A kinky story written by Max Potter

Illustration by Theo Blaze.

A sub gives up a lot when he submits; where he lives, what he wears (if anything), when and who he has sex with. All of this takes a lot of trust. A Dom has to deserve that trust. As tough as a Dom can be to his subs, he has to be there to protect them, make sure they are not harmed in a way that causes severe damage. A Dom is responsible for not only the physical well-being of his sub, but the mental well-being. Is this what the sub really wants? Is the sub getting the fulfillment out of submission that makes him want to go on.

This is a fictional story of a Dom that does not take care of his subs, and what some other area Doms do in response.  I put one of my own slaves in this one. Kip is an even better boy than I portray him here.


[Early] It was a text from Max. Master was going to be home early. Tall, with a swimmer’s build, Kip had been a full time live-in slave to his Master for over 5 years. He knew his Master’s habits, likes and dislikes. A quick glance was all it took for Kip to know if he would be beat or have a service expected of him. Whatever Master wanted, that is what was important to Kip, the servitude encompassed his life.

Kip looked around, even if Master returned early, everything was ready, Kip had not been lax in his duties. Kip wondered what was bringing his Master home sooner than expected. He didn’t have long to wait, as Kip heard Master’s car enter the garage. Kip rushed to his place, kneeling down.

“Boy.” Max said, and Kip looked up, always glad his Master was back. Kip could instantly tell his Master was not in a good mood. Kip felt a surge of panic. Had he done something wrong? Was he in trouble? “I’m having a few men over. I’m not sure if we’ll be eating, so have something ready just in case. Sandwiches will be fine.” Max rubbed his brow, Kip knew his Master and could tell whatever had disturbed Master was not his slave.

“Yes, Master.” Max walked away, seemingly ignoring his slave, Kip went to the kitchen and prepped a number of items so he would be able to provide sandwiches at a moment’s notice.

Kip had heard Max make it back to the lounge. Having completed his prep work, Kip entered the lounge, went up to his Master and knelt, humbly waiting his Master’s wishes.

After a few minutes, Max looked over at his naked slave and ruffled his hair. “Ah boy, I’m out of sorts. I got some news today, and I have to take some action. I need the men coming tonight to help me decide what action we should take. You will need to serve us and stay out of the way. No matter what you hear, don’t react, we can talk about it after. I know you’ll be good, or I would send you away during our discussion. You understand me?”

“Yes, Master.” Kip knew whatever was happening was serious, and that he would have to be on his toes tonight.

Kip nuzzled his owner’s crotch, eliciting a low moan. This is what his Master needed. Kip mouthed the growing cock under the pants, feeling it harden with his mouth’s ministrations. “Oh, yes.” Max whispered standing, and Kip opened the pants, freeing the large cock inside.

Extending his tongue, Kip touched the end of Max’s cock, getting a taste of pre-cum. Kip moved forward, taking more of the dick in his mouth, moving his lips and tongue to pleasure it. Adding a bit of suction, Kip moved to encompass the entirety of the manhood, shoving it deep into his throat. Kip grabbed Max’s ass, pulling his Master’s body closer, shoving the cock deeper.

Kip couldn’t breath, but that was a secondary concern to pleasing his owner, to take the stress away. Kip had shoved up against Max’s pelvis, trying to get deeper. Movement was limited, but the effort was intense, Kip’s choking giving pulsations to Max’s cock, causing the man to impale Kip on the huge rod.

Kip had to pull off, before he blacked out using the withdrawal to add more pleasure. Kip grabbed a quick gasp of air and went all the way back down. Kip’s head bobbed back and forth traveling the distance of the impressive member.

Kip made noises, sloppy and loud but neither cared, lost in the pleasure the slave was rightly giving to his Master. Max stood there, taking the service he deserved. Kip’s throat was warm and moist, so pleasing. Kip worked at his task, using skills he had developed over years of practice and effort.

Kip’s cocksucking skills were indeed impressive. Enough to distract his Master from whatever was weighing on his mind. Max’s hands came to Kip’s head, grabbing it starting to force Kip’s head back and forth. That grabbing lasted about 2 seconds when Max whispered “Can’t” and released. Max was upset and would not lay hands on his property in his mental state.

Kip was always attentive to his Master, and recognized what happened. Whatever was on Max’s mind was significant enough that Max did not want to take hold of him. That was rare, but Kip appreciated that if Max suspected he would be less than totally in control, he wouldn’t touch Kip. That little action meant so much to Kip. Max might beat him, but never in anger. Kip pushed harder to suck his Master.

“Urrgh!” Max came in Kip’s mouth, Kip swallowing the load down. Max sat back in a chair, Kip following cleaning Max’s cock, then put it back in the pants.

“Good boy, I needed that.” Max exhaled deeply. Kip stayed on his knees. Max remained in silent contemplation, so Kip remained waiting.

The doorbell rang. Max waved his hand indicating Kip should answer it. Kip got up and opened the door, letting in one of the local Doms. “Welcome, Sir.” Kip said, ushering the tall, dignified Dom into the lounge. Kip recognized the man as a local Dom, who didn’t keep any at his home, but used a number of subs.

“Scotch.” the Dom said to Kip as he passed the slave and headed to the lounge.

“Roger.” Max said.

“Bad business, isn’t it?” Roger found a seat and took the tumbler of scotch Kip served him.

“Very bad. Benny and Hans will be here soon, we can go over the whole business then.” Max replied.

“It could be worse, if I hadn’t been on shift, who knows what would have happened?” Roger said.

“We know now. We need to head it off.” As Max said this the doorbell rang again. Max waved his hand, and Kip went to the door.

Benny and Hans were there, and Kip ushered them to the lounge. Hans was a big German, known for specializing in gymrats into pain. Benny was fairly young, but had a large home and an impressive stable of slaves who lived there full time, about 20 last Kip had heard. It was like a commune dedicated to a single man. Both took seats after giving Kip drink orders, who instantly began to make the drinks.

Max started up. “All right, I know this is an unusual meeting, but it can’t wait. You all know Roger. He’s going to tell us what happened today. Roger, you have the floor.”

