A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 3

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sal was waiting for his Master to come home. Master was late, but Master could arrive any time that pleased Him, sal was His property and had to wait. sal always got a bit anxious, wanting to serve his Owner again. At a bit of a loose end, sal wondered the large house keeping an ear for the sounds of Master returning. After all, he would be punished if he wasn’t in place on time.

The sound that alerted sal wasn’t the garage door, but the front door ringing. sal went and slipped on the shorts kept near for such an eventuality, as he wasn’t to answer the door naked unless directed.The shorts were clingy, and would not really hide anything. sal opened the door to find a young Kid standing before him on the porch. “Bitch, get those shorts off and get on your fucking knees before your King.”

“Who are you, Sir?” sal’s hands had automatically gone to obey, but had to stop himself. sal wasn’t supposed to blindly obey unknown Men like that without Max’s authorization.

“I’m the boss of you, that’s who I am. Look at this.” The Boy shoved  a note in sal’s face.


Take charge of my slave while I’m gone.


Recognizing his Owner’s handwriting and signature, sal slipped out of the shorts and knelt down. “How may i serve You Sir?”

Bill slapped sal’s face. “Not good enough you piece of shit. Call me Superior Alpha Man because that’s what i deserve faggot!”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man, how may i serve You.”

“Out of my fucking way.” Bill pushed sal over and entered the house. As sal got up to crawl behind his new temporary Master, Bill whistled. “I knew Max did well, but this is freaking sweet! Cum rag, get over here and kiss my superior feet.”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal did as he was told.

“Yeah, this is how I should always be treated. Turned 18 a month ago and got some scum kissing my shoes. Damn, Max has the life. Keep kissing bitch.” Bill walked around the entrance hall, forcing sal to scurry to keep kissing His feet, getting knocked in the face in the process. Like He knew where He was going, Bill found the TV room, a less formal space on the main floor set with a massive screen and various equipment. He plopped down on a chair and leaned back, putting his hands behind his head. “Keep kissing shithead.”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal was now kissing the soles of the tennis shoes the Kid was wearing. sal wondered where his Owner was, and how long he would be controlled by this Kid. Max had the absolute right to be gone as long as He wanted and to loan sal out to anyone He chose, but sal desired nothing more than to be at his Owner’s Feet, and if that meant he was going to serve someone else, so be it. But the slave wondered what was going to happen to him. It was Master’s choice, and sal would do whatever Master wanted. sal reflected how the Man he was submitting to now was just over 18, so he was bound to obey someone just past being a legal boy. sal could tell Bill had never controlled another person like this before. The Kid was so excited and energetic it was clearly His first time, and more than that He was really getting off on it. sal knew he would be getting used extremely hard.

“Fucker, get up here, I want to see that cock cage.” Bill knocked sal’s head on the side with the side of His Foot.

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal rose and came up close to Bill’s Head. Bill stayed as He was and looked over at the slave’s imprisoned gentiles, if you could call them that at this point .

“Damn, I’d never lock up my dick. I’ve got too many guys begging for me to fuck them. I’d fight like hell if someone even tried, they’d be knocked out cold. You just take it pathetically, let Max do anything he wants to you, don’t you pussy?”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal had sussed some of what Bill would be turned on by, and knew it was his job to make it happen. “You are a real Man, i’m just a pussy. i am only on this earth to do what real Superior Alpha Men want me to. i am here for Your pleasure and will do anything to please You.”

Bill laughed real hard at that seemingly free expression of submission. Making Him feel even more of a Man than ever. “Damn right faggot.” He reached over and inspected the cage. Roughly grabbing it paying no concern it was attached to a human being. Bill didn’t think of sal as a human anyways. “You can’t get hard in this at all, can you?”

“No, Superior Alpha Man. Only Superior Alpha Men should get hard, little pussies like me should be locked up so we can focus on servicing Superior Alpha Men.”

