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My Kink Journey … On The Rails

There were two ‘closets’ I recently came out of in my life: the first one was simply
coming out as gay, the latter was coming out as a kinky switch puppy.

I started detecting attraction towards my male schoolmates when I was in junior high
school, a time when homosexuality was not widely-accepted and was often ridiculed.
Back then I was still not sure if I was truly gay or straight but I kept telling myself I was
straight. I was afraid that even if my classmates had a slight hint I was gay it could be
disastrous for me. Throughout junior high and high school I remained in the closet and
continued to lie to everyone that I was straight, despite me never having a girlfriend. I
had only one thing, and one thing only on my mind: finish high school and get the hell
out of here.

My senior year was when I decided to gather the courage to finally come out of the
closet. I first came out to a close female friend of mine, who I knew was openly bisexual
at the time. Then the big one: coming out to my parents. This was not easy for them and
certainly wasn’t for them. I first told my father and after a long discussion, he told me
wasn’t completely surprised (considering he has seen me watch wrestling and spend
long hours in the men’s underwear department at Macy’s) but still loves me even until
this day.

My college years was when I was first exposed to kink. At first I was horrified and just
downright confused about all the kink and BDSM scenes that many people were in.
Initially I was against it and kept telling all my gay friends I was strictly vanilla. Then I
met some kink-oriented men on Grindr during my third year in college and I was slowly
introduced to the topic. It turned out that I liked kink more than I thought I did, and it
wasn’t as intimidating as I initially thought. I was just having so much fun getting tied up
and having a variety of toys used on me!

Last year I took a vacation in California and Los Angeles was my first stop. One
afternoon I was walking downtown and I noticed two men in a leather outfits and dog
masks were casually walking down the road. I thought to myself, “Those guys must be
very brave!”. Then I went to San Francisco to explore more of the kink scene, and
decided to visit the iconic Mr. S-Leather store. At the time I visited, I ran into the Dore
Alley party where there were men in all sorts of gear having a good time. I also bought
my first sets of gear: a new neoprene harness and a jockstrap. In December I hung out
with a kinky friend of mine who has a massive collection of gear and suits: motorcycle
suits, scuba diving suits, and various collections of gear.

Then came the moment that would change my life forever: he lent me his neoprene
puppy hood. I put on the hood, looked in the mirror, and was so astonished with how I
looked that I let out a puppy-like yelp. It was a little scary at first but I looked so adorable
and quickly became fascinated. A week later I placed an order on a hood of my own
from Mr. S-Leather. When it came in I was so excited that I looked forward to everyday
coming home from work to put it on and start barking on all fours.

A few months later, I attended my first fetish event in Providence, Rhode Island. This
was the New England Rubber Competition and it included a puppy mosh. I had never
been to a mosh before but I was curious to find out. This was also the night I first met
my new best friend: Pup Sirius, a green puppy also from Boston. We had a good mosh
together and I was having the absolute time of my life: I attended my first fetish event,
made a new friend, and had the opportunity to play with other puppies.

Aside from kink and puppy play, I had been a fan of trains and transportation since I
was four. I was born and raised in Boston and the local mass transit system here is
called the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) but we often call it the
“T”. It’s the oldest running system in the United States and comprises of several modes
of transit such as buses, commuter railroads, heavy rail, light rail, bus rapid-transit, and
ferries. On occasion I have taken trains with my puppy hood on and many passengers

and conductors have found it amusing that a man dressing and living like a dog
commutes like everyone else.

A week after my first fetish event I went downtown to ride the maiden voyage of the
silver line extension, a new bus rapid-transit line that provides frequent service in the
city of Chelsea, north of Boston. I’m a geek when it comes to transportation so I
snapped some photos of the new bus line with my hood on so I could share them on my
Twitter profile. Then I met Luis Ramirez, the CEO and General Manager of the MBTA.
He was also here to ride the newly-opened bus line and answer questions from the
press. Moments later I noticed that Twitter was blowing up about a gentleman in a dog
mask riding a bus. The MBTA’s official Twitter page had published a photo of the CEO
riding the bus, with me in the background! I burst out laughing at the numerous
comments assuming I was Batman, and immediately identified myself as a human
puppy. I also had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Ramirez, shake his hand with my paw,
and get to know him. A few days later a reporter from Boston Magazine interviewed me
about my adventures on the MBTA and published an article with my takes on kink and
mass transit. I told him that I love my pup self and I am just being myself.

Fast forward to June: it’s pride month and we are all getting ready for the pride march.
This was the first time that some of my pup friends and I were marching in the Boston
Pride parade. Originally I was supposed to march with just three pups on leashes but
another one was unsure if I had the ability to take on another puppy. My response: “If a
commuter rail locomotive can handle up to nine trailer coaches in one train, I sure can
take another pup!”. So I ended up walking four pups on leashes throughout Boston and
had the time of my life. Later, I got home and I decided to do one last thing for the night.
I went ahead and told my mom and dad about my kink life and that I identify as a human
puppy. Their simple response: “whatever makes you happy you’re still our son, whether
you’re a human, dog, or puppy”. I cried myself to sleep that night in pure happiness.
Having a family that not only accepts one as gay but also as a kinky puppy is by far the
greatest gift I have received.

It’s a bit unusual to combine topics like kink and transit together but I have finally found
my objectives: as a pup not only do I support the puppy community, but I also push for
better transportation in Massachusetts. There is no doubt that a thriving metropolis
needs mass transit in order for it to work. The traffic in Boston is increasing every year,
and the only solution to mitigate this problem is public transportation.

When I look back at the start of my kink life I realize I would’ve never made it this far or
be happy if I continued to not be truthful to myself and be open with who I am. I had
faced and overcame challenges in the past and I know that there will be more
challenges for me in the future, but I know I can deal with them. My journey is like
traveling on a railroad: I won’t know what my next stop is or what my final destination
will be, but I know I’ve made a good decision by boarding this train.

Pup Wilshire
Pup Wilshire
My name is Commuter Pup Wilshire (Will-SHEER), (1994 | 5’6” | 130lbs). I am a puppy that loves scritches, belly rubs, squeaky toys, and getting tied up. Besides all the shades of blue, I also flag other hanky colors such as red, yellow, black, grey, and white. I’m a ‘dual-mode’ pup which means I can take on either the dominant or submissive roles, top or bottom, and alpha or beta roles. My hood design was adopted from the color schemes of the MBTA blue line trains and silver line buses. I was named after Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. I love to snuggle with other puppies, participate in moshes, and educate others about the pup and kink communities. Besides kink I also have interests in rail transportation, urban planning, science, information technology, cooking, and travel.

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