Sizes: S-M / L-XL

Lockable: No

Material: Leather Belts, O-Cockring, Neoprene tail holster, Silicone Tail ring



26-36 in /
66-91 cm

36-46 in /
91-117 cm

Leather Pup tail plug harness to keep the tail inside you over longer periods without pushing or falling out.


I love this thing. Not only is it good to keep the tail in when you’re in puppy mode, but it also prevents others from pulling it out at parties. It can be used to keep plugs and dildos etc in you as well 🙂 not just pup tails. The hole is especially convenient when you have squirting dildos too. The design is very simple and comfy, I can wear it without problems over long durations. Makes for great under clothes sneak play adventures 🙂

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