“Damn straight.” Bill grabbed sal’s balls and gave them a tight squeeze. “I can do anything I want to your balls.” Bill squeezed harder.

“Of course, Superior Alpha Man, You are a Superior Alpha Man, You can use my balls as Your playthings.” sal replied, feeling the pain of the grip.

“I can use all of you as a plaything, do anything I want to your sorry ass.” Bill twisted sal’s balls adding more pressure.

“Naturally Superior Alpha Man, use me any way You please.” sal fought to keep a grimace off his face.

“Here.” Bill pulled sal’s junk, moving sal to lay over His Lap. Once the slave was stretched over, Bill began to rapidly spank sal’s ass, one blow falling after another fast.

“Thank You Superior Alpha Man for beating my ass.” sal couldn’t count out as he had been trained, so he had to just repeat his gratitude.

After going about two minutes, Bill pushed sal on the side. “Get off, I want a blow job.”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man, I’ll suck You off real good.”

“Shut the fuck up and start sucking faggot.” Bill said, slapping sal who moved off and began to pull off His Dominant’s pants, Bill lifting His Hips. sal lay between Bill’s Legs, making it an awkward position and took the already hard, and certainly significant Cock, in his mouth.

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Bill yelled. sal smiled to himself. The slave knew he delivered great blow jobs, a result of desire and years of training. he had taken the Cock all the way down his throat on the first try knowing it’s what Bill would want. sal continued to deep throat and work it good. Bill began to slap a tattoo on sal’s head, like he was playing the drums. sal felt the submissiveness wash over him as he was treated like an object this way.

Bill took it letting the slave swallow His Dick deep, but couldn’t hold off from squirming around. It was undoubtedly the best head He had ever had. Bill was letting out sounds that completely proved He was enjoying the oral servicing He was getting. The slave looked up, as Bill had stopped hitting the boy’s head. Quickly sal realized why, Bill was filming with his phone. sal wondered for a second if it was something his Owner would approve of. But it didn’t matter, Bill could do as he wished, sal just had to accept it. sal was stretching his throat to accomodate what was a fairly long and thick Cock. Bill was certainly going to have a lot of guys lusting after His massive Schlong. sal was going up and down the entire length, adding sounds of his own to increase the pleasure of the Man he was sucking. sal’s job was making sure the Man felt as good as possible. sal was dedicated to his job, and so he did everything in his power to please the Man. sal’s throat was feeling the Invader, an Invader sal voluntarily shoved in over and over again. It was a beautiful Cock sal thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to devour,

Bill’s noise was getting louder and more intense. sal knew from that and the way the Man’s Balls pulled up a bit to know he was about to swallow cum. sal was an expert in giving head, so he wasn’t surprised when the spunk shot into his mouth. Bill’s sperm had a bit of a fresh, springy taste, or that’s how it seemed to sal. The slave gently nursed the deflating Cock in his mouth, cleaning it off and letting the Man come down from the high an orgasm brings. In addition, keeping the Manhood in his mouth showed his submission to the Man he was serving.

“That was fucking great. Hot damn, Max is one lucky guy to own a mouth like that!” Bill reached down and caressed sal’s face, mostly in amazement of the satisfaction He had experienced. “I could get used to this, having a fag swing on my dick anytime I wanted.”

sal looked up at Bill. “You are a Superior Alpha Man, You can have any male you wanted, they would be begging to take Your big Dick.”

“Damn right.” Bill gave a laugh. “Get down there and get on my Feet little boy.” Bill snapped His Fingers and pointed.

“Superior Alpha Man, it will be so great to lick Your Feet.” sal wasted no time in getting into position, sinking to the floor and starting to kiss and lick the socked Feet, having taken the shoes off with Bill’s pants.

“Take my socks off. I want to feel that slave tongue.” Bill reached for His phone. “I’m gonna order a pizza.”

