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Some years ago we all were shocked as Tumblr banned sexual content from their platform. A lot of kinksters got kicked out of their virtual sharing space, where they could show their kinky side. This year Onlyfans was thinking about banning sexual content from their platform, and we really don’t know for how long Twitter is going to still accept sexual content. And let’s not get started on Facebook and Insta.

That’s the reason why we’re integrating our own social platform into our kink magazine. Here you can be sure that we will not kick you just because you show your cute ass, your hard dick, or how you use those while in rubber, leather, fem gear, sportswear etc. So now it’s up to you. Join our Kinkster Network for FREE. Fill it up with kink life!

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Show your kink lifestyle

You're not alone. There are many hot kinky guys are in the same things you are. And you can discover them here, simply by expressing your kinky lifestyle. Here you can be yourself and will find acceptance.

Find likeminded friends

No matter if you are looking for a specific fetish, region or sex position. If you fill out your profile right, you can find your fellow-minded kinksters, and vice versa. Every kettle has it's lid. Or perhaps a lid collection, depending on your interests 😉

Chatwith other Kinksters

Communication are the warp and the woof in fetish and SM. In the KINKFINITY.NET you can hit up friends and acquintances, send messages, and even join open chatrooms.

GroupsCommunities and Forums

Join or found groups for guys with the same interests, build up your own communities and browse the forums to participate in discussions, find recommendations, advice, and much more.

Nudes ... ?We allow adult content

In the social media fetish world of today pictures just are a must. On our platform, you don't have to fear that we will suddenly ban sexual content, and your profile will be deleted due to showing some dicks or asses in your images.