Roger looked at his glass a moment. “I think you all know I’m an orthopaedist. At times, I have to cover the ER in case there is a broken bone. Two mornings ago we had a kid brought in, he was pretty beat up. Broken arm, bruises all over. I was called in to set the arm. He looked familiar, and I kept an eye on him. The police didn’t get anything out of him, he just said he got jumped and didn’t see who it was. When he was alone, I went into check his arm. I asked him if he knew Rory. His eyes panicked. I calmed him and told him I wasn’t going to send him back. I whispered that I was a Dom as well, and ordered him to tell me what happened. He said he was bad and had been punished. He promised that he would be a good boy from now on. I’ve made sure he’ll be kept overnight, and I have a part-time sub on the overnight nurse shift. He’s been ordered to keep an eye on the poor boy.”

“He’s always been tough on his boys.” Hans said. “But I have wondered how, well, willing they are for the beatings he gives them.”

“Me too.” Max said. “I’ve seen the bruises, and he does keep them in line, but it’s been a concern for me.”

Roger continued. “After talking to the boy, I called one of my other subs, a little twink I know hangs out with some of Rory’s boys. I met him and sat him down, giving him strict orders to tell me what he had heard. My worst fears were confirmed, Rory’s boys are scared of him, and what Wes tells me is they get beat a lot and seem afraid to tell anyone. Wes actually said he was more putting things together than actually being told. Wes is Rory’s type, and I think Rory’s spreading a net to get him.” Roger’s tone remained grave.

“Fucking Rory.” Benny said. “That’s when you asked to use a couple of mine.”

“Yeah. I appreciate you letting me keep the results from you, but I had to be sure. And I didn’t want them spreading anything around if I was wrong. I have to admit, I envy you a bit now. Having three of your boys tending to me in my house for a couple days has been amazing.” Roger paused. “But to get back to business. Benny’s loaned me what I asked for, a couple twinks I could use to ingratiate themselves with Rory’s subs. They did just that, and remarkably quickly given how tightly as he watches over them. The results have been disturbing.”

“How disturbing?” Max asked.

Roger took a deep breath. Kip looked at him, as did the men. The slave decided it was better for him to remain silent and still, he would be summoned if needed.

Exhaling, Roger continued. “Benny’s boys are effective, a credit to your training of them.” Here Roger indicated the youngest of the Doms. “Beatings we understand, we all do it. But it’s always something the subs get into. Not his. Most aren’t really into pain, but he whips them mercilessly. There have been hospital visits I didn’t know about. According to the boys there, a great number of whippings that should have had medical attention, but Rory forbade it. Other harms as well, all to boys who don’t like pain.” Roger put his head down, rubbing his eyes for a moment. “I’m a doctor, I’m not supposed to do harm. I don’t beat the guys who submit to me. I know you each do, but it’s something they all get into. Even you Hans, you’re the main inflicter of pain here, but I’ve talked to your subs, I know it’s something they crave. I can handle that. I know you would stop if it came to it. So many are just normal guys, looking for a little kink. Not this. And that’s not all.”

“As you say, I’m the deliverer of pain. I specialize in it. I know exactly when to pull back before a sub breaks. More importantly, I know he must desire it, regardless of what he feels when the whip is on his back. Continually forcing a softie under the lash is not the way things are done.” Hans put his drink down on the table beside him forcefully.

“It gets worse. Wes revisited his contact, really worked the guy. All the subs Rory has, and there are 5 right now, all are being blackmailed in some way to stay. One thinking he would be arrested for something, two that they would be outed and lose their families. Not sure about the other two.”

It felt to Kip as if the room’s temperature dropped a few degrees, he almost shivered.

“That fucking bastard!” Benny rose and looked like he was going to toss his tumbler at the wall before thinking better of it. “He can’t do that! It’s totally, completely wrong! They only get one choice, that’s to submit or not, we can do whatever the fuck we want to them, but they chose submission.”

“You’re right Benny.” Max indicated for the young Dom to sit again. “We have the right to choose everything, except that they give themselves to us. Rory can’t be allowed to keep going this way.”

“I called Max because I’m concerned that another hospital visit might bring unwanted attention.” Roger added. “The wrong people start sniffing around, find what he’s doing and that will lead him to us. You three are the pivotal Doms in this area. You’re the ones with the significant stables,” Roger looked at Hans and Benny, then at Max “or the standing to do something.” Max had been a fixture in the scene for years, having trained more than a few of the local Doms.

“We’ve got to stop him. I’ve got a real good thing going here, I don’t want some dumbass messing it up.” Benny was by far the youngest in the room, in his early 20s.

“Doing something is why I’ve called you all here. We’re the ones most likely to be able to actually handle this. I have an idea of what to do, but I can’t do it on my own.” Max said.

“Well, we’ll help. We’ve got to get those boys out of Rory’s hands.” Roger put his glass out, and Kip unobtrusively refreshed his drink.

“More than that, I think we need to checkmate Rory from getting his hands on the boys again, and getting any more.” Roger looked over at Max.

“That’s part of my plan. I have a friend who’s taken bad masters down before. I wouldn’t involve him unless you three agree, but if we can get some leverage on Rory, Rob will keep him in line.” Max paused. “He’s…mean to bad masters.”

“Mean if fine with me. Rory’s money comes from a grandmother, pillar of her Presbyterian  church. But I want him out of my town.” Benny added.

“I think we can arrange that. Anything else?” Max looked around.

Roger chimed in “I think he’s been trolling for some underage boys. Wes insinuated some of that. I can get details.”

“Fucker.” Benny said, pushing back on his seat and folding his arms in anger.

“Check with your subs, check with other Doms in town, not that there are major ones but us and Rory, get what you can. Give it to Max for his friend.” Hans told them all.

“Right. Here’s the plan. Roger, if you can arrange for Wes to meet Rory and keep him occupied. Benny, you have the biggest stable. Can you get your boys to basically raid Rory’s place and get them out while he’s distracted? Hans, we’ll need to get Rory buttoned up.”

