A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 9

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The Date

Late one night I got a call from Master. He was coming over to my apartment. Usually, he didn’t call to warn me, but this time was different. He was bring a date over. Actually, it was some guy he had just picked up and they were driving separate cars over.  Master gave me instructions on what to do and hung up.

I didn’t have much time, so I changed the sheets on the bed as Master had ordered, turn off most of the lights and hid in the closet. Master didn’t want me involved in this fuck session, so I was to stay out of the way until morning.

I didn’t know what kind of guy Master had, so I waited. I was cramped in the closet, and I knew I was in for a long night. I was glad Master didn’t send me down to service Tom all night, but then Master’s instructions involved me the next morning. I was going to serve Master and his guest breakfast. Usually, Master didn’t give me any warning when he put me on display. But this time, I had all night to think about being a slave in front of a total stranger. From my closet, I heard the door open and two men enter. One was Master. I heard the door close and what sounded like kissing.

I heard the strange voice say “Man, you do have a big one in there for me,don’t you.?”

“Fuck, yeah.” Was Master’s reply.

I heard them move off to the bedroom. It sounded to me like Master had made a pickup and was using my apartment. Of course, he couldn’t exactly take a male date to his own house, not with his parents there. And I guessed the other guy was in a similar position. It was possible the guy Master had picked up was a high schooler like him.

I could hear the bed move, and hear sounds from the bedroom. Master was having sex with someone more his equal than I was. I was Master’s object, but this was a date. I got hard listening to my Master have sex in the other room. Eventually, I fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning with dread. Now I was going to be on display for Master’s date. But there was nothing I could do about it. I quietly got out of the closet and went to the kitchen. Master had demanded utter silence out of me until called for. I started the coffee as I had been ordered and waited.

About an hour after I had gotten up, I heard movement in the bedroom. Taking my cue, I slipped my french maid’s uniform on. I had not put this on until the last minute. Last night Master said I had to appear in it, but he didn’t say I had to put it on as soon as I got up. Master had given me the uniform when I spend a weekend at his house. It is based on the french-maid’s uniform, has only one layer of transparent black cloth, and is cut with a halter like top to expose my chest. It’s backless as well. The skirt crinkles up and is so short when I bend over you can see my ass. There is a little apron over this, white and more transparent then the black. It’s designed for maximum embarrassment. It makes you look like a french maid, but you are still naked.

I heard voices in the bedroom. The voices were talking, but I couldn’t make out the words. They sounded like too lovers just getting up. Of course, that is what they were.  Then the bell rang. I had assembled a tray with cream, sugar and coffee cups. I now poured the coffee into the cups and carried the tray into the bedroom. As soon as I entered the room, I gave a little curtsey. The guy on the bed with Master just stared at me. I had to look ridiculous. I’m a little shorter than average, but I work out, so I have a good body. My hair is cut short 1/2 inch on the side and 1 inch on top. I looked like I could be in the army. Now seeing me dressed in this pornographic maids uniform was enough to make anyone do a double take. This guy’s eyes just got wide. Master looked at me with a smirk.

I carried the tray over to Master’s guest and said “Morning coffee, Sir?”

“Goddamn.” The man said.

“Alex, this is my slave.” Master said.

“I’m Alex, what’s your name?” Alex said to me.

“You can call him boy, or faggot, or cocksucker. He gets called whatever I feel like at the moment.” Master answered for me. Alex took his coffee black. I carried the tray over to Master. Master got his coffee and looked over at Alex. Master kissed Alex on the cheek and asked “Breakfast?”

“Sure.” Was Alex’s response. But there was something sexy in his voice, he wanted to screw with Master some more. As the coffee cups found their way to the floor, Master and Alex began to make out. I took my cue and returned to the kitchen to make breakfast. I closed the door completely.

They must have had a good time, because they fucked for quite some time. I guess when real men fuck it’s different than when a boy like me is involved. Master was a junior in high school and, and Alex looked about the same age. I was 22. I considered myself a boy because I had a much smaller dick than Master did and I was a slave.  Master was commanding and I was submissive. I worked out, so I was well built, but I fell to my knees and kissed Master’s feet anytime he wanted. There were times when I considered that I had enslaved myself to someone years younger than me. He was still a boy by society’s standards, and the fact that a full grown man groveled at his feet was not normal.

