A photo manipulation story

Jarrett succumbs to peer pressure and explores the latest fashion trend of boys sporting unbelievably tiny, sexy packages.

The doctor wants to be sure that Jarrett has explored all of his penis reductive options. Has he considered Phalliminate? But Jarrett is keen on having the same procedure as his friend Scotty.

Since Jarrett’s mind is made up, the doctor agrees to immediately perform a total shaftectomy and scrotal reduction (in popular slang: a prick-job and a sac-tuck).

Two hours later, the surgery is complete. Advanced dermal regeneration has allowed Scotty to rapidly heal and enjoy his newly modified equipment. His problem has been solved for good.

On vacation with his friend Scotty, Jarrett is finally able to fit into the stylish, sexy suits all the popular boys are wearing. Boys want to be him, men want to fuck him, but will Jarrett ever be satisfied?

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