“I can get a few of my guys to hold him, we can keep him in my dungeon until Max’s friend is ready.” Hans shifted forward. “I am sure I can keep him entertained.” Hans gave a guffaw.

Roger spoke up. “If we’re basically going to kidnap Rory, we’ll need to be sure no one is around. Wes can do that in his apartment. Hans, I know you do kidnap fantasies, I’m just nervous about doing it for real.”

“My boys can handle it. I’ll tell them why. They won’t have any qualms.” Hans seemed a bit proud.

Benny said. “My slaves will clear his place out, but we can’t just turn them loose, we’ve got to keep them someplace. I’d take them, but I don’t think going into a house full of subs would be good for them.” Benny puffed his chest a bit.

“They can come here. Kip will look after them.” Max said. Kip glanced at his Master. That would be a big job.

“So we all have our parts. First we get as much dirt as possible on Rory, then Wes distracts him, we raid his place, and bring the boys here.” Benny summed up.

“Right.” Roger agreed, relieved.

“Look, I know I’m the youngest here, and I’m sure you think I’m sucking up every sub I can find, but there is no excuse for this. My slaves are happy to be with me, I don’t have to scare them to keep them.” Benny said.

“You are young, but you’re doing it right, you’re fine.” Max said.

“This Rory is bad. We cannot let this continue. I do not like interfering in another Master’s business, but he his threatening all of us.” Hans said.

“I have a contact on the police. He’s subbed for me a few times, I’ll check with him to see what I can find. I’ll have to be careful so we don’t trigger something he has to do something about.” Roger said.

“Yeah, be careful with that.” Max cautioned.

“One of my slaves should be able to pull a credit history, it might have something.” Benny chimed in.

“That may help.” Max said. “I hate having to do this.”

“We all do.” Roger commiserated.

“I’m so pissed, I’m not going to be able to trust myself with my slaves tonight. They’re going to get a night off.” Benny scowled.

“Mine aren’t, but mine like the pain.” Hans looked at the younger man.

“Show off.” Benny shot back at Hans.

“We’re all clear on our parts? Right now, we need to see what we can find on Rory.” Roger said.

Benny stood up. “Yeah, I want to get on this thing. Hans you ready to go?”

“Yes.” Hans also stood up.

The men said their good-byes and Kip escorted them out, returning to kneel by his Master.

After a few moments, Max looked at his slave “Boy.”

“Yes, Master.” Kip put his hands behind his head, reading Max’s unspoken desire.

Max ran his foot up and down Kip’s abs. “This is a dirty business. Masters should never treat their slaves so poorly. I know it will be difficult when we get his boys here, but you can do it, they will need a lot of care, and you will be serving me well by taking care of them.”

“Yes, Master. I understand what you have to do, and what I need to do.” Kip said.

“Good boy. Now go outside. I need to call Rob, and I don’t want you hearing that conversation.” Max said.

“Yes, Master.” Kip got up and headed outside.

Some time later Max opened the door and let Kip back in. “I’m not very hungry. Make me a ham and cheese sandwich. Get yourself something as well. I have more calls to make.”

“Yes, Master.” Kip went to make his Master’s dinner.

Max was on the phone talking to some of the local Doms and subs. Kip sat at his Master’s feet and massaged them. When the calls were finally done, Kip looked up at his Master who appeared haggard. “Anything I can do Master?” Kip asked.

“I don’t know, this is such a filthy business.” Max said. “Yes, I do. Massage me until I fall asleep.” He got up and headed to his bedroom. Kip followed.

Kip removed his Master’s clothes, and Max lay on the bed face down. Kip began to massage his Master’s tense shoulders. Kip continued to massage his Master until well after he knew his Master was asleep. Then the slave curled up next to his Master’s bed and dozed off.

A few days later, the Doms had collected as much information as they could, and Kip had heard Max say between that and Rob’s investigations, Rob was confident he would be able to keep Rory under control he would never be able to Dom anyone again. It was more than the family money the grandmother controlled. There were some very questionable videos released on some sites. Rory was in a few, obviously in charge. The boys were not underage, but their lack of motivation was apparent. Rory had also had some scrapes with the law. A few months ago the police were called to his house, and it seems Rory had been able to hide the boys elsewhere just in time. One of Benny’s boys worked at the bank Rory used, and pulled the transactions. That could have gotten the boy fired, but even the subs were gunning for Rory and willing to take a risk. Another of Roger’s part time subs had specific hacking skills, and they were able to match some of the transactions in Rory’s account with some shady deals.

The day it was to happen, Max’s house was mission control. The sub with the broken arm, who’s name was Kyle, was looking small, sitting on a couch in Max’s lounge. He was looking better, his bruises fading. He had agreed to help convince his slave brothers to stay. He was nervous, and being quiet, looking at Max and Kip with scared, hopeful eyes. Knowing a single naked slave would cause concern, Max had ordered Kip into a pair of shorts.

Roger reported that Wes had sent a message to Rory through one of of Rory’s subs that Wes would like to submit to him and begged to be visited in his apartment to discuss it. Roger had sent a recording of Wes’s side of the conversation. The Dom and two subs were listening to it.

“Rory, Sir?” Wes’s voice came out of Max’s phone. “I can’t get you out of my mind, it’s like, driving me crazy. Can I – can I be yours? Please, Roger only sees me sometimes, he’s got so many boys, I know he doesn’t even think of me.” There was a pause. “Oh, I’ll submit so good, I’ll do everything you tell me to. But can I ask one thing? Please Master Rory, something Roger’s never done to me.” Pause. “I really want to get fucked on my own bed. Silly, I know, but I keep seeing my Master fuck me, and then taking me to be his forever.” Pause. “Oh, Master Rory, thank you! I’ll be ready whenever you tell me to be.” Pause “30 minutes? Yes, Master, I’ll be naked and ready. Thank you Master, I’ll be ever so grateful.” The recording ended.

Kyle looked at Kip, who took the thin boy into his arms. Max gave them some space, moving to sit a bit away. Kyle snuggled into Kip’s well-formed chest. Kip looked at his owner, who gave him a smile indicating the slave was doing well.

