A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 12

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Spring Break

Master had ordered me to take a week off work for Spring Break. I was fortunate that his Spring Break from High School was a the same time as mine from Massage School. When Master ordered me to do this, he didn’t ask about my plans, or if I wanted to do something, he just gave me the dates he wanted me to take off and left it at that. Master didn’t tell me what we would be doing, just that I was to take the time and be his.

The Friday of the Break, I got a call from Master, he was coming over. I was ordered to hump my dick on the carpet until I came, then stay kneeling until Master arrived. I said “Yes, Master” and he hung up without saying goodbye. I went to the living room of my small apartment and began to hump my dick on the carpet. It was like jacking off. I was already naked, as that is how Master ordered me to be when I was home. The carpet was rough on my dick, and it pulled on the head, but it also provided friction like my hand would of. I had done this by myself on the bed, but the carpet was rougher. It wasn’t entirely unpleasant, and I let my mind wonder, thinking of Master and how I loved to obey him. I came. Breathing heavy, I hauled myself up to my knees and waited.

Master arrived shortly afterwards. He just opened the door and walked in like he owned the place. Well, he owned me. I said “Master.” He smiled at me. He could see my cum between my knees, and knew I had obeyed him. He liked to see that I remembered my place as his slaveboy and would be humble before him. Master looked down on me like a god looking onto a worshiper. He was my god and I did worship him. My eyes and face showed adoration.

“Lick it up.” Master finally said after he had enough of my worship. His voice was low, no doubt in his voice that I wouldn’t obey.

“Yes, Master.” I bent down to lick up my cum. The carpet was clean since I kept the place spotless, but it was still a carpet. I felt the yarn things rough on my tongue mixed with my cold cum. Slime and fabric mixing on my tongue. I swallowed, feeling the cum dribble down my throat and the bits of carpet fiber. My tongue came out again and licked up some cum and carpet hair. Master watched me, watched his dominance of me, watched how he, a mere boy could command a grown man to lick his cum off the floor. And I had obeyed other commands of his, humiliating commands, difficult commands. He had me in the palm of his hand, and he knew it. I called him Master and he was, he was my Master and all that mattered to me in my life.

I finished, pulled my head up and looked back into his beautiful face. His faced showed his enjoyment of his control over me, how he could whisper a suggestion and I would jump to obey. I loved to make him happy.

“We’re going to the beach for a week. Let’s pack. Heel.” Master lead to my bedroom. I crawled to follow. I loved to follow him, to submit to his will. “Got a suitcase?” Master was being gentle with me. He wasn’t always. Master’s moods were his, and I lived only to be a toy for his moods and whims. If Master was being gentle, I should be happy that he didn’t want to cash in on one of the many punishments I owed him for being a bad boy.

I got the suitcase out of the closet and showed Master. He snapped his fingers and pointed to the bed. I opened it there. Master snapped his fingers a lot. I was supposed to obey his wish when he snapped. I was supposed to read his mind. Fortunately, I spend all my time wanting to please Master, so I was learning what his snaps meant. Master packed some of my stuff, not a lot for a week.

Master packed most of the stuff he and Tim had bought me on our trip a week ago. Master then ordered me in to the blue shorts and sandals. The blue shorts are very tight, nothing is really hidden by them. Finished, Master snapped his fingers and strode out of the room. I followed Master to his car and got in the seat next to him.

Just out of town, Master ordered “Strip.” I took off my sandals and the shorts. I was embarrassed to be bare-assed out in public like this, it was still daylight, and I knew people could see in.

“My friend Rick’s family has a beach house. We’re going up there. There will be four of us, not counting you, faggot. You’re going to keep all of us happy, you got that?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You should be getting hard just thinking about it.” Master said.

“Yes, Master, it gets me hard.” My dick started to rise. I was embarrassed enough being naked in his car in the daylight, but having a hard-on was worse. I was sure people could see in, and see my hardon.

“I want you to call everyone Master, I want my friends to know they are men and you are just a boy. I want you to do what your are told no questions. If
any of us have to tell you twice or punish you, you are really going to get it.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You are going to do all the work. You are going to do all the cooking and cleaning. I want you to make the beds, all that shit. We’re on vacation, I don’t want anyone to lift a finger. I don’t care if you get any sleep or not, just do it, hear me, boy?”

