A kinky story written by Max Potter | Chapter 10

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The Road Trip

One afternoon I heard the door open and people enter. I rushed to the living room to kneel before Master and saw that Master’s friend Tim was with him. I knelt before Master and said “Master.” As I had been instructed to.

Master and Tim took no notice of me except to slap my chest once each. Tim said “Boy, are you in for it.” They walked to my bedroom. I stayed kneeling in the middle of the floor because I had not been ordered to do anything else. I could hear Master and Tim going through the drawers in my room. It’s a bit weird, but I felt funny knowing they were going through my clothes. Here I was, I had been fucked and whipped by both of them and they were going through my stuff like I didn’t matter. Of course, I didn’t matter. But it was embarrassing to hear them go through my things.

Then I heard Master’s voice “Faggot, fetch me a plastic bag.” I crawled into the kitchen. Master like me to crawl when he was around, and so I did. The living room had cheap carpet, so it wasn’t so bad, but he kitchen had linoleum. That hurt my knees. But I got a plastic bag like you get at the grocery story, but it in my mouth and crawled into the bedroom. Master and Tim and pulled most of my clothes out of the drawers and tossed them on the floor. They were still at it when I arrived. Master and Tim stood and walked on my clothes like they were part of the carpet. Master snapped his fingers and held one hand out. I handed the bag to him and stayed kneeling.

Tim tossed a pair of blue jeans at me and said “Put those on, cocksucker.” I had to stand to obey the order, but I knelt when done. They continued going through my stuff, picking a few things out to put in the bag. At one point Tim looked over at me and said “Unzip your fly, shithead.” I obeyed.

“Boy, pull your little dick and balls out fucker.” Master said. I was puzzled by the order but obeyed. “Now, for the piece-d-resistance” Master said, and pointed at the nightstand. There was the “ornament” he had prepared some days before. This was a pair of prepared shorts.


A few days before, Master had ordered me to take a large dose of Ex-Lax. Then he ordered me not to shit without permission. Then he ordered me into a pair of white shorts. At first it was uncomfortable as the pressure built up. Then it was painful. I was afraid I was going to shit my pants right there in front of him. Of course, that is what he had in mind. Master could tell I was having a harder and harder time controlling, and said “If the little fuckbitch wants to take a shit, beg me and tell me what a piece of shit you are.”

I crawled slowly over to Master. I was having a very difficult time keeping my asshole closed so no shit would come out. “Please Master, let this piece of worthless cuntshit take a shit. Oh Master, my Owner, I am your plaything and I live to amuse you. Master, please let your little whorecunt take a shit. Master, the pain is great, and I will do anything for your happiness, please let me shit. Master, my insides are cramping and I know that my mind and body and soul are yours to command. Master, I worship you and you are my god, Master I am nothing put a dried up turd for you to step on. Master, I am a toy in your hands. Master, great Master, your worthless piece of shit slave begs to be relieved of this pain. Master, I am lower than low. Master, I am crap, piss, shit, nothing and worthless. Master, I am a shithead and a pisspot, Master, please Master, let me relieve this pain so I can serve you more. Master, I am your property to do with as you wish. Master, I am shit.”

“Good faggot.” Master said “Get up, let’s go.”

It was slow going standing up, but I did it and finally Master lead me to the bathroom. I had never shit in front of Master, and was embarrassed at the thought I would be doing that. I thought Master would put me on the toilet and watch me. I was wrong. Master ordered me into the tub. At this point my legs were shaking. He stood and looked at me a moment. Whenever I saw Master, I was awed by his manliness and his air of command. Although he was some  years younger than me, I was completely at this mercy. He watched me suffer a little then issued his command “Shit.” I looked at him in surprise. Master leaned forward and slapped my face. “Shit in the pants, you asshole.”

“Yes, Master.” I said and let my bowels go of the shit that had been building up. As soon as I was done, Master had me strip off the shorts, and put them in a plastic bag. He then ordered me to clean myself off in hot water. He would inspect me, and I had better be clean. As he issued the order, he pulled out the enema kit and left the room. I began to turn the water on.

Master popped his head back in and said “Shithead, leave the shorts in the bag alone, you understand me, boy?”

“Yes, Master.” I said. Master left and I took a shower. Although I drank Master’s piss regularly, that was about all he had me do. He had scared me with a pile of shit once a couple weeks ago, but I think that mostly to see how far I would obey him. I scrubbed my ass hard with soap. I didn’t know what Master had planned with the shorts, or if there was no more plan, and this was all just another way to embarrass me. I didn’t think I would ever get used to being humiliated like Master liked to do to me, but I knew I would always obey.

After I was sure my outsides were clean, I gave myself a very through enema. I had never liked enemas, but I did it because Master wanted me to. When I was done, I crawled out to the living room where Master was watching TV. Master watched me enter and crawl over to him. When I was kneeling before him he snapped his fingers and pointed me up. I stood. Master also stood. “OK, fuckface, lets see how you worthless piece of shit did.” He roughly bent me over and began to slap my ass with this hands, running them up and down my crack and legs. I had just showered, so I was still a bit damp, and the slaps stung. Master pinched my legs and calves, and stuck a finger in my asshole.

Master’s finger roughly probed around in my ass for a bit, then lazily stuck it in my mouth to suck clean. “What a worthless fucking piece of shitfuck you are.” Unexpectedly, he pushed me over and I fell on the floor. He kicked me a few time in the chest and balls. “Look at what I have to put up with. A slave that shits his pants.”

I knew better than try to protect myself, so I kept my arms away, and endured the pain. The kicks to the chest weren’t bad, but the ones to the balls really hurt. “I’m sorry, Master” was my only reply.

