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What is Pet Play and Furry?

Petplay – Role play where an individual may get into the role of a pet, taking on animals traits and mannerisms. Furries – interested in anthropomorphic (as with human body shape etc.) animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Like to express that interest through creation of art or create costumes (fursuits) of their invented per-/fursonas.

Tested Products

Puppy Tail Holster

Sizes: S-M / L-XLLockable: NoMaterial: Leather Belts, O-Cockring, Neoprene tail holster, Silicone Tail ringS-ML-XL26-36 in /66-91 cm36-46 in /91-117 cmLeather Pup tail plug harness...

Lockable Fist Mitts

DataSizes: S-M / L-XLCircumferenceS-M22-28cmL-XL28-32cmLockable: YesMaterial: Leather, Leather Padding, Strap, 2 D-Ring, Buckle, Lock PinPStatementsGreat design. They have good padding which makes it keep the...

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