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Pleasure Slave (11)

I felt flustered, worried and very apprehensive as Ray led me to one of the  beds.  When I’d had sex with guys before I had of course been forced into it, and tied down, and now I was being taken voluntarily – well, half voluntarily:  I knew, deep down, that I had to start doing it properly sooner or later, else Master Jed would surely go ahead with his threat and have me whipped.

I could feel my heart starting to race and a clammy faint sheen of sweat break out on m skin as I started almost to panic.  What was going to happen?  Would I be expected to fuck Ray – I wasn’t sure that I knew how – or would he push me down on the bed, force my legs apart and almost rape me?  On the one hand I hated to be thought of as naive, and on the other, I didn’t want another dick forced into me.

As it turned out, I needn’t have had all these stupid worries – Ray was, I subsequently discovered, a gentle and considerate lover, who almost “specialised” in helping guys on their first few times – if a potential client came to Slaves For Your Pleasure and the receptionist sensed that they were nervous or inexperienced, they were always “guided” towards Ray.  He had a knack of being able to put other men at their ease almost immediately, and without realising it was happening, this is what I now began to experience.

He pulled back the cover off one of the unoccupied beds, then gently, very gently, pushed me backwards onto it so that I was sitting on the edge.   He came and sat beside me, put his arm around my shoulder to pull me towards him, and whispered “So, Steve… OK? You’re not worried, are you?  Just relax….”

I didn’t get an opportunity to reply, as his face, already close to mine, moved in and his lips pressed onto mine.  Well, I’ve never kissed another guy before – unless you count my dad when I was a kid, and then it wasn’t full on the lips!  I didn’t know what do, and I kind of froze.  I felt Ray’s tongue probing at my mouth, his arm around my shoulder tightened his grip on me, and his other hand went down to rest on my crotch, and began to stroke me gently through my shorts.    He broke away just a little, whispered “Come on, Steve, let me in….”, then pulled himself back onto me.  I went to say “No, I don’t kiss guys”, but the very act of starting to say this caused my mouth to open slightly, and Ray’s strong, wet tongue was in!

I know how to kiss, of course – I’ve done I lots of times with my girlfriends.  But I was always the instigator.  it was always my tongue forcing into her mouth, and with luck, I’d get some sort of response. Now Ray’s tongue was beating against mine, his arms tightened and he started to really embrace me, and I found myself doing what comes completely naturally in the circumstances – my arms went around Ray, my tongue thrust back vigorously, stimulated by his, and we really began to kiss.  My hand was around his head forcing us close together, we were gasping for breath with the intensity of our kissing, and I had that completely amazing sensation you only get when your tongues are almost fighting each other in their passion and ecstasy.

My dick was rock hard, and I was revelling in feeling Ray’s fingers stroking at it through my shorts.  I lost all track of time, and I don’t know how long we continued like this, but suddenly Ray broke away.  His face was so close to mine, and I could see his it face was suffused with happiness – it wasn’t just his mouth that was smiling, but there was that look in the eyes and around the nose that you only get when your happiness is natural, and you aren’t just putting on a show of smiling.  “Hey, Steve, I though you were supposed to be a newbie at all of this….”

He got to his feet, and I followed him up, naturally, and it was almost in a frenzy that we tore at our shorts to free our bodies from their constraints.  We locked our arms round each other, and began the passionate kissing again – this time with the added charge of having our dicks thrusting at each other as we gyrated our hips wildly, as if trying to get our bodies even closer together.  We fell back onto the bed, and lay together, our hands running now over each other almost in frenzy, as we continued to kiss passionately.

My heart was now racing with sexual excitement, not with  fear, and I’d never felt like this before – this was already better than having sex with any of the women I’d known:  Ray and I were responding to each other in exactly the same ways, with the same passion, with the same force – most of my women had really just acquiesced, I think, and had not really wanted sex; there was absolutely no doubt, though, that Ray wanted sex, my body knew it, and was responding in the way that it ought, by amplifying and feeding back to him all the things that he was doing to me.

Look, I don’t want to bore you with all the details. Once you’re locked into passionate embraces with another guy and sex is on the agenda for both of you, there’s only one way it’s going to end up, isn’t there?  I didn’t mind when Ray started to tease my dick, then when his teasing fingers moved around to my ass and started to play with my hole;  no, that’s wrong – not only did I not mind, I positively enjoyed it.  We carried on with our foreplay, tumbling around on the bed, sometimes him on top, sometimes me.  We were covered in sweat, our faces were wet with our spit, and our dicks were both slimy with pre-cum.  We could, I suppose, have gone on like that for hours: but you get to the point, don’t you, when the need for sex, proper sex, gets so totally overwhelming that even though the foreplay is great and you want it to go on for ever, you get other priorities?

