A kinky story written by “DestroyWhiteBoys“. (Illustration by Theo Blaze)

It was late at night. I walked down the corridors, keeping an eye on all the prisoners. I heard a voice bellow from behind me.

“Hey, Tim…” I turned to face him. Like me, he was dressed in a cop’s uniform. “…Don’t forget that you’ll have to work late tonight.”

“Yeah, I know. Just another night of fucking off and doing nothing, right?” I asked in a humorous tone.

“You got that right! Have fun, and don’t let any of these losers give you any problems.” He walked off and let me finish my rounds for the day. The night came and instead of clocking out, I returned to my guard post for a double shift. Most of the night was spent staring at security monitors and doing some paperwork. Suddenly, I heard a couple voices from nearby.

“Hey, honky…how about you come over here and show us how strong you are?”

“Strong?! Looks can be deceiving, my nigga. I bet you this boy’s weaker than a child.”

I did my best to ignore them both. The two black men hanged their arms against the bars of their cell. I wasn’t afraid of these criminal. These kids were younger than me and smaller than me. Not to brag, but my muscled body could beat these two senseless. They continued talking to each other about me.

“I bet this loser couldn’t even beat us in a fight.”

“Of course not! He’s just a weak little white bitch!”

Finally hearing enough, I rose from my seat and walked over to their cell.

“You boys are in for a world of pain. I’ll be damned if I let a couple of stupid niggers talk shit about me.” I puffed out my chest as I made my way over to them. As I stood directly outside their cell, one of them shoved me back. As I fell down to the ground, he reached through the bars and grabbed my keys. I struggled to get back up before they unlocked their cell, but it was too late. With their cell unlocked, they grabbed me by the hair and dragged me inside. One boy grabbed my nightstick and started hitting me with it, as the other boy started kicking me. Defenseless, I curled up on the floor and marveled at the furiosity of these boys. Even though they weren’t even out of college yet, they hit and kicked harder than anyone I had ever felt. Feeling like I was about to pass out, I begged them to stop. “Please…I can’t take anymore.” The two boys ceased hitting me and stood over me with smiles on their faces.

“You hear that, brotha? This poor little white bitch can’t take much of a beating.” The one boy looked to the other one.

“Yeah. I guess he’s not so tough now, huh?” The two boys pulled back their arms, as if winding up more hits. I cringed in the fetal position and begged them to stop.

“PLEASE, I’ll do anything. Just don’t beat me again!” The two boys let their arms fall down against their sides. They looked at each other with clever grins.

“You hear that? This white loser will do ANYTHING to get us to stop.” He said, chuckling a bit. The other boy leaned down and grabbed me by the throat. With an incredible amount of strength, he lifted me up completely off the floor. As my feet dangled above the floor, he stared right into my eyes.

“You’re gonna do exactly as we say, got it?” I seemed to be paralyzed by fear; no words would come out of my mouth. How was this young college student strong enough to lift me, a fully grown muscular man, completely off the ground? Something about these boys made me feel weak and inferior. “Listen, honky…you either give us what we want, or we’ll kill you right here and now.” While still trembling with his hand around my neck, I nodded my head.

“Yes…I’ll do anything you want.” The boy threw me down to the ground. I lay there, hoping this nightmare would end.

“On your knees, bitch!” I instantly rose to my knees. The two boys stood in front of me, rubbing at their crotches. I couldn’t help but notice the massive bulges protruding from their orange prison jumpsuits. I could clearly see the outline of their massive cocks behind the thin fabric. They looked like strange third legs that reached down to their kneecaps. “Do you wanna see these big fat nigga dicks?” The boy said in a seductive tone. As they rubbed at their incredibly long bulges, I couldn’t help but wonder what they looked like. I never cared for black guys; they’re rude, violent, and never respect the law. But no matter how much I hated them…my brain couldn’t stop thinking about how massive those dicks looked. I must have waited too long to answer, because the other boy wacked me with my nightstick.

“Go on, honky. Tell us how much you wanna see these monsta’ cocks.” Without being able to move my eyes from their bulges, I timidly spoke.

