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Sinsation – A new fetish music video

Hi Doryan. In these days, you have presented your newest music video. I know you for several years now, and I see, that your videos are becoming more and more like you; kinky and dirty! It seems that London is a good inspiration 🙂 . Tell us a little about your new song. 

My new song is inspired to me by the free spirit of London City. It’s such a huge city, moving here, you really get to choose the lifestyle that suits you best. You can make your choices, and you will always find people like you to relate with. The thing with oppression, bullying, etc, it can get in the minds of people and make them think that they have to comply to a certain set of rules in their social environment brought by religion, etc.

But in truth, if they just go out of this environment, they’ll realize all the possibilities. SINSATION is about encouraging that journey. It’s okay to have ideas or desires that look weird or impossible. Just explore, and you’ll find that you can be happy on your own terms.

If your song is about ideas and desires, people should also try to live, so we have also to talk about yours. After your graduation, you moved from little Geneva to wild London and you’re accelerating your music career. Is that your dream you start to live, and how is it going on?

Well, I just wanted to find a creative outlet. In Geneva, or even Switzerland, there is not much fostering for the arts. All the music that’s played is imported, mostly from the UK or the American charts. I wanted to move in the heart of European pop music. Here there is a market for me. At the moment it’s going on good. It’s a very lengthy process. You have to keep up with a day job and record and perform when you can. I’m looking forward to the moment where it will shift, and my music will enable me to live and focus entirely on it. It’s my ultimate goal. I’m not looking for fame. I just want to be accomplished.


As a day job, you work in a fetish store. If I compare your first videos you’ve done in Switzerland with the new video, I realize an impact of the kinky world you are also working in. On Twitter, you’re writing something about fetish evolution project. What do you want to tell us with this title?

Well, I’ve always been into fetish. I realize now how much it’s impact me. All the aesthetics, the dynamics. The codes. My very first video released in 2010 “Wasting My Time” is very dark and already portrays bondage, etc. As I grow into my art, I want to incorporate more fetish. I’m not doing porn, it’s a mode of expression from a subculture that I want to make meet the mainstream. My music is pop. But I want to use codes of the fetish community because it’s what I’m passionate about. It’s how I express myself. The next music video will be very surprising and contrasted that way. Pure pop, catchy song and striking fetish visuals.

Sounds interesting. Do you think, with this fetish style, your music can be successful on the mainstream market?

I think Fetish codes have been in the industry for a while. Especially with pop stars. It’s definitely something that can help me find people that relate to this sort of visual. At the end of the day, it’s music. If it’s catchy and mainstream, it can catch on. Doesn’t matter if I’m wearing leather. It’s definitely more difficult than if I was an artist singing love songs in a suit and tie. It’s more difficult to find management and people that believe in you as a brand. I just have to find people that understand and see the potential.

You’ve been successful at Pride got Talent last year. This year you will be again life on stage at the London Pride. It seems that gay people in London like your music. 🙂 Will you also have a fetish show on stage?

I’m thinking about the visuals at the minute. I haven’t checked with the dancers yet. I want to put up an inspiring but in your face performance. We’ll see 😉

Where can we buy and download your songs? And where can we see you performing live?

My songs are available on iTunes. Just look up “Dorian Reland” and you’ll find 3 songs. The latest is “Sinsation”. My next big performance is on London Pride 27th of June Trafalgar Square. For more info on gigs and news about me, please check my twitter 🙂

Thank you, Dorian, and see you soon at one of your gigs and/or probably in the dungeon. 😉

Doryan Reland

London (UK)
Geneva (CH)

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