“Yes, Master.”

“I want you to think of things to make us happy. If someone’s just sitting around, see if they want to fuck you or have you entertain them. I want everyone to have the best time.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I want you to be the fucktoy, the faggot, the whore. Give them your mouth, your ass. Rim them, let them fuck you. Let them beat you or humiliate you.”

“Yes, Master.”  I was really going to have to work on this vacation.

“Blow me.”

“Yes, Master.” I reached over and undid his pants, then bent down and took his hardening cock into my mouth. I began to suck his cock for him as he drove down the interstate. It was still daylight, and I know people had to see Master getting blown in the car. I turned red knowing that. I guess that it really is great for a man to get blown while driving. It really gives him a feeling of control. Master was doing more and more to show me off, to exert his control over me. I kept sucking him. It wasn’t comfortable for me to do this. I was belted in the seat, so I was pulling against the seatbelt to get my mouth on his cock. Then I had my head under the steering wheel and his arms. On top of all this, I was naked with my dick hard. My back ached and the painful position and I was humiliated at obeying the command. But this is what I had always wanted, a Master to control me and order me around.

Master continued to drive and I worked on his cock for a long time. Finally, when he was ready, he blew into my mouth. I swallowed it all and gently cleaned him up. I pulled my face out of his crouch and sat up. I brought my hand up to wipe his cum off my face when Master said “Leave it.”

“Yes, Master.” I looked ahead, not wanting to glance at people in other cars. I was proud to wear Master’s cum but humiliated that other would see this and laugh at me. Master just kept driving, listening to the radio. He didn’t talk to me, or treat me like a person, after all I was just an object for his pleasure.

Several miles later Master said “Beat off.”

“Yes, Master.” I began to pull on my dick. I knew other people, like truckers, could see what I was doing, and it humiliated me. But I had to obey Master. When I came, Master had me rub my cum in my hair.

Quite some time later, Master ordered me back into my shorts and it was getting dark. Master pulled into a convenience store. I felt a pang of fear. The last time Master and I went to a convenience store, I was totally humiliated and degraded. I had no idea what Master was going to do to me this time.

“Grab your sandals and that short t-shirt. Then get your faggot-ass in there and buy me a couple cases of beer.”

“Yes, Master.”

I dressed and entered the store. I was old enough for beer, which Master wasn’t. I bought the beer and returned to the car. Master had me put it in the trunk, strip in the parking lot, then get back in. As we pulled out of the lot, Master said “Strip and do that thing Tim has you do in the car.”

“Yes, Master.” Tim was Master’s friend and had a routine for me in the car. I sucked my thumb, cruelly pinched my own tits, and humped my dick like I was fucking. Tim liked to have me do this in the car, and now I was doing it to entertain Master.

Master added “Stay hard until I tell you to go down.”

“Yes, Master.”

We were on more back-roads now, finally pulling up to a large beach-house. There were two other cars already there.

“I hope this is the right place. Get my luggage, asshole. All of it.”

“Yes, Master.”

Master had a lot of luggage, and it was hard for me to carry it all. Master strode up the stairs to the porch, stopping a the front door.

“Ring the bell.”

“Yes, Master.” My hand were full, so I bent down and hit the door-bell with my nose. I straightened up and kept my eyes down as we waited.

It wasn’t long before the door opened. It was a gorgeous high schooler. Tall, broadshouldered, and well built. Dark hair fell over his forehead in a rakish way. “Jack’s here.” He yelled back into the room. He stood back and let us enter.

Master entered like he owned the place, I was always awed by his power. I humbly followed my Master.

Inside, there was a nice big airy living room with two other high school boys on the sofa. One was Master’s friend Tim and I didn’t know the other. Of course, they were all dressed, and I was bare-assed naked. I turned red from embarrassment. These were going to be my Masters for the next week. All were really good looking. In a lot of ways, I was lucky. I was in for a week of sucking and being fucked by some really hansome studs. What more could a faggot ask for? I was hard as a rock as Master had ordered, and this added to my humiliation.

All eyes were on me. Master’s eyes held ownership and how he was proud to show off his property to his friends. Tim’s eyes showed that he knew I was in for a lot of hard work all week, and that he could really use me. The other two boys looked at me in disbelief (like they couldn’t believe Master actually had a slave) and lust.

