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by @PupRbn

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“Get on, now,” a voice bellowed from behind, followed by the crack of cattle prod to flesh. Wonder-boy winced. His teeth ground against the silicone bit secured tightly in his mouth. He grunted and gave his captor a dissatisfied glare that dared him to take another shot. The man, a wide-shouldered Goliath whose biceps pulse through his tucked-in grey wife-beater, obliged. Once more, the electric crack rang through the darkened corridor, illuminating the passage for a brief enough moment to see the boy’s red-stained cheeks.

            “I said move! You fucking hero freak.”

Wonder-boy knew he could take the man in a fight. Even in the boy’s current undress and shackled state, all it would take to subdue his adversary is one well-timed kick to the groin. This would provide an opening to wrap his chains around the guard’s neck. Then, he’d hold him there, writhing in pain until his body finally goes limp. But that wasn’t the plan. The Caped Wonder, Wonder-boy’s Master and superior, had made himself explicitly clear: the boy was to act as bait. The tracker his Master had installed in his chastity cage would alert The Caped Wonder to the criminal’s whereabouts. From there, the two would launch a strategic take-down of the facility and whatever horrors it housed within.

Still, Wonder-boy hated needing to act as the damsel. He had been trained for this for years by his Master. He had been taught every fighting technique known to man. His body had been honed as a killing machine. He could slaughter this whole warehouse if he pleased, yet he was ordered to be subdued and humiliated.

 He walked forward in compliance. Each step only so much as the chains binding his feet together would allow. As Wonder-boy rounded a corner, the hallway seamlessly bled into an ample, open space. The cruel tug of his iron collar stopped the boy in his tracks, yanking him back into the reality of his position.

“Woah, now. Not too fast there, Wonder-boy,” the guard chided with a snicker. He issued one final forceful tug and stomped on the back of the boy’s knees. Wonder-boy fell into a kneeling position, one akin to the protocol his Master would force him into at home to show obedience. It was somewhat comforting to the boy, but he knew he could not allow himself to be lost in the comfort of familiarity. This man was not his Master, and his mission was far from complete. Wonder-boy snarled viciously, his bound hands balling into tight fists.

“Don’t worry, kiddo. You’ll have your time in Mr. D’s funhouse,” the guard assured with a ruffle of the boy’s swept brunette locks.

            Don’t engage, Wonder-boy reminded himself. The funhouse is your mission. This fuck will get what’s coming to him soon enough. Analyze. Do what the cape sent you here for. Save people. Do good.

Wonder-boy scanned the room before him. It was an industrial-styled warehouse with stalls that lined the floor in rows. What was in the stalls was concealed at the moment, but the boy surmised it has to be where the illustrious Dr. D was keeping his victims. A pervasive hum filled the air. Its electric buzz rattled Wonder-boy’s teeth and made the hair on his arms curl backward. A generator, perhaps? Whatever it is, it’s big.

Then, amidst the rows, the boy saw him. The villainous Dr. D stood among a group of his broad-shouldered lackeys. He towered over them; his scarecrow-like figure craned to oversee their clip-boarded documentation. He was a lanky thing, clad in a latex lab coat that clung to his boney frame like melted flesh. The boy wagered on numerous occasions to his Master that he could break the good Doctor in half, but The Cape always advised against it. “We’re here to help people, not punish perverts,” The Caped Wonder would scold. “Besides, the freak would probably enjoy it too much.”

It took a moment for Dr. D to notice his company, always too wrapped up in whatever scheme he was plotting. Then, after a moment, he shot up from the crowd around him. His face was but a blackened void, obscured by the dark visor draped over his features as he turned to face turned to the boy. His elongated fingers coiled together in his stride down the rows. They were gloved in the same jet-black latex as his coat that shined with the slightest twitch. His body practically shimmered with giddiness under the fluorescent lights as he sputtered with excitement.

“Oh my. Oh my. The rumors are true!!! I finally have my very own sidekick to play with. How marvelous,” he squealed in an eccentric British accent.

The guard smiled sincerely toward his boss and then back down at the boy. “All wrapped up just like you asked. But the little cunt already had his nub locked away. Guess they wanted to make it easier on us, eh, doc?”

“That’s Doctor, you oaf,” the Doctor snapped. “Show some damn respect for once in your simple life. However, it is curious to see our little street champion locked.”

The Doctor squatted down before the boy, who met him with an indignant glare. Wonder-boy struggled against his restraints as he saw the Doctor’s long tendrils slither towards his nub. He yanks and pulls at the chains to be free, but the act is no use. The cool embrace of lubed ligaments wrapped tightly around the boy’s scrotum and pulled his cage upward for inspection.

“Curious but not entirely surprising. I mean, you’ve seen the dynamic between The Caped Wonder and his little gimp.” The Doctor then paused and peered up to the boy. His visor still concealed his features, but Wonder-boy could tell their eyes were now locked between the veil. “Tell me, Wonder-boy; did your Master train you for my care? Are you his gift to me? Delivered so I might cease my reign of terror on your city? I asked him once if I could have you for myself. Did he tell you that?”