Roger was with Wes to support his boy. Roger would be concealing himself. As would the two hulking muscles boys and Hans. It would be harder to hide the three big men, but they had a plan for it. Hans had explained to his boys what was going on, and they were incensed. They go into pain, they knew Hans could get their strong bodies so wrecked as to call up tears. Because they knew it, they were especially solid that it had to be what the sub was into. Forcing anyone to take what they did involuntarily was not something any of them would abide by. Hans had reported they were all so up in arms that he had used their rage to pit them against each other in a wrestling tournament with the winners now in Wes’s apartment. Hans reported they were brutal on each other for the honor.

In the intervening half hour, Kip had worked to calm Kyle down, and the three chatted sporadically. The rescued sub was obviously nervous. Max got up and held the boy, which reassured him. Roger texted when Rory made it to Wes’s apartment, relaying that they would maintain radio silence until Rory was under control.

Max texted Benny, who was waiting out of sight not far from Rory’s remote house. Benny replied they would start on at once.

Wes opened the door for Rory, his nervousness not fained. Rory thought it was excitement and trepidation at greeting his new owner. Rory grabbed the boys cock and balls, not as hard as he would later, but the boy felt it. Rory leaned in and whispered into Wes’s ear “I’m going to own your ass.”

“You already do, Master.” Wes trembled back. Rory shoved the boy into the room.

“Fuck you in your own bed, and you’re mine forever. That’s our deal fag, you know it, I know it. The instant I put my big cock in your sweet pussy, I get you forever.”

“Oh yes, Master, that will make me your property.” Wes was removing his clothes as he followed Rory to the bedroom. Once in Wes got down on his knees and clasped his hands in front of himself “May I suck your cock Master, please, I really, really, want to suck my new owner’s cock.”

“Get on it faggot.” Rory sat back on the bed, bracing himself up by his arms.

Wes undid Rory’s pants, pulling them only down to the knees. “You’re so big, Master, I hope I can get it all in.”

“You’d better slut. You’ll take it as deep as I want any time I want.” Rory had a sneer in his voice. Wes put his mouth around Rory’s dick. Wes knew what he was supposed to do, and that it would certainly distract Rory.

Wes bit down. Not enough to damage, but it got Rory’s attention in a whole new way. The reaction was immediate and violent. Rory hit Wes to the side and pounced on him. “You fucking bitch! I’ll show you what happens to faggots that use their teeth on me!” Rory raised his fist to hit Wes. Someone grabbed Rory’s arms, pulling it back. “Wha?!”

Rory was lifted bodily off of Wes, a cloth forced over his mouth. Rory was struggling as he caught sight of his captors, two very burley men with grim faces. There was another man grabbing his legs. Rory tried to kick himself free, but the man quickly tied his legs together.

Roger rushed to Wes and was comforting him. Rory’s arms had been forced behind his back, supported by the men who were now binding his arms. A third man was tying the cloth very tightly in Rory’s mouth.

Rory’s struggles weren’t getting him anywhere and the men put him on the floor to hold him down. “Stop moving so much.” The oldest of the three men grabbed Rory’s throat and squeezed, speaking with a faint German accent. Rory recognized him as the local Dom Hans.

Rory ignored the order Hans squeezed his throat so much that he couldn’t breathe. Rory looked at the hulking brutes, one of which cracked his knuckles.

“You’ve been a very bad boy. That ends now.” Hans gave a nod and his slaves added more rope around Rory, who found he could not effectively resist. Once so tightly bound he could barely move, Hans held a chloroformed cloth over Rory’s nose and mouth. After a few useless struggles, Rory went limp.  Rory was put in the mattress of the futon. It was folded around him and taken out of the apartment.

If anyone saw the big men taking it out it looked like a couple of guys helping someone get rid of furniture. Roger and Hans followed with the futon frame, completing the ruse. Wes followed. The futon parts with Rory inside were put in a van, which headed off in one direction. Roger and Wes got into Roger’s car and headed towards Max’s place.

At Rory’s house, Benny held back while his boys knocked on the door. The door cracked open, a wraith of a boy holding it closed. “We’re not supposed to let anyone in.”

Billy reached his hand through and touched Devon’s cheek. “It’s OK, we just want to visit.”

“Rory will be mad.”

“Mad that there are a lot more boys in his house when he gets back than when he left? That doesn’t sound like Rory at all.”

“Rory likes to be in charge.”

“And maybe he’ll be in charge of more boys.” Billy gave a winning smile.

“You don’t want to be his like that.” Devon looked out. “Trust me, you want to go away.”

Billy came closer. “Let me decide. Let me in. Billy moved his hips a bit, cajoling. “You know you want to open the door.”

“You’re not alone.” Devon looked at the others.

“I’m not. Aren’t they pretty? Such pretty boys. You’re a pretty boy too.” Billy got his foot in, ran his hand over Devon’s arm.

Devon glanced down as Billy moved closer, pulling the door open a bit wider.

“Do you know what you’re doing?” Devon asked.

“I certainly do, more than you can imagine.” Billy moved even closer, getting the door mostly open. Devon stepped back and Billy opened the door, letting himself in. Billy swept Devon into a hug as his fellow boys came in.

Each of Benny’s boys went to one of Rory’s and Benny had brought others, so there were four more boys besides when Benny strode in. Seeing each holding one of Rory’s boys Benny said. “If you don’t know who I am, I’m Benny. I’m one of the local Doms. You boys have been abused wrongly. As slaves, you do what we Masters want, take our hits, crawl at our feet. Get fucked when we want to fuck you. It’s fucking hard to tell when a slave is being used and is getting off on it and when they aren’t. Did Rory give you boys a safeword?” Benny looked around. Rory’s boys looked blank. “A safeword, in case he goes too far. To stop him.” Benny looked like he was explaining that water was wet.

“Sir said safewords are for fakers.” One of the boys whispered.