“You had fucking better be.” Master stopped kicking me and crouched down, sticking three fingers into my mouth. I automatically began to suck them. “If you want to show me how sorry you are, get a big binder clip and put it on the head of that little thing you call a dick.” With that he pulled his fingers out, stood up, and delivered a kick to my ass. “Hurry, cocksucker.” I rapidly crawled to the drawer, got the binder clip, and pried it open.

Master had a selection of these he had brought, and the big ones are hard to open, and they clamp tight. I looked at Master, and some pleading to be released from this order must have been in my eyes because he said to me. “I don’t want to hear any excuses. I’ll have you crying before I leave tonight, or else.”

“Yes, Master.” I said with resignation. I moved the binder clip to my dick. This was going to hurt. Bad. I used one hand to hold the clip open and the other to move my dick into it. Then I slowly closed it over the head of my dick. God it hurt. The pressure was incredible. The metal bit into my dick and tried to flatten it out. My hard dick wasn’t prepared for being forced into that shape. Tears welled in my eyes.

Master snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor between his legs. I crawled over to him. When I arrived he began to slap my face, first with one hand, then the other. “Crybaby. Little girl. Cocksucker.” Master called me names while he slapped me. I had tears in my eyes, but they hadn’t started to fall yet. Master stopped slapping me, pinched my nose close, brought his face close to mine and said “What if I walk out that door and never come back?”

I couldn’t take that. The tears flowed down my cheeks and I said “Please, Master, no.”

“Good faggot.” Master said as he straightened. “You can take the clip off.” I obeyed, glad to be free of it.

“It’s good for you to cry for me. Shows me that you are just a boy and I’m the man. I’m your Master.”

“Yes, Master.” I said, still crying.

And with that, he just walked out the door. I stared at the door in horror, was he gone forever? The tears continued. After a minute or two the door opened and Master returned. He saw I was still crying and a look of joy took over my face when I saw him again. “Good boy, you have to learn to really appreciate me.”

“Yes, Master, please teach me to appreciate you.”

“I will, boy. Kiss my crouch, and I’ve got to go.”

I crawled over to him, kissed his basket with passion, and he left. Early the next morning, Master called and had me rinse out the shorts in water. That left a obvious shit stain in them. I hung then to dry in the bathroom. That evening when Master came over for a quick fuck, he had me display then on the nightstand so I would remember my place.


Master and Tim looked at the shorts, then ordered me to put them in the bag, as they were not willing to touch the dirty thing. Tim tossed a pair of sneakers at me and ordered me to put them on, which I did. Then Tim tossed a t-shirt at me and ordered me to put that on.

“Stand up.” Ordered Tim. I stood. Tim ripped the t-shirt so that it covered just to below my tits. Master then produced my collar and put it on me, then attached the leash. He cruelly jerked it for me to follow and Master and Tim walked to the door out of the apartment. Once outside, Master realized my dick was still out, and ordered me to stick it in my pants and zip up. I obeyed.

Master and Tim then lead me to Master’s car. I was still on the leash, and I’m sure some of the neighbors must have seen me. Master opened the trunk, and I thought I might be riding there, but he ordered me to take out a sheet of plastic and cover the back seat with it. I obeyed, and was then ordered to sit in the back. Master and Tim got in the front and we took off. We headed out of town, and to the next one down the road. There we stopped at a clothing thrift store. Master and Tim got out and roughly pulled my leash for me to follow them. We entered. I was so horrified. We were out in public and I was at the end of a collar and leash, an dressed like I was. My gut hurt with the humiliation. The bell on the door rang as we entered. Here I was, a 22 year old man being led around like a dog by a couple of teenagers. I must have been red all over. There was a bored looking man behind the counter, and a few patrons. The salesclerk’s boredom disappeared as we entered. I guess someone in my position wasn’t something he saw everyday.

There was an old lady not far from the door when we entered. She took one look at me and left. Master and Tim led me to a rack with various used bras on it. They made quite a show of holding the up to me and having me try them on to find a pair that fit. I was so embarrassed to be leashed and dragged into this. And to have two boys fitting me for used bras burned. But I stood silently and did as Master wanted. Master and Tim had a great time joking with each other as to how the bras fit me, and how the colors set off my eyes. I felt rocks in my gut. They eventually settled on a couple of pairs that didn’t have very big cups but would got around my chest.

Tim walked over to get a cart. Since he did that, I figured that I was in for more. I was. Next they headed over to a rack of negligees. Master held one up to me, and kicking me said “Giggle” I giggled like a schoolgirl. Two more patrons left.  Only one patron of the store was left, and he was paying, looking nervous.

“Lets see how this looks on him.” Tim suggested.

“Yeah.” Said Master, and pulled my leash toward  the rickety changing rooms. Master shoved me in, tossing the negligee in after me and said “Change.” I was in a small changing room with a broken mirror. I quickly stripped off the ripped t-shirt, shoes and jeans. I wasn’t wearing any underwear, of course. I slipped the negligee over my head. I quickly glanced in the mirror. I looked ridiculous. The negligee was made for a large woman, so it hung on my shoulders. It was mostly transparent, so it didn’t hide anything. And it was pink. I opened the door. Master and Tim howled with laughter.

“Fuckin A” Tim said.

“We’ll take that one. Change back, boy.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I started to close the door again, but Master held it open. I stripped of the negligee and started to put the jeans back on.

“Hold it boy.” Master said. “Stay there. We’ll bring you some more stuff to try on.”

“Yes, Master.” Master left the door open.

