Dear Kinkster Friends,

The new year is almost here, and we are looking forward for things to become more normal again…or at least what we’d wish as “normal” 😉 .

We had a crazy year. but for all that, we want to thank all of you, our readers and friends. We got a lot of feedback from you, and we can’t tell you guys enough how much it means to us to hear from people that they value us as input and found things they considered important or interesting on sadOsam.

We also heard questions on why there was a little less of that lately. Well there’s a good reason for that actually. We were quite busy with a new project that we want to present you to new year: !

Yes, a name change. And no, not just a name change. We’ve put a lot of new stuff and design into it. One part is the full integration of our new social media platform.

As more and more platforms try to get rid of adult and kink content, there’s less and less safe havens for us. Many lost their tumblr accounts, their x-tube vids, facebook and insta-meta are hunting down anything that shows more than a certain amount of skin for a long time now, even onlyfans plays with the thought of deleting all 18+ accounts. And twitter is deleting more kink profiles quitely lately too.

We need places where us kinksters and fetishists don’t need to fear their latex outfits is too arousing, or their bondage skills not artsy enough for the reviewer. Where the flashing of a cock or ass isn’t gonna delete their account. So we are making one for you.

As sadOsam did KINKFINITY too lives of readers. That means the magazine will still be here for you guys. We will keep on bringing interesting insights and interviews around kink and more. But we also want to add stuff, and bring interesting stuff from you guys. You can put on pics online, show your thoughts on the timeline, bring theme groups and discuss things in forums, but also find new kinky friends and, should you prefer, talk with them directly and privately of course.

Here you can register for

Se7en and me have worked intensely on this, but we also know, there are sure to be some bugs still to be found and ironed out. So please don’t be too harsh on us, and if you find anything wrong or have improvement ideas how to make KINKFINITY even better, please send us a message over the settings/faq page.

sadOsam/KINKFINITY is our baby, and we are continually looking forward to seeing it grow. And while it surely isn’t anywhere near grown up, we are likely one of the biggers kink sources out there, and want to continue to develop in that area. If you want to support us in that endeavour, we are always happy about donations and other kinds of help. Any amount that helps us keep going and making more cool stuff for you guys is appreciated very much, I can assure you. And should you want to become part of the KINKFINITY family, just click here, to see how you can become part of our magazine.

Well, the new KINKFINITY stage is ready. Now it’s upon you guys. We hope many of you will join and contribute to make this a great place where you can see the many varieties of kink lifestyle. With that, we wish you all a wonderful new year and hope on many exciting, hot and horny kink moments!

Your sadOsam/KINKFINITY team

MasterMarc & Se7en

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