“Fakers!” Benny roared, turning around to kick the door shut. “That absolute stinking pile of shit! He’s been beating you without a safeword! Breaking your bones and bruising you like you were toys he could rip apart!” Benny stopped. Took a deep breath and balled his hands into fists. Gaining control of himself, Benny turned to face the boys again.

“Look at my boys. Look at them.” Benny indicated his own subs in the room. “They are not afraid of me.” Benny took another deep breath. His voice calmed. “Even with me mad, they didn’t flinch. They weren’t worried. I beat them at times, I can hurt them. But never when I’m mad.” Benny spread his hands out. “And when I’m calm and I’m beating them, if they say the safeword it all stops. At once. No questions, it stops. Always. If they don’t trust me, I can’t Dom them.”

Benny stopped, put one hand up to his brow. “This isn’t what I’m supposed to be talking about to you. Look, I need you to go with me, with us.”

The boys looked at each other, unsure what to do.

Benny looked at the others in the room and made a decision. “I’m a Dom, you have to do what I say. I say go get in that van with my boys.” Benny’s tone as commanding, fully Dom. The boys all moved towards the door, in automatic obedience.

Benny’s boys each held onto the arm of a boy, gently guiding them to the door, Benny stepping aside. One of Rory’s boys stopped. “Rory might be mad if we go.” Benny’s boy beside him looked at his Master.

“I’ll take care of Rory, don’t worry, it will be fine.” Benny said, coming up and guiding the questioning boy through the door. Once outside the submissive boys clambered into the large van.

Benny hopped into the driver’s seat, looked into the mirror. “Everyone buckle up.” Then nodded to his boy seated in the front passenger seat. The boy there texted Max.

Once everyone was buckled in, Benny put the van in gear and started driving. Everyone was silent. Benny’s boys held Rory’s boys and whispered that everything was going to be alright.

Back at his place, Max looked at Kip and Kyle. “Benny’s got the rest of Rory’s boys. They will be here soon.”

Kip hugged Kyle. “They’re safe. They will be here soon. Everything will be fine.” Max gave them space.

A van came up the drive of Max’s estate, Max himself opened the door, Kip standing behind him. The doors opened, and the slaves and Benny came in from one van.

It was easy to tell which were Benny’s and where were Rory’s. Benny’s were in pretty hale shape, decently dressed, Rory’s all had bruises, including several black eyes. And their clothes were ratty.

“Kyle!” One of the new arrivals saw the boy. Not sure what to do, Kyle went forward, Rory’s recently liberated slaves gathered around their brother and hugged him. Benny’s slaves moved to one side as indicated by their Master.

“Boys.” Max said, after giving them a few minutes. His authoritative but compassionate voice getting everyone’s attention.

“Boys.” Max repeated. “Things have been very difficult for you for quite some time. I know everything is confusing right now, but I need you to be calm. We have done something very unusual, but it’s for you own good.” He looked at them. All appeared scared, even the couple muscled ones. They held each other. “Rory has been abusing you. Badly. Very badly. Some of us have taken action. Rory is, let us say, not an issue any more.” Looks of shock. “Don’t worry,  he has not been harmed. But none of you will ever have to see him again.” The shock was greater, and the subs looked at each other.

Max gave an encouraging look at Kyle. Kyle spoke up “It’s true. They’ve been taking care of me. They want to let us live like we want.” Kyle waited. “I don’t like what Rory’s been doing to me. To us. I wanted out. We can get out now. These people will help us.”

“We will. Benny and I are Doms, but not like Rory. Look at Benny’s boys, who you came with. They are happy. They want to be slaves. They trust him. This is Kip, he’s my slave. He will tell you he doesn’t want to leave me. We don’t threaten our slaves. We don’t treat them like shit. Now, for the next little while, you will be staying here. While you are here, think about what you want. If you want out of this life, we will help you go home, or someplace you want to be. If you do want to stay in this life, we will find you a Dom who will treat you like a Dom should. For some people, this is the life they want. Others would never consider it. Some only want to play occasionally. That will be up to you, but give it a little time. Don’t rush” There was the sound of car doors closing. “Ah, it sounds like Roger is here.” Max waved at Kip, who went to the door, opening it for Roger and Wes before they rang the bell.

The new arrivals came in. Max continued “Roger is a doctor, he’ll look over each of you. Wes is a boy who Rory was targeting to join you. I know this is a lot to process, Kip will be around to help you out.”

Benny spoke up “And some of my boys will be staying as well, to give you some other subs to talk to.”

“Right.” Max agreed. “Do you have any questions?”

There was silence for a moment, then one, Jacob, who had been with Rory a few months,  spoke up. “What do you want from us?”

Max looked at the boy with compassion. “Nothing, we don’t expect you to serve us, this is a break for you. Take time to get your heads together. In the next few days, we’ll see what you want to do. Now, Kip has prepared sandwiches and pizza for you in the kitchen. Roger, Benny and I will leave you boys to yourselves.” Max indicated the way to the kitchen and Kip began to lead the boys. The Doms headed to the lounge.

Entering the lounge, and getting their own drinks, Max checked his phone. “Hans says Rory is awake and screaming his head off. In a couple hours, he’ll set up a voice link with Rob, who will explain his new reality to him.”

“I’m glad none of Hans’s big boys joined us here, they would have been too intimidating.” Roger sank into a chair.

“Yeah. I want to go over to Hans’s place and whip Rory bloody. That would show him what he’s been doing.” Benny said angrily.

“Benny, we won’t be harming Rory, he’ll be doing that all to himself. Rob will handle it, and we’ll be able to watch. It will be fun.” Max said.

In the kitchen, Kip showed everyone the food and drinks Rory’s boys were to start, and timidly did. The other slaves followed and began to engage in conversation. The traumatized boys took a bit of nudging, but eventually started to open up. Under gentle prodding, Rory’s boys started telling their stories, causing the better treated subs to blanch.

After a few of the stories, one of Benny’s boys started a brief whispered conversation with Kip, who then excused himself.

Entering the lounge, Kip saw all three Doms look at him and knelt. “Master.” he said.

“Yes, boy.” Max said.