I heard a loud groan from the bedroom, and I recognized it as Master’s. I felt a shiver up my spine. I wanted him to be fucking me right now. No matter what the difference in our ages, no matter what he ordered me to do, I would always crawl at his feet. All I wanted was to be his slave. I would put up with the punishments and humiliations to amuse him. I didn’t care if I ever felt comfortable or unembarrassed again. As long as he was my Master and I was his slave, that is all I wanted. My dick was so hard thinking about this that it hurt. Master had not forbidden me to jack off, so I did. It was the first time I could jack off when him around that wasn’t a command from him. When I was performing for him, one of my standing orders was only to touch my cock when ordered. The sounds from the bedroom kept going, and I made sure breakfast would stay warm. I began to slowly jack off. I thought of my slavery to Master and I could hear him fucking in the other room. It was the best jack off session I ever had.

After Master and Alex finished fucking, they must have rested again, because it was some time before the bell rang for me again. I brought the coffee tray in and refilled their cups. Master ordered breakfast to be served. I curtseyed on my way out and fetched a tray with breakfast. The men began to eat, I humbly knelt by the bed.

“He’s pretty well trained.” Alex said.

“He does OK. I have to punish him every so often, but I keep him around since he amuses me.” Master said. I was so happy to hear that Master was going to keep me.

“Why wasn’t he here last night?” Alex asked.

“He was.” Master said. “I ordered him into the closet so he wouldn’t disturb us.”

“Oh, that’s rich.” Alex said. “You do dominate him, don’t you.”

Master snapped his fingers at me and said “Boy, answer the man.”

“Yes, Sir. Master dominates everything in my life. He is my Master, my owner, and my god. I obey and worship him. I am nothing but his property and his slave. I am his slave body, mind, and soul. Master may do with me anything he wishes.” I said.

“Good boy.” Master said. “Now get out of that dress and dance for us.”

“Yes, Master.” I removed the maid’s uniform and went to the foot of the bed. Master had me taking belly-dancing lessons. So I began to dance nude. There was no music playing, so I was doing this in silence. I had danced for Master before, but not anyone outside of my class. I was embarrassed to do this in from of Master’s date. I knew Master wanted me to turn him and Alex on, so I did the best I could. As I danced, they continued breakfast. They fed each other bits and I could see that under the sheets their dicks were getting hard. Belly dancing is rare for men, so I’m the only man there. It’s embarrassing to be in the class like a girl, but it makes Master happy for me to be humiliated like that.  Master had told me to take the class to amuse him. Belly dancing is supposed to be sensual. When I dance for Master, I’m supposed to try to turn him on, so I work hard at it. You move your hips a lot, so my dick bobs around. It’s a bit like stripping, but you start out naked. I added fucking motions in. I ran my hands over my body and sucked my fingers some. I thought I might be turning red from doing this. I was humiliated doing this. It was hard enough to do it just for Master, but to do it for a total stranger heightened my humiliation. I think the guys who do this really get off on it, but it was hard for me.

When they finished breakfast, I took the tray out and returned, kneeling to await their pleasure. Alex looked at Master. “Is it OK for him to blow me?”

“Sure is.” Master snapped his fingers at me. I crawled over to Alex’s side of the bed and began to lift the sheet. I blew him long and hard. Alex had cum not to long before with Master, so I was working for a while. Master watched as Alex just lay there and took my blow job. I had always concentrated hard on giving blow jobs, because I consider it a slavish way to service a man. Finally, he came in my mouth and I swallowed it.

“Want to take a shower?” Master asked Alex.

“Sure.” Alex said. They got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Master snapped his fingers and pointed to a wall. I knelt before the wall with my face to the wall. They had a long shower.

Finally, they came out of the bathroom with towels wrapped around their waists. The headed for the living room and I heard Master call “Boy.”

I crawled to the living room and kneeling before him said “Master.”

“Crawl and get the 10 inch dildo. Then come back here and fuck  yourself with it.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the bedroom for the dildo and returned. I didn’t want to do this in front of someone besides Master, but I had to obey. It was obvious that Master wanted some entertainment, and what was more entertaining than ordering a boy around? The dildo was dry, so it took some pushing to get it in my ass. I started out slow, moving the length of it in and out of my ass. Eventually, I sped up and got to new angles. I had fucked myself with dildos before Master, but to do it in front of these two boy men was embarrassing. This is so private, so degrading. I felt foolish doing it, but I had to obey Master.

Master and Alex watched for a while, then began to talk. Master recounted some of the things he had me do, and said he knew I didn’t want to do them. He described the night he put me in a park’s men’s room to service men for a nickel. He said he knew I wanted to run away, but that I stayed because Master had told me too. He told how two punk kids had come in and taken over, charging people a dollar to use me, all the time having me work on my first nickel.  Master said he was very proud of me for obeying him no matter how much I didn’t want to. I must have glowed with pride to hear Master say that about me.

