New To Kink ?
Important info for rookies

No Master has fallen from the sky yet, neither a slave!

Hey welcome to the kink world. We know the first steps are for many guys not easy. You don’t have only to accept for yourself that you’re gay but also that you have some sexual desires which seem to be weird on first look. Believe us, the desires are not so weird. There are studies from universities saying that more or less 40% of the population has kink fantasies. This fact should let you know that you’re definitely not alone with your desires. There will be always someone else who shares your interests.

Have Fun but Take Care about You and Your Play Partners

Fetish and sm are fun but never forget to think about your and your play partner’s physical and psychological well being.

For a long time HIV was like a sword of Damocles threatening us. With PrEP this fear can be avoided.

Illegal but a fact at many parties, in sleeping rooms and dungeons. It is better to be informed than to get surprised!

Some important topics you should know more about

Articles for and/or about kink rookies