“Phillip had a suggestion, if it pleases you, of course Master.” Kip was nervous, this was such an odd situation.

“It’s probably a good one.” Benny said.

At a nod from Max, Kip continued. “He has suggested rather than split everyone up in the guest rooms. we all have like a slumber party, keep everyone together. I thought maybe the pool house would be good, Master?”

“That is a good idea.” Max said thinking. “Have Benny’s boys take the mattresses from the guestrooms out there, get a bunch of blankets and pillows, take all the snacks you want. We’ll leave you out there, none of us will come out, it will be a safe space for them for a while. Take care of them, we’ll handle ourselves. I think the last thing they need is to even see a Dom right now. Try not to let Rory’s do anything, they’ve been through enough.”

“Yes, Master.” Kip said

“Tell my boys I said to do all the moving. That should work for everyone.” Benny added.

“Yes, Sir.” Kip bowed to the Dom.

Back in the kitchen everyone looked at Kip as he entered, smiling “We’re going to have a slumber party! Sir Benny wants his boys to get mattress from the guest rooms, take them out to the pool house with blankets and pillows. Then you can get all the snacks and drinks you can carry.”

“This place has a pool?” One of Rory’s former subs, Chuck, asked.

“Yes, it’s just outside, this way.” Kip showed the way through the French doors to the back, where the pool was. The boys didn’t feel like swimming, but sat on the edge and dangled their feet in. Not long after, Benny’s boys started across the yard hauling mattresses. Rory’s boys simply watched, silently. After the mattresses were moved, Benny’s boys carried blankets and pillows and then snacks and drinks. Benny’s boys then spent some time arranging things in the pool house before coming out and joining the rest, putting their feet in the water as well.

After a few minutes of silence, one of Rory’s boys looked over at Kip. “You get to live here and swim in this every day?”

“Yeah. I swim every day.” Kip smiled at the boy.

“Man, this place is so sweet. I can see why you stay with your owner.” The boy looked jealous.

“It’s not only the place, Master is very good to me. I’d serve Him if he had just an apartment.” Kip showed pride as he replied.

“Bet he never beats you.” Lucas, another of Rory’s boys,  commented.

“He does, sometimes.” Kip saw fear start in the abused boys. “Not bad, not like to really hurt me. I like getting spanked, and Master spanks me. Sure, Master’s had to punish me, but he’s never made me afraid, never hurt me like it was, wrong. It’s pain I get into. I love him for it, it makes me a better slave.”

“Our Master can use some pain on us as well.” Martin, who belonged to Benny added. “But it makes it hotter, we want him more after. Fuck, he lets any of us leave any time we want. One of us wants out of his house, we can go.”

“You can leave? Just pack up and go?” Yet another Rory’s boys asked, all looked incredulous.

“Yeah, some have. Most stay. It’s a great life, a bunch of naked guys, big house. New stuff every day. But if a boy isn’t happy anymore, Master sets him up, and they can go. A house of boys isn’t for everyone, even if you start out thinking it is. I wouldn’t want to leave, ever.” Martin looked around. “It’s a great life, I’ve never been happier.” The rest of Benny’s boys nodded in agreement.

“Could you leave?” Lucas asked Kip.

“Me? I don’t want to. I guess if I asked Master he would let me, but I can’t imagine my life without him. I’ve never been happier.” Kip took a breath. “When Master comes home, I… I can’t describe the feelings of joy I get. When I see him again my whole life has meaning.”

“I wanted that.” Chuck said morosely.

“It’s what you deserve, what all this servitude is supposed to be about. What Rory did you all of you is horrible. That’s why.” Martin stopped. Everyone was staring at him. “Look. We all know what happened tonight isn’t supposed to happen. Doms don’t go raiding and stealing boys like we did tonight. And they don’t kidnap other Doms.”

“They kidnapped Mast– Rory?” Dirk, one of Rory’s boys grabbed the Martin’s arm.

“Yeah. I’m not supposed to know, but I overheard some stuff.” Martin looked down.

“That was me.” Wes chimed in. “I was the bait. My Master knew Rory wanted me, so he had me set up a meeting, like I was going to submit to him. But there were a couple guys from Master Hans’s crew there. They took him.”

“Master Hans, the pain guy?” Jacob asked slowly.

“Yeah. He’s got a lot of really big fellows. Chloroformed Rory, and took him.” Wes finished. 

Martin picked up. “The plan is to do something so Rory can’t harm any of you ever again. Something to do with a Dom out west. I’m not sure what. But the Doms seem to think that will do it. They were pretty mad.”

Wes joined in again. “My Master gave me the low down. What Rory did to you was wrong. He forced you into serving him, made it so you couldn’t leave. Scared you, scared you bad. I’m not full time like the others, but I know this is something you have to want, really want deep down. You should never be forced into it.”

“Wes’s Master found me in the hospital.” Kyle said. “When I told him what Rory did, the color drained from his face. Then he got real serious, asked how many were there. He broke a pen. Ruined his doctor’s coat.” Kyle laughed, which was joined in by a few others.

“Hey, we brought Twinkies in with all those snacks, let’s go get some.” Martin stood up. The others did as well, and headed into the pool house. There they found mattress scattered around, and started digging into the sugary treats. The rescuers glanced at each other, exchanging smiles, things were starting to work out.

Eating the snacks, all the various boys began to find places to bunk down. Following orders, Kip, Wes, and Benny’s boys made sure at least one of them was next to each of the abused slaves. After some bantering, everyone settled down to sleep, leaving the lights on. 

In the night, Kip felt the boy he had been next to quietly get up, and watched the boy sneak out of the pool house.

Kip got up and followed him. Seeing him standing outside, Kip came up to him. “Are you OK?”

The boy was holding his arms in a self-hug. “I don’t know. It’s so much.”

Kip put an arm around the boys shoulder. “I know, you’ve been through so much.”

“I thought it would all be fun, you know? Wear a collar, call a dude ‘Master’, get fucked all the time.”

“It is fun, or it’s supposed to be. Tough sometimes, but so, totally great. To have someone make all the decisions for you, to be in charge of you. I feel so safe under Master’s command.”

