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The Reaction Of People Are Always Very Fun… They Want To Take Pictures With Us

Pup Axel

1991 | 170 cm | 72 kg

Milano (ITA)

Axel’s Twitter and Instagram

Hey readers, Pup Se7en here, today with a cute pup from Italy. Axel, please tell us a bit about you and your kink story. How did you first notice your interests go down a bit different than the standard road?

Hi se7en, nice to e-meet you and thank you for this interview 🙂 woof. I started to notice something “different” from the standard road when I was very young. I was attracted by anthropomorphic characters from cartoons …especially the human-dog figure. That’s before even I understood that I was a gay guy. I was also attracted by the fetish world like Master and slave relationships, in which the sub is under a men’s feet (for example in high school I looked for my class mates feet in the locker room).

As I grew up, I explored more of this world starting from online videos… you know Italy was not still so open on gay and fetish back then (even today there is still a lot of work to do to break prejudice).

There’s always work like that to be done sadly. But at least it’s slowly paying off in some parts of the world. Were the feet something particulary interesting to you?

At the beginning I liked to lick very big and smelly feet in a submission point of view from bullying-style guys … but now I start to just enjoy licking feet (my boyfriend’s feet are very tasty 🤤) and also to give my feet to be licked by subby boys. I really like also the socks world! I have thousands of socks at home (and spend a lot of money to buy new kinds of them).

Hehe for me it was not enjoyable when first submitting to my Master, but now it’s a big kink 🙂 and yes sadly any gear, even socks, do cost a lot ^^’ but at least still less than other kinds. So, does that mean you’ve evolved from submissive to switch? Or do you just like experimenting in general? How and when did you notice that?

Yeah gear is cool, but expensive ^^’ I think I’ve been a 100% switch from the beginning! I like to be subby with guys more “strong” than me, and I like to be dom with guys “weaker” than me… and that’s not dependant on the age! I found very dominant young guys and also very sub guys older than me. Even with my boyfriend (younger than me) I am the alpha … but sometimes we switch .. and we like this ;P

Best of both worlds right? 😉 You’re also both pups. Did you find yourselves over that? And how important / how often appears it in your relationship?

Yes we are puppy! 🥰 I was one of the first pups to come out as one in Italy two year ago. I saw the first Mr puppy Italy 2017 – Zaush – during Milano Pride, and thanks to him I started to discover my own puppy side. After a couple of months I opened an Instagram account and I was found there by my puppy boyfriend XD He started to put likes on my Instagram profile… then we started to chat … and now we’ve been together for two years. We very often pup out together in privat and in public 🙂 We like to travel and participate in many events.

When looking through your pictures, you really seem to be travelling a lot and show that as pups. How do people around you tend to react when you take such pictures?

Yeah I love travelling with my boyfriend to see new place and meeting new friends. It’s very easy to travel through Europe to attend fetish and puppy events.. We live in Milano so in just one hour and half we can reach a lot of destinations in Europe. We also visited many historical and local places and monuments, and we like to take pictures in public 🙂 The reaction of people is always very fun… they want to make pictures with us and want to know why are we wearing a dog mask …and we take the chance to talk about puppy play.

What exactly is pup play for you, and why do you like it?

Puppy play for me is the freedom to be myself! Thank to puppy play I am now more confident also in my human interactions with other people. It is a state of mind that helps me to get of my routine, and it helps to forget for a second the thousands of things and problems that all people have in life. When I am a puppy I just want to be a dog in his playful way …. running to catch up a balls for example 🙂

I also like having sex in a puppy mood n’ hood! I could became horny in a second if I see a boy dressed like a puppy with all the stuff.

Is it just pup gear, or do you also like other gear as well?

I like pup gear but also other gear, like dildo, piss masks, and I really like ropes. Bondage is one of my favourite activities. We have a good shibari rigger that lives near Como Lake in North Italy who uses us for some shibari performances on occasion.

Oh that’s always a special experience 🙂 What do you find exciting about shibari? And can you tell us about a good/special memory of being tied up?

I have a very busy life because of my work (I am a digital project manager and a volunteer in some italian LGBT associations), so I like to be bound to stop my routine and be blocked for a period of time. So when I am bound … for me it’s a moment to relax and to test my limits and “resistance”. Shibari technique comes from the ancient Japanese to torture and bind your enemies… so when you practice shibari you “stress” your body in uncomfortable position which could be dangerous! That’s why always practise with a trusted (and trained) person.

Hey, I'm Se7en, one of the authors and guys behind sadOsam. I'm an all around kinky puppy that enjoys to explore new things and talk to interesting people. Don't be shy to hit me up if you like, I promise I won't bite. Fair warning though, I'm a slow replier, quite busy on here usually :)

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