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Slave to a Younger Master (11)

The Reward

The next day was Saturday. I heard Master open the door to my apartment and I went and knelt before him and said “Master.” I looked up at his beautiful face. Master was looking down at me. There was a self-satisfied smile on his lips. I looked at him in adoration. I worshiped my Master. I just stared in worship up at him, every fiber of my body wanting to please him, to show him I was a good slave. We looked at each other for some minutes, me a 22 year old man gazing up in slavish devotion to a boy some 5 years younger. Master gazing down at his property that he could play with and control. My dickstirred, and I know  Master saw this, as his smiled deepened some. I was getting hard just looking at him from my knees. I was completely his.

Finally, Master spoke “You did good yesterday, I’m proud of you, faggot.”

I glowed with Master’s praise. “Thank you, Master.”

“Now. Fetch me a beer.” “Yes, Master.” I crawled to the kitchen to obey. When I got back to the living room, Master had sat down on the couch, his feet leaned out in front of him.

“Shit, jackass, get me a glass to drink it in.”

“Yes, Master.” I left the beer on the table and crawled back to the kitchen to obey this command. Master liked to order me around. I crawled back and poured the beer into the glass.

“Lick my shoes, fag.”

“Yes, Master.” I started to lick at his sneakers. I took long full licks to clean them. Not the little timid licks you see in games, but full long licks covering all of my tongue. I wanted Master to see how slavishly I was devoted to him.  I would glance up at Master every so often and I saw he was watching me with commanding amusement. Master must love having a slave to order around, especially one so much older then he is. It must really give him a feeling of power. And I wanted to be his slave, to obey his every command.

The tops of his shoes were rough on my tongue, as I sucked up the dirt and grime from the shoes. I felt the leather all over my tongue as I licked and licked. I felt the ridges and the stitching, the bits of plastic and the laces. I used my lips and forced my tongue into the crevices.

Moving to the soles, I took long laps at the treads, sucking up all the grit and dirt there. I swallowed all the shit there, I used my tongue to get in between the treads. I would glance at Master, and I’m sure he was pleased that I was doing my best for him. Master must love having a boy groveling at this feet, and I wanted nothing more then to be the slave licking his feet.

I continued to work while Master drank his beer. I got the shoes wet with my spit as I worked to clean them to  please Master.

“Get me another one, shithead.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to the kitchen and back for another beer.

When I got back, I bent to resume my work but Master stopped me. “No, that’s enough. Now, if I wanted to give you a reward, what would it be? What do you want to do most in the world?”

“I want only to serve you, Master, to be your slave.” I couldn’t lie to Master, this is all I really wanted.

Master gave a half-laugh. “Good slave. Always think of your Master first. Nothing should matter to you but Master. Well, I have an idea. I know what I want to do to you for your reward.”

“Yes, Master.”

“I’ll spank you. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

“Oh, yes, Master. Anything for you, Master.”

“Good faggot.” Master sat up on the sofa. He snapped his fingers and indicated I should lay over his lap. “Up, faggot.”

“Yes, Master.” I laid over Master’s lap like a little boy about to get a spanking. Of course, that is what I was. I was naked and older, and Master was fully dressed and much younger. I was completely at his command. For just a second I thought of our positions. How degrading it was to be ordered about by a mere boy. To be naked when he was dressed. To call him Master and to obey his wishes. It was embarrassing, but is was want I wanted.

Master’s right hand caressed my ass some. Rubbing, it, getting familiar with his target. Master had never spanked me before. He had whipped me, but that is something different. Whipping is using a whip or a belt, spanking is skin to skin. I felt a shiver go through me when Master first touched my ass, knowing I was going to be spanked. Spanking has always been a special dream of mine. In my position, naked and over a boy’s knee, it showed my servitude to him.

Without warning, Master delivered a sharp slap to one asscheck. I arched my back and gasped in surprise and pain. Master rubbed the target area back and forth, then delivered another sharp slap to his slave’s ass.

Slap “Who am I, boy?” Master said.

“My Master, Master.” I responded.