Ray had me on my back at one point, my ankles around his neck, and he was giving me huge waves of sensation as his dick teased and probed at my hole.  But then it seemed completely natural for me to put my legs down, and kind of roll his over so that it was me kneeling between his legs as he was on his back – he’d kind of resisted, but I had the height, weight and power on him, and so of course I had my way.  Once my dick head felt his pucker, there was absolutely no stopping me and I pushed my way in, then began to fuck him vigorously.  I was aware of his head tossing and turning, of his hands beating up and down on the bed, and of his cries, but I didn’t care – my need to fuck, to have my dick right inside him, to control and dominate him, was so strong that I just continued.

It only took seven or eight thrusts before the inevitable happened – my head went back, my whole body arched and I thrust forward powerfully one last time as if I wanted to get the last millimetre of my dick right inside, then my seed pumped up into him, and I was left kneeling there, my body shuddering once or twice as the “after shocks” racked me and I emptied the last traces of my manhood into him.  I fell forward, my body covering his, and started to kiss him again, passionately – although his reaction somehow seemed less spontaneous.

We lay there, until the cooling of the sweat on my back began to make me a bit chilly, and I pulled out of him, rolled off his body, pulled the covers up over us, and began to cuddle him.  “Wow, Ray – fantastic…”

“Hey, Steve, OK.  So you had a good time.  But what about me?”


“Steve, sex is something you do together.  That was more like a rape:   Steve needed his dick to be satisfied, so Steve did it.  And did it hard, and quickly.  And that was that.  What did I want, Steve?”

“Well, we were kissing and everything – you wanted sex too!”

“Yes, Steve.  But proper sex – sex where we both got the same fun from it.  I didn’t want to be nearly raped!”

I began to get confused, worried, even.  Surely he’d wanted the same as me?  I didn’t know what to say, or to do, and I lay there, almost afraid to move in case I did anything else to upset him.

“Look, Steve”, he said quietly.  “We both wanted sex, OK?  But you suddenly took over, you were almost violent, and although you enjoyed it, I didn’t, OK? Don’t worry about it this time – I heard the other guys saying that they thought you were an aggressive top, and I suppose it’s just your nature coming out. But it’s meant to be fun for both of us… Now…. Let’s try again…..”

This time, he fucked me!  Very gently, very slowly, and with a huge, slow build up that left my whole body tingling with so much anticipation and sensation that when he finally did get his dick in me, it was almost an anticlimax!  Afterwards, all we could do was just lie there in each others arms, soaking wet from our exertions, and completely spent.  We looked at each other, and we were both laughing, and I could feel tears of joy rolling down my face.

“Ray, will you teach me how to do that….?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Steve!  Some guys can, some guys can’t – but can you see now just how good great sex can be for both guys?”

We just lay there, and slept.  Some time in the night, surrounded by the other guys, we made long, gentle love, again; and again, some time later.  In the morning I felt like I had never felt before – utterly, completely content.

I’d never woken up in the arms of another guy before, and as I came awake I just lay there revelling in the different sensation – the strong manly scent from his pits, the rough touch of the stubble of his beard against my skin, the feel on his breath against me as he exhaled, and, of course, the wonderful warmth of his erect dick pressing against my belly.  He opened his eyes, saw me looking at him, and smiled.  “Good morning, Steve….”

“Ray… Ray…. I don’t know what to say.  I’ve never said this to another guy before.  I don’t know how to say it… I think I love you, Ray.”

His smile became a broad grin.  “Hey, Steve, that’s really nice.  But you don’t mean it, you know…”

“Yes, I do, I’ve never felt like this before….”

“Well, that’s as may be.  But you’re inexperienced in all of this.  You’re just confusing really great sex with something else.  You don’t love me, actually – it’s just that you’ve never been this close to another guy before, never experienced the staggering enjoyment that another man can bring to you.  If we carried on doing it, then one day we might find out that we did love each other… But that’s quite different from really great sex, and there’s more unhappiness in this world caused by people confusing the two things.  Guys who have a few nights of true passion then try to make it last, and it’s not meant to:   sex is sex, love is love, and the two exist differently from each other. You can have sex – great sex – without love, and you can love another guy without ever having sex with him.  I’ve been here lots of times before, Steve, and let me just give you some advice:  don’t confuse the two. You can have lots and lots of utterly fantastic sex, and one day you might be lucky enough to find a guy you really love – but don’t expect  one to follow the other.”

