skin.

Bill pulled almost entirely out, so only the head of his cock was in then slammed all the way in. sal had to quickly adjust so that Dade continued to receive unparalleled service. Bill made a bit of a game of shoving his cock in to disrupt sal’s work on Dade’s cock. sal struggled to keep his service even on the dick in his mouth. It wasn’t easy, but he had no right to complain.

Dade eventually realized what Bill was doing and gave a laugh. “You’re a bastard.”

“I’m having fun fucking.” Bill lifted his hand up and Dade slapped it in a high-five. Bringing both their hands up the young men created an arch over sal’s body, creating the Eiffel Tower effect. They laughed anew. Dade started roughy shove his dick into sal’s mouth. sal struggled more to accommodate this. It didn’t matter how difficult it was for him, sal knew his duty. sal did his best, but the task was impossible, his body moved to inconvenience his users, but the men fucking him were enjoying it too much to care.

Bill and Dade rocked sal back and forth until Dade grabbed sal’s head. “I need to cum.” Dade started to push harder into sal, scraping past his tonsils and gagging the slave. sal did his best to keep the dick wet and stimulated. Dade was too concerned about getting his rocks off and ignored sal except as a vehicle for his cock. Bill returned to normal fucking as he watched his new friend pummel sal.

“Arrraghh Fuck!” Dade shouted as he came down sal’s gullet, keeping sal’s head crushed against his pelvis, the reverbrations of Bill’s fucking shoving sal forward. Letting sal go, the slave took a deep breath and began to clean Dade’s cock while still getting fucked by Bill.

Bill was close to the edge. sal’s ass was fantastic and getting to use the slave and even better share the slave with a new bud was the best. Bill gripped sal’s hips as he shot his cum into the slave’s chute. sal felt it happen but didn’t stop his work cleaning Dade off.

Bill sat back on the floor, his dick coming out of sal with a soft plop. Finishing Dade, sal turned around and began to lick Bill’s junk.

“He is pretty well trained.” Dade allowed.

“Yeah, Max did a good job. And we get the benefits.” Bill slapped the side of sal’s head.  “Go fetch a leash.” Bill said.

“Yes Superior Alpha Man.” sal got up to a couple kicks to the ass, one by each of his dominants.

sal returned with a leash and knelt in front of Bill, holding it out. “Go to Dade with that.” Both young men had put on shorts, leaving sal naked.

“Yes Superior Alpha Man.” sal shifted over to Dade.

“Put it on him, it will be great.” Bill urged Dade on.

Dade clicked the leash on. “Damn that does feel fan-fucking-tastic.” sal was glad the young man was pleased. Even if it was simply putting leash on.

“Let’s go out back and walk him around.” Bill lead the way.

“Come on bitch.” Dade pulled the leash and sal got up so he could be walked.

The day was nice, the sun was shining and there were clouds rolling in the sky. The men walked their pet around the well-manicured grounds. Enjoying the domination they had over sal. Max had a large, secluded home and the young men exchanged the leash so they could each lead sal around. The young men would jerk the chain to cause sal to stagger, eliciting laughter.

Coming to a large outbuilding Dade looked at sal and asked “What is this?”

“It’s the old carriage house Great Studly Boss.” sal repled.

“Open it up.” Bill ordered.

“Of course Superior Alpha Man.” sal opened up the door, letting light into the barn like structure.

The young men looked. Carriage houses are nicer than barns, no gaps between the wood slats, almost houses. In modern times they are often turned into homes. Nice railings show that it was designed to be shown off.

“Now, that looks interesting.” Bill walked towards a small carriage. “This looks to be the right size.”

“For what?” Dade asked. “There are no horses here.”

“Dude, it’s too small for a horse. But I bet it would fit sal just fine. Isn’t that right slave?” Bill grinned.

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man. Master will attach me and have me pull Him about.” sal thought of the times he had done that for his owner.

“Well, get going horsey-slave. Get it all set up, we want a ride.” Bill slapped sal’s ass.

“Hoping to it Superior Alpha Man.” sal moved toward the tack, rapidly attaching it to the carriage, put the bit in his mouth and getting the harness on his chest. sal adjusted the harness to sit properly. As soon as he did Bill gave a whoop and climbed into the carriage.