“I…I wanna see how big those things are.” My curiosity amused them as they started to unzip their jumpsuits. Starting from the neck, they both slowly pulled the zipper down. Their chests were incredibly muscular for how young and thin they were. Both boys seemed to have 8-pack abs, and huge protruding peck muscles. My eyes moved down from their massively ripped bodies to watch the zipper arrive at the top of their bulges. They both stopped for a second and looked at each other, letting their zippers sit above their bulges.

“How about we let this loser prove how much of a faggot he is. I want him to pull out our nigga dicks himself!” One boy said to the other.

“That’s a good idea, my nigga. I can already see how badly he wants to see them.” The two boys put their hands at their waists and stood with stoic poses. I stared forward, thinking about the small tuffs of black pubic hair that were protruding from behind the zippers. Half of my brain thought that there was no way those bulges were real dicks, and the other half needed proof badly. I leaned forward and shoved my hands into the pushed out openings above the zippers. I reached down into their bulges and was instantly met with a hot, pulsating piece of meat. My heart started beating rapidly as I rubbed my hands around the base of these massive cocks. These dicks were so thick that I couldn’t even get my fingers around them. I looked up at the two boys.

“Holy shit! These things must be as thick as my wrist!” The two guys started laughing to each other.

“No shit, idiot. All niggas have big dicks, you uneducated honky.” I ran my hands down their shafts, feeling every bump and vein. To my amazement, their shafts just kept going. By the time I had finally reached the bulbous heads of their cocks, my arms were in their jumpsuits up to my shoulder! Not being able to see these massive beasts was driving me crazy. Rubbing my hands all over those shafts filled my head with millions of images of what I thought these cocks looked like. I needed to see what they looked like. I rushed my hands back up to the base of their cocks, just below the zipper. I squeezed tightly against the base and yanked them upward. In one strong pull, both their cocks flung out from their jumpsuits and then plopped back down against their legs.

“Holy FUCK! Those things are as long as my fucking arm!” I stared in awe as the two massive black poles wobbled from side to side. Even while completely soft and flaccid, they still outsized every cock I had ever seen in porn – both in length and girth! I reached down and grabbed the heads of their cocks, which reached slightly above their knees. The huge pink cockheads were thick enough that I couldn’t even get my palm around them. I couldn’t help but drop my mouth in awe when I realized that the tip of their cocks were wider than my fist.

“Since you’ve already got that nice white mouth open…hold still and see how much you can take in that faggot mouth.” I finally snapped back into my senses and realized what was going on. Somehow these two college kids convinced me to rub their huge cocks. As hard as it was to stop looking at the monstrous meat sticks dangling between their legs, I knew I had to stop this.

“Please…I’m not gay! We can’t do this. This isn’t right!” I started begging and pleading, hoping the boys would have mercy on me. Once again, the boys just laughed towards each other.

“Can you believe this honky?” He said, looking over at his friend. The other boy leans down so that his eyes meet mine.

“Not gay, huh? You were just jerking off two nigga dicks! Besides…ALL white losers are gay for niggas, whether they realize it or not.” He spit a wad of saliva right onto my face. As much as I expected to be disgusted, I felt a jolt of pleasure shoot through me instead. “Maybe it’s being in the presence of a REAL man that finally throws white boys over the edge.” I couldn’t stand it anymore. Staring at their monster cocks, listening to his booming low voice, and being spit on were driving me insane. I started squirming on my knees, wanting more than anything to get back over there and put those cocks back in my hands. The other boy walked over and looked at his friend.

“I think we should just give this faggot what he wants. How about we see who he likes more.” The two boys grinned at each other and squeezed the shafts of their own cocks. They flung their still limp shafts up and over my shoulders. The force of their heavy cocks slamming down against my shoulders nearly threw me to the ground. I knelt there with their pulsating, veiny cocks slung over my shoulders. I could feel the bulbous heads of their cocks reaching nearly halfway down my back. The two boys put their arms around each other’s shoulders and looked down at me.