Master and Tim both disappeared for a few minutes and came back. Master tossed something at me and said “Put this on.”

“Yes, Master.” I put on a dress of some form. It was yellow checkerboard and there was a heart sewn on the front. I was closer to my actual size. Master and Tim were working to strip me of my masculinity, to put me in my place.

“God, that’s funny.” Tim said to Master.

“Yeah it is. I might have him wear that to work one day.” My heart froze at that.

“Try this now, faggot.” Tim tossed something to me. I stripped off the dress and realized the new item was a teenage girl’s t-shirt. It had kittens, unicorns, and heart shapes on it. It was very pink. I struggled to get it
on, and finally managed it. It must have been a big girl for the shirt to fit me at all. And the shirt was tight.

Master and Tim stood and laughed at me. I must have looked foolish. I was bare-assed naked in a thrift store changing room wearing a girl’s t-shirt and that’s it. Past Master and Tim, I could see the guy at the register staring in disbelief.

“Now these.” Tim tossed a pair of shorts at me. I put them on. They were light blue, and way to small. Nothing was left to the imagination. I wasn’t hard at the time, but you could still see my dick and balls pressed on the fabric.

“We’ll take those too. Hand them over.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I stripped and handed the shirt and shorts to Master. Again, I was naked in the booth.

“Shit, put your fucking clothes on, asshole.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I pulled on the jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Master began to lead the way to the register, then stopped.

“Shoes.” Master said, and guided the cart to a rack of women’s shoes. Master and Tim dug through the pile for a bit, as I stood, not knowing what they would find. Master came up with a pair of transparent sandals. “Try these on, fuckface.”

“Yes, Master.” I removed the sneakers and put the sandals on. They actually fit pretty well. They had a rise on the heel making me an inch or two taller.

“Great.” Master said. Then he snapped his fingers “Off, boy, off.”

“Yes, Master.” I removed the sandals and put the sneakers back on. Master tossed the sandals into the cart and pushed to the register.

There the clerk looked at him and said “You boys doing some sort of fraternity initiation?” as he run up the clothes.

“Naw,” said Master “he just likes to dress up funny, but doesn’t have the sense to pick stuff out himself.”

The clerk looked at Master in disbelief, but didn’t say anything else.

Master paid and we left. Tim was pulling my leash. As soon as we got out the door, Master and Tim broke into more laughter. I knew they were laughing at me and my predicament. I just stood there, then followed as they approached the car, still laughing. I was silent, after all, I was only a toy for their amusement.

Coming out of the parking lot, Master tossed a few dollars at me and ordered me into a convenience store to buy a two liter drink. I thought it was for Master and Tim, but when I returned, Master told me to get started in drinking it.

We drove on, with me drinking and Master and Tim talking up front. “Hey, shithead.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“Tell me when you have to take a piss. And drink up.”

“Yes, Master.” I continued to drink. I had already drunk a good bit, but I kept it up. I was sure Master had something in mind for me.

We drove on, Master and Tim enjoying the trip, and me in the back just happy to be around Master. At one point I said “Master.”

“Yeah, cuntface, what?”

“I have to piss now, Master.”


“Not yet, Master.”

“Then hold it in that little dick of yours.”

“Yes, Master.”

A few minutes later we turned into another gas station. I was amazed, was Master just going to let me piss in a bathroom like a normal person? Or did he have something else in mind. Before getting out, Master turned around to look at me. “OK, faggot. We’re all going in. Tim and I want a drink. You want one of those cheap candies they keep by the register. You’re a shitfuck, so you go last. But you have to get a candy.”

“Yes, Master.” We all got out of the car.

“Oh, and you can’t take a piss yet.” Master added. “And take your collar off and leave it in the car, god, what an idiot.”

“Yes, Master.” So we weren’t here for me to piss. I took the collar and leash off, glad that they would not be part of my humiliation.

Master and Tim were already in the store, and I followed. Master and Tim got their drinks. I followed Master around like a puppy (what else could I do?) and then they paid.  Master was first, and went out the door. Tim was next and waited for me. I picked out a cheap candy from a box and put it on the counter. I knew I was going to have trouble, because I didn’t have any money. “I really want this.” I said.

“Sure, honey.” The old lady behind the counter said. She rang it up. “7 cents.”

I put my hands in my pockets hoping 7 cents would appear there. But nothing.

I looked at Tim, who was grinning at me. “Please, Sir.”

“Please sir what?” Tim said back. The woman behind the counter was looked at us. I was so embarrassed to be begging for candy in front of someone. And then there was the way I was dressed. I was in jeans and a very brief t-shirt. And noticeably older than Tim. The women had to know something different was going on.

“Please may I have 7 cents Sir.” I said to Tim.


“So I can have a piece of candy.”

“I thought you got to suck on enough candy at home.”

“I want more, Sir.”

“Have you been good enough for more?”

“I don’t think so, Sir.”

“That’s right, you haven’t been. So why should I give you money for more candy?”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I was begging for candy like a child from his father. Only I was older than Tim. And in front of some stranger. “I really want it, Sir. I promise to be good, Sir.”

“What do you think?” Tim asked the woman.

“Give him the candy and get out of here, that’s what I think.” She said.

“I hear you, lady.” Tim pulled a dime out of his pocket and put it on the counter. The women quickly made change and we left.

“Thank you, Sir.” I said to Tim.

“You owe me for that one, boy.” Tim said.

“Yes, Sir.”

“He get it?” Master asked Tim.

“Oh, yeah.” Tim said.

“OK, boy, take it out and suck on it.” Master said to me. For a moment I didn’t know if he was talking about the candy or a cock. I decided on the candy and opened the wrapper and put it in my mouth and began to suck on it. I felt I was on display, as Master and Tim just watched me.

