Looking back over movies that we have shot over more than 10 years is much like taking a moment to flick through the family photo album. 100’s of memories come flooding back, guys that I haven’t seen in years came back to mind and of course each photo and video summons back smiles, memories and flash backs to amazing moments in time. Sure my insight in to all those “Magic Moments” with me, Sebastian Kane.


I have filmed with, and alongside some incredible Dom’s, this one I do remember with so much affection. Born outside London, I first met Kenzie Madison at Birmingham Pride. At the time, Kenzie had never thought about or done anything kinky but within days, Kenzie found himself hooked by the intense emotions. Kenzie quickly moved to BoyNapped’s original home of Manchester and become a regular on the site, first as a Sub, later as a Dom. Handsome as Hell, full of cocky attitude, Kenzie and so many of his movies hold really great memories for me.

Calvin Croft Gets Fisted

Here Kenzie is with Calvin Croft, a super cute Canadian Twink who wanted more than anything to be fisted on a public toilet. Kenzie grabs the youth and use his ass for his own entertainment! This movie will always remain special to me, it was one, if not the first, fisting movie to be shot by the BoyNapped crew and kicked of a real interest in fisting which we have scripted and introduced in to many other movies, some of which we will talk about in future “magic moments with Sebastian Kane”

Click here to see more pics and to watch the whole scene

Click here to see more pics and to watch the whole scene


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