Shackler gives us an insight into his playrooms in Minnesota (US).

MasterMarc: Hi Shackler. Some weeks ago you’ve given us an insight into sessions with your young and willing boys. We have seen that you love to play hard with your boys and to keep them in chains.  That means that you need a good place to have fun. It’s time to visit you and it is great that you want to show us your playrooms. How important is it for you, to have the space to play with your boys?

Shackler: For me, having dedicated play spaces is very important. A well-planned space facilitates the scene, keeping gear at hand without clutter. It sets a mood and lets first-time visitors know that I’m serious about what I do. They’re somewhere special, where anything can happen.

My husband and I were fortunate to have purchased a large house several years ago. This allowed us the space to convert a bedroom into our first playroom with a sling and electric hoist. Slowly bondage turned from a hobby into more of a passion. A few years later we expanded to include another larger bedroom suite filled with hard points, rubber flooring and a bondage bed. The first playroom is a little claustrophobic but very functional for suspension or fucking scenes. The second is more open and good for group play or scenes that require larger gear to be set up. It’s also handy having two when my husband and I are both “entertaining” separately at the same time.

Prior to having the dedicated playrooms our bondage scenes were less involved. And somewhat less fulfilling. You can have great sex on a bed or a couch, or bending someone over the dining room table. But I find that involved, intricate bondage is helped by gear and lots of hard points. And having an impressive playroom attracts boys drawn to that type of experience. It’s opened up a whole new world.

MasterMarc: It seems that you’ve the same experiences as I have with boys. A good playroom makes it also easier to find good guys to play with. How do you see that?

Shackler: I was fortunate to have met a couple of “mentors” when I was new to the kink community. Swindl and Mplsguy. They both have impressive playrooms and a seemingly endless array of boys. They are established, responsible, respectful and place an emphasis on safe, sane and consensual fun. I observed what was possible and I knew I wanted to be part of it. It was clear that having the appropriate space and gear, as well as skill and experience, was key to their success. So I began building and collecting, but in my own style.

I also learned from them that taking decent pictures is helpful. Mine aren’t professional quality by any means; all taken on my iPhone. But I try to capture a moment or an emotion rather than just a pose or position. When someone sees one of my images and says “I want to feel that way” then I think I’ve succeeded.

So having a decent playroom and pictures showing what’s possible have been very helpful in bringing boys in. There’s a cliché movie line, but it seems fitting: “If you build it, they will come.”

MasterMarc: I think you should show us around and as I know that you do some sm toys and furniture by yourself I think it will become a real interesting tour. Where will we start?

Shackler: We can start with the rooms themselves. This is the original playroom. It’s relatively small but gets the job done. I admit it looks cluttered but in this case I enjoy having the restraints displayed on the walls. The first thing you notice when you enter the room is the smell of all the leather. This is the room where I still do most of my play and start things out with new visitors. On the left is a stainless steel tool cabinet filled with metal dildos, sounds, CBT, and electro gear. The scaffolding on the right can be adjusted to any height and there are hard points everywhere you look, including on the floor. My favorite feature, however, is the electric hoist installed directly in the center of the room. It makes suspension very quick and easy. And it’s secure, rated at 1100 pounds. The flooring consists of heavy rubber mats offering easy cleanup and cushioning. The lighting uses Philips Hue lights that easily change color and brightness to help set the mood.


This is the newer, larger playroom. The steel-frame queen-sized bed offers plenty of hard points as well some installed in the ceiling above the bed. To the right is a bondage chair I built. I actually took up welding to be able to build my own dungeon furniture and the chair was my first project. The flooring is rubber.


This is another view of the larger playroom showing the attached room (with the fuck-bench) which we try to keep open. It’s a versatile space for flogging, suspension, group scenes, or setting up larger equipment like the vac-cube. Hard points in the ceiling and floor offer lots of options.


I have a preference for leather and metal gear. I like strong, secure restraints that are quick to administer and unyielding. The majority of my leather restraints have been purchased from Mr. S Leather. They have a great selection, high quality and excellent customer service. I’ve also found Ethos Leather to offer high quality products and a good value.

Sometimes you just can’t find exactly what you’re looking for so I’ve built or modified things to suit my needs. This is a table I built with a top that locks the head underneath it. Once in it there’s really very little movement and the wrists and ankles can be attached to the legs.


These are some restraints that, although available from a number of retailers, I enjoyed making myself and saving a few bucks.


Here, the stand that holds the fuck machine vertically as well as the stand that holds the vibrator were weekend welding projects.


Here I took existing ankle restraints I purchased and fixed them to a spreader bar I welded. It creates a comfortable but rigid system that allows less movement than with typical spreader bars. And the bar behind the back was made by slipping a custom-made steel bar inside a foam pool toy.


And finally, this is a steel suspension bar I made with 18 attachment points. It’s very versatile and allow for more complicated suspension scenes. The rotor swivel allows almost frictionless spinning—it can be quite disorienting for the sub.


MasterMarc: Wow, three rooms and well equiped. That is really a nice play area and I’m sure you’ve now made a lot of our readers jealous and others curious. 🙂 I am sure you have a favourit toy / furniture. Can you tell us which one it is and why?

shackler-dungeon-1610-009Shackler: My favorite would have to be this bondage chair that was my first welding project. I enjoyed researching different designs online and coming up with something that was versatile and exactly what I wanted. It’s solid steel and has 32 attachment points. It also has recessed rods under the seat that can be pulled out to prevent the sub from pulling his knees together. It’s slightly over six feet tall and the high back allows for someone to be restrained in a standing position from behind. The “T” bar is removable and can also be attached at the top to form a cross. The open-seat design allows full access to cock, balls and ass. I fit an automotive scissor jack with a dildo which fits perfectly underneath it for a slow, relentless impaling. I’ve had quite a bit of fun with it.

MasterMarc: Even if your playrooms look amazing I know playrooms are a neverending project. As master you have always some ideas how to make it better and what new furnitures and toys you need to optimize and amplify the possibilities to play with boys. Can you tell us a little about your ideas and plans?

Shackler: I think lighting and music (or some kind of mood-generating sound) are areas I would like to improve upon. I’m happy with the lighting in the smaller playroom but the larger playroom could be better. And a decent sound system would also improve the experience. I’m hoping to make these enhancements in the near future.

For gear, I’ve long been interested in a standing cage. One that’s restrictive of movement yet gives complete access to whomever’s inside. Winter is coming soon to Minnesota so that may be a good indoor project. And the boys it attracts help keep me warm as well.

MasterMarc: Oh I see, others are investing money in a better insulation of the house, you invest it in your playrooms and sm furniture. I think your way to keep you warm brings more fun. 🙂 Hey Shackler, it was a great pleasure to be with you and thank you for showing us your castle of lust and satisfaction.

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