“At once Superior Alpha Man. Whatever You like, Superior Alpha Man.” sal didn’t have pizza a lot. Max liked healthy food, so that’s what Max and sal had. Bill made the decision, of course.

Bill tapped on His phone before putting it aside, leaning further back. Bill let sal work on His Feet for a while, enjoying being worshiped like the God He always pictured Himself as. Once He was used to it, Bill began to move His Toes around, sometimes gripping sal’s tongue and give it a bit of a squeeze. Bill would move the Foot sal was working on and laugh as the slave struggled to remain in contact. The game amused Bill for a while, and sal’s tongue stayed busy. The submissive had lost track of time when the doorbell rang again.

sal looked up at Bill, seeing an evil grin spread over the handsome Face of the young Man. “Get it just like you are bitch.”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal had no choice, he had to obey. Max usually had sal put on shorts, but Bill wanted sal completely naked when he answered the door, exercising His newly found power. So that’s what was going to happen. sal got up and went to the door. Being naked didn’t bother sal, he was naked in front of a lot of Men, but Max usually orchestrated it.

Following orders, sal opened the door wide and saw the delivery Man. It was a surprise to the Man holding the pizza who made a snort and googly eyes. “Shit man.” Then He caught sight of the cock cage. “Holy fuck, I’d never do that to my dick!”

“i do as i’m told, Sir.” sal said, a hint of pride in his voice.

“Nice. I could use that. Someone to do whatever I wanted. Bend over and show me that tight round ass.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal turned around and bent over. Max had no objection to Men looking at sal’s body, so the slave had to obey the simple order.

“Spread those cheeks now for me.”

“Yes, Sir.” after he did it, sal saw a flash go off.

“Turn around, I want a front pic.”

“Yes, Sir” sal stood and turned around.

“Say cheese.” The delivery Guy said, sal did. The delivery Guy took a couple of shots, laughing the whole time. His defined abs tightening in His tight shirt “This is so great. Good thing this is all paid for, you don’t have any pockets.” He handed sal the large pizza and the bag, which contained a couple of two-liters and other stuff. Taking out a pen, He wrote a name and number on the top of the box. “I want to mess around with you. Give that to whoever you’re doing this for. Tell them to call me.”

“Yes, Sir.” sal closed the door as the delivery Guy turned and carried everything to his Alpha, Back in the TV room, Bill was scrolling His phone, and had pulled the reclining chair up reached for the bag, pulled out a two-liter and took a swig. “Hold the pizza sub-boy, open the box.”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man.” sal began to open the box and was interrupted.

“What the fuck is that?” Bill pointed at the note.

“Superior Alpha Man, the delivery Guy would like to use me. He said to tell You, and He took pictures of me.”

Bill laughed. “That’s great. Be sure to keep that number, slut. It could be fun.”

“Yes, Superior Alpha Man, i’m so happy to serve You.” sal opened the box and stood there holding it. Bill took a slice and began to chow down, looking over at sal who was standing at attendance.

Finishing all but the crust, Bill tossed it a bit away and looked up at sal. “Scum sucker, put the box down, crawl and eat that like the bitch-dog you are.”

“Woof, Superior Alpha Man.” sal put the box on a nearby table, got on his hands and knees and crawled to the crust, picking it up in his mouth and starting to eat. It wasn’t the healthy food Max preferred, so it would have been a treat if not  for having to crawl like a dog for the scraps.

“Shit. Cow turd, get up here and hold my pizza. Keep eating.” Bill had a vexed look on His Face, wanting sal to stand with the pizza and crawl like a dog at the same time.

“As You wish, Superior Alpha Man.” sal stood and presented the opened box. Bill took a new slice and, looking around the room. When He finished the part He wanted He tossed the rest of the crust.

“Serve me, then fetch, bitch.” Bill reached for another piece.

“Anything for You, Superior Alpha Man.” Once Bill had His slice, sal crawled to the crust. Bill was taking swigs directly out of the 2 liter, and sal’s mouth was dry, but he choked down the crust. When he was finished, Bill ordered sal to put the pizza in the fridge.

