Today I’ve a cute Russian dog/slave with me. Great to have you here boy. You’re 24 now but when did you start to live your kinky side?

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My first experience was when I was 17. It was just a bondage session but I liked it very much and it made me curious. So I’ve started to search for more information about BDSM … It was not so easy to find, so most of the stuff I watched was kinky porns. In one of these movies I’ve seen a young guy as doggy obeying his Master and that was the moment I’ve realized that this is my way!

What kind of kink life do you want to live?

First of all I want to live my submissive side. I want to be owned by a Master and become his property. I want to feel responsible for the happyness and satisfaction of my owner. That is my goal and as a good pup and slave. I know that I’ve to give up some of my rights and freedom. Of course I just have experiences in short sessions but I want more. Probably there’s still a long way to go but it’s the way and goal I feel comfortable with. 🙂

That sounds good, boy. And yes, try to live what you like! But now you’ve really to tell us what you’re into.

As I’ve told you, my first impression of bdsm was a pet play movie, and it still is my main kink. Besides that I really enjoy bondage, sounding, chastity, piss games, fisting, sniffing socks and sneakers, sensory deprivation, eating from a dog bowl … oh that’s again pet play 🙂 … and a lot of other elements of humiliation. BDSM is not only sex, it is more, and first it is about pleasure. And some pleasure you get by things you love and other by things you get forced to do it. 🙂

Oh let us talk a little about your sexual preferences boy. It’s great that you like sounding. Often young kinksters are a little afraid about that particular practice. Do you think that your medical education has helped you to be open for that kink? And can you tell us why you like to get sounded?

Well, sounding is a pretty pleasant feeling. I like it because it allows you to get great stimulations at places you will never get it without the help of tools. I think it’s all about the sensations. I know sounding is something others have on their no-go list, but I think this is mostly because it seems so unnatural to get something in your urethra or because they had bad experieces through guys who don’t know what they are doing. But it is just a great feeling.

My medical education gives me an understanding and skill for it. To put something into the urethra is quite standard in hospitals, so you lose your inhibitions very quickly, and you also become curious for more. I especially love the Foley catheter which is fixed with a little balloon inside the bladder. 🙂

Yes catheters can be very useful in bdsm play. As Master you eliminate even the boy’s control of his bladder and if you do longterm bondage it really helps to prevent a mess. 🙂 But that is something which needs knowledge. We really have to do a tutorial about it on sadOsam soon. Although you can already find a sounding tutorial here if you’re interested in first steps. Can you remember when you got your first sounding in a sexual context?

I don’t remember exactly when as it was years ago. It was during a session in which I was in bondage, so I did not control the process. The first moment I saw the sound he wanted to insert, I was very scared. But I knew that he did know what he was doing, and as I was restricted I also knew that I couldn’t do anything against it. The little discomfort, the stretching pain which is normal, quickly subsided and was replaced by a feeling of horniness and pleasure. I began to enjoy the procedure and my dick just wanted to get the sound in deeper and deeper.

To feel a little discomfort at the beginning is totally normal as it is a part of your body which doesn’t get penetrated normally. But if you meet an experienced sounder he knows that, and he won’t force too much. You said you began to enjoy it very quickly. Can you describe the sensations you get when you get sounded?

First there was a burning sensation in combination with the strech pain then it has become kind of a titillation (tickling/tingling feeling) … the way you feel it for example if somebody strokes your erected penis glans with his palm. This tickling feeling became more and more a very stimulating sensation and as he didn’t stop for a longer time I really exploded at the end. It was great … the horniness of the ejaculation in combination with a feeling of liberation because my body pumped the sound out of my urethra. I’ve never again had such an intensity of the feelings I’ve had at this first time.

Hehe, the sensations of the first time you never get back again … that is in generally a fact. You really seem to be into sportswear and cool socks too. Can you tell us about the attraction of it?

That is a love which has grown with the time. First I just loved to wear sneakers without any sexual context. It was the look of the sneakers and of course of some special models. But then, after starting to give attention to the sneakers of other guys, I’ve also started to watch the legs and their wear of the sneaker guys. The combination of the legs with the socks and the sneakers … yes the look in sportswear in general … began to attract me. I started to watch kink porn with sports gear and involving sneakers and sock action. I’ve got the feeling that I also want to sniff sneakers and socks. I think I really like the humiliation coming out of this action and who can humiliate you better this way than a scally guy? To be honest if someone forced me to sniff their sneakers and socks I get really horny!

Why do you like to sniff it? What does it give to you? And why do you see it as humiliation?

As you know I’m natural submissive and I think that’s why i want to smell a real man and to show him my subordination. To be at his feet is the best way to show that and his sneakers and socks offer a lot of scents to inhale.

The question about the humiliation is a good one … In my eyes the result of a humilation is the loss of self-esteem and dignity in the eyes of other people in combination with a self-affirmation of the other people. The action of sniffing socks and sneakers, even more if the boy gets forced, fits totally with this description.

That’s a real technical description. 🙂 Do you really loose self-esteem in such moments? Doesn’t your self-esteem grow by getting the feeling that the other guy likes to have you at his feet and that you are a useful boy for him?

In general you’re right but to be honest I don’t feel useful when I’m sniffing socks but it helps me to understand that the man feels superior to me at this moment. To show me my inferiority is the reason why I wish to get forced to do it. It is for his pleasure … and if you analyse that fact, then I am useful for him in this moment.

What are cool socks for you?

I really like white ribbed socks. But also other colors can be cool if they are ripped. But the most important is THE GUY who is wearing this socks and it is even better if he was doing sports in these socks before we meet. 🙂 I really like the sk8erboy socks because they have been designed for people like me with my fetish. Or isn’t the order “sniff me” not made for boys like me? 😉

Last but not least you have to tell us about your hottest experience you’ve had yet?

To be honest I’ve just had short BDSM sessions. Something I really want to change. My hottest experience was about 3 years ago. A friend has given me a call to have a drink and some fun at his place. As I’ve entered his appartment I was surprised because I’ve never seen him wearing just a tracksuit and white socks. Belive me, I’ve got rock hard just by seing him this way. He ordered me to take a shower. As I stepped out of the bathroom the next suprise happened. Two of his friends geared the same way as he was have arrived. I was ordered to put my puppy gear on and then the action began. It was like heaven … three hot guys humiliating me, feeling their socks and snekers at my nose, in my mouth, getting forced to sniff them, getting my hole streched with their hands and much more. Hot fun for some hours. And afterwards we have had a drink together. This is one of my hottest and most unexpected experiences I’ve ever had. I hope there will be much more in the future.

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