“Go on, faggot…take your pick. Which one of these fat, plump cocks do you wanna suck on first?” I knelt there, with two horse-sized black cocks laying on my shoulders. I looked up and admired the two muscular black stallions who had their arms around each other. Even though this should have felt weird, I could only feel excitement and happiness. I grabbed both of the cocks and squeezed them tight. I quickly pulled the shafts to my face, slapping myself against my cheeks.

“The only way to do a true comparison is to take both at the same time.” I said, giving into the lust that had built up inside me. I threw my head from side to side, licking both of the shafts as much as I could. As I mindlessly slobbered and drooled all over their girthy shafts, they turned to face each other.

“There’s another white loser we converted into a hopeless slave.” The two boys chuckled, with their arms still firmly planted on each other’s shoulders.

“I…I…think I’m ready to take these two monsters inside me.” I said, without even thinking of the repercussions. I sat back, letting the two dripping wet dicks slide off my shoulders. As they slid off my body, they flung down against the boy’s thighs and produced a wet slapping noise. One of the boys grabbed me by the hair and threw me face-first on their bed. I lay there with my face buried into the mattress and the lower half of my body hung off the bed. The two boys grabbed opposite ends of my pants and tore them off me in a single pull. One of them collected a big wade of saliva in his mouth and spit it right onto my asshole. He rubbed a couple of his fingers around my hole, spreading his thick spit. I could feel the excitement bubbling up inside of me as he pushed his finger into my asshole. Considering this was the first time anything had ever entered my butt, I didn’t know what to expect. To my amazement, feeling his finger twist around in my ass felt incredible.

“You sure are nice and tight, honky.” He said, while jamming his finger in and out of my ass. The rougher he got, the more pleasure I felt.

“Harder….more…” I quietly moaned. The young boy just laughed at me.

“I know you want more, faggot…but you have to be patient. We gotta open up that tight boy pussy first. If we ram our monster cocks in there without loosening you up first, we’d probably kill you.” He continued to finger fuck my ass as he looked over at the other boy. “I got an idea…bring that nightstick over here.” The boy, who had beaten me with my nightstick earlier, walked over and knelt down behind me. He rubbed the long side of my nightstick against my tight asshole.

“Is this what you want, faggot? You want us to get you nice and loose?” I nodded furiously. As much as I hated to admit it, any urge to resist had left my body. Just having the outside of my ass played with was driving me insane.

“Please…just jam that thing inside me!” I begged the two young kids. My ass throbbed with insatiable hunger as the boy pressed the tip of the stick against my puckered hole. As the tip slid into my airtight ass, I moaned with pleasure. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I could feel my old life slipping away as my mind drowned with lust. The old me would have never submitted like this. I used to be quite the alpha male. I took charge, asserted myself…and NEVER treated blacks with respect. Something snapped inside of me now that my ass had been violated. I pushed my butt backwards, forcing even more of the nightstick into my ass. “Fuck! That feels so good. Keep stretching me out, boys.” The two boys looked at each other in shock.

“Damn! This faggot doesn’t waste any time, does he?” The other boy grabbed the nightstick at the base and squeezed it tightly.

“Then let’s give this faggot what he wants!” He shoved down with all his might. Every last inch of my foot long nightstick tore its way into my bowels.

“AHHH!” I buried my head further into the mattress as I felt my ass stretching to new limits. Keeping a firm grip on the end, he yanked it back and forth, jamming it in and out of my ass.

“Is this what you like, faggot? You like getting your worthless boy pussy torn apart?” I was moaning and groaning so hard that I couldn’t even speak. In and out he pulled it, twisting it back and forth every time. Viciously, he rammed my own nightstick against every edge of my insides. When he finally yanked it out for good, I could hear the wet slurp that my ass made. To my disappointment, being force fucked with my own nightstick still hadn’t satiated my anal hunger. If anything, it only made me want to get stretched out even more. I could feel my ass tightening back up as the wave of pleasure left me. Still panting, I turned around to face the two boys. With the nightstick now thrown to the ground, each of them were slinging their cocks back and forth. Watching their girthy foot long dicks slap against their knees nearly put me in a trance. The hunger in my ass took over me and I leaped forward, kneeling down between them. I grabbed their cocks out of their hands and violently jerked them off.