Slap “What else?”

“My Owner, Master.”

Slap “What else?”

“My God, Master.”

Slap “Are you my faggot?”

“Yes, Master.”

Slap “My fucktoy?”

“Yes, Master.”

Slap “What can I do to you?”

“Anything, Master.”

“Can I humiliate  you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Torture you?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Use you as a toy and a cunt?”

“Yes, Master.”

Slap “Do you like it when I fuck you?

“Yes, Master.”

Slap “Do you want to please me?”

“Yes, Master, more than anything.”

Slap. Slap. Slap. Master just spanked me for a few minutes. The slaps hurt, he wasn’t being gentle, he was using is great strength to hit me hard and make me feel the spanking. Master hit one cheek, then the other, and my dick was hard against his jeans.

Slap “Do you like me spanking you?”

“Yes, Master.”

At this, he didn’t deliver another slap, but reached between my legs and cruelly grabbed my dick and balls, Painfully, he twisted and groped them.

“Makes you hard, boy?”

“Yes, Master.” I gasped.

Slap “Good boy. You have to learn to be my slave. You have to take whatever I decide to give out.”

“Yes, Master.”

My ass was on fire, red and burning from his assault. Master showed no signs of slowing down, or easing up, he just spanked me long and hard. I took it, knowing that I had to take whatever he gave me,  I knew this boy was my Master and I could only obey him.

After nearly half an hour, Master stopped. “Does it hurt, boy?”

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“Does it may you happy?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good boy.” Suddenly, Master stood up, and I fell on my hurt ass on the floor, hurting it again. Not noticing me, Master strode to the bedroom “Heel, boy.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled to follow him.

“Strip me boy.” Master said as he turned to me in the bedroom.

“Yes, Master.” I raised up enough to unbutton his shirt and gently pull it off. I wanted to lick and suck his nipples and armpits, but I knew better than to touch him without orders.  I moved back to my knees and folded his shirt. His chest was beautiful. Perfect muscle lines and beautiful pecs. He inhaled and exhaled showing the perfection of his gorgeous body.  His blond hair reached down his neck. Still on my knees, I removed his shoes and socks, then reached up to undo his pants. Master was watching me intently. I knew Master liked watching me obey his orders, knew he liked to dominate me, and I loved being his faggot.

I pulled the pants down, and his huge hardening cock sprang free. Atop his perfect, muscular legs, it was like a vision in a dream. The cock I worshiped and sucked and was impaled on. The cock I had first sucked in his car just weeks ago, the cock that make me crawl and humiliate myself.

“You want to get fucked, boy?” Master asked.

“Yes, Master.” I was looked up at my Master in slavish delight.


Master liked me to beg. I spend time when I wasn’t with him thinking of new ways to beg for him. I wanted to make my Master happy. I moved my face to his feet and began to kiss and lick them as I begged. I wanted to be completely submissive to him. “Please fuck me Master. Please use me as your hole for your huge, beautiful cock. Please drill you long, thick, massive dick up my worthless boycunt. Please be merciless and take me like the slut I am. Please fuck my brains out. Please Master, use me, Master. I am nothing but your pussy and your slave, Master. O Master, please fuck me long and hard and for as long as Master wants. Please make me hurt and bleed and know who is my Master. Please, Master, please treat me like dirt and be a whore for you, Master. Please make me your fucktoy and use me however you want to. Please teach me to please you , Master. Master, I will do anything for you, Master. Please rape my worthless ass for your pleasure, Master. I live only to serve you, Master, and to obey your wishes. Master, I am a plaything for you and whatever you desire.”

“That’s enough, up on the bed.”

“Yes, Master.” I crawled up on the bed and got on all fours. Master’s favorite way to take me was with me like a dog. Master once said it reminded me of my place in the world, as a dog for him.

Master mounted the bed behind me and delivered a few slaps to my tender, still-hurting ass.

“Thank you, Master.” I said though the pain.

“Good little fucktoy.” Master whispered.

