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Leather Fetish ?

One of the “origin” fetishes of the gay bdsm community. It is the felt sexual stimulation over the conduit of the material leather. Many connect it with it’s heavy look, like the leather biker police uniforms, it’s soft yet hard texture, being a organic material, and it’s smell and other factors. It is widely seen and spread as material in fetish wear also due to its durability.

Tested Products

Steelcap Leather Boots

DataSizes: EU 39 to 46Material: Leather, Rubber Sole, Steel CapLaceholes: 20Colours: BlackThe Iconic classic design steelcap boots.StatementsI mean, these are almost...

Four Buckle Hand Restraint

DataSizes: One SizeMaterial: Padded Leather, Leather Straps, Welded D-Rings, Buckles, RivetsErgonomically designed suspension hand restraints that support and distribute weight and allow heavier scenes.StatementsThese...

Head Muzzle Harness

Sizes: One SizeMaterial: Neoprene, Leather, RubberFeatures: D-RingsLockable: Versions AvailableStructure: 2 Neopr. Layer, Leather Straps & padded leather, Rubber LayersPopular design silencing head harness that's...

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