“I never felt safe with Rory. Just scared.”

Kip held the boy close. The boy held him back, nuzzling into Kip’s chest hair. Kip felt the boy start to move his hands over Kip’s back, then lower, slipping under Kip’s shorts. “What are you doing?” Kip looked down at that boy.

“Dirk. My name is Dirk. I want to feel a man because I want to. Not because he makes me. And I like you.” Kip was conflicted, but let Dirk fondle his ass. “And you feel good.” Dirk sniffed. “You smell good too.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“It’s a great idea.” Dirk kissed Kip, moving his hand to fell Kip’s cock and balls. The attention had caused an instant reaction, a result of training and attraction.

Dirk shoved down Kip’s shorts, feeling all over Kip’s body. Kip still wondered if this was a good idea, but Dirk seemed determined, sliding down the height of Kip’s body running his lips down Kip’s chest and abs. And lower. Dirk opened his mouth, took Kip’s dick in and began to suck. Kip’s hands ran through Dirk’s hair, moaning.

Dirk knew what he was doing, and Kip hadn’t been sucked in a very long time. It wasn’t the place of a slave to get sucked. Kip let himself go, to taking the sensations in. Kip looked up into the night sky, all the stars. He gripped Dirk’s head harder, as the boy applied tongue and suction.

Kip’s mind crawled back to what was going on. He pulled Dirk off his cock and leaned the boy back onto the grass. One hand went to each nipple, twisting as Kip kissed between the pecs, going down with little kisses. The boy moaned, squirming. Kip ran just the tip of his tongue from the piss slit down to the balls. At the balls Kip widened his tongue and covered so much. Lolling the balls around, The moist wetness felt wonderful to Dirk who had been fucked but not touched in a nice way in so long. Kip’s skill and the fact this was fully consensual. Dirk ran his hands through his own hair.

Kip lapped at Dirk’s balls, sucking both into his mouth and covering them with spit and warmth. Kip ran his hands over Dirk’s thighs. Letting the balls out, Kip licked down Dirk’s taint. “Oh fuck oh fuck!” Dirk croaked.

Kip moved a finger to Dirk’s hole, rolling it all over the edge. “Fuck yes.” Dirk yelled.

“Like it?” Kip pulled his mouth off long enough to ask.

“So fucking much.” Dirk squirmed.

“This seems to agree with you.” Kip stroked Dirk’s rock hard cock, then ran his tongue up the underside of the shaft and engulfed the entire thing in his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Dirk shouted, his cock fully engulfed by Kip’s mouth and throat.

Kip deepthroated Dirk’s dick, getting it wet and warm as the boy moved under him, feeling the friction of Kip’s insides. It was incredible. Under Rory Dirk hadn’t been sucked and getting it now was fantastic. All that time crawling and servicing Rory and Rory’s friends was coming out, a desire to be the top, to put his dick in someone to have that person take it.

“I’m going to fuck you now.” Dirk rolled up and pushed Kip on his back, bringing Kip’s legs up to the shoulders of the man about to fuck him.

Kip wondered for an instant if his Master would be pleased by this fucking, it would help the boy. Kip resolved to get fucked and report to his Master. If Master chose punishment for this unauthorized fuck, Kip would gladly take the punishment. Dirk needed this, and Kip had been charged with helping these victims recovered. “Do it, feel good using my hole.”

“And rough. I’ve gotten fucked rough a lot, so I’m going to dish it out to you now.” Dirk quickly found the back entrance to Kip and was going in regardless of the natural resistance.

“Gagh.” Kip exclaimed, as the large cock pushed through the ring, filling his guts with a rigid invader.

“I love seeing your face as I go in. That’s my dick making you feel that. My dick. In you. All shoved up in your pussy. I’m the man, you’re the pussy. I’m going to fuck you silly.”

“Do it, fuck me hard.” Kip encouraged knowing this was exactly what needed to be said.

“I’m going to, I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll never forget it. You’ll come crawling to me to fuck you again.”

“Yes do it.” Kip reached up and ran his hands over his fuckers chest.

“Pinch them.” Dirk ordered.

“Yes, Sir.” Kip did as he was told, pinching Dirk’s tits, rolling them through his fingers.

“Damn, that’s it.” Dirk continued to pump into Kip, shoving Kip further back on the grass with the force of the thrusts. Dirk had to move forward to stay in, but did it gladly as he delivered his first fuck in months. There is nothing like having your dick in a man, so Dirk was taking everything he could.

Dirk knew he was close, and it wasn’t simply how long since he’d delivered a fuck, but Kip had a very hot hole. “I’m cumming!” Dirk shouted ramming deep in Kip’s hole. “Take that you bitch!” Dirk grabbed Kip’s chin and moved it back and forth before pulling his deflating cock out of Kip’s hole.

Clapping and assorted hoots broke the night. Kip and Dirk looked towards the origin of the sounds to see all the boys at the windows and door of the pool house showing the appreciation they felt as the audience of the show.

“I love fucking!” Dirk pumped his arm in pride at his victory. Kip blushed and covered his eyes with his hands. Looking down, Dirk saw this, pulled Kip up and dragged him towards the boys. “Kip here is a great fuck, let me tell you. Maybe you will each get a chance to tap his ass.” Dirk said while giving Kip a hard slap on the ass that everyone heard echo in the pool house. Kip blushed even more.

“That was great!” Chuck said.

“Sure was. Much better than getting fucked.” Dirk said, squeezing Kip’s ass.

“Maybe we should all get to sleep.” Kip offered.

“Maybe we could all take a turn at your ass.” Lucas came up behind Kip and began to massage Kip’s ass, letting his fingers wander inside the wet, cummy, used crack, Kip moaned.

“This will be fun.” Added Jacob, who had been with Lucas under Rory for months. Jacob grabbed one of Kip’s pecs, kneading it and put his mouth on the other. The third of Rory’s former subs, Chuck, knelt and started licking Kip’s thighs.