Returning, sal saw Bill lazily playing with His Cock, and it was starting to get hard again.

“Guess what, cumdump? My meat needs attention. That’s your job, bj now” Bill gave a self-satisfied smile.

“Thank You, i love blowing You Superior Alpha Man.” sal quickly got to work.

Bill’s Dick was long and and on the thicker side. Making it a real effort to deep throat, but shoved down a throat is what turned Him on so sal did it. sal hadn’t been going long when hands pushed him on the shoulders. “Down, I’m going to fuck you. Hands and knees.”

“I’m so excited Superior Alpha Man.” sal got into position, facing the TV, and hearing a bottle of lube be opened. Then the squishy sounds of lube being applied to a Dick and finally Bill’s Hand getting to the ass He was about to fuck.

“This is going to be so sweet.” Bill gave a couple of smacks to sal’s ass and then kneaded the cheeks. sal felt Bill’s Fingers guide the large Member to his hole and the Head push in deep and hard. sal gasped, always loving getting fucked.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.” Bill repeated over and over and His length inexorably impaled sal’s body.

“i need to be fucked by a SAM so bad!” sal cried out, knowing it would add to Bill’s pleasure.

“You’re going to be slut.” Having made it all the way in, Bill stopped a moment and began to withdraw. sal groaned in loss.

“Hee hee, you’re going to get it fuckbitch.” Bill slapped sal’s ass and started to pump into the slave.

“Yes, yes. Give me that SAM Dick, shove it in my boi-pussy. Fuck me hard. Make me feel it, feel You.” sal encouraged Bill, which is exactly what Bill wanted to hear. Bill ramping up quickly like a stallion in heat, pounding sal like there was no tomorrow.

Bill was leaning forward, holding onto the slave’s back, ramming His Dick into the tight hole of the slave. sal felt sweat drip on him, one small bit of domination the Kid didn’t even realize was happening. “You’re so fucking big. i’m feeling You all the way in me. You’re pounding me hard.”

“You bet I am bitch, fucking you like you’ve never been fucked before, because I am a real mother fucking man.” Bill was aggressively fucking the slave he was controlling. For the Kid, it was a rush, not the regular fucking easy fucking He had to do with the guys He has fucked before. But now He got to go as hard, fast and rough as He wanted.

Bill had cum not that long before, but sal knew Bill was feeling the high of fucking and being in total control. sal had seen it before, the power over another person was not something sal could wrap his head around, sal only understood submission.

Bill’s Hands gripped sal’s back, Nails digging into the slave’s skin. Cum began to shoot into the slave’s ass as Bill let out a primal yell. Bill fell back, delivering a hard slap to sal’s ass, nearly echoing in the room. “Take that you filthy little cocksucker.”

“Anytime, SAM, it’s amazing getting fucked by You. You are clearly a real big Man. i want Your SAM Dick in me again.” sal knew this is what Bill wanted, and the slave turned around to take Bill’s Cock in his mouth.

“Damn you faggot are well trained, cleaning up your mess without being told.” Bill lay on the floor and let sal service Him. “Fucking Max has the life. A slave to fuck anytime he gets a boner, and this house.” Bill leaned up, watching sal finish cleaning His Dick. “How does he afford this house. He’s got a good job, but not this good.”

When sal didn’t answer at once, Bill slapped him across the face. “Answer me fuckwad.”

“Master has Family money. Master works because He likes what He does.” sal looked up at Bill.

“I wouldn’t work. I’d spend all day bossing my slaves around. I’d have like a dozen. Plenty of asses for me to fuck all over the place. Maybe keep one in bondage on the wall, hole always open to fuck when I walked by. Yeah that would be good.”

“You’d get them easy, You’re a SAM, slaves would fall at Your Feet.” sal flattered Bill.

“They do now. I get all the ass I want. Get on my feet again slave.”