“It’s really important in our job, especially.  You’re expected to give the clients good sex – maybe even great sex sometimes, but don’t expect any more of them!  And don’t believe that you can really enter a loving relationship with any of the guys here – it’s just not possible, living as we do.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t really like a lot of guys, that you can’t have special fuck buddies, but keep all that separate from love…”

I lay there totally silent.  I wasn’t used to guys talking like this.  I mean, men don’t talk about love and relationships and stuff like that, do they?  I just didn’t know how to respond.

It was Ray, though, who took the initiative.  “OK, Steve – that’s the serious crap out of the way.  Now, there are a few of those boxes on your progress sheet that we need to be able to tick….  Have you had my dick down your throat yet… It’s  been everywhere else on your body….”

We both laughed, and even though the other guys around were starting to wake up and move about, I felt absolutely no shame or embarrassment as we fucked each other again.  Well, it’s obvious, isn’t it – how can something that great, that natural, possibly be embarrassing?

Once I’d made a start, “broken the ice”, so to speak, there was no stopping me!  It was sex heaven – surrounded by great fit guys who all knew about sex, and needing to fuck every one of them!  I began to think it wasn’t so bad being a slave after all – I was housed and fed without having to bother about bills and stuff, I had a crowd of really great companions, and I had none of the normal worries of the world:  no thoughts of bills, of meetings at the office I didn’t want to go to, of worrying that I might not find a girl friend, about finding the money for a new car… It was, I suppose, stress free.

Half way through the month  I was summoned in  to see Master Brett, who looked at my “progress sheet” and expressed huge satisfaction with the progress I was making.  “Mind you, Steve, it’s quality, as well as quantity, that we’re after…. I think I’ll have a little check-up.”

He called the young slave Gary in, who, as when I’d been there before, helped Master Brett to undress. Then he half sat, half sprawled on one of the big couches, and gestured for me to kneel between his legs.  “So show me how your cock sucking is coming along, Steve…..”

It was a revelation, I tell you!  I had thought I was doing OK, that I’d cracked the male sex thing.  But it’s one thing to have great sex with another guy who’s about the same age as you, and fit and athletic and is doing it voluntarily; and quite another to be on your knees in front of a fat, flabby guy, smelling the dried piss from his boxer shorts in your nose, and knowing that you’re going to have to take his dick into your mouth because he’s ordered you to!

“Get a move on, slave!”.  Master Brett’s words, with a slightly strident tone, broke through my mood of contemplation, and I bent forward to put my tongue out and start to lick his dick.  Well, you can do it, of course.  And guy can make himself suck the dick of another – it’s not all that much of a big deal, is it?  But there’s  a world of difference between having sex because you want to, for fun, and having to perform sex acts because you’re ordered to.  Still, I managed it, and managed to swallow his cum (it doesn’t taste any different really in those circumstances, after all), and almost reverentially lick his dick clean.

“Good, Steve”, Master Brett said as he continued to sprawl there, his dick languishing through the fly of his boxers.  “A little more enthusiasm in future, perhaps…. But you’ve made real progress.  I did wonder, when we’d bought you, if you could really be taught all you need to know to be a success here, but I’m getting more hopeful.  Now, perhaps we’d better see how you’re doing with fucking….”

Turning to the young slave, he continued “Gary – ride the horse!”

I carried on kneeling there as the salve obediently dropped his shorts, went over to the fucking horse, and lay on it, wriggling backwards and forwards a little to make himself comfortable.

“Right, Steve… No need to make a big deal of it: just a good, solid workmanlike fuck of young Gary, whilst I watch.”

I discovered I definitely had not properly adjusted then – even on my first day there I’d enjoyed having Gary next to me, but now, seeing his wiry thin body laid out like that, his ass just waiting there for me to fuck, I didn’t think  I could do it.  I stood there, looking.  Although I’d fucked a lot of the guys by now, I hadn’t done it “to order” like this, with someone watching deliberately, someone who was going to judge my performance.

“Hurry up, Steve.  I haven’t got all morning.  Get stuck in there….  And Gary, pull your ass open, and give Steve a sight of your hole to encourage him….”

The slave obediently reached back with his hands and pulled his ass open, and I saw the pale brown of his hole there, contrasted against the stark whiteness of the inside of his ass cheeks.  I walked over to him and stood between his legs, and stroked at my dick a few times to make it come to life.  Actually, I didn’t think it would – but the more I thought about having a warm ass around me, the more it began to stir.  I ran my hands over the slave’s ass cheeks, feeling the warmth of his body, and this turned me on even more. I kicked at his ankles to spread his legs further – actually, quite hard, I think, in retrospect – and somehow this act of preparing him for me was all I needed.  I pushed forward, spread his cheeks fairly roughly with one hand, and used my other to position my dick at his hole.