Everyone was watching. Phillip saw the looks and the hands reaching to groins and rolled his eyes. There was no stopping this. But it was certainly the first time these boys had voluntarily engaged in sex in who knows how long. They were starting it, so they must be ready for it.

The three boys continued to tease Kip, who’d cock had returned to full hardness. But it and his balls were left alone. Chuck pushed Kip’s legs further apart, moving his lips up and down the most sensitive part of the leg. Small bites, not harmful, just a little sharp. Lucas bent Kip over, running his fingers up and down the crevice of the ass. Jacob twisted to keep working on Kip’s chest. Kip’s legs began to quiver under the ministrations.

Kyle snuggled up to Wes, wrapping his arms around Roger’s boy in a hug. Wes kissed the top of Kyle’s head. “You don’t have to join in. You OK to watch?”

“Yeah, it’s nice. No one calling the shots.” Kyle snuggled deeper.

Lucas had wet his fingers and was now slowly fucking them in and out of Kip’s ass. Chuck put one of Kip’s balls in his mouth and jacked Kip’s dick.

Wanting more, Jacob pulled down the shorts of Vic, one of Benny’s boys and started sucking like a fiend.

Most of what clothes the various boys were wearing came off and hands found cocks to stroke. Chris and Sean, two of Benny’s boys and known lovers and started kissing.

Spitting on his dick, Lucas was working to lube himself when one of Benny’s boys sucked him quick. Lucas let it happen for a minute then patted the boy on the head before lining up with Kip’s ass. Kip thought that if his Master didn’t approve of this, he was in for some severe punishment. Lucas pushed in, at the same time moving Kip forward into Chuck who had moved his mouth to suck Kip. The force sent Kip’s dick deep into Chuck’s throat. Rory had face fucked all his boys a lot, so Chuck only had minimal gagging.

Lucas was making deep, deliberate thrusts into Kip, each one cascading through Kip’s body and into Chuck’s. Kip was getting fucked and sucked at the same time, having to brace himself on Chuck’s back.

Lucas’s hands were gripping Kip’s hips tightly, and Chuck was further holding onto Kip’s legs. Three bodies rocking back and forth under Lucas’s relentless fuck. “It’s like fucking and face fucking at the same time!” Lucas shouted. “I’m fucking two guys at once!”

“Let’s make it three.” Benny’s boy Noah came up in front of Kip and stuck his boner in Kip’s mouth. Kip took it in, not really having much choice. Lucas’s fucking was forcing Kip’s body forward into Chuck and onto Noah.

Someone giggled. Lucas laughed back “This it wicked great, I can fuck anyone, all at once!” Lucas flexed his arms up, showing off his decent biceps. Lucas continued the deep pushes, making the boys below him rock back and forth. One boy came up behind Lucas and felt up his chest, pinching his nipples. The boy tried to kiss the back of Lucas’s neck, and was partially successful but Lucas’s movements prevented too long of lip action.

“I”m going to cum!” Lucas shouted, fucking even faster, slaming into Kip and forcing the others into bigger reactions. “Aaarrgggghhhhh!” Lucas shot his jizz deep into Kip, then falling backward, caught by the boy behind him. Noah pulled back, freeing Kip’s mouth and several of the boys surrounding them came as well.

Kip braced and pulled himself up. Chuck let Kip’s dick come out of his mouth, looked up at the hosting slave and said “That’s the first time in forever I’ve sucked someone because I wanted to.” I tear formed on the edge of Chuck’s eye. “Thank you.” Chuck reached forward and hugged Kip’s legs.

Noah leaned over “Feels so much better, doesn’t it?”

Jacob had gotten Vic off and was now laying on the floor with him and they were gently kissing.

Philip brought Kip his shorts, the sex had loosened the boys up, and they chatted in the darkness as they fell asleep one by one.

The next day, all the boys were chipper, crowding into Max’s kitchen for breakfast. They joked and gently shoved each other. Max entered, and the room fell silent, everyone freezing in place.

“Don’t stop on my account.” Max reached over, tweaked Kip’s nipple and poured his own cup of coffee. Behind his back Kip stuck out his tongue at his Master. Not turning around Max said “I know what you did.” Kip pulled his tongue in, Max turned and ruffled his hair. “Silly boy.”

As soon as Max exited the room, Dirk looked at Kip. “Damn.”

Kip smiled. “We’re comfortable with each other. He’s in control, every minute. We can joke. I know my place, and so does he. So I don’t have to be physically grovelling at his feet. In my head I’m always there.”

“Not all Doms are as free as Master Max is, but they don’t beat you all the time either. We submit because we chose to. They know that. When you’re as in control as Master Max, playing around like that is normal.”  Phillip hugged one of Rory’s former boys who was standing next to him.

Over the next few days, the rescued boys unwound. Roger examined each of them and handled what he found. Each rescue talked to Kip or Phillip privately about what they wanted to do. A couple wanted to get back to their families, those that had them at least. The Doms helped them find jobs and set them up in a couple of apartments, taking them from slaves to roommates. In those apartments, they started fucking and sucking each other, quickly branching out to dating.

During the next year, they all fully recovered. One boy left the life entirely, Dirk had found he preferred being a Dom and was over a few occasional subs, not having found a permanent one of his own. The rest were much happier in the relationships they found, submitting on a one-time or ongoing basis, but always with their own consent. Kyle moved in with a man he fell in love with who had dominant tendencies. The Doms and Kip kept eyes on Kyle and his boyfriend, but everything was working out fine.

Rory moved two states away to an isolated farm where he was offered up on video sites for anyone to give instructions to and he had to film and post himself obeying. Master Rob kept him under tight control, and Rory never knew when Rob might be watching through the cameras all over the house. The first video posted was him standing naked, totally shaved and saying “I made boys do things they didn’t want. Now I beg you to make me do things to pay for what I did.” There were constant requests for him to beat himself, wallow in mud, and many other things. Not needing to work, he had lots of time do degrade himself for posterity. Rory hoped Rob didn’t know he cried himself to sleep fairly regularly, since the lights were out and he kept his sobbing down. 

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