“Your Feet are so great SAM.” sal enthusiastically got to kissing the soles of Bill’s Feet.

Bill didn’t make it easy, as He got up to get back on the lounging chair. sal scrambled to keep his lips where they belonged, on Bill’s Feet.

Again, Bill constantly moved His Feet so sal was chasing them. But it amused the dominate as he chucked on and off, so that is all that mattered. Bill was fiddling with His phone at the same time. Bill was using sal like an object.

A song began to play from the phone on speaker mode. “Get up and dance for me fool.” Bill gave a slap to sal’s head with His Foot.

“As you wish, SAM.” sal had a wrench in his gut, this was going to be hard, performing like this for Bill’s amusement. sal thought what would a sleeze stripper do and mimicked that. sal started by moving his hips side to side, working to get to the beat, then raising his arms like he was on a dance floor. The slave added back and forth movements of his hips and turned to the side, letting Bill see the movement of the cock cage as it swung between the submissive’s legs. Putting his hands on his head, sal jirated his hips before turning away from Bill and grabbing his own ass.

Deciding a few slaps would be amusing for his Dom, sal did that, to hear Bill let out a loud laugh. sal added some giddy-up horse slaps and turned to face Bill, the hips going and cage flipping his restricted dick. sal felt used. Seeing Bill with a Face of superior amusement. Bill was loving every minute of it, feeling beyond superior, He felt like a God, being able to make the slave do anything with a simple command. sal twisted his chest out before turning around again to twerk against the wall, finishing that movement with some more ass-slaps. sal ran his hand up and down his crack several times to entice another future fucking from his Alpha before turning again to face Bill and wave his body side to sid and run his hand over his thighs. sal circled his hips making his cage helicopter around. sal was only somewhat familiar with the song and hoped it would end soon, thinking he was as much of a fool as Bill had called him.

As the song finally faded, sal moved his hand over his face and pulled it down, letting his body go down as well.

“That was fucking great! You are so pathetic! I can really make you do fucking anything, can’t I bitch?” Bill was overjoyed at His control to the point He almost fell off the chair

“Of course, SAM, i am bound to obey You.” sal replied humbly.

“Well, slut I want a lap dance now.” Bill punched His phone and a new song came up.

sal brought his hands up his sides, swaying his hips. sal lifted one leg over Bill’s Lap, coming down and moving his hips back and forth. sal’s hands started on Bill’s Shoulders and moved up, feeling over Bill’s Face, then down the front of Bill’s Neck to feel the Dom’s solid Pecs. “Oohhhh.” escaped sal’s lips in appreciation.

Bill sat there, taking it all in, the naked boy grinding on His Legs, feeling His Body, cooing. Bill reached up and tweaked sal’s nipples, a bit harder than completely necessary, but the boy was property.

sal worked hard on the lap dance, and Bill was enjoying it, based on His hardening Dick. sal took Bill’s Cock in both hands and stroked up and down on it.

“Yeah, big enough for you to do a pole dance on, isn’t it bitch?” Bill cackled.

“So big and long, SAM, i could do a pole dance on it. It would keep me going all night.”

“Damn right, I can go as long as I want to, never had to turn a guy down because I couldn’t get it up. I’m going to rail you again as soon as this song is over.”

And he did. As the song faded, Bill moved forward, almost rolling the two to the floor and quickly shoved His Pecker into sal’s hole, not wasting any time to begin thrusting into sal. This fuck was front on, so sal could see Bill’s Face showing the extreme pleasure of the sex and control. And the rough concentration of the rut. sal’s ass ached at the further use, but it was a nice change to see the Face of his Fucker.

Bill rutted into sal, shoving a big Dick deep into the boy-pussy. sal made noises of great pleasure since that was expected, and it was a good fucking. Bill’s Face had an almost-angry appearance, like he was fucking for revenge, but the sounds He was making reveled pleasure. “Take it you stupid bitch.”