Now, I’m pretty good-looking, and I have a nice body. I don’t think Master would have looked at me twice that first night if wasn’t up to standard, so I knew I was fuckable. But to see a older man (5 or so years older) so bare before high schoolers was not a common thing. I could see in their faces the amazement that I was going to be their slave for a week. They were going to get to order a grown man around, and what high school stud doesn’t want that? Plus, I was hard as a rock. It was humiliating.

“Jesus fuck, I can’t believe it. Jack, I’ve got to hand it to you, man. You really got it.” That was the guy on the couch.

“Fucker really performs, too.” Added Tim.

“Jesus, what can you make him do?” asked the guy on the couch.

“Anything, absolutely anything.” Master said. “And he’s under orders to make all of you very happy. Isn’t that right, shithead?”

“Yes, Master.”

“God damn it. This is going to be great.” This was from the guy who had the door.

Master when and sat down, so did the guy who had opened the door. “Get on your knees and tell these men what you will do this week.” Master ordered.

I knelt down. “Masters, you can do anything you want to me. I am your slave, your fucktoy, your faggot. You can beat and humiliate me. Masters, you can fuck me and I will suck you and rim you. I will do everything so you don’t have to lift a finger. I will obey all your commands. Masters, I beg you to punish me if I do anything wrong or anything that displeases you. I am here only for your pleasure. Masters, I am your slave.”

The two new guys looked at me in amazement, then joined Master and Tim in laughing at me.

“Well, I want to get started, where can I have the fag put my shit, Rick?” Master asked the guy who had opened the door, Rick.

“First bedroom on the right, upstairs.” Rick said.

Master snapped his fingers and pointed upstairs. I began to move. “Put everything away queer. I want things nice when I go to bed.”

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“Shit.” Said the guy on the sofa.

“Just wait, Sam, until you get him to take a swing on that dick of yours, you’ll love it.” Tim said to the guy next to him.

Master and Rick went to sit down as I began to head up the stairs. When I was almost at the top, I heard Master say to this friends. “Now watch this.”
A second later. “Whoa, bitch. I don’t like the way you’ve got my bags. You had better come down and trade arms.”

“Yes, Master.” I turned around and headed back down. The men began to laugh. At the bottom, I moved things around, looked at Master and said “Master, is this good?”

“I don’t know, try it. If I don’t like it, we’ll try again.”

“Yes, Master.” I headed up the stairs again.

When I was almost at the top, Master said “No, I don’t like that either. Come back and try again.”

“Yes, Master.” I returned to the bottom and rearranged again. Master waived me back up. The men were showing their amusement at my predicament. I would almost get to the top, when I would have to come all the way back, move the luggage around and start again. I was starting to sweat. Master had heavy bags, and many of them, and I was going up and down the stairs.

After several trips, Master finally got up, chose one bag with a shoulder strap, and hung it on my neck. He hung it so it came down my back, the strap over my throat.

“Try that, shitball.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I was allowed to complete my task this time, with the men laughing at me.

In the room, I began to unpack Master’s bags. I realized why they were so heavy. Master had packed bricks and some weights in his bags. I guess the only reason he had done it was so I would have to work to carry his luggage.

When I was done, I headed back downstairs. Master and Tim were telling stories of my humiliations to their friends. Not having any orders, I quietly knelt next to Master. After a few seconds, Master looked at me, slapped my ass and said “Fetch the beer, bitch.”

“Yes, Master.” I rose to follow the order. The men gently laughed at my obedience to Master.

Once outside, I approached the Master’s car and discovered it was locked. There was nothing else, I could do, I had to return without the beer. When I
entered the room, Master looked at me angrily “What the fuck is this, shitfuck? I told you to get the fucking beer!”

I fell on my knees “I’m sorry Master, the car is locked, I need the keys to get the beer.”

“You stupid shit, do you think I want to hear your excuses? I give you an order and you can’t even do a simple thing like bring in the fucking beer.”

“I’m sorry Master.” I didn’t know what to do, I was pleading with my eyes, but worried to do anything without an order, or Master might punish me more. Master’s friends were looking at me in amusement.

“If you want to fucking keys, crawl your worthless ass over here and beg for them.” I began to crawl over to Master, all eyes on me. When I reached his feet, I began to kiss and lick them. It was humiliating to have to do this in front of a bunch of high schoolers.