It was almost like fire spreading through me as the tip of my dick made contact – I stiffened even more, then pressed forward – no, something more:  I desperately wanted to press forward – to make my entry.  I suppose it’s only natural, really – I  was a strong, fit, healthy young male, and every man needs sex, doesn’t he?

Well, you all know how it is – once you’ve got your head in, the rest is almost automatic, isn’t it?  I thrust and thrust away, and I’m almost ashamed to say I forgot all the things Ray had said and that I’d been practising with my fellows.

Whether it was the thought of revisiting the hole that I’d almost fucked on my first day, or it was the sight of the slave lying there on the fucking horse, or the thought of being watched, I don’t know!  All the ideas of being gentle, of giving the other guy as much pleasure as I got, simply went out of my head .  All I wanted to do, all I needed to do, was fuck!  And fuck I did – harder and harder, faster and faster, just not caring for the way that the slave was crying out as he lay there, helpless underneath me.

When I’d finished, I saw Master Brett looking very thoughtful.  “Very enthusiastic, at least…”, he told me.  “But I’m not certain of the skill level you exhibited!  Some of our clients would, I think, be a little concerned if you were to fuck them quite as vigorously as that. On the other hand, I can think of some who would like a strong, hard slave like you really giving them something that they’d remember all week – if only because their ass muscles were in agony!”

“Still, you’ve got another two weeks to go, and you’ve made good progress, considering that you were the guy who never wanted  to have sex with another man – no one would ever have guessed that, seeing the performance you just mounted for me!   So OK, get back to work….”

He waved to dismiss me, and so I picked up my shorts and pulled them on.  I really didn’t notice now how obscene they were, and simply didn’t care that the cum and stuff from Gary’s hole was still on my dick, and now showed through as a wet outline through the thin satin.  After all, it was all perfectly natural.  And, even if it wasn’t, I’d been ordered to do it by my owner, hadn’t I?  A slave doesn’t make decisions, after all – and if my owner ordered me to fuck Gary, what choice did I have?  I kind of felt better after those thoughts and went back to the slave section as I needed to do a couple more hours workout that day.

That night, just as I was looking around to see which of the other guys I ought to go with, the door into our sleeping room opened and Gary came in.    Normally his duties as the personal slave of Master Brett kept him in Master Brett’s personal quarters and he didn’t much consort with us.  He saw me standing there, and came up and looked at me.  “Hey, Gary, sorry about this morning… I had to do it, you know….”

“Sure, Steve.  You had to fuck me.  But did you have to fuck me so hard?  “

“I didn’t…”

“Yes, you did, and you know it.  That wasn’t one slave fucking another because our owner ordered it, that was one guy simply taking what he wanted from another, and not worrying about him at all!”

“No, it wasn’t like that…”

“Yes, it was, Steve, and you fucking well know it! Once you were in my hole, you just fucked away as I wasn’t there – I was just a piece of meat, to be used to give pleasure to your dick!”

Well, I wasn’t scared of him, even though he was really angry.  I was taller than him, and much more muscular and stronger.  He could rage and complain all he liked, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it, after all.  But I knew he was right, I suppose – no that you can admit that to another guy, can you? Especially as some of the other guys were obviously listening to us, and I didn’t want to lose face.

“Come on, Gary – I was only fucking you because Master Brett ordered it.  You don’t expect a slave to disobey is owner, do you?”

“No, Steve.  But one slave can still treat another like a human being.  You do know how to fuck a guy properly, don’t you?”

“Of course I do.  Quit complaining…. “

“I’m not on duty tonight, Steve… So prove it….”

With that Gary moved closer, into my personal space. Well, what was I to do?  I guess I’d rather have had good hard sex with another of the guys, someone more my own size and power, but there he was, in front of me.  I kind of shrugged, moved to one of the beds, shrugged off my shorts ,and lay there.

Gary was so eager – he almost threw himself onto me, then wrapped his body against mine and, to my amazement, began kissing me, as Ray had done.  I put my arms around him and started to give him a little hug, just to show that I could be gentle, but to my amazement he winced and pulled back from me.

“Hey, I didn’t mean to hurt you….”

“It’s OK, Steve, it’s not you… But I displeased Master Jed, and he punished me this morning….”

He pulled away from me, and I looked down at his naked body.  There, on his belly and chest, I could see dark patches.  I ran my fingers over them, experimentally and very lightly, and Gary winced.  “Hey, those bruises are still tender….”