“Please…I need more.” I said, sounding defeated and enslaved. The two boys looked at each other as I admired their fat throbbing cocks in my hands.

“I call first dibs on his faggot ass!” One boy yelled all of a sudden.

“Fine…but I’m getting in there right after you’re done!” The two boys walked apart from each other. Their slippery cocks slid out of my hands, as they walked around me. One boy stood behind me and the other in front of me. The boy in front grabbed my head and shoved my entire body down against the floor. “Now you hold still, honky slut! My boy’s gonna rip your boy pussy to shreds.” He said, while forcing my head against the floor. I shivered slightly as my entire body was pressed against the cold concrete floor. I smiled with excitement as I felt the head of the other boy’s cock pressing against my sore ass. Even with my ass stretched out by my nightstick, the massive head of his cock was still twice as wide as my opening. He pressed harder and harder until the fleshy head of his cock finally squeezed into my ass. Even with just the tip inside me, I could feel my ass stretching to its limits.

“God damn! I sure do love a nice virgin fag boy. Most of you faggots are completely worn out from years of big nigga dicks. But this white hole is ripe for the taking!” He pushed forward, squeezing even more of his monstrous cock inside of me. As hungry as my ass was, I was already stretched to my limits.

“I…I don’t think I can take anymore.” I said, in a timid voice. The boy in front of me grabbed me by the hair and lifted my head up.

“You’re gonna take as much as we wanna give you, got it faggot?!” I didn’t even notice the boy screaming in my face. The lust I was feeling before was now replaced with fear and pain. Even though I loved the feeling of having my ass fucked, I could literally feel my asshole tearing in half.

“Please…no more. You’re way too big!” No matter how much I begged him, he kept pushing harder and harder. I could feel even more inches of his massive black pole ripping into my ass. I noticed the boy in front of me reach down and pick up my nightstick. With one huge swing, he wacked my nightstick against the crest of my back. I screamed in pain as he smirked at me.

“I said…you’re gonna take ALL of our big nigga dicks! Got it?” He wacked me again. “Maybe you shouldn’t have bragged about how big and strong you are.” He said, chuckling to himself slightly. “I guess all those muscles mean nothing now, huh loser?” As much as I hated to admit it, my ripped and muscular body was powerless to stop these young guys. Each one of them was twice as strong as I was. I could feel a couple tears drip down my face. I couldn’t help but tear up from a mix of shame and pain. The boy who was forcing his cock into me must have noticed me crying.

“Yo, nigga…is that bitch crying up there?” He erupted with a big, hearty laugh. “What a fucking worthless loser. You’re not a man…you’re a pathetic white piece of shit!” He shoved a couple more inches of his monster cock inside of me. I moaned in agony as the two boys laughed to themselves. The boy in front of me gave me another smack with the nightstick.

“I wanna hear you beg for those last few inches, faggot.” Still shaking from the pain of being beaten, I yelled

“Give me everything you’ve got you big dicked nigger!” Turned on by hearing me beg, the boy squeezed every last inch of his massive meat stick into my ass. I groaned in pain as he gave me a little slap on the ass.

“That’s a good little faggot.” He said, in a tender and loving tone. His slow thrusts started becoming faster. Every time he pulled some of his cock out, he shoved it back in with even greater force. I could hear his huge baseball sized nuts slapping against my pasty ass. I couldn’t help but moan and whimper in pain as his gigantic fuckstick rearranged my insides. The boy in front of me leaned down a bit to look at my face. The pain and discomfort started to subside. Judging by the pleasure I was feeling, it seems that my ass was getting accustomed to his 15 inches of thick black meat. With every thrust into me, my ass felt hungrier and hungrier.