Suddenly, Master jumped up “Oh my God, he’s choking.” Master said, and moved to pound me on the back. I didn’t know what was happening, I wasn’t choking, so I was confused. “Spit it out, spit it out.” Master said. I got it, and when his hand hit my back again, I spit the candy out of my mouth.

“Aww,” Said Tim. “Little boy has lost his candy.” Tim was mocking me, and I felt shame.

“I saved your life, boy.” Master said to me.

“Thank you, Master. I owe my life to you.” I said.
“I think I already own your life. I think you’ll have to think of something else to give me.” Master said. Tim snorted a laugh.

“Yes, Master.” I said.

“Do you want to try again with your candy?” Master asked.

I could see the candy on the ground in front of me. It was covered in a layer of dirt. “No, Master.”

“I thought you really wanted that candy. I think you should try to suck it again.” Tim said.

“Yes, Sir.” I reached down to pick the candy up.

“No hands.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I knelt down and picked the candy up with my mouth. I got quite a lot of dirt with it. I stood up and tried to swallow the dirt down and suck the candy. Master and Tim watched me again.

After a few seconds, Tim approached and pinched my nose closed. Since my mouth had been closed, I had been breathing through my nose. When Tim pinched it closed, I had to open my mouth to breathe. When I did that, Tim delivered a quick slap to the back of my head. Again, the candy popped out of my mouth.

“Poor little boy.” Tim said. “I guess you can only suck one type of candy.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said, looking at the ground where my hard-won candy lay.

“Let’s go.” Master said. We all got in the car and drove off. Tim told Master all about the conversation in the store after he left. I felt shame to hear the story again. Master laughed at me.

We drove on for some time. I had finished the bottle and really had to piss bad. “Master.” I said.

“Yeah asshole, what is it?”

“I really have to piss, Master.”

“Are you sure?” Master asked.

“Yes, Master.”

“OK.” Master found a side road and went down it a bit. He pulled off on the side, and we all got out. “Before you take a piss, I need to. Get down on your knees boy.”

“Yes, Master.” I knelt before Master. I had drunk his piss before, and I
loved having anything to do with him. Piss isn’t great tasting unless you
really get into it. I was into Master, so I loved his piss. Master just
whipped his big cock out, stuck the head into my mouth and let go. I worked
to swallow the stream that hit the back of my throat. I could feel the heat
of his piss, and the salty-bitter taste. I could smell it filling me. My
tongue rested under the head of his cockhead. I felt the special skin that
is only on the head of the cock. The place of so much pleasure that I always
worked to grown into a large crown spurting cum.

When Master finished he looked at Tim “You have to go?”

“Yeah.” Tim said. Tim whipped his cock out and stuck it in my mouth. I had never drunk Tim’s piss before, so I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Tim’s dick was a little shorter than Master’s and thinner. Tim’s stream of piss wasn’t as forceful as Master’s so it was easier to drink. I really had to piss myself when he was done.

“Stand up.” Master said.

“Yes, Master.” I stood.

“Really have to go, shitface?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Rub your crotch a bit to show it.” I obeyed. “Jump up and down a bit. I hear if you do that, the piss moves and it relieves the pressure.” I began to jump up and down a bit. It didn’t really help.

Master and Tim looked at my performance and laughed. “OK, stop.” Master said. I stopped. “I’m going to give you permission to piss now. You can start when I say ‘Go’. I’m going to wait a few seconds because I have something for you to do. If you can get your zipper down and your dick out before I say go, you can piss on the ground. If not, you have to piss your pants. I want to be fair, but I also want some fun. So you can’t use your hands. Put them behind your head.” I obeyed. There was no way I could get my pants unzipped without them. I was being put in an impossible position for the amusement of Master and Tim. “You can start trying that zipper now.”

I looked around. Without my hands, I couldn’t do anything. “Master, Sir, would one of you help me, please?” I asked pitifully. I knew that they liked me to be humble for them, so I tried.

“Who wants to touch your slimy little dick?” Tim asked.

I got a quick glance over to Master, when Master said “Go.”

There was nothing to do. I had humbled myself for nothing. I let go of my bladder and pissed my jeans. The piss ran down my leg and some got into my shoe. Jeans are funny with piss. You can see the piss darken the fabric and the jeans seem to add to the smell. Some piss made it to the ground, but it seemed most of it was absorbed by the jeans. I felt the heat of it up and down my leg, and my dick, and my balls. Piss is warm when it first hits, then it turns cold.

Master and Tim howled with laughter at me. I was the entertainment on this trip. When Master and Tim had laughed at me enough, we got back into the car.

“Now you see why we laid plastic down for you faggot. I can’t trust you not to mess up my car.” Master said.

“Yes, Master, I’m sorry Master.” I said.

“And now, we’re going to have to open the windows because you stink.” Master said, as he and Tim do so.

“I’m sorry Master.”

We drove off. The piss on my jeans quickly turned cold. My dick and balls shrank from it. I felt the cold streak down my leg and my shame grew. I could smell the piss on my pants, and it shamed me even more. The cold of the piss reminded me and the smell got worse.

