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Pup Matt’s Chastity Diary: First Week

Hello dear readers, today we got a goodie for you. The lovely and sassy French Pup Matt, the Mr. Puppy Europe 2018, has gotten himself a new chastity device. He is going to make a diary, and will share his experiences with us. Lets see how his first week has gone 😉

Pup Matt

1987 | 173 cm | 63 kg | Paris (France)

Pup Matt on Twitter

DAY 1 

Hello Pup Matt, how are you feeling after putting on the chastity device?

I’m good, I put on the chastity cage 24 hours ago as I’m writing this lines, I’m a bit horny, but otherwise I’m OK. 

How does it feel? Comfortable?

My cage is custom made, and adapted to my prince Albert, so it’s pretty comfortable to wear. Of course, morning hard ons woken me up, but it’s more something unpleasasnt than something really painfull. Let’s hope my libido will be more calm in the next mornings, but I have no doubts my body will adapt.   

What do you think of your challenge?

That’s really interesting, I tried to write few things when I wore a chastity device for the first time, but that’s very interesting to do it now I have a bit more experience. I don’t do the callenge during the easiest moment : tommorow, I’m leaving fro a week end with kink friends, I’m sure they will all try to tease me. But I’ll survive, I hope. 

So how horny are you yet, lets say from 1-10? 😉  

Let’s say 6, I’m not that horny, even just a kink video can make me hard easily. 



DAY 2 

How was your night Mattpup? Any wake ups?

My night was mostly good, at least till I woke up around 5 by a raging hard on. But that’s something I’m used to, and it’s less painful with this custom made cage than  my other old cages. 

Is your cage still comfortable? Or did you have any issues?

At the moment no issues, it’s pretty comfortable. The most surprising thing with this cage is the PA lock. When you see it the first time, you can think it’s painfull, but it’s really not. I don’t feel it.

At the moment, my headspace didn’t changed, I’m a bit horny, but I think it gonna change at day 4. Usually it takes me some time to be turned into “slut” when I play with chastity.



Day 3

How was your day? Any submissive or “heat” rushes? 😉

My night was terrible : many hard ones, and the day was sometimes complicated as I joined some kinky friends, so as they know I’m locked, they sometimes teased me. But I’m still not in a very subby mood. According to my experience it should happen in few days.

Are you getting used to your cage? How does it feel?

Last night was really hard. Many hardons, and I felt like if my balls started to be irritated ( I forgot to put silicone lube before to sleep) and the entrance of my dick started to be a bit inflated. So I took of the PA lock, but of course keep the cage and put a bit of hudratinh cream on my balls.

At the moment even if I have few little skin problems, it’s pretty easy to deal with the cage and with chastity. 1 week is not that much, even when f I know that the 4st day gonna be a milestone.


Day 4

Halfway through! Any thoughts?

It’s easy at the moment, even if I still wake up early in the morning (and the heat doesn’t help). I’m starting to get very horny, and what happened this week end doesn’t help.

Anything noteworthy happened today?

I visited some kinky friends during all the week-end, officialy for some barbecue, but … things finished in a playroom. I got tied up in a bondage chair and teased with magic wand and tits play. I’ve never been so close to jerk in a chastity cage.

Hornymeter from 1-10? 😉

According to what happened today : 9/10


Day 5

Another day in chastity. How are you feeling subby puppy?

I feel very very subby and horny. Even if hardons are coming less easyli because my body start to adapt to the chastity. I chated a lot today on telegram about chastity, and maybe I will leave my key to a Sir after this 7 days period.


Day 6

Almost made it through the week. But are you really sure you wanna get out already? 😉

Well … how to say … I sent my key to a Sir in the UK, so it seems I will stay longest than a week in chastity.

I’m really starting to be comfortable with the cage, this morning was the first time I wasn’t wake up by hardons, and I really can forget it during the day. The most complicated thing is to hide the cage when I go at the gym, in the locker room.

Day 7

1 Week, you did it, congratulations! What are you gonna do now?

As I said yesterday, I don’t have the key anymore, so I gonna stay locked, but I will have a nice play time with toys :p

How was the cage during this week? Is the pa-lock really comfortable for longer wear?

Even if it takes some days to be comfortable with the cage, it is mostly good, even with the PA. I just had to remove it to be sure it was ok, and then having a day without PA (but with cage), but after that, reput it on, and it was all OK.

What are your thoughts on this chastity run? how did you like it?

The headspace chatity provoke is really interesting, it really reduce my brat side and turn me into a “better boy”. It’s also really interesting to see how it impact the way to play with the ass : I can really focus only on my feelings without temptation to jerk, and make it really more easy to go deeper. I don’t know how many times I will stay in, but I think that’s a very interesting experience, as long as my body support it.


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