“Yo, nigga…I think this fag’s starting to like it. You better give it to him hard, brotha.” The other boy grinned cleverly. He started picking up the pace even more. After a few seconds, he had basically become a human jackhammer. I was amazed to see that he wasn’t even out of breath. His body wasn’t straining at all, as he pounded my ass at superhuman speed. I screamed with pleasure at the top of my lungs as 15 inches of girthy dark meat ripped its way in and out of my sloppy hole. After what felt like an eternity, he pulled back and let his throbbing dick slide out of my loose and gaping hole. The second it fell out of my ass, I felt an immense feeling of emptiness. The boy stood back and admired his work.

“Woo Wee! Now that’s one torn apart boy pussy. I bet I could fit my whole arm in there without even touching the sides.” As my head lay there on the cold concrete, I couldn’t help but feel the hunger in my ass. Being torn apart by this boy’s gargantuan cock only made me want to stretch my insides out even more! I looked back and stared at the boy’s dripping wet cock. The veiny shaft was pulsating all the way down to his kneecaps.

“M-More…stretch me more…”  I murmured, still in a drunken stupor of ecstasy. The boy in front of me spoke up, while rubbing his massive dick.

“Why don’t we give this worthless faggot the two-for-one special?” The two boys smiled and joined together behind me. They stood side by side staring at my dripping wet asshole. They each grabbed each other’s cock and pulled it closer to them. They squeezed their two cocks tightly together and pushed them towards my ass. I could see the two heads of their monster cocks getting closer and closer to my already opened hole. In truth, I couldn’t wait to get those beasts inside of me. Just having the one inside of me felt like someone had jammed their entire fist into me. Finally giving into my lust, I thrust my ass backwards and instantly swallowed up both their cocks down to the base.

“Holy shit! This bitch sure is hungry for our nigga dicks, huh?” The one boy put his arm around the shoulder of the other.

“Come on, brotha…let’s wreck this faggot together, like we always do.” The two boys smiled at each other as they began to thrust their cocks in and out of my ass. I whimpered with a mix of pain and pleasure. It felt like someone had shoved their entire leg into my ass. After another hour of both of them digging their monster shafts deeper and deeper into my ass, the one boy looked back over to the other.

“I think you’re ready to blow, aren’t you my nigga? I can feel your dick throbbing like crazy!” The two boys stared happily into each other’s eyes as they continued to thrust into my sore hole.

“Yeah, I’m ready to cum. How about you, man?” They both started breathing heavily and squirming. I could hear the anticipation in their voices.

“Fuck yeah, my nigga! Let’s give this faggot one last pounding then blow our loads at the same time.” They both grinned at each other and started pounding my ass faster than ever before. Like jackhammers, their bodies flung forwards and backwards at incredible speeds. I could hear their two huge nutsacks banging against each other as they mercilessly plowed my ass as fast as they could. I could hear them start to grunt and groan. Then suddenly, I was almost blown off their cocks by the force of their loads. Every time they grunted, I could feel another huge shot of cum squirt further into my ass. Within seconds, my ass was filled to the brim with cum. But to my amazement, they still weren’t done cumming. As they continued to make the manliest sounds I had ever heard, huge amounts of cum squeezed past their two cocks and poured out of my asshole. I could hear the wet splat of thick piles of jizz slamming against the concrete floor. For the next couple of minutes, the boys jammed as much of their cum into my ass as they possibly could. I could feel my insides literally stretching out as the boys shot out their seemingly endless amounts of cum. After what must have been a couple gallons of cum, the two boys yanked their cocks out of me in unison. Their massive dicks were still throbbing and dripping with a mix of their own cum and the other boy’s cum. They waggled their soft dicks back and forth, slinging the cum off of them. As I lay on the floor panting uncontrollably, one boy reached down and grabbed my ID badge. He looked over at the other boy and smiled.

“Once again, these stupid white cops just can’t resist our superiority.” The other boy chuckled.

“I know! We can get away with anything, just cause we’re niggas!” The two boys walked away, side by side. I couldn’t help but stare at their long soft dicks wobbling around with each step they took. I stood up, letting a large collection of cum pour out of my ass. Even though my ass was throbbing with pain and soreness, I tried my best to wobble over to the security desk. I collapsed down to the floor…wondering whether I should let more black prisoners free.


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