The boy shivered slightly. His eyes softened as he felt the Doctor’s grip around his cage tighten. Could it be true? Could The Cape have set him up? No. No, it isn’t possible. The boy snarled once more and violently shook his body, attempting to loosen his captor’s grip to no avail. The Doctor merely chuckled and dug his nails into the base of the boy’s aching balls, causing him to whine out in pain.

“Oh, how cute it is to see you upset. Yes, yes, I think you’ll make a fine addition to my menagerie of slaves. Come, let’s get you situated.” Without losing his grip on the boy’s nub, the Doctor snaked his free hand up to the dangling chain leash. He then rose, tugging both chain and nub to usher his captive forward. The two stepped down the rows, the Doctor resigned to move faster than the boy’s chained feet could carry him.

However, even if he could move faster, Wonder-boy found himself too enthralled with the sights inside the stalls to take his eyes off them. A different adult man stood behind a sheet of plexiglass in each stall. Each man stood the same, back straight, arms locked behind their backs, and identity concealed by what appeared to be a full-body latex suit. Or at least, that’s the only thing Wonder-boy could surmise they are wearing, though something about these suits seems different from the ones he and his Master wore on patrols. These shimmered brighter and livelier even though not one of their wearers moved an inch. Each stood as statues, readied and at attention, gazing out to a fixed point across the way.

“Marvelous little men, aren’t they?” The Doctor asked. “I’m assuming they’re whom you and your Caped Master are searching for? I found them all around Boys’ Town. Cute men. All so sure of themselves. Can you believe they all turned me down for dinner at my place? They claimed I was too wretched for their tastes. I suppose the drinks I bought them weren’t. After one sip, they were happy to visit my home.”

He stopped and looked over to one of the men behind the glass, dragging the boy in for a closer inspection. Here, Wonder-boy could see the definition in the man’s physique. It was almost porous, like painted skin. He followed each curvature of the body down to the patient’s exposed penis which stood tall, blackened by the material that engulfs the man’s body. Out the penis’s tip stuck a small catheter tube that snaked down to a connecting point in the floor. The Doctor snickered as he followed the boy’s gaze.

“There were a few things we couldn’t perfect in this scientific process. A few… kinks we are still working out. One is that, once the subjects are bonded, they seem to have a… hard time getting soft. So, I made sure each was fitted with a way to relieve themselves. Of course, I lost a few of my men to the subjects who had already undergone the bonding process, so I had to make sure to equip them with a tube prior. We’ll get you fitted for one here shortly.” 

“B-Bwond-ng?” Wonder-boy questioned hesitantly, his eyes never leaving the head of the subject’s penis before him.

“With the inorganic life-form, you see before you, of course. Ugh, you hero types. You always need these things spelled out. The suit, it- heh- well, it’s alive! And very happy once it has a host to control.”

 The doctor tugged on the boy’s nub once more, ushering him down the row. “It wasn’t an intentional invention, mind you. It started as merely developing a serum to allow me to control a man and his urges. I get very lonely, you see. Well, one night, while working late in the lab, one of my doltish helpers decided to knock over my concoction, and the rest was history. Watching the serum as it bound to his flesh… the whales of agony as his lost all sentience… it was glorious.” The Doctor stopped and turned to the boy, shaking himself out of the ecstasy-like daydream he had afforded himself. “We killed him shortly after when he came at me with a scalpel, but subject zero’s sacrifice and all those after him have led me to you, dear precious boy. For you will be the first in a long line of obedient slaves who obey my every word.”

The Doctor’s tendrils trailed from the boy’s nub. They tapped up his tattered and battle-scarred chest, before curling themselves under his slightly stubbled chin. Wonder-boy was forced to gaze into the maw before him, not knowing what sickened look of desire stared back at him. The only thing he was able to see was his own chained reflection staring back at him. How helpless he looked, face unmasked and cock caged, his body at the mercy of a psychopath as he waited for a stronger man to come save him. It was an utterly pathetic sight; one the boy could hardly stand to bear witness to.

“Fw-fwat… ch-chwansh,” Wonder-Boy struggled to gurgle out. He allowed his drool to collect as he slurred and trickle down his slacked jaw to the Doctor’s wrist.

The Doctor heaves a dissatisfied sigh. Without warning, he let his hold on the boy’s chin drop before his hand raised and collided with the boy’s cheek. Wonder-boy fell to the floor from the force of the slap. Blood ran from his mouth onto the already stained concrete beneath. Ignoring the spectacle, the Doctor reached into the breast pocket of his latex lab coat and pulled out a handkerchief. He wiped away the drool as the guards rushed over to the boy.

“Yes, I believe my chances of getting away with this are quite largess. But you won’t be around for much longer to see the results.” The Doctor directed the guard who had first apprehended Wonder-boy to a nearby stainless-steel medical table. The guard rushed off before returning with a long yellow tube. He nodded to the other guard, who turned the boy on his back and pinned him to the floor with his arm around Wonder-boy’s neck.