Only a few miles down the road we stopped at another convenience store. Master and Tim got out and I heard Master say “Heel.” I climbed out of the back of the car and followed him. We entered the store and the clerk looked at me in disgust. It was obvious I had pissed myself. I could smell the piss on me and I’m sure he would get a whiff any minute. I turned red in embarrassment. Master and Tim wondered around the store looking at items, and I followed Master as I had been ordered. After a few minutes Master and Tim decided on what they wanted, when up and paid. The clerk was a man in his forties. He didn’t say anything, but looked disapproving at us, especially me. I didn’t get anything and I didn’t say anything. As we left, I realized it was worse than I had thought. I would have been bad enough for someone who had pissed himself to come in for a reason, but I had just wandered around. I had pissed myself and was on display in public for no reason. I didn’t get a papertowel, I didn’t get anything. I hadn’t even realized how low I had gone until it was over.  I was in awe of Master’s power to humiliate me his mind could twist my mind into any shape it wanted. Master and Tim laughed to the car. My humiliation continued.

We drove on. Master looked at me in the rearview mirror. “Hey, whore, take those stinking pants off and put your special shorts on.”

“Yes, Master.” I said. I was worried. What would Master do to me? I has humiliated already and in different ways, and it looked like it would still go on. Would it ever end? How much worse would it get?

I struggled to remove the jeans. That left me naked except for the very brief t-shirt I had on. That short time reminded me of my lowly place in the world. Then, to sink even lower, I pulled on the special shorts. The shit stain was obvious on the white fabric. Just wearing them was humiliating, and reminded me of how there were made.

Tim looked back at me. “We’re having fun doing this. Does the shithole like being our toy?”

What could I say? “Yes, Sir.” I bowed my head in submission.

“I told you this would be great.” Master said to Tim. They drove on, talking to each other of my humiliations and how much they enjoyed doing things to me. I stayed silent in the back set, embarrassed at having to hear again of what I’d been through and dreading what was next.

Next was another convenience store. We pulled into the parking lot. Master turned around to look at me. Master handed me a few dollars. “OK asswipe, I want you to go into that store and buy a drink from the lower shelf of the cooler. I want you to bend at the waist with your ass pointed to the clerk. Got it?”

“Yes, Master.” Master jumped out of the car, and moved the seat so I could get out. He was already laughing. I clutched the bills and walked to the door of the store. I felt every step. I had to look funny from the front. The t-shirt was torn just below my tits, that was weird enough. But I was wearing only sneakers and a pair of white shorts. Not normal clothes. And from the back, you could see a definite shit stain. A large one. I could hear Master and Tim laughing at me as I walked to the door. I guess just the sight of me with the shit stain was funny. And the fact that I was going to willingly humiliate myself for their amusement was even better. Sometimes I couldn’t believe I was doing this. This was not like the stories I had read where a slave was naked and collared in a B&D bar, this was out in public and open for all to see. But I did it. I would do anything for Master, and this was one of his commands, so I was doing it. I would do anything, sink lower and lower and still obey. I opened the door and walked in. The clerk was an old man. He looked at me with a combination of disapproval and lust. I have a pretty good body, and it’s gotten better since Master commanded me to work on it. I could tell the clerk didn’t think I was dressed the way any self-respecting man would. But at the same time, I’m sure he liked my body and would want to fuck me.

He nodded hello, and I nodded back. Then I turned and walked to the cooler. I knew when I did this that he could see my butt. And on my but was a large shit stain. I had shit my pants like a baby. And worse, either I didn’t know it, or I was doing this on purpose. My ass burned as I felt his eyes glued on my ass and the shit stain. I had to work to walk to the cooler. Then I bent down from the wait to pick a bottle from the lower rank. It had to look like I was showing off my ass. What would this guy think? I picked up the bottle and straightened.

Then I realized another part of Master’s plan. After doing this, I would have to turn around and face the clerk as I walked back to the counter. I closed my eyes just thinking of that. I turned and looked at the floor as I walked up to the counter. I couldn’t face the clerk. After an eternity, I reached the counter. I put the drink and money on the counter. He made change and handed it back. I kept my eyes down as I walked to the door. As I started to open the door I heard the man say “Hey, you.”

I was so startled I turned around and looked at this face. I didn’t say anything.

Then he spoke again “You’re one sick motherfucker.” I pushed the door open and hurried out.

Master and Tim were waiting, standing with the doors open. They were laughing hard. The site of me walking back sent them to new peels of laughter. I walked over to Master and stopped, holding my head down i shame.

“What did you get?” Master asked. I handed him the bottle. He took one quick look at it and said “I hate this shit.” And tossed it away. “Strip.” Master ordered. Master and Tim continued to laugh as I was faced with another choice. What should I take off first? The shorts or the t-shirt? I decided the shorts were worse, so I took them off.

“I’ll have to remember that.” Master said to Tim “Fuckface doesn’t mind having his little dick out in the open. See how quick he stripped off the shorts?”

“Fuck, yeah.” Said Tim. I was nude by that time.

“Get the fuck in and put that shit in the bag, bitch.” Master ordered and I obeyed.

As we drove further into the country, Master and Tim continued to talk about my latest humiliation. I was buck naked in the back of the car and I stayed silent. Master and Tim laughed at my predicaments.

“I can’t believe the fucker does this shit just because you tell him too.” Tim said to Master.

“The asshole loves it, don’t you boy?” Master said tossing his head back to glance at me.

I though for a second. I didn’t like humiliating myself, but I loved to obey Master. I was convinced that Master liked it when I obeyed him. Knowing that I made Master happy was all that mattered to me. I answered truthfully “Yes, Master.”

“Told ya.” Master said to Tim.