“Master, please Master, please let me have the keys so I can fetch the beer for you. I’m so sorry I failed, please let me work to make it up. Master, please let me fetch your beer. I am just a worthless shit Master, and I can’t even follow a simple order. I’m so sorry Master, please teach me to be your slave, to obey your orders. Please Master, I want to be a good boyslave for you. Master, I’m just a boycunt, please let me obey your orders and fetch your beer. Master, please let me have to keys to get your beer. Please, Master, punish me hard for disobeying. I am a cuntfuck and not good enough to be your slave.”

Master jerked my head up by the hair, rubbed the keys roughly on my face and said “Fucker, get going and make it snappy.”

“Yes, Master.”

As I headed out the door, I heard Master say to his friends “So what should we do to punish him?” I was worried at what they would decide while I was outside. I got the cases of beer and returned to the house.

When I entered, the men were smiling cruel smiles at me. I carried the cases to the kitchen and put the beer in the fridge. When I turned back, Master looked at me and ordered “Kneel.”

I hit my knees. I was afraid of what my Masters would do to punish me. The house was open and airy, the kitchen and living room connected and open. I was just on the edge of the kitchen part looking up at my Masters in fear.

“You have been a bad boy. Do you know what happens to bad boys?” Master asked.

“Yes, Master, they get punished.”

“That’s right. Didn’t I tell you before we got here I wanted you to be a good boy?” Master said. The men were looking at me in amusement.

“Yes, Master. I’m sorry Master.”

“I’m very disappointed that you can’t be here for 5 minutes without being bad. Because of that, we are going to punish you. In addition, I expect you to work extra hard to make up for disappointing us so soon. Do you understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Now, were are going to punish you. Each of us is going to beat your little cock. When we are done, you are going to beat your cock. Get over to Tim so he can beat your cock.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled over to Tim.

Tim looked down at me and ordered. “Take my shoes off, faggot.”

“Yes, Master.” I removed his tennis shoes.

“Hand them to me you little piece of shit.”

“Yes, Master.” I handed the shoes to Master Tim.

“Stand up, so I can beat your little dick easy.”

“Yes, Master.”

I was still hard since Master hadn’t said I could go down. I stood up.

“Fuck, this is going to be fun.” Tim said and put his hands in the shoes. The then clapped both of them together over my hard dick. The impact was painful, and I winced. Tim wasn’t done. He rubbed the soles up and down on my dick, making the skin hurt and pulling on my cockhead.

I groaned in pain. “That’s it you little fucker. Take it.” Tim said, as he clapped his shoes and rubbed them some more. Dicks are the most sensitive parts of the body, and are not meant to be hurt. Having Tim do this to me caused a great deal of pain. Much more than it would have on an arm or leg. I was in agony. Tim didn’t go easy on me, he used a lot of force behind his hands as they came together again and again on my dick.

The men laughed at me as Tim went to work. After a long time, Tim stopped, handed me the shoes and said “Crawl over to Rick so he can punish you too.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I gasped through the pain. I crawled on my knees to Rick.

“You want me to punish you?” Rick asked.

“Yes, Master.” I said. I didn’t want more punishment, but I had to agree.

“Stand up.”

“Yes, Master.” I stood and Rick repeated Tim’s performance. Rick was bigger then Tim, so the pain was great, especially on top of the beating Tim had given me.

“I like the way he says Master all the time” Sam said to my Master, Jack.

“Yeah, I’ve been training him.” Master Jack said.

Rick beat me for as long as Tim had, then handed me the shoes and said “Get to Sam, you little shit.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I crawled to Sam “Please punish me, Master.” I handed him the shoes and stood up. My cock was still hard and red in pain. I was sure you could see impressions of the tread on it.

“God, this is fun.” Sam said as he hit me as well. “I’m going to get his balls, too.” Sam did get my balls, and this was a whole new pain for me. I writhed in agony. The balls are the only part of the body more sensitive then the cock, and having them slapped between two shoes is more painful than you can image.

I took the punishment Sam put out on me, tears starting down my cheeks.

“Look at him cry like a little girl.” Tim said. The men laughed at this, and me.