“Giddy-up horsey-slave!” Bill fairly bounced on the seat, taking the reins attached to the bit, and picking them up and giving them a snap.

sal had to strain mightily to move the carriage, digging his bare feet into the cement to overcome the inertia of the carriage. sal pushed his chest forward to start the momentum, each hand gripping the shaft that came up by his side. The carriage moved forward as Bill and Dade shouted in triumph.

The lawn was fortunately flat, so sal could pull it without having to strain up a rise. But it’s not easy to pull any way, and sal’s ripped muscles strained under the effort of pulling, the harness bit into sal’s shoulders and pecs. sal’s hands were on the poles and his body leaned forward as he worked to get as much speed as possible. Bill continued to flick the reins urging more and more speed.

“Come on horsey-slave, get going, faster, faster!” Bill was on the edge of the seat whipping the reins up and down. Fortunately the reins didn’t hurt, not having enough force. Dade was laughing watching sal pull the carriage around the yard.

Bill pulled the reins indicating sal should turn as they began to reach the end of the lawn. sal turned, straining his lats and causing him to really feel the object and its rider behind him. sal felt every ounce of the weight. Being shoeless, sal’s feet would slip slightly, meaning sal had to concentrate on every movement he made. Bill would stand up for a bit, flop back onto the carriage bench, and move around.

“Hey, bro, bring me that whip hanging on the wall in there.” Bill shouted at Dade.

“Brah, you are so wicked.” Dade sprinted into the carriage house, then sprinted to Bill holding a short whip.

Bill pulled back on the reins “Whoa.” sal came to a stop. “What a bitch.”

Dade handed the whip up. “Here you go.”

Bill stood, cracking the whip in the air. “This is going to be fucking sweet!” Dade broke into laughter.

Bill sat down, picked up the reins in one hand and snapped the whip across sal’s back. “Get going.” sal pulled forward, recognizing that Bill did whip him, but not with the force Master Max would in a session. sal hoped Bill would keep the whips at a level he could take and continue to service.

sal pulled the carriage around the yard with occasional whips hitting his back. sal’s back was raising stripes and the sweat of exertion gave a new pain.

“Brah, you got to let me do it.” Dade shouted at Bill.

“Right at ya.” Bill guided sal towards Dade, pulling hard back on the reins to force sal to stop. Bill jumped off and Dade moved to climb up. “Look, buddy.” Bill looked at Dade “As much fun as it is, we can’t break Max’s toy. Don’t hit him too hard. I don’t want to know what Max will do if sal gets damaged. I’m totally fucking serious.”

“I hear ya.” Dade said in a flat serious voice.

“Good.” Bill replied and moved aside.

Dade climbed up, settled in and flicked the reins “Giddy-up!” sal pulled forward, getting the carriage to start. “Holy Fuck!” Dade yelled. “Holy fucking-fuck!”

sal pulled, going over the yard again. Dade got to using the whip. His strikes were started on the soft side, gaining sharpness until one caused him to pull back and utter a cry.

“Watch it.” Came Bill’s voice.

“Yeah. I see it.” Dade put the whip down, putting sal through more of his paces.  “You know, I could use a good fuck.”

“That is another advantage of our current situation.” Bill responded.

“Sure is.” Dade guided sal to the carriage house where Bill was watching. In front, Dade pulled sal to a stop. “I want to fuck him in that get-up.”

“Go for it.” Bill laughed.

Dade jumped down, pushed sal to his hands and knees and got behind. Dade’s cock was already hard, and needed only a few strokes to be ready to go into sal’s ass. And it went into sal’s hole easy “Oh fuck that feels good around my dick.” Dade pumped in and out while sal used it to breath deep after the exertions of pulling the men around. Being fucked was a bit of a relief, at least temporarily. “He got real sweaty being a horse.” Dade slapped each of sal’s haunches, giving a sharp sound as the wetness added to the sting sal felt.

“You’re adding to my boner.” Bill came closer, dropping his shorts on the ground, pulled the bit out of sal’s mouth and slid his big cock down sal’s throat. Bill leaned back, his pelvis forward, slowly rocking forward and back. He leisurely used sal’s mouth for his own pleasure. Not forcing fast, merely taking the pleasure a man deserved to take at an inferior’s expense.

Dade slowed his fucking. “This is the life, isn’t it? This great house, and a fucktoy to use however you want.”