This was a bit of a revelation to me. I couldn’t believe I had voluntarily done the things to myself that I did. I wasn’t like Master had blackmail on me. Or that he physically intimidated me, in fact I think I had more body mass overall. Master was taller than me, but I was stockier and had more
muscle mass. But when he gave me an order, I felt a wave of happiness. I may not want to do what I was commanded, but I wanted to obey Master. Once Master gave me an order, I was anxious to obey and wanted nothing else. The desire to obey was greater than my embarrassment or dread. And every so often Master called me a ‘Good Boy’. That sent me to the heavens with joy. To hear those words and to suck his cock fulfilled me. This life was mine, and as humiliating as it was, it was what I knew I really wanted. Master controlled me, and I wanted to be controlled.

Master turned the car off the road and onto a side road. He drove a bit and then a gate appeared across the road. Master stopped the car and ordered me out to open the gate. Naked, I obeyed. Master pulled through the open gate, and I began to close it. I noticed the car didn’t stop. When the gate was closed, I turned. Master leaned out the window and yelled at me “Heel, fucker!” He continued to drive the car. I ran to follow.

Tim pulled himself up and sat on the window watching me run after the car. Master’s head was out of his window and he looked at me. Master and Tim were laughing at me chase them. “Look at his little dick swing!” Tim laughed. Master drove on for a bit and I ran to catch the car as I had been ordered. I felt like a dog chasing a car. I guess that is what Master wanted. He loved to demean me as much as I loved to obey him. This whole day had been one degradation after another, and I know Master was enjoying himself, so I was happy to be a fool for him.

The car stopped and Master got out. I finally caught up to him. My last command had been to heel so I went to Master. Master snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground in front of him. I knelt and looked up adoringly into his lovely face. Tim came around and I glanced at him, but returned my adoration to Master. For a few minutes the men looked down at their boyslave.

I thought they were going to pull their cocks out and have me suck them, but I was wrong. “I think I want my cuntslave to get a little more exercise.”

Master said and walked around me. I stood up and followed Master and Tim. Master walked over to something snapped his fingers and pointed at it. “Over here boy, now.”

“Yes, Master.” I scrambled to obey. Master was pointing to a pile of cowshit.

“Pushups. I want pushups until I get tired. And I want you face directly over the shit. If you fail or get tired, you’ll have a face full of cowshit.”

“Yes, Master.” I said as Tim laughed. I began to do pushups. Master liked to order me to do physical exercise, and I obeyed. My vision was filled with the cowshit and I saw it get close when I was down. It was pretty fresh, so I could smell it. After some time, it became harder and harder to do the pushups. Master and Tim continued to watch me, and I knew they were waiting for me to fail. But I also knew I had some energy left in me.

Then I heard a new sound, an engine running. It wasn’t Master’s car, Master and Tim were still standing over me. This engine had a rougher sound to it. I heard a vehicle approaching.

“What the fuck.” Tim said.

Then a truck drove up. Three men were in the cab. The engine stopped and I heard doors opening. I stopped doing the pushups on the up side and looked. All three were young, the oldest couldn’t have been beyond his mid-twenties yet.

“Get back to work.” Master said, kicking me in the side. I started doing pushups again.

“What the fuck is this?” one of the men said.

“I’m giving my slave a workout.” Master said. I could feel the three men looking at me doing pushups over the cowshit.

“And you picked our field to do it in?” the first voice said.

“It was handy.” Master said. “We’ll be happy to pay you. You can fuck him.”

“Good idea. I’m horny and ready to bust someone’s ass.”

“Bust his ass any time you’re ready.” Master said.

Master was trading me off like a piece of meat. “I’m ready now.” The man reached down and grabbed me by the hair, dragging me up. He pulled my face to be next to his. “I’m going to tear you a new asshole, asshole.”

“Hey Jeb, let’s tie him up and fuck him like that.” One of the other men suggested.

“Good idea Hank. Get those haybales out of the back of the truck and we’ll tie him up on those.”

“Gottcha, Jeb.” Henry said.

“Wait a minute.” Master said. “Shitwipe here is a slave, he’ll get the haybales down for you.”

Jeb laughed. “Damn good idea. Come on shitty.” Jeb pulled me by my hair to the back of the truck. Master and the others followed. Hank opened the tailgate and Jeb tossed me roughly half up on the lowered tailgate. “Here shitty, get those bales down here. We’re going to tie you up and fuck you like a dog.”

I lifted one of the haybales. It was heavy. The only way to pick them up was with the twine that kept them together. The twine cut into my hands  I carried it to the edge of the truck and was ready to drop it off the edge when Master said “No short cuts shitty. I like that, shitty. No tossing, Work for your fucking.” That caused a round of laughter. I laid the bale on the edge of the tailgate, jumped down and picked it back up.

“Where would you like it, Sir?” I asked Jeb.

“Over there, shitty.” Jeb pointed to a spot on the field. I obediently carried the bale to there and put it down. “We’ll need several, shitty.”

“Yes, Sir.” I said. The men stood around me as I carried the bales one by one out of the truck and stacked them. Two of the new ones were rubbing their crouches in anticipation of fucking me. I kept my eyes down so I would be humble before these men.

Finally I had enough, and Jeb sent Hank for some rope. When Hank got back, I was ordered to lay over some of the stacked haybales. Jeb and Hank began to tie my hands and legs to the bales. I was face down, my arms were wrapped around the bales and my legs were opened, my ass on a corner for easy access. Hay is very sexy and I’d long had a fantasy of being fucked in hay (who hadn’t?) but hay was not fun to have your bare skin on. It scratched and poked. That was bad on tough parts of the skin, real uncomfortable on the chest and stomach, and misery on the dick and balls.

“Now, lets get onto that payment.” Jeb said. My head was turned to one side, and I could see Jeb as he took off his overalls. Jeb’s cock was a monster, and already dripping pre-cum. The other two men who came with him, were also stripping off. Master and Tim were joining them. I had been saved from the humiliation Master had planned for me doing pushups to being gang-banged. Jeb moved behind me and delivered several sharp slaps to my exposed ass. “OK shitty, you’re going to get it now.”

