Sizes: One Size

Material: Neoprene, Leather, Rubber

Features: D-Rings

Lockable: Versions Available

Structure: 2 Neopr. Layer, Leather Straps & padded leather, Rubber Layers

Popular design silencing head harness that’s comfortable, and wearable for long time.


Alright, so I got conflicting feelings about this one. I have the neoprene version. And on one hand I really love it. The neoprene design makes it so comfortable. I can wear it for hours without problems. But on the other hand, due to the front D-ring, I can’t wear my own collar with it. And while it’s a very durable design, that only goes as long as nothing slightly sharp edged goes near it. Neoprene still isn’t sturdy by itself. Rubber would too. You can still shave parts of easily if you aren’t careful, especially when packing it together with your other gear. I’d still recommend it though, just best get a protective bag to put it into as well. Then you’ll have long fun with it.

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