Finally, Sam was done. He gave me the shoes and said “Get to Jack.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I crawled to my Master and said “Please punish me, Master.” I stood up. Master assaulted my dick like his friends had. He got my balls a lot too. I was in a haze of pain. Master didn’t hold back, he used his magnificent muscles to really lay into me. I writhed in agony.

Master went on longer than his friends, and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take. Master was disappointed that I had failed him, and I was sorry to make him punish me. I don’t know how long the punishment went on. I hadn’t counted the blows that hit my dick, but I was in absolute agony.

Finally Master finished. He tossed the shoes on the floor and said “OK, we’ve done it. Now, boy, pick up the shoes and do it yourself. Stand up.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I stood up, shaky. I turned so all the men could see. I put my hands in the shoes and prepared to beat my dick with them.

“And don’t go easy on yourself, put some muscle behind it.” Master Jack said.

“Yes, Master.” I used force to bring the shoes together on my dick. This was more on top of everything, and humiliation that I was having to do it to myself.

“Go ahead, cry.” Master Jack said.

“Yes, Master.” Tears were already falling down my face, and I began to sob in pain. The men laughed at me. I must have been quite a site, sobbing like a girl while torturing myself in front of them. It really showed how they dominated me.

“Be sure to get your balls, too.” Tim said.

“Yes, Master.” I sobbed. I made sure to get my balls between the shoes as I slammed them together.

I have no idea how long I was torturing myself before Master Jack said
“That’s enough. Give Tim his shoes back.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I stopped, crawled over to Tim and put his shoes back on.

“Kiss them, bitch.” Tim said.

I moved my head down and kissed each of his shoes.

“So, do you want to fuck him now?” Master Jack asked his friends.

“Fuck, yeah.” Was the response.

Master stood up, looked around a bit then said “Lets go into the kitchen. Crawl, boy.”

We all went into the kitchen, me on all fours. Master Jack snapped his fingers pointing to the kitchen table and said “Faggot, get up on here on your back.”

“Yes, Master.” I climbed onto the table and lay on my back. Master arranged me where he wanted me.

Master got between my legs and began to pull his lovely cock out. “There’s a mouth and two hands. Go to town, boys.” The men had also started to pull their cocks out.

Master Jack began to shove his hard cock up my asspussy as Tim fed his down my throat. I just caught a glimpse of Sam’s cock, which was long and thin before my head was down and Tim was straight down my throat. All I could see was the top of Tim’s legs and the underside of his bubble butt.

I felt Sam’s hand move my hand to his cock, and I began to give him a handjob. My other hand searched and found Rick’s pole. Rick was huge, judging form the thing in my hand. I moved up and down on Sam and Rick with my hands, and were Sam’s was long and thin like I had seen, I could tell by comparing that Rick’s was a monster. Between the impaling of Tim and Master Jack in my mouth and ass, I was using my hands on two other big dicks.

“Look at him go, like a cheap whore.” Someone said.

“Cheap hell, this pussy’s free.” Tim added.

The men used me like a whore or an object. Tim was roughly moving up and down in my throat. Since I was laying on my back with my head over the edge of the table, he had a clear shot down my throat, and Tim was using it like a trooper, just in and out. I almost couldn’t breath. Master had set up a steady rhythm in my ass and his huge unlubed cock was tearing me apart from that end. My hands moved on their cocks, fingering the balls, working them harder and harder. None of the four men were on the same rhythm, each was taking me like they were the only one. I was an object for them, and only there for their pleasure.

I was a little surprised when Master Jack came up my ass. I had felt the signs that meant he was about to cum, but I though it was fast. He no sooner pulled out, then he took Sam’s place and Sam plowed into me. Sam was smaller than Master Jack, but he attacked me with more roughness, working to get his nut blown. I used my hand on the familiar beautiful cock of Master Jack. A few minutes later, Rick and Tim traded places, and I was giving a handjob to Tim.

This meant that I was about to see the huge cock I had felt on Rick. It came into view. I was upside down, and I’m sure that made it look even bigger. Rick was huge. His hard cock was closer to his knee than I’d ever seen outside of a porno. Rick took my face and aimed his dick at my mouth.

“Just shove right on in, the faggot can take it.” Master Jack said.