“How did you get them?”

“I told you – Master Jed!  I did something wrong.  Or perhaps he was just in a vile mood at the world in general so he said I’d done something wrong.  He punched me, after he’d caned me…..”

As he said this, Gary rolled over, and there against the whiteness of his ass I saw four deep red, angry-looking weals.

“He did that to you, too?”

“Yes, but that’s expected.  I mean, a slave expects to get his ass caned, doesn’t he?  And I probably did deserve that, as Master Jed is a very demanding master and wants absolutely everything to be ‘just right’. But the problem with him is that he can also be vicious – and he packs a mean punch, I can tell you: there’s more power in those arms of his than you realise, until they drive a fist into your belly…”

“You mean he really beats you up?  Doesn’t Master Brett stop him??”

“Well, Master Brett doesn’t like him doing it, and he never does it himself:  If I do something wrong for Master Brett, the most I get is a slapped face, or a couple of cane strokes – and he doesn’t hit all that hard.  But with Master Jed, it’s different:  his canings really hurt me, and then the beatings… But Master Brett never interferes, as he says it’s the duty of a slave to take his owner’s punishment” “Even when it’s unjustified?”

“Well, Steve, there’s the problem! Many people believe that any punishment that an owner gives say slave is always justified! “

“Yes, but if you’d done nothing…”

“But maybe that was the problem.  Maybe there was more that I should have done.  Or perhaps if I’d been more careful not to get noticed by Master Jed when he was in a bad temper…. A slave is supposed to make life easier for his owner, you know, not cause him more problems…”

“But Gary, a beating like that….. Isn’t there anyone you can complain to?”

“Well they do say you can take a complaint against your owner to the ASPCS – but it’s risky!  I mean, even if they find he’s ‘guilty’, he still owns you, doesn’t he?  And the fines and stuff the ASPCS hands out are kind of voluntary, but they’re not likely to improve your owner’s temper, are they?  They say it’s the ‘public censure’ of the owner that really counts – but a lot of owners probably think that being endorsed by the ASPCS as a very strong, hard owner is actually pretty good.   And afterwards – what then  You still belong to your owner, don’t you?  What’s he going to do to you when you get back from the ASPCS hearing? Is he going to say ‘sorry’, or what?  No, in practice, there’s almost nothing you can do against an unfair owner, or one who beats you up, like Master Jed….  I guess it’s a slave’s lot to just accept it.”

It made me think, I can tell you!  I suppose I’d always thought that even if you didn’t agree with the concept of Indentured Service, or slavery, then at least it was “fair” to the people concerned.  You committed a crime, and you became a slave.  Whilst you were a slave, you worked hard, and you got fed and housed and so on, but that was all.  Of course, if you did something wrong, you could be punished, and they needed penalties for disobedient slaves that would make the slave think twice before doing the same thing again – after all, an owner wouldn’t want to lose his slave’s services because the slave was off in jail for being disobedient (and, anyway, the whole point of the system was to get rid of the need for jails).  So probably corporal punishment was the only way, and a light tawsing, or a caning, or, I guess, even a flogging for really serious offences, seemed to be a good way of arranging it.  They’d always said, in the newspapers nd stuff, that an owner couldn’t abuse the system as the ASPCS was there to act as a a watchdog and look after slaves’ interests – but now I could see the actual practical difficulties of all of this!  If, as Master Jed did, you not only punished the slaves harshly and unjustifiably, but also beat them up, where was the sanction?  The ASPCS ‘watchdog’ seemed pretty toothless!

I gently pulled Gary close to me, as his body was kind of shivering now, and as softly as I could, to avoid hurting him, wrapped my arms around him,  “You’re safe now though, Gary”, I whispered.  “At least for tonight… I won’t let anyone hurt you…..”

Gary responded by moving his body against mine to make himself as comfortable as possible, and I felt something inside me – I felt good, somehow, that I was  helping this poor young guy just by being there, by being someone he could trust.

We didn’t actually have sex as such that night – Gary slept with his head cradled on my arm, my body spooned into his.  It wasn’t easy, as he tossed and turned a lot, which caused him pain and made him partially wake, and my sleep was constantly disturbed by all of this and by his faint groans of pain.  Even worse, he was obviously deeply troubled and worried, as even when he was sleeping he would occasionally cry out, as if he was in the middle of some terrible nightmare.  I could only imagine that his really unhappy life was affecting him deeply.

I had been thinking that slavery wasn’t all that bad, but now I had seen what a brutal owner could do to a young slave, I was no longer so sure.  And if it could happen to him, how could I stop it happening to me?

To be continued …

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