“Yeah. I so totally have to get my own slave now. I know for sure I can’t have this one.” Bill ran his hand over the side of sal’s face. “I can tell Max would never give him up. But I’m hoping Max will help me find one of my own. He may even have a few he knows of.”

“Damn, that’s sweet. See if he can find one for me as well.”

“Sure bro. We could get twins and swap them.” Both men laughed at the thought.

sal acted like a double fleshlight for the young dominants for quite a long time. The sweat evaporated off his body and he was between the rig of the carriage taking two huge dicks in no hurry to cum. sal’s Master often had sal kneel in attendance, quietly beside him. Having accomodated the impressive manhoods of both, sal was now doing his job of being the receptacle. It was a nice day, and neither was in a rush to get off. The men chatted while using sal, taking their due.

“Want to see who can cum first?” Bill asked.

“Sure.” Dade shoved in and ground his pelvis against sal’s ass.

“We’ll make the bitch apologize to whichever one he can’t get off first.”

“Ha! That’s a laugh, let’s do it.” Both began to fuck in ernest. sal knew it was coming and was prepared, gripping his ass and starting to work his mouth the instant they began their game. sal knew his duty was to do his best for both and take the blame for whichever one he failed. Ass clenching, tongue moving, sal gripped the grass with his hands as his body rocked back and forth. The men both leaned forward to shove their cocks in sal. Looking into each other’s eyes, Dade cocked his eyebrow and Bill came closer and kissed him.

Their thrusts slowed as they kissed, sal didn’t know what caused the change but accepted it as he had no choice. Breaking the kiss, Bill and Dade put their arms on the other’s shoulders. Dade planted a quick smooch on the tip of Bill’s nose. “Wow.” Bill whispered.

“It is something, isn’t it?” Dade ran his hand over the back of Bill’s neck.

“Yeah.” Bill said, going in for another kiss. Below them, sal had a pretty good idea of what was going on. This kiss lasted even longer. Two men kissing and thrusting into a sub. Pulling back from their new attraction both grinned and resumed the thrusting into sal.

Their new connection gave rise to competition as they used sal as a tool for getting off. sal enjoyed the feeling of being full of cock. Young men using him as nature intended. sal’s knees slid slightly on the grass but the force of the men kept sal exactly where he needed to be, impaled on two cocks.

“I’m going to shot first!” Bill shouted.

“It will be me!” Dade gave back. The thrusts came in fast. sal was taking it as well as a good slave should. “And it’s me now!” Dade grabbed sal’s hips and shoved his cock deep in and held it there, sperm coating the insides of sal’s guts.

Bill continued to use sal’s mouth, as Dade finished his climax and extracted his deflating dick from the slave. Getting sal’s full attention and seeing his new interest fully exposed sent Bill over and he shot into sal’s throat, holding sal’s head against his pelvis until everything went straight into the stomach. Bill pushed off of sal who dutifully came forward to clean Bill’s cock off before looking up at the young stud’s face and saying “I’m sorry I failed to get you off first, Superior Alpha Man.” Bill and Dade both laughed at that.

sal cleaned off Dade as the men lounged. They decided they were hungry so ordered sal to fetch their shorts laying where they had been discarded and further ordered sal to put them on his dominants. Dade grabbed the leash and led sal into the house. Once there, a slap on his ass sent sal to bring snacks.

Dade snapped his fingers and sal knelt for the men to rest their feet on him. They chatted until Dade had to leave for work.

Dade got up, bent to sal, and lifted the slave’s face up. “You’re a good fuck. You’re a good slave. Wish I owned you.” Bill rose as well, and the two of them went to the door Dade’s arm over Bill’s shoulders and Bill’s across Dade’s lower back.

Bill came back and had sal hold his dick in his mouth while he played video games.

“I see my boy is taking good care of you.” Max’s voice rang out. The game was so loud sal hadn’t heard the garage door open.

“Yeah, he’s done good.” Bill replied, pulling back and gently pushing sal off.

“I appreciate you watching him. Come here boy and say hello.” Max said.

“Yes, Master.” sal crawled to kiss Max’s shoes.

“Dude, you so totally have to help me find a slave. This was out of this world!” Bill shook Max’s hand as sal continued to kiss Max’s shoes, so glad his owner had returned.

“Like being a Dom, do you?”

“Fuck yeah.”

“We’ll see what we can do. I’ll show you how it’s done, introduce you to some others, let you see some couples and how they do it.” Max smiled.

To be continued …

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