“Yes You SAM, fuck my inferior hole as rough as you want!” sal replied.

Bill lasted longer than that sort of heavy ploughing would have made, but He’d come a few times so it took longer. sal’s hole had to deal with the assault, but that is what a slave has to take. Sweat poured off of Bill, as His exertions. Each drop reminded sal that he was a fuck-toy for use of anyone his Owner decreed.

Bill gave a handful of shorter, forceful thrusts and came in sal’s ass, falling over and rolling on His Back. Well trained, sal moved to gently clean off Bill’s Cock. Bill lay there, satisfied taking the service that was His due. sal moved to softly licking the Kid’s Balls, and the two stayed that way for a few minutes.

“Grab your ankles, and keep licking.” Bill ordered. sal was confused but obeyed. “Pull them further back.” sal again obeyed, stressing his body. This is what Bill wanted. sal’s body strained, but he couldn’t complain or stop licking the Kid’s Balls. sal felt his sides pulled as he kept his legs raised. Bill gave a chuckle, knowing what the position was doing to the slave. Bill decided He liked that sal was exerting himself and impressed there was no interruption to the service of His Balls, not even a lessening of the effort.

Bill had the slave go on for a while before pulling Himself up to the chair, leaving sal to struggle to try to keep licking His Balls and failing. sal tried to wiggle forward still keeping his hands holding his ankles. Bill laughed at this, enjoying the subs pitiful attempt.

“Get up and do jumping jacks.” Bill tossed the command off like it was nothing.

“Right away, SAM.” sal was glad to release himself from holding his ankles, and stood up. The jacks weren’t bad for a while, sal felt his cage flip against his abs and legs, his balls joining in. It wasn’t bad at first, and was actually nice not to have to pull his legs in an unnatural position. sal’s thighs flexed in the movement, with nice cuts of muscle. Soon, it started to get difficult. sal couldn’t stop, he had to obey. Bill lounged with an amused expression.

Bill watched as sal began to flag, knowing that the exercise was deceptive. It seemed easy, but it could tire someone out. “Stop, spin around, as fast as you can.”

“Right away, SAM.” sal instantly followed the new order, quickly growing dizzy, but fought to keep going. An order was an order, and orders had to be obeyed. sal’s stomach seemed to be coming out of his body, like it couldn’t keep up. sal tried to reach his hands up to his head, but that wasn’t possible.

“Now get on your knees, hands behind your head.” Bill’s Voice was barely loud enough for sal to hear it, but he sighed in relief. This was a familiar position, and sal used it to get equilibrium. Bill smirked at the slave, “You are such a pathetic bitch. Plank position, now!”

sal fell forward to instantly obey. “Anything for You, SAM.” It didn’t take long for sal to really feel the stress of the position, but that is exactly what Bill planned. As the sweat started to drip around the slaves body it was perfectly tracing his sculpted abs he got from workouts just like these. The sweat continued to spread over the slaves chiseled body. A small pool formed on his lower back, that was starting to fall in between those two boulders of a juicy ass. Bill was slightly mesmerized by the sweat on the perfect body of the submissive.  sal started to panic a bit inside, he was driven to obey. Bill knew the problem sal was having and reviled in the boy’s distress, forcing the boy to hold in place and smiled as the small tremors started. Bill knew it was almost impossibly hard to continue, and had to inwardly admire the excellent physical condition Max kept His property in. The tremors grew, Bill tasted a sharpness on His Tongue He instantly recognized as a manifestation of the power He had.

“Drop.” Bill gave the order just before He was sure sal would fail.

“Thank You, You SAM.” sal lay on the floor breathing deep, unable to move his face from the awkward place it came down on.