Jeb’s cock was a foot long and thick, red and bloated. He shoved right into my ass. “Awwwwww” I yelled as his dick ripped into me. He was bigger than Master and he didn’t move in slowly, he pushed up to the hilt. It was painful. Master gave me some time to adjust when he fucked me, not much, but some. Jeb just shoved in. My ass was filled and I felt stuffed. I tried to squirm around some, but I was well tied and couldn’t move around. My ass was on fire and felt all stretched out. I could hear Master laughing at me. Jeb began to pull his dick out and I felt my guts collapsing on each other. But now I felt empty as the giant cock was pulled out. Jeb pulled quickly until only the massive head was still in me. I pushed back to try to get it back in me. Jeb slapped my ass and said “Shitty really likes my dick. Look at it try to get it back.” Everyone laughed. “Groan for me, shitty.” I groaned. That brought more laughter and Jeb pushed back up into me.  I didn’t need to be told, I was groaning on my own. Jeb kept pushing into me with force like he wanted to split me open and stick his dick into the haybale I was tied to. Jeb also had grabbed each cheek of my ass and was pulling them apart like he wanted to split me in two. He thrust again and I felt his pubes up against my skin. This time he stayed in and moved around some, causing his dick to move inside of me. Then he pulled out slow and I felt every inch of his massive tool slide out of my boypussy.

Jeb continued to rut on me, after one slow thrust he picked up speed and plowed into me. Finally he came, and I felt the hot gobs of cum shot inside of me like hot lead bullets. I continued to groan and was surprised to discover that his cum didn’t leak out of my mouth.

Jeb thrust into me a few times to milk the last of his cum out of his horse cock the cruelly pulled out. “Fuck great fuck.” He said. “Hank, you can bust shitty now.”

“Fuck, yeah, bro.” Hank moved up behind me and stuck his cock to my asshole. He wasn’t as long, but he was hung like shit too. Hank didn’t use me any gentler than Jeb did. He just shoved his big dick in me and began to ride me like I was some bucking horse. Hank was into beating me were Jeb had tried to pull me open. Hank’s thrusts were punctuated with his hand slapping my asscheeks. Hank moved his dick around a lot too, trying to get new angles. He was so hard it felt like he was going to puncture my guts open. I continued to groan and grunt. My boycunt was getting a real rough workout, and this fucking was just another humiliation on the day.

I wasn’t being treated like a whore, I was being treated like an object, a thing. The men were all standing around watching me be used and fucked. They weren’t concerned for my comfort or pleasure. If they had been paying for a whore, I’m sure they would have been more gentle, but I was just a slave and not worth consideration.

When Hank came he came with using both hands to slap my ass hard and fast in time with his spurts of cum. “Go on, Abe.” Hank said has he pulled out. Abe was the youngest of the three and he didn’t give me a break, he just shoved his dick in me.

“Fuck, yeah, fuck, yeah, fuck, yeah.” Abe repeated over and over again. Abe was smaller then Hank, but none of these men had ever been embarrassed in the shower. Abe was small only in comparison, and on his own he was huge. He had gotten hot watching the other two pound into me, and he didn’t like being last. So he made  up by being rough. His thrusts were the worse yet, and he ran his hands pinching over me and rubbing my face into the hay. I had been tied pretty securely to the haybales, but Abe managed to move me around, and I felt the rope press into me and my skin. Abe came shooting into my abused asshole with a loud “Ffffffuuuuccccckkkkk.”

Abe stayed laying on me for a moment, and I felt this chest hair and sweat on my back as he breathed heavy on me.  “Get up, Abe, I want to fuck him again.” That was Hank’s voice.

“Fuck.” Whispered Abe as he pulled out of me. Hank roughly shoved back into me again, tearing me a new asshole like he promised. After the last two, my ass had shrunk down some, and Hank stretched it out again. I moaned into the hay.

This round of fucking was a brutal as the last, and I thought I would pass out. I didn’t pass out, but things began to swim for me, and I lost track of time. I was fucked a bunch of times, and I knew Master and Tim joined in. All the fucking began to run together for me, and I couldn’t keep straight who was pounding my ass at any time. It was one dicking after another. Nobody used my mouth, and I know that I had to have cum pouring out of my ass.

Eventually, things began to make sense again. I breathed deep and realized that no one was fucking me. I felt something in my ass. It was a stalk of hay. After they finished fucking me, someone had stuck hay into my ass like I was a planter or a vase. It stuck out of my ass like a flag and it humiliated me to know I was displayed off like that.

“Shitty’s awake.” Someone’s voice said.

“That was great.” I think that was Abe.

“Sure was, you can use my field anytime, if you pay like that.”

“Cool.” That was Master’s voice. “I’ll remember that, and I’m sure we can come up with something.”

It was getting dark when they untied me. The three farmers got back in their truck and headed off, hooting and waiving. Master snapped his fingers and me said “Heel.” That was my command to follow, and I did. I felt humbled by the day, so I kept my head down. Master and Tim talked about how great it was to watch me tied up like that and used by five men.

It was fortunate that the plastic was on the back seat of the car. The cum had mostly dried, but I was still a mess. Master and Tim laughed at me and discussed my humiliations as we drove toward home.

I thought it was over, night had fallen and Master and Tim were gently talking in the front seat. I was wrong, there was more humiliation for me. I was zoning out a bit, tired from my day of entertaining Master when I felt the car pull over on the side of the road. I was quite dark now, and I couldn’t see anything special in the headlights.