“Fuck, yeah.” Rick said, and did. His cock had a marvelous texture, but it stretched my mouth and throat so far I though they would rip open. I thought I would pass out on his going in, and was sure I would has he pulled out. I’m not sure I could have gotten it down if I wasn’t in the position I was in. Rick put his hand on my throat to feel his cock expand it. He laughed in pleasure.

“Boy’s mouth sure feels great, I can’t wait to bust his ass open.” Rick said. The men laughed.

After that, I couldn’t tell all of what was going on. My hands continue to move on dicks until they felt raw. My throat and ass were abused, and I was in a haze of pain and estasy. The men continued to use and abuse me, sometimes in rhythm together, sometimes not. I felt cocks switch position every so often, as one or the other came. Finally, I felt Rick’s huge cockhead on my open and waiting asshole. I shuttered in fear, but as someone’s cock was firmly down my throat, I couldn’t do anything but groan.

My ass was loaded  with cum, and that was the only thing that lubed Rick and his massive tool. I felt every inch slide up my ass, moving further and further in, I wondered if it would ever stop, or if his cock would poke out my mouth. Rick started slow, then sped up, forcing me to take his meat again and again. Again,  I lost track of what was happening to me, as cocks became everything in my world.

Loads of cum were deposited in my mouth and ass, and a few times on my hands. Sometimes you can forget how often you can cum when you are young and really virile. I was downing in cum and I had no idea how long I was on the table servicing 4 great looking, horny men. It’s great for men to have a single boy to take and use, but sometimes a real man, like the men fucking me, want to share and really put it to a fag. This was one of those times. It must make those real men feel great to have a boy like me take their cum over and over, to cover me in cum and still take more.

I don’t know when it stopped. I sort of felt the number of cocks using me go down, until I was alone on the table, breathing deep and exhausted. I must have passed out or fallen asleep from exhaustion for a little bit.

When I came too, the men were back in the living room, all buck naked and breathing deep, satisfied at least for now.

“Boy, get us some beers.” Master Jack called from his chair.

“Yes, Master.” I croaked. I crawled off the table, dripping cum and opened four beers. I found a tray and served my Masters. I was weak and dazed.

As I returned the tray to the kitchen, I heard Master Jack say “So, do you want to play a game?”

“What do you have in mind?” Rick said.

“Boy, get over here.”

“Yes, Master.” I walked to were Master incited.

“Get on you back on the coffee table, have your head there. He indicated one side. I lay down on my back, long ways on the table. My head was partially off it. “OK, here’s the game. Faggot will hold his mouth open, and we’ll spit into it. Whoever gets the most hits, meaning it makes it into his mouth, wins.”

“What do we win?” Sam said.

“The boy for the night. I figure we’ll have a game each night. Whoever wins gets the faggot for the night.”

“Cool.” Said Rick.

“I don’t know if I want that piece of shit in my bed all night.” Tim said.

“Well, they you can give him to someone else, or use him and when you’re through, just send him out.” Master Jack said.

Rick smiled. “I don’t know if I trust him to wonder around at night. Fucker couldn’t even get beer right.”

“Well……” Master stood up and wondered around for a minute. He looked up at the kitchen ceiling. “There’s a hook on the ceiling, up there.” Master Jack pointed. “We’ll put his leash on that. When you’re done with him, just send him down and he’ll leash himself up. He won’t go anywhere then, and if someone else wants him, the cunt will be there.”

The men agreed to that. Tim was the first one to take a shot, his spit missed and seeped into my nose. The men laughed. Then Sam hit my cheek and Master Jack hit my forehead. Rick tried and hit my cheek. Next round, Tim got a spitball into my mouth, and I swallowed it, taking his spit like I took his cum. The men laughed at me.

One after another they spit into my mouth, or my face. I kept my eyes closed through most of it, so I wouldn’t get any in my eyes. Some of the spit made it past my eyelids, and burned. But I knew I couldn’t say anything, I just took it, Spit covering my face and dripping into my hair. I Swallowed spitball after spitball. I got a taste of the beer I had bought in the spit, and lots of other things, I’m sure, as the men hocked up lugies to go into my mouth.

Here I was, fucked to within an inch of my life, my cock still throbbing from the beating they and I had given it, and now I was just a toy for their game. It was humiliating. I was less than human, just an object for their pleasure and their games. And I was helpless before them. I couldn’t disobey. I was a thing, a possession.