I felt Master’s huge cock press on the entrance to my ass, and I opened up to let him in. Master pushed and pushed, not giving me time to adjust, just moving in. Master wasn’t concerned about my pleasure, why should he be? I was his slave and there for his pleasure. He didn’t need to think about whether or not I liked what he was doing, just that it was what he wanted to do, so that’s what happened.

This was a dry-fuck, and that was how Master liked it. He liked to feel my assmuscles contract on his huge tool, and since my comfort wasn’t an issue, he could get this without having to grease up. When we fucked, it was all about what Master wanted and what made Master feel good. That’s the way it should be, boys existed only to service and serve their Masters.

The thrust was painful for me, on top of my red and throbbing ass. Now my ass canal was stretching and dealing with the painful assault of Master’s prick. Knowing my place, I moved back and took more pain to get Master inside of me.  Soon, his massive 8-inch cock was impaled up my ass to the pubes. Master began to pull back and pulled until just the head of his dick was in me. I felt empty then, and wanted to be full of Master again.

Without warning, Master slammed his cock all the way in, to the hilt, fire ripped inside of me as Master pulled out just as quick. Then some short jabs, then some movement, moving his cockhead to new angles. Then he set an easy rhythm, back and forth, lazy. His hands controlled my hips as he moved me with this dick. We stayed this way for a long, long time. Master had promised me a long, slow fuck as my reward for being a good boy yesterday, and I was getting it. His cock filled my hole and I was in slave heaven. All I ever wanted to do was obey Master, and I was. I rode his dick easy, being sure to keep my ass muscles tight for his pleasure. No matter what I wanted, I knew Master’s pleasure came first. I was bound to please Master and make him happy for giving me a reward, that way he wouldn’t have to punish me. My asshole began to feel used with the constant fucking, slow as it was. My boycunt had gotten lots of use in the few weeks I had been Master’s property, but this was a mixture of pleasure and pain. My mind floated away as I thought only of keeping tight for Master and enjoying his huge cock up my ass.

I was pulled out of my thoughts as Master pulled out of me and didn’t shove back in. “Over, boy.” Master was saying.  I was still dazed, and I didn’t understand what Master was saying for a moment, but his hands were forcefully moving my hips to the bed, not straight down, but to the side.

I got what Master wanted, and rolled over onto my back. I looked up at Master. Master had never fucked me on my back before, he had always taken me like a dog. Master moved my legs up and out. “Look at me, boy.” Master said. I looked at his eyes. His eyes drilled into me as his cock drilled into my ass. A commanding smile hit his face as he say the combination of pleasure, pain, and submission on my face. “Keep looking at me, boy.”

“Yes, Master.” His smile grew as I called him Master. This was the first time I had gotten to see Master really fuck me. I had looked behind before when he took me like a dog, but you can’t see much that way, and often I had had someone’s dick in my mouth then. But this time, I could see Master as he powered in and out of me.

Master’s chest was broad, dusted with a few pale hairs, his muscles were perfect. He was gorgeous, not in the muscle-bound way of men who never leave the gym, but in the clean, strong way. Master was slowly ramping up as he fucked me, slowly increasing his speed. His muscles began to show more definition as he strained in fucking me harder and harder.

I kept looking into his eyes. They drilled into me. It was obvious Master knew he was looking at his slave, his property, his worshiper. Just as his cock powered into me, so did his eyes. I felt stripped bare by his eyes as he fucked me, turning me again into an object for his pleasure. I knew I could never escape him. That he would continue to fuck me and humiliate me forever. I guess I knew that form the first day. As I cowered before his eyes, Master knew it too. Master knew I would do whatever he wanted, no questions asked. I would be his fucktoy, I would be a fucktoy for his friends, I would be a fucktoy for strangers, just as he wished. He could take me out and humiliate me, or he could force me into the throws of pain and agony. I would never be anything but his property and that was all my life was.

Master’s thrusting became stronger, harder, more insistent. He was going to cum, soon. My hands were free. Usually when I was being fucked, my hands were holding me up, since I would be fucked like a dog. This time, I was on my back, and my fist clenched and unclenched in passion.

