Sizes: S/M or L/XL

Material: 2.5 mm Latex
Trim 0.8 mm Colour Latex

Colours: Black with custom colour trim, or fully custom colours on special order

Features: Front D-Ring
Locking Post
Latex Band Strap Keeper

Lockable Rubber Collar with coloured trim.





14″ – 18″

35,55 – 45,7 cm


16″ – 20″

40,65 – 50,8 cm


These are awesome. I know so many subs, slaves and pups who got one, and all are happy and treasure them. They really put effort in the look, and they’re very sturdy too. Of course, you gotta keep in mind they’re still rubber, so don’t do extreme heavy duty stuff with them. But you’re guaranteed to be able to have fun 😉

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