“There’s about a 60% chance you experience the same ego death as past subjects, where the orgasm will take over your every motor function and thought, essentially killing you. I, however, hope you experience the 40% probability where you are kept fully aware of your actions but no longer able to do anything about them. Either way, I won’t know. But one way, you will.”

The original guard clasped down on the boy’s nub and began to insert a catheter tube like the ones Wonder-boy had seen in the other patients. It was painful at first, one of the worst pains the boy could remember experiencing. He struggled and kicked as the tube reached deeper and deeper until he felt it puncture into his stomach. It felt different after this, his lower body stiffened, but the pain subsided. For that, he was thankful. Unfortunately, the guards gave the boy little time to relax. The two lifted him and tossed him effortlessly into the nearest open stall. As Wonder-boy rose from the floor, the plexiglass lowered into place with a sound of compressed air releasing. The boy ran to the glass, smacking his body against it at full force. He let out a scream of unbridled fury as he repeatedly struck his body against the clear surface.

“The procedure is permanent. I made sure of that,” Dr. D said as he stood watching on the other side of the glass. “So, whether you’re one day saved by your caped Master or not, you’ll always belong to someone. I think there’s solace in that.”

From behind, Wonder-boy could hear the release of another hydraulic door, this time from above. He turned to see a flood of black sludge pouring into the stainless white stall. It jiggled as it collected itself. It then began to slowly move about aimlessly where it landed as if becoming acquainted with its new surroundings.

“Mmmerph!” Wonder-boy screamed, his heart pounding. He smacked against the glass again. And again. And again. He angled his body with each contact it made against the glass, hoping the steel collar around his neck may just break it before he was noticed.

“You’ll always be looked after, Wonder-boy. That, I can promise you. I’ll treat you as if you were my own. How about we start this off right. You haven’t been a young twink in some time. Don’t think I don’t see that marvelous chest hair complimenting your physique. You deserve a monicker fitting of a man. I can rename you if you’d like.” The Doctor’s hands pressed against the glass with excited taps near the boy’s chest.

Suddenly, the sludge stopped the surveillance of its new surroundings. It became still as it locked onto its target. Wonder-boy kicked and screamed, becoming more irate by the passing seconds. He could feel the sludge eyeing him, sizing him up. This couldn’t be how it ends.

Then he feels it. The sludge clung to the back of his leg, producing a tingling sensation on the affected skin at first. Then started to burn.

“Mmmmm!!! Meraaa!” He screamed as the sludge trickled up the back of his leg. His flesh seared under its ever-growing absorption. It felt as though it was slithering in to every pore and crevice, filling them with its impurity. It sought the perfect opening but would take any it could get.

“Shhhh,” the Doctor cooed from behind the glass. “Shhh, go quietly, my boy. You’re safe now. You’re mine. Finally, mine.”

“Nw-nwro!” Wonder-boy hollered as the sludge found its entry spot. It slithered up into the boy’s hole, filling his insides and secreting back out each pore. Wonder-boy could feel it working its way up. He staggered back, catching a glimpse of the lower half of his body completely encased. His limbs stiffened as the parasite struggled for control. It wrapped itself around his caged member, hardening the nub in its prison. The pain was unbearable, but Wonder-boy could no longer move or try to resist. He could only stand and watch in horror as the sludge fully covered his nub and extended out, making a new and longer misshapen cock over his own. The sludge ran down to the dangling end of the catheter before culminating at a flat end. The boy’s new member, fashioned after that of a horse, reached to his knees where it pendulated back and forth, pulling on the cage beneath and leaking a secretion of pre-cum.

“Interesting,” the Doctor noted. “That is certainly new. However, it does give me an idea for your name.”

Hooves formed under the boy’s feet, raising him up off the ground as his own feet beneath the sludge are forced to their tiptoes. The sludge weaved up The boy’s spine and straightened his neck like the posture collars he had been forced to wear in his first week at his Master’s side. 

“I- kw-ll yw-.”

“No. No, I don’t think will. But that’s alright. I’m sure your skills will serve me very nicely.”

The sludge finished its ascent, wrapping around Wonder-boys head and seeping into every socket possible. He could feel his mind fade as his vision went black. It was as though even his thoughts were bound by the parasite, forcing him to relive and think of only his most obedient memories. Only one, in particular, filled his every waking thought. The day he pledged himself to The Caped Wonder. The day he became the house slave of billionaire Alexander Murdock. The happiest day of his life.

Moments later, his vision returned. He was met once more with the sight of Dr. D beyond the glass. However, in the faint reflection of the barrier that separated them, Wonder-boy could make out another figure. One with the snout and mane of a horse. It couldn’t be… no.

“Well, well. I hope you’re still in there,” chimed Dr. D. “I wouldn’t want you to miss all the fun we are about to have Wonder-boy. Or should I say… Stallion.”

To be continued …?

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