As I fucked myself with the dildo to amuse the two men, I  was never happier than to hear that Master was happy that I obeyed him so well. It made up for all the embarrassment and humiliation.

“You like having a slave, then.” Alex said.

“Shit yeah.” Master replied. “It’s great. Especially one like Max. He does anything I tell him too with no hesitation. It’s like he was trained from birth to serve me. But he says I’m his first Master.” My glow got brighter. Master was indeed my first. I had had some play-masters, but none wanted a slave. And in some ways I was trained from birth. I had always been submissive, and I loved being ordered around. I had fantasized my whole life about being a slave. But until Master, I hadn’t found anyone who wanted a real slave, not just a play-slave.

I must have been showing my joy, because Alex then said. “Must be, look at him.”

Master and Alex looked at me a minute then Master said “You fuck him, and I’ll get him to blow me.”

“Great.” Alex said. They took their positions. And I dropped the dildo.

As I started to go down on Master, he held my face and said “Good, good boy.” I was sure he was pleased with me. I felt Alex push into my asshole. Alex didn’t use any lube, but my ass was opened from the dildo. He had a good size dick, and I could feel it filling me. I tenderly kissed the head of Master’s cock. Alex began to thrust into me, and I took Master’s shaft down my throat. I used my tongue on the underside and sucked hard. Alex’s hand grabbed my hips and moved them from side to side a little and back and forth.

“Oh, God.” I hear Alex say. He was ramming into me slowly, taking his time.

“Slap him some, if you want. The faggot will take anything you dish out.” Master said. And I would. Here I was, 22 years old on my hands and knees being taking at both ends by a couple of teenagers. I was lost in slavish desire to obey Master. Alex slapped my ass pretty hard, and red splotches appeared on my cheeks. Master grabbed my ears and used them to pull me up and down on his cock. I didn’t reset, even when Master held my face down in his pubes and kept it there. I began to choke. I couldn’t breath, but I couldn’t resist Master. I looked up at Master, and he smiled cruelly down at me.

“Be a good boy, fucker.” Master said. I continued to suck. Master eased my head back, and I could breathe again.

Master was controlling the head and Alex was controlling ass, and I was a slave to men younger than me. I was only a fucktoy, and lived only to take their cocks in my mouth and ass. Master’s words of praise about me had filled me with pride. And now I could prove I was his boy by serving him as well as I could. I clenched my ass muscles around Alex’s cock so he would enjoy his fuck, and I sucked with all my strength on Master’s cock. Every so often one would groan.

I concentrated more on Master’s cock. I was a bad slave, and was more concerned about Master than his friends. I obeyed him, and I felt the hardness of his cock covered with the silkness of the cockskin. The head hit the back of my throat and I swallowed it down. I swirled my tongue over the shaft and keep my teeth off it. My lips were in full contact, and I could look forward and see his blond pubes or look up and see his great, beautiful chest and commanding face. I didn’t forget about Master’s guest, and I keep my ass tight and tried to suck his cock further and further in. But Master’s cock was so much of my life. I wanted to give it all the pleasure I could. I run my tongue under the head and over the heard. I worked the piss slit and head. I was in heaven, sucking Master’s cock and being his slave. I was hard as a rock.

Master and Alex fucked me for a long time. They were young and not in a hurry to cum. I was raw when Alex finally came in me and pulled out. Master came a little later. Master snapped his fingers and pointed to Alex. I crawled over and cleaned him off. When I was done, Master snapped his fingers again, pointing to a wall. I crawled over and knelt facing the wall. Master and Alex got on the couch and necked a little. Finally, Alex said he needed to go, and he and Master went into the bedroom and got dressed. As Alex left he came over to me, slapped my chest and said “You’re a good fuck.”

I stayed kneeling before the wall. Master closed the door behind Alex and sat in a chair looking at me for a minute. Then he said. “Here, boy.” I crawled over to him and knelt.

“Yes, Master.” I said. The Master word hit me. He was my Master. I did anything he told me to. It didn’t matter that he was so much younger than me at a time when that age difference was a lot. I obeyed. It had to strike him that I was a full grown man and I crawled at this feet. Master was fully dressed and I was naked. Master could snap his fingers, and I’d crawl somewhere. Master assigned me to obey a neighbor like a slave (a slave that I was) and I obeyed. I didn’t matter that I didn’t like the neighbor and wasn’t turned on by him. But Master said to obey Tom, and I obeyed Tom. I would cower before Master like a girl or a puppy. There where things I didn’t want to do, but if Master said do them, I did.

“You have been a good asshole. I’m going out, but I’ll be back later to fuck you again. Clean this place up and be ready.” With that he left.

To be continued …

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