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If you know what to expect, you can look forward to the next butt smack.

Hey readers, I’m here today with pup Rally. Rally, can you tell us all a little about yourself? What do you all like, and what are you into?

Hello! My name is Rally and I’m a new puppy that’s very into rubber. I’m into a wide variety of kinks that can go from sensually erotic to spicy things that makes the body squirm and the voice moan. It’s a little difficult to list exactly what I like because it’s big list, but I can tell you that my top favorites are rubber, bondage, sensory deprivation, sensation play, chastity, and a lot of good rubber sex.

I actually started out in kink the moment I turned 18 and it’s been an almost nonstop adventure up until a few years ago.

I experienced a major disconnect from everything I loved to do (and have done to me), and it took the entirety of 2019 for me to recover and find my way back.

I started out very involved and immersed in the BDSM, master/slave part of the kink world and when I broke away from kink altogether, I left so much of that world behind.

The puppy I am today is a result of the few friends that stayed with me through everything and inspired me to pick up a pup hood for myself. I initially got it for fun to be a nameless puppy just for play, and then it grew.

Well sometimes such breakoffs are needed. I am glad for you though that you were able to find your way into the scene anew like this. What do you see as most important things when playing with somebody?

Aw thank you :D!

When I play it with somebody, I identify more with chemistry first. I’ve been in the kink world long enough to realize that people are people and we all have various looks and shapes and sizes, and some of my best sessions have come from individuals that I could not have guessed just by looking at the from the outside.

Matching interests are the most important factor of course, but also realistic expectations.

If we can laugh together, then I think we might be able to mesh chemistry.

I have been fortunate to have met a few good people along the way.

And have picked up a few more that I now believe will be around for possibly the foreseeable future, and I’m quite happy about it.

Matching interests are the most important factor of course, but also realistic expectations.

If we can laugh together, then I think we might be able to mesh chemistry.

I have been fortunate to have met a few good people along the way.

And have picked up a few more that I now believe will be around for possibly the foreseeable future, and I’m quite happy about it.

Do you have a certain style you lean to when playing? What do you often like to do with your partner? (Can be everything from kink to a certain practice)

My current playing style, because I’m a new puppy, is like exploration. I picked up my hood at the end of 2019 and with 2020’s unexpected pandemic, I wasn’t able really meet local pups to learn from and network. Everything I’ve been doing since has been on my own and online with other pups, and non-pups, from around the world.

The best way to describe my style is: I’m here to enjoy myself and make sure that you are made to enjoy and be enjoyed too. It’s not all about me. It’s about my play partner too, and so I’m a switch puppy happy to give affection and spankings, but also receive them in turn.

I don’t own you, you don’t own me, but I’ll be your puppy if you’ll be mine. Something like that ;).

That sounds like something from a catchy pop song xD but its a very good approach to go at things with.

You like to give and receive spankings? ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s something that many exploring often tend to hesitate with. What’s it like for you? And where do you see the attractions?

I started out receiving spanking because I always wanted to be the slave/bad boy who needed training to be kept in its place, or to be trained to be able to take the use and punishment his owner wanted him to endure. It was a few years like this before one day I became curious what it was like to be on the giving end.

As it turns out, I got pretty turned on putting the paddle to another butt that wanted to be ‘punished’ as much as I liked it.

It became something like a combination of a service top and a sadist, spanking an eager butt because he craved it and delivering the spanking because I got aroused from both his desire to be spanked and my own action of dishing it out.

Spanking (and it wasn’t just limited to paddles, but the broad range of impact play that ranges from a hand all the way to single tail whips) is fundamentally a consensual activity between two adults that are both into it either as receivers, givers, or both.

What I’ve always taught men and boys I’ve played with regarding intense sensations like pain, is that most of the fear comes from the unknown of how it feels like. Athletes, martial artists, and even chefs in the kitchen are very familiar with what their occupational injuries feel like through familiarity of experiencing them time and time again to where they’re not afraid of it, but accept it as a part of their work or an invariable possibility as a part of their fun.