The game when on. The men started with a volley of spit, then slowed down. Talking to each other. Master Jack and Tim finished their stories about me, and what they had made me do. The two new men laughed at my humiliations and spit in my face. Finally, the spit game became a side to their conversation. I was totally degraded.

When it got late enough, the men decided to go to bed. Rick was declared the winner. Master Jack asked if Rick wanted my collar, leash, or any other toys, but Rick said no. He was going to fuck me and sent me down. Master Jack kicked me and told me he would put my collar and leash outside his door. I knew what to do with them.

The men headed to bed. Rick looked at my pitiful face and said “Crawl.”

“Yes, Master.” I croaked. I crawled off the table and crawled on my hands and knees to follow my Master to his bed.

All the men were still naked, I crawled behind Rick and followed him into his room. Rick got on the bed, and I could see his massive tool begin to harden. “Get over here and suck me some, bitch.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the bed and took his growing cock into my mouth. Now that we were alone, I was still amazed at it’s size. I fought to get it all down, even thought it was still growing. I sucked and used my tongue, keeping my lips close on the shaft. Rick just looked down at me. I got a chance to really look at him some. Well-built, natural. His muscles were there, but not the body-builder type. It looked more like he had a job that worked them. He had a handsome face, with a bit of a upturned nose. He had straight brown hair, parted on one side, that fell over his forehead. He had deep, penetrating eyes. I continued to suck, gagging on his huge tool.

Rick used his hands to keep me working, taking my head all the way to the base of his huge cock. I was glad I had had an opportunity to suck him before, or I don’t know if I could have deep-throated him like that. I keep up my work.

After he was satisfied with my blow job, Rick pulled my head off and moved up. He ordered me onto my back and aimed his huge cock for my open and abused ass. Rick was the silent type, and just shoved in, moving further and further up my ass. Once he was all the way in, the took my ankles and spread them. Then he began to fuck me. His hips moved back and forth in me, when he was out, I felt empty and deflated. When he was in me, I felt full and bursting. Rick pumped slowly for some 10 minutes before really speeding up. As his fucking got more and more demanding, he pulled on my legs. I felt like he was going to split me two ways. His cock was going to bust me open and he was going to pull my legs off. He thrust into to me all the way up to the pubes. Forcing me to take his huge cock. Making me into his bitch. When I looked into his eyes, they drilled into me, fucking my brain like he was fucking my ass. The bed moved in his fucking, and my head hit the headboard. I barely noticed. My world was full of his cock and it’s huge penetration of me.

Finally he came in me, grunting low. Rick stayed in me, breathing heavy, his hands still keeping my legs apart. Rick was leaning over me, eyes closed. Then he leaned back and shoved me, I followed his desires and got off the bed. Rick fell on the bed, still breathing. I reached to clean him off. I looked a little surprised at this and whispered “Jack has trained you well.” When I was finished, he said “Get out. I’m done.”

“Yes, Master.” I left the room. On my way back downstairs, I heard sounds coming from one of the bedrooms. Two (at least) of the men were in a fucksession, getting it on even after their abuse of me. I got my collar and leash and made it to the living room.

There were beer bottles and clothes tossed everywhere. I though for a second. Master wanted me to be leashed up in the kitchen, but I was also supposed to take care of everything. I decided to clean up. I threw the bottles away, and folded the clothes into neat stacks on the coffee table. Then I clean up the spit that had missed me,  and headed to the kitchen. There was a different mess there. I cleaned up the cum from the table and the floor.

It was late, and I was exhausted. But I was also very horny. I had to admit that being fucked and humiliated like I was had been a big turn-on. I wanted nothing more than to obey Master, and this evening I had done quite a bit of slave work. I put on my collar and attached the leash to a hook on the ceiling. It was long enough for me to lay down on the floor, and I found I could lay on a small rug in the kitchen like a bed. I beat myself off, thinking of my humiliations, my fucking, and the cum and spit drying on me. When I came, I just left it there, knowing no one could tell mine from any of the others. I fell asleep, a totally degraded slave.

Early in the morning, I felt a shoe kicking me on the shoulder. I was hard, but not too hard. I woke up and saw Sam standing over me.

“Get up, doggie.”

