Pup Blue

Hello everybody, I’m here today with Blue, a hot n’ sweet doggo from around Pittsburgh. Say Blue, can you introduce yourself a bit to our readers? What do you all like and are you into?

Haha aw you’re too kind. I’m doing good. I’m a 33 year old pup from Pittsburgh, PA. I have a variety of interests outside of pup play. I like board games, card games like Magic the Gathering, and video games live Animal Crossing and Pokemon Go. I’m also a gear head and like working on my cars. Kink wise, I’m pretty open minded.

Pup play is obviously my favorite, but I do enjoy others. Dom/sub play is high for me, I lean dom but can be switch. Bondage, watersports, exhibitionism are all fun. I also try my best to be open to whatever a play partner would be interested in.

What was it that got you into the world of kink initially? And what was it that kept you in? 😉

Well I first got into kink about 5 years ago. I had heard of pup play but knew nothing about it, and wanted to try to explore it. My partner and I had been together 2 years at that point, af we agreed to become open so I could explore that side of myself since he’s fairly vanilla (not that there’s anything wrong with that, lol). Shortly after that I met someone who was a pup and we entered a throuple with him as I learned the ropes of pup play and general kink.

That throuple is no more but my interest in kink remains. Through that I was able to meet many like minded kinksters, which has been a huge part of what’s kept me here – besides the fun misadventures, of course. 😉 I’ve helped build a local pup community by helping lead Steel City Pups, and the community within the group is what’s really kept me around.

I’m glad you managed to gather such a good group around you. They are indeed precious. What is pup play and kink to you? It’s definitely more than just a hobby interest at this point right?

This is a bit difficult for me to answer. Pup play for me personally is inherently sexual. For me it’s a way of expressing sex or feeling horny, but I know it isn’t always the same for everyone. When I was in a relationship with another pup it was often a way for us to express ourselves to each other at times, which I think is also what kink is to me. I’m not sure that its a full blown lifestyle for me like it is for some, but it’s definitely something that extends beyond just the bedroom, if for no other reason than the group of local kinksters and pups that I chat with daily.

You get close enough to people just chatting with them all the time that they are friends and you get invested in each other’s lives. It’s often said that kinksters make their own family within the community and I definitely feel like that’s the case.

Has delving into kink and fetish also awakened more of a “lustful view” in other things? Like seeing other things more kinky, or seeing more sexy situations when working on your car for example etc.

Um, yes and no. I mean I know you were just giving an example but I think the mechanic trope is well played in both straight and gay porn, lol. I’m not sure if it’s necessarily given me a more lustful view on life but it may have. If anything it’s provided me with a lot more opportunity.

I’ve definitely been able to hook up or even befriend guys because they’re interested in pup play, that I honestly don’t think would have given me the time of day otherwise, or it’s allowed me to do things like go to the local bar, which is admittedly a bit seedy, but it gives me the confidence to cruise the back room there or be more confident in approaching a guy there, where as I never would have gone to that kind of environment before I got involved with kink.

It’s great that it had such a positive influence on you 🙂 It’s something I generally found to be true, once you live out latent kinky interests it tends to have a good effect on the mind.

What other kind of play did you start to explore after finding your pup side btw? What were those ropes and things shown to you? 😉 And are there still some you’d love to experience some time in the future? Or are you content with what you got accumulated now?

Oh, it’s definitely opened doors to many things. I’ve found that I quite enjoy dom/sub, on both sides. I have a Sir and a sub, neither of which are pups but are welcoming of my pup side and it will sometimes work its way into our sessions. I’ve had other subs too, some of them pups. The person who really introduced me to pup also introduced bondage, and we explored that some during our relationship though not as much. But I’ve dabbled in things from watersports to fisting, a lot of which I’m still unsure just how much I enjoy them, but even trying them at all compared to the person I was before I got into kink, that’s a huge step. I’ve learned that some things I’ve always had a thing for are common kinks or fetishes, like spandex or sports gear. This is why I try to stay open minded when playing with new partners, you never know what you might find you like.

You just have to be prepared to say no if you decide it isn’t for you, and make sure you have a partner who understands and accepts that no if it happens.

It’s also allowed me to explore and realize that most stereotypes are not necessary. I may be a bottom but I can still be dom. I’ve had subs who quite enjoyed being called my human dildo. I’ve also had bottom subs where I took on a top role, out of my comfort zone. So it’s definitely allowed me to explore more, and I find staying open minded has helped me continue exploring.

OK last question. As someone who helped organize a community at your place, what are some small tips and pointers you can recommend newbie pups, or ones who want to create a similar safe space?

So, I think there are two important factors in this. The first, is to make a safe space for yourself. Figure out what you like, don’t like (obviously these are likely to change but it’s good to have an idea), and most importantly, are willing to tolerate. This can be difficult for new pups or kinksters. I talk often about how if you’re a sub or a pup, knowing who you trust and making sure that trust is well placed. I see and even deal with quite often, doms who will try to assert themselves over pups or subs just because they are dom, and new pups or subs allowing that because they don’t know any better. I can’t stress enough that if you don’t know a person, don’t assume they have your best interest at heart, because often they don’t. Don’t be afraid to tell a stranger no. They will sometimes get mad, tell you you’re a bad pup/sub, that you need trained, but the reality is that they need trained, because you do not owe them shit just because they’re a dom. A wise pup once gave me the best advice I’ve ever been told about kink and sex in general; always listen to your gut. It will never steer you wrong.

Once you’ve established yourself and your own boundaries, the key to finding or starting a pack is finding like minded people with like minded goals. I helped found Steel City Pups with several friends who we had been hanging out as pups for quite sometime. We had bar nights that would sometimes only be 3 or 4 people. For me personally it changed after CLAW 2019. I went to that event with the mindset that I wanted to create a real community. I went to all the pup meetings and soaked up everything I could. Upon returning, myself and a group of people had regular meetings about how we could create a community and what we wanted that to look like, and how we could accomplish that. COVID stopped the in person meetings but our community continued to grow, and now that we can start having in person events again they are as successful as ever, and we are starting to look at new ways to continue growing our community. It’s been a lot of work but it’s been so worthwhile. My biggest piece of advice is to start with an idea of where you want it to go, and the steps you need to get it there, and remember that it won’t all happen overnight.

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