“Don’t think you’re done. Get up against the wall. Sit position. Go, now.” Bill waived his hand.

sal rose stiffly, heading directly to the wall and putting his back to it, sliding down until he was in a position like a chair, but with no support. At what he was sure was a perfect 90 degree angle, he stayed there, his legs starting to burn almost at once. This just added to the misery of his core and arms. sal screwed up his determination to do as he was ordered, it was just so tough. Bill was putting him through the ringer just for some fun. sal knew that is what he was for, to please real Men, but his legs burned. sal would do everything he could to obey, but he just wanted to collapse. Bill watched him with an amused expression. sal gave what he hoped was a smile of willingness to comply. His handsome face of dark features not quite hiding the distress. sal’s dark hair was plastered to his head by a combination of his efforts in sex and exercise.

The burning in sal’s legs was getting significant when Bill gave a grunt and ordered “Do that crab walk thing to me. I need my dick sucked again.”

“i love sucking Your Superior Alpha Dick, SAM.”  sal slid down the wall and took a deep breath before getting on his feet and hands, face up to crab walk to Bill in the chair. It wasn’t that far, and sal was glad to be going back to sucking.

he had almost made it when Bill jumped out of the chair and put more distance between them. sal knew he shouldn’t be surprised. But he gamefully continued to head to Bill, face set in desire for the Dick between the strong Legs. Bill forced the boy to follow Him around the room like that, laughing at the predicament. sal’s caged dick flopped around, further amusing the young Master.

Bill stopped, and sal scrambled to get his mouth around the hard Dick. Bill moved forward, rocking sal onto his back, sliding the large Cock into the slave’s mouth and following in the descent. sal didn’t resist, and soon the boy found himself laying on the floor with the Dominant above him in a push-up position, Cock hard. sal knew at once what was going to happen, and he was right. Bill began to fuck, forcing His Dick down sal’s throat. Giving no regard for the slave, Bill pumped away, “Fuck yes!” Bill exhaled, so taken by the power He was able to exert. There is nothing like being able to dominate a male, to force him to take whatever you dished out.

It was really the wrong position for a face-fuck. sal’s throat was at the wrong angle for Bill’s Dick. But Bill was into fucking, so He was going to do it. The slave had to put up with the pain as the engorged Glans hit his gullet and forced in. sal took it, as it was his purpose as a slave. No matter how much it hurt, a Dom was doing it so he had to take it. Bill assaulted sal’s throat until more cum flooded down it. Bill rolled over, and sal moved to clean the 18 year old’s Cock off.

The alarm on Bill’s phone went off, Bill twisted to shut if off. “Yes! Dungeon time!” Bill jumped up and kicked sal in the side “Max said I had to wait before I could take you to the dungeon. Time’s up show me where it is. Get going you slut.”

“Of course, SAM, this way.” sal ached standing, his body was sore from all the things Bill had done to him. sal lead out of the room to the door going downstairs. Bill kicked sal in the ass a few times, not hard, just to do it.

sal opened the door and stood aside for Bill to go to first. As Bill headed down, sal admired His Ass, very firm and round. It was no wonder He got to fuck anyone He wanted. sal retook the lead at the bottom until they made it to the door of the dungeon. “Fucking A!” Bill exclaimed as He walked in, running His Hands over some of the equipment. sal stood quietly as Bill looked around. “Damn, this is sweet. Fuckin’ shame Max said I had to go easy on you, or I’d flay the skin off of you.”

sal was relieved and worried at the same time. sal was worried how far Bill would go, but was comforted that his Owner had made arrangements to protect him.

“Fetch the flogger.” Bill snapped.

sal scrambled to bring it. “The flogger, SAM.”

Bill took the implement and hit His own Thigh, giving a wince He quickly hid. “Get up on that cross, back to me fuckface.”

“At once, SAM.” sal moved to the cross, putting his hands up. Bill quickly attached sal’s limbs to the cuffs, holding the boy in place.

The young Guy pulled the tails of the flogger through His Fingers, then raised it over His Head and brought it down along the slave’s back.

“Aaarrgh!!” sal screamed.

