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Pain Pigs – A Sadist’s View

MasterMarc: Hi Walter. It is great to see, how you treat your boi who is living with you as 24/7 slave. How important is for you to train him as painpig? And why has pain this importance?

Master Walter: Well, I am a true sadist and the boi is a true masochist, so it is obvious and rewarding to focus the boi’s life a big deal in handling and coping with pain and forced submission. I like to humiliate the boi and use it as My sexual object, but it’s not enough for Me. I want to hurt it, make it suffer, watch it twirl around in pain, hear it gasp in pain, beg for it and then beg to stop.

A slave’s body is not only a nice toy for a Master to be abused and get sexual pleasure from, it is at least as important to get aroused and satisfied by watching a goodlooking slaveboy’s body helplessly and bound twitch in pain while getting a good body punishment.

MasterMarc: If you train him as painpig pain is becoming like part of his life. Can you still use pain also as punishment? And how has a punishment to be, so that it is a good punishment?

Master Walter: Oh yes, I can still use pain as punishment. There are a million ways and levels to inflict pain. Ofcourse over the years the boi has become trained in handling pain, but there are still ways to use pain as true punishment to be feared. A good punishment for Me is a punishment that is surpassing the boi’s limits of ability to take, which the boi can’t do anything about it, which the boi doesn’t know how long it will last and when it will finally be over, which is surprising and can’t be foreseen, which is cruel and merciless, which a slave will remember and do anything about it not to experience it again. 

MasterMarc:  I am sure, that real hard pain punishments you don’t let execute by everyone. What is important as top during such a hard punishment? What are the things the Master has to have under control?

Master Walter: No, real hard punishments and extreme painplay needs a certain amount of skill, experience and knowledge of the human body. Over the years I have met other Masters who are true Sadists too and know just how far they can go. It is important to have good contact with the slave, observe its behavior, breathing, pulse and so on to assess its ability to take more.

MasterMarc: How important are tender moments after a punishment?

Master Walter: That depends on the Master really. I like to grant My boi some tender moments after being punished severely because I enjoy doing that, but other Masters don’t. They just punish Their slaves hard and make them go on with their miserable, hard and merciless slave life.

MasterMarc: Do you have some pain treatments you really love, and can you tell us why?

Master Walter: Yes, I really love electroplay. Because it is very easy to use, because it can be used on practically every bodypart of the slaves and especially the most sensitive parts, because it can go from very pleasing and teasing to extremely maddening painfull, because as Master you can provoke extreme reactions and training by a simple easy twist of the TENS unit, because you can just leave your slave connected to the electro torture device and walk away and enjoy some pleasurable things knowing that the slave is suffering while you are enjoying. I just love doing all that.

MasterMarc: Electro can really be fun and as top you have really the time and calm to observe the boy and his reactions. If we talk about whips, paddles, flogs, cane etc. do you have some preferences and can you tell us a little about the differences in use and pain factors?

Master Walter: Yes, I do have My preferences. If it is just for fun and painplay I love teasing My boi and testing its body with handspanking, paddles and floggers. If I want it to be harder and especially if I want to punish the boi, I take heavy whips and strong canes.

One of the favorite actions in provoking pain and punishment to a slave is whipping. I mean whipping in the broad sense of the word: beating, slapping, flogging, caning, whipping

It is a great way of controlling and training a boi into getting used to frequent pain of all sorts. Whipping can be done soft and sensual, and hard and cruel. Just as fun, as paintraining, or as punishment. There are plenty of choices in whipping instruments too, which make it an inexhaustible means of training a boi into pain.

I like to hold Myself to give the boi a good whipping at least once a day. It is good training for a slave. Although I like hitting the boi’s chest and back, its buttocks still stay my n°I favorite target on the boi’s slavebody. In this fragment the boi is subjected to some whiptraining on its buttocks with a heavy leather slapper which provokes dull lasting pain. I have trained the boi to stick out its slave-ass to give an exciting view of its buttocks for the Master and to give it an easy whipping target.

I have trained the boi to make arousing movements as if to show the boi really likes it and is sexually excited by this. This is something that is very appreciate by other Masters if they use the boi for a whipping. Although the boi gets excited from nature by pain, there is often a turning point in which the pain no longer stays arousing, yet becomes too painfull to enjoy. Even at that point the boi is ordered to keep on movements that show it is enjoying it still.

Caning as a punishment can be great fun to a Master, yet very hard to a slave. Caning as punishment is one of My favourite kinds of punishments.

Master Walter

and his boi

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