“Beat your dick, I want you to cum, boy.” Master said to me. Instantly my hands grabbed my dick and balls. One played with my balls and the other moved up and down on my dick. My dick was smaller than Master’s, and I was so hard, that a few strokes was all that it took. I shot all over my chest. I was so turned on, some of my shots made it to my face.

“Suck it up boy.” Master gasped. His eyes still drilling into me. My hands moved to wipe up my cum and move it to my mouth. I tasted my own salty cum. I was still hard. Shooting off had not decreased my hardon at all.

I kept my eyes on Master and his drilled into me as he wanted me obey this order as well. His smile broadened and his thrusting took on the final urgency that signaled he was about to cum. Tossing his head back, Master let out a guttural shout as his hot cum shot into my ass.

The force of his cumming was fantastic, and I felt spurt after spurt shot in my guts. Every muscle Master had was huge and flexed. Master continued to pump into me as he continued to cum. Master’s orgasm was massive, and I was sure I would drown, even if it were going in my ass and not my mouth.

Finally, Master breathed deep and stopped cumming. Master pulled out of my ass, leaving me feeling empty. He fell onto the bed, and I moved to give him all the room and comfort he wanted.

“Fuck that was great.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I was shaking from the fucking he had given me, and I knelt on a corner of the bed, trying to catch my own breath. I gasped a few breathes, then moved my head to his cock to clean it up. Master always had me clean him off, and I didn’t want his cock to be dirty for long, as I was afraid Master would punish me.

I was gentle, softly licking his balls, shaft and pubes, licking and swallowing his cum and my assjuice. Master just lay on the bed, taking his due, knowing I was his slave and was bound to pleasure him.  Master’s breathing calmed down as I was working, and when I was done, I slipped to the floor, kneeling beside the bed. I didn’t know if Master wanted a blow job or not, and I didn’t want to be punished by sucking him if he didn’t want it.

As I hit the floor, I felt his cum, which had run down my leg. My ass was leaking. Master stopped gazing at the ceiling and saw it.

“I fucked you good, eh, boy?”

“Yes, Master, thank you Master.”

“Do you like getting fucked by a God?”

“O, yes, Master.”

“Then lick up that cum.”

“Yes, Master.” I moved my hand down to scoop it up on my fingers. I brought it to my mouth and sucked the cold cum off of them. I repeated the process, moving up my leg. I made one scoop around my asshole, and as I was sucking it off my fingers Master said

“Dig into your asshole, boy. Eat some more cum.”

“Yes, Master.” I scooped my fingers into my now-open ass (I had closed it to keep from making too much of a mess). Then brought the mess to my mouth. I sucked the slime off. Master’s cum was great tasting, and I loved it. The taste of my own ass wasn’t so great, but I had to obey. I continued scooping up slime and sucking it down as Master watched. It was humiliating to be doing this: sucking cum out of my own ass, but I had to obey Master. I was a slave, and only Master’s wishes mattered.

It took quite a while to come up dry, Master had really shot me full of his manly cum. When Master saw I wasn’t pulling any more cum out, he ordered me to stop.

“You’re doing good, boy. You’re learning how to be my slave. Keep it up and I’ll let you stay my slave.”

“Thank you Master. Please Master.”

“Now you’ve had your reward, I’m going to rest up. Stay kneeling, boy. I may want to piss in your mouth later.”

“Yes, Master.”

With that, Master dozed, and I knelt, waiting his next command.

To be continued …

Max Potter
Max Potter
Max Potter discovered an interest in domination and slavery at a very early age. First reading about historical accounts of slaves, that eventually turned to an interested in the Dom/sub culture. A voracious reader, he see dominance and submission in many passages. When a friend gives up something, when a man takes a metaphorical blow for someone else. When one will is subjected to another. For his writing, he looks for the unusual situation. It could be total reluctance on the part of the sub, or innovative commands given. Always on the lookout for a novel idea, he can be contacted at his Gmail account as maxrpotter.

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