“Damn, that felt good.” Bill gave a big exhale of breath.

“Very much so SAM.” sal closed his eyes to deal with the pain.

“Glad you liked it, faggot.” Bill struck twice on sal’s buttocks, once from each direction. sal shouted with each, and Bill cackled, following with x-shots across the boy’s back.

Bill’s Cock was hard and jutting out in front of Him. He let the flogger droop a bit, it’s tails cascading over His Boner. The contact sent new waves of excitement through His Body.

Bill swung and missed sal’s back. Inwardly He kicked Himself, and to cover said “Surprise.” At least the boy would think it was deliberate. Angry with Himself, Bill raised the flogger over His head and brought it down strongly on sal’s back, making sal scream. Three more just as hard followed then Bill pulled the flogger up barely hitting, but still impacting the boy’s body.

Bill’s phone pinged. He looked over at it and considered not checking, but looked at the message. “Fuck.” Bill threw the flogger across the room. Gathering Himself He came up right behind sal, sliding His Hands up the reddened back. sal whimpered. “Gonna fuck you now.” Bill’s hard Cock rammed into sal’s hole. The boy let out a strangled grunt as Bill roughly piston fucked into the slave, rubbing the hurt back and crushing against the cross. Bill was taking His frustration out on the boy. The text had been from Max, saying Bill had gone too hard and not to give any more pain. Max had been watching all evening, a deal they had struck so Bill could play with sal alone but not unsupervised. Bill was aggravated that He had to stop whipping sal, but was too afraid of Max to defy the Man. The slave didn’t know his Owner was watching through the cameras in the house and dungeon, but Max had not left sal in a dangerous situation.

sal was mangled, inside and out, could only let out untellentable sounds as Bill used the slave’s body for the Man’s pleasure. sal felt used like a cheap rag, worn and tired, ready to be tossed out. sal sagged in the bounds, forced up by Bill’s Prick. sal was a bit amazed Bill could go so much, hard again and again to plow into the slave’s body. sal rode it, not resisting, but not able to work to service Bill.

Bill’s Hands on the boy’s shoulders were strong, gripping tight. The grunts coming from the Man’s Throat had a bit of work in them, as if He were trying hard to remain erect and trigger His own cum. “Take it you bitch!” Bill spread His Legs and Arms to mimic the position sal was in, but thrusting into the boy. Bill pulled His Arms down the length of sal’s leaned back and ramped up the humping as fast as He could, finally cumming. Bill pulled out and almost fell to the floor, catching himself and breathing deep.

Bill half stumbled to the cross and quickly released the captive, who slid to the floor. “Thank You SAM for beating and fucking me. You are such an amazing Man.”

“Get up fuckwad, show me where I’ll be sleeping. I’m tired.” Bill kicked the crumpled slave.

“SAM, this way.” sal forced himself to rise and led the way up the stairs, through the main floor and up the next staircase. The second floor was nicely appointed, and sal led his naked Dominant to the best guestroom. Bill shoved sal aside as He entered, flopping down on the bed.

“Get on my feet. Suck them until I fall asleep.” Bill put His Arms behind His Head, closed His Eyes, knowing His orders would be obeyed.

“i love Your Feet SAM.” sal crawled on the bed and put Bill’s Toes in his mouth.

sal worked slowly, knowing this was to ease Bill to slumber, not excite the Man more. The experienced submissive could tell Bill remained awake, only pretending to doze off for a while, until sleep actually did overtake the young Guy.

sal continued on Bill’s Feet for a while, to make sure his Controller didn’t wake up then slipped off the bead and out the room.

sal started in the dungeon, wiped down the cross and replaced the flogger. That was the only thing that needed to be put back. The lounge took a bit longer, but was soon back to the standards Max insisted on. Turning off the lights, sal returned to the guestroom and lay down next to the bed, hearing Bill’s even breath above him, never knowing his Owner was smiling to Himself at how well the slave had performed.

To be continued …

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