Receiving and processing the pain of spankings to where it’s not a fearful form of play is approached by teaching the new person that one, it’s consensual and it can be stopped at any time. And then, the mystery of what it feels like, which is the source of that fear, can be broken through supportive guidance instead of an imposing style of: “You have to take it because I said so.”

Granted I know that the imposing style is very hot to many people, but my attention has always been focused on the others that would shy away from something so intimidating. What I like is to teach in a “good boy!” approach and train the person that you will not fear what it feels like because that feeling is a sensation you are familiar with. If you know what to expect than be afraid of the unknown, you can be at peaceโ€ฆand look forward with eagerness at the next smack on the butt.

Personally, I’m excited to be spanked if I’m told (and hopefully shown) that my top is outright aroused from him wanting and spanking me. It’s exquisitely hot to crave the spanking because he’s turned on by it and I end up just wanting endure more so I can enjoy knowing and seeing him (unless blindfolded haha) turned on.

You can see how this ends up becoming a feedback loop that arouses both the top and myself, and how I one discovered I enjoyed this when I experimented with switching in the later years of my kink exploration.

There’s always a big difference if somebody truly wants it or whether he’s just using it cause it’s part of bdsm, isn’t there ๐Ÿ™‚

What about your other kinks that you mentioned in the beginning? They’re all sensory changing elements apart from chastity, even rubber. It seems you really like to play with that? Are you very body-sensitive then ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?


Hmmm ;). I like changing the senses because they make you experience sensations through senses you don’t normally use as much as you would say, sight and hearing.

When you can’t see, you depend on feeling and hearing. When you can’t see and can’t hear, you’re limited to touch, your imagination, and whatever internal senses you have left.

Rubber mutes body touches, making your sense of feeling crave more, wonder what is happening, and intensifies the desire to feel more.

From teasing the body to stimulating sensitive areas, there are so many ways to play with a bound, sensory deprived rubber sub.

Personally I’m not too sensitive ๐Ÿ˜…. Maybe it’s because I have too many normal distractions such as sight and sound. When they’re taken away, that’s when things become interesting.

XD If I got to describe my sensitivity I always say fucked up. Cause I can be spanked to hell and enjoy it without a fuss, but if you come at me with a pinwheel or tickling I’m gonna go insane.

You mentioned before you’re an explorer. What are some of the things you’d like to explore kink wise? f.ex. things you haven’t done yet etc.

Hmmm I suppose it’s a lot of the more bondage and heavy rubber involved play that I’ve only seen in porn and never experienced in person. Most of that porn comes from people living in Europe whereas I’m in California where dedicated rubber fetishists are very few.

I enjoy latex for the erotic nature, absolutely. But I also love it for the reality escaping feeling and visual when the entire body is envelopes in rubber and related gear. I can be a puppy, yes. And then I can become a full time rubber puppy. In this form, I look at myself in the mirror and it’s not me.

When I reach out and touch something or I’m touched, it’s not felt with my skin.

Of the many things I’ve done, I haven’t felt anything else that creates immersion as overwhelming as rubber can induce.

Hehe yeah the transformation aspect is something rubber is quite unique in. Have you ever wanted to enhance that tf part and explore it more with different variants? If, how so, what are your fantasies in that regard?

That’s definitely something I think about pretty often haha. Especially when browsing the many different things in rubber one can buyโ€ฆ Although I am limited by cost, as we all typically are.

It’s hard to state something specific because I basically look at all the options and I want to select: ‘All of the above.’

I see latex as an escape from being a person, so it becomes something akin to not only as fashion, but an expression from the inside to become something else, something extraordinary that I can’t do as my human me. I don’t seek to dehumanize myself exactly. My interest is to be a pup and do it with rubber as my shop through my adventures.

Gear is definitely a major factor, but I’ve discovered that just buying gear is the easy part. The real challenge, and thus the greatest enhancement to the experience is to find a companion, or few, who all have the same fundamental desire to be pups in rubber and sail this kinky ship together.

We will support each other, enhance our ideas with unique perspectives, and feed off of each other’s desires and lusts to create something special. Very special :).

At least that’s the hope anyway. I’ve only just started and I have already found a few. So give me some time and we’ll see where we all end up.

Pup Rally

United States

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