“Yes, Master.” I got up.  Sam was in running shorts and shoes. Sam looked like a runner, with the long muscles and great chest you’d expect. He had one of those hemp necklaces on his tanned neck. He had somewhat curly blond hair. He was very, very sexy.

“Take off your collar. We’re going for a run.”

“Yes, Master.” I undid the collar. I laid it on the counter. “Master, do you want me to get shorts or shoes?” I hoped he would.

“No. You are going to be my dog. Dog’s don’t wear shoes or shorts.”

“Yes, Master.” I hung my head in shame. Sam smiled a sexy smile at me. I wanted to please him just because he was so damn sexy. If being his dog is what he wanted, that’s what I would do.

“Heel, doggie.”

“Do you want me on all fours, Master?” If he did, it was going to be really tough.

“No, doggie, there’s no way you could keep up. Come on, let’s go.”

Sam opened the sliding glass door and we went out in the pre-dawn. I followed Sam down the stairs. Sam looked at me at the bottom of the stairs. “Well, bitch, you’re a mess. Let’s clean you up.” Sam found a hose and turned the water on. He sprayed me like I was a dog. He had me turn around and get clean on all sides. He had fun playing he water on my cock and balls, making the shrink up. I was already small than Sam, and this made the size difference even more.

Finally Sam was done, he turned off the water, said “Heel” and I followed him onto the beach. Sam took off at a good pace and I followed like a good dog.

Sam looked back at me as I caught up to him. “Fuck, what a fag. You should see your dick swing back and forth. Go ahead, look down.”

“Yes, Master.” I looked. My dick was swinging back and forth as my legs ran to follow my Master. My balls jingled like little bells. If they were, would they ever be ringing. I was exposed and out in the open, following a sexy runner in the morning on the beach.

While I was looking at my humiliation, Sam turned around and was running backwards. “Fuck, this is great. Jack sure was right. It’s great to take an older dude like you and play with. This is going to be the best fucking week ever.”

“Yes, Master.” I said. Sam laughed and turned around again so he could run forward. I followed.

We ran a long time. I followed Sam as he headed up the beach. We passed houses, and there were cars on the road, so I know someone saw me bare-assed naked running, but we didn’t meet anyone else. Finally, Sam slowed down, stopping to catch his breath, his hand resting on his hips. I did the same thing.

Panting, Sam ordered me “Kneel.” I got on my knees. “Blow me.”

“Yes, Master.” I panted. I pulled his shorts down and moved my mouth onto his cock. Even after the run, this dick was ready. It was growing long. I began to suck, and he responded. His pants from running were taken over by pants of sex.

His cock was long and thin, and hit the back of my throat. It was thinner than Rick’s was easier to get down. I applied suction and moved my tongue. I was humiliated at having to do this to someone I hardly knew, out on the beach, in public.

“Fuck this is great, we pounded real good into you last night, and here you are sucking me down like a cockslut. That’s what you are a cockslut, right?”

I didn’t take his big dick out of my mouth, I just nodded. Sam’s cock was comfortable in my mouth, and he was gently moving his hips in and out. His cock felt great, the silky softness covering the rock-hard shaft. I moved my tongue on his piss slit and around the head. I felt him move his arms to flex around, showing off. Sam must feel like a god with the sun coming up and a guy years older swinging on his dick. I worked on the cock for a while, then Sam’s hand took over my head and moved it up and down on his long shaft. Sam’s hand forced me faster and faster on his huge cock, finally slamming my face down to his pubes and shooting deep into my throat.

Sam growled heavy, letting out a form of bark as he came in me. He took a couple of deep breaths and said “Swallow it dog, swallow.” I swallowed. Sam’s sexy face looked down and another of his sexy smiles appeared. Suddenly, piss began to flow from his cock. I was surprised, but began to swallow the salty stuff down. Sam’s sexy smile grew as he dominate me in another way.

“Get up, lets go back.”

“Yes, Master.” I ran to catch up. I had sand on my knees, and my dick was hard as I ran. The running got my dick to go down.

We ran all the way back, and I’m sure some of the people away were amazed to see a naked man following a high school boy like a dog.

It was still very early when we got back. In the kitchen Sam said “You’d better hook up again, I’m going back to bed. Good run, bitch.”

“Thank you, Master.” I put my collar and leash back on, laying back down on the rug. The day and the week were just beginning.

To be continued …

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