“What?” Tim asked Master.

“Look.” Master pointed at something I couldn’t see.

“Holy fuck, you don’t mean?”

“Oh, yeah. Cunt, out of the car.” I had no idea what was happening, But I
obeyed and got out of the car, following Master. Nothing looked unusual, we
had pulled over in front of a lighted billboard advertising some campground. “Boy, I want to you to climb up there and beat off in front of God and the world.” Master commanded me and I hung my head in submission. After all the humiliations Master had put me through today, how could I stop now?

“Yes, Master.” Submission flowed over my body. I knew I had to obey, and that I would obey any command Master gave me. I couldn’t resist Master’s commands, no matter how hard or degrading. I was torn, I had no desire of my own to display myself like that, but I had a greater drive to obey Master’s wishes. On this billboard, the ladder had been left down, so it was an easy thing to climb to the platform in from of the ad. I turned toward the road, my back to the ad. The lights kept me from seeing clearly, making Master and Tim mere blobs below me.

“Get on with it, boy.” Master’s voice called up.

“Yes, Master.” One hand began to pull on my dick, already hard with embarrassment, and another fondled my balls.

“Move your hips some.” Tim yelled up, and I move my hips as well. I could hear the men laughing at me, and I was glad no one had driven by, so at least I was only performing for them. No sooner had that thought crossed my mind when I saw headlights appear. I continued to jack my dick.

“Someone’s coming.” Tim said when he noticed the lights. He and Master laughed at my predicament. The car honked as it sped by and someone yelled something I couldn’t understand out the window. I continued to jack my dick. The embarrassment of the car was too much for me, and a few seconds later, I came.

Master and Tim continued to laugh at me, as I struggled to catch my breath, cum coating my fingers, displayed on a billboard and lit up for all to see. I could hear Master and Tim talking, but I couldn’t understand what they were saying. Then I heard Master’s voice issue a command to me “Stay, dog.” I stayed in place, not knowing what would happen next.

Then I heard Master and Tim climb up the ladder. When they arrived, Tim was rubbing his crotch. Tim took to one side of me and Master on the other. They were laughing. “That looked like so much fun, we’re going to fuck you now.” Master said. “Blow Tim, I’m going to fuck your worthless ass. Down, boy.”

I go on my hands and knees, facing Tim. Tim pulled his big dick out and shoved it down my throat. I barely got a taste as he face fucked me. Master wasn’t gentle either, he shoved his huge cock into my pussy and began to pound away.

I loved being fucked my Master, and I tried my best to clamp down to keep his dick happy. I also moved my hips back to show him how much I appreciated his gift of fucking me, even in public, on a billboard, like this. It was so degrading to be used like this, showing the world that I was only an object for their pleasure. They were great strong, manly, studly men, and I was nothing but a boycunt for their use. This was like advertising my shame to the world.

For Master and Tim, of course, it was different. They were showing the world how much they dominated me, how far they could command and degrade me. It’s a great thing to fuck another man, even an older man like I was older then these boys, but to be the fuckee, to be used, was humiliating.

Master’s cock was silky and hard up my boypussy, and as always, I was overcome by him. Tim’s dick was commanding my mouth, and Tim used his hands to guide my head where he wanted it. I used my tongue, lips and suction on him, working for his pleasure. My only purpose in life was to serve, and if this was how Master wanted me to serve, that was how I would serve. Another car drove by, and it also honked, then two in a row, and then a big 18-wheeler. I could tell it was a big truck because I heard the air horn.

Even thought they had fucked me in the field not too long before, Master and Tim were great men, and able to fuck me many times in a row. But they both came fairly quick, Tim first, then Master, as dominating me in such a public was such a turn on for them as well. Finished, I cleaned Master off, and we went to the car.

I was quite on the way home, unbelieving how far I had fallen in serving Master. When we got to my building, Master ordered me into my collar and leash, and I numbly obeyed. Master used the leash to pull me to my apartment, and I’m not sure I even noticed that I was naked, carrying my clothes in the plastic bag. Tim waited in the car. Master unlocked the door and entered. I followed, dropping to my knees as Master closed the door. Master stood over me looking down at his slave for a minute. I looked down at Master’s feet. I felt his hand on my head as Master ruffled my hair a bit. “Good boy.” Master said to me, and my heart swelled to bursting with pride. “My slave did good today.”

“Oh, thank you, Master.” I said, bending down and kissing his shoes. I kissed them over and over again to show how much I appreciated Master. “Thank you, Master. Oh, my Master, anything for Master.”

“Good boy. I’m going to go now. But I’ll be back tomorrow to give you a nice, long, slow, fuck as your reward.”

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.” I managed to get a few more kisses in before Master turned and left me kneeling on the floor of the living room.

I reflected on the day as I knelt alone on the carpet. Master had pressed me hard and I had obeyed. It has been very tough to live though the degradations Master had me perform today, but his praise more than made up for all of that. I worshiped Master, and I knew that I would obey any command he gave me. Today must have been part of Master’s training of me, showing me that I must obey his every command, no matter how embarrassing or public. Deep in my heart and soul, I knew I was his plaything, and that his will alone drove me. I had no will or desire but his will and desire to obey him. Before I met Master, I thought I wanted a Master who would order me around, beat me some, and keep me in my place. Now I discovered that I wanted a Master who used me as Master wished. What I wanted was irrelevant. I wanted to obey Master, not set limits. I wanted only to obey. I fell asleep on the carpet, sliding down off my knees to lie on the floor, thinking that I existed only to obey.

To be continued …

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