A story written by zzzthrakon.
Illustration by Theo Blaze.


Friday morning…

When I woke up again in the morning, the study desk was emptied and I was alone in the bedroom. I went out of the room and found that they had already left for school.

There was nothing written on the whiteboard. There were no household chores for me to do. I showered and had breakfast and stayed naked.

It was a boring morning as I only played with masters’ used Pakawma loincloths. I sniffed them. I wrapped them around my head. I wore them on me. I used them as blindfold and gag.

I was so happy when I heard the sounds of the main gate and door unlocked. The twins were back. It was noon and they had bought pizzas and fried chicken wings for lunch and set them on the dinning table. Master Narin came over and ruffled my hairs playfully like I was his pet. I liked it very much when he did that.

After lunch and washup, both twins were in their Pakawma loincloths and they went to take a nap in master Narin’s bedroom together. I guessed they did not sleep much the night before. I did not disturb them and spent the time mopping the floor like a good house slave.

They woke up in the late afternoon and master Narin was pleased to see me on all fours mopping the floor. He playfully took video with his handphone of me naked with my caged dick and my low hanging balls dangling between my legs squatting down on all fours mopping the floor with a piece of rag. I was embarrassed and I begged him not to upload the video to the web. He jokingly said I need to be his house slave until they graduate in exchange for not uploading the video clip. Did he mean it?

After I was done mopping the floor, master Narin called me from his bedroom. I promptly went into his bedroom and reported to master Narin.

We were going swimming and master Narin dressed me in a Hom marine colored swim brief. He also inserted a butt plug in my hole before putting me in the swim brief.

Master Narin wore a pair of Andrew Christian white swim bikini while master Arrom wore a pair of Speedo black swim brief.

It was at the same Recreation Club that we went for gym but we only used the lockers and towels from the gym and went to the pool next to it.

We were in our swimming briefs but I was shirtless. The twins had t-shirt on them. Master Arrom did not allow me to wear a t-shirt. I only had my swim brief to hide my caged dick. I was a bit worried that people in the gym and at the pool might see the outline of my dick locked in the JAIL BIRD chastity device. I was anxious and embarrassed as I was also worried that people behind me might see the outline of the base of the butt plug. But I had no options but to bear with it from the time we stepped out of the gym locker and all the way to the pool.

I was surprised that the butt plug inside my hole did not hinder my swimming at all except that I needed to push it back into my hole occasionally when it slipped out under my swim brief.

We swam 20 laps and stayed in the pool to play like children. Playing in the pool made me forgot about my embarrassment especially I had the company of two good looking young guys with me. I really enjoyed the trip to the pool.

After the swim, we used the pool shower room. It was twice as large as the shower room in the gym.

After showered and dried, I walked out of the shower cubicle with the towel around my waist. But master Narin playfully pulled and removed my towel and left me standing there butt naked for all to see. I quickly covered my caged dick embarrassingly. I wondered did any one see the shiny metal chastity device. I also wondered did any one see the black colored base of the butt plug sticking out in between my butt crack.

I was made to walk back to the gym lockers in just only a towel wrapped around my waist. It was quite kinky to think that I was still plugged and caged under the towel.

We went for dinner before heading back to the apartment. In the night the twins and I were relaxing in the living room watching TV. But I was extra horny after the swim. After swimming exercise always make me very horny. I was a bit restless sitting on the sofa as I was still plugged. The butt plug was in my hole since we set off for swimming. My dick was straining a bit in the metal cage. And, I was stripped naked by master Arrom once we came back while both masters changed into their sexy Pakawma loincloths.

Then the bondage play started, Master Narin blindfolded me with a red colored bandana and pulled me up from the sofa and guided me to the bathroom. Both of them stood on my sides and brought my arms up to the level of my shoulders and tied my arms to the towel bars in the bathroom.

After my arms were tied firmly to the towel bars, Narin removed my blindfold. I saw my arms spread out both sides resting on the towel bars and they were also tied to it with their Pakawma loincloths. I could also see the reflection of my naked body in the bathroom mirror and my arms were tied up with four pieces of Pakawma loincloths – two on each arm.

Both masters were in their glory naked athletic body that made me wanted to suck their six inches hard cock very much.

Master Arrom came in front of me and he stood down and handled my caged dick. I was surprised that master Arrom unlocked the JAIL BIRD chastity device that had been caging my dick for 5 days. He used the water hose near the toilet bowl to wash my dick and balls. It felt so good to be touched again by hands after 5 days of being locked up since Sunday night. I looked down and I saw my dick was fine. There was no sore or redness. I guessed JAIL BIRD chastity device was better than cb6000s as it was easier to clean and wash my caged dick and it was also easier to dry my dick after washing. My balls were fine and no redness. And, my hairless dick started to grow slowly with master Arrom’s hand massaging it after his thorough inspection.

I moved my hips back and fore to get more of master Arrom stroking my hard cock. I had not cum for 6 and half days since Saturday morning. I was jerked off by Nick on Saturday morning after he waxed me.

Master Arrom teased me and did not make me cum.

Both master Narin and master Arrom took turn to tease me. I enjoyed their hands touching and stroking and beating my hard cock so much. I was begging them to let me cum. But they only seemed to enjoy tormenting my hairless and smooth 5 and half inches hard cock and did not let me cum.

Then, master Narin spread my legs and tied my ankles to a bar. It spread my legs wide apart. It did not allow my legs to bring back together. That position exposed my dangling hard cock and my low hanging balls vulnerably for their abuses.

I saw master Narin passed master Arrom a set of stainless steel ball stretcher. It was almost two inches thick. I stared at the shiny piece of steel rings anxiously and looked for master Narin for mercy. But master Narin did nothing to stop master Arrom. Instead he tied my balls with a piece of thin string and pulled my low hanging balls even further lower down while master Arrom prepared to lock my balls with the stainless steel ball stretcher.

I saw master Arrom used some baby oil to lube the inside of the rings of the stainless steel ball stretcher before putting the steel cold rings on my low hanging balls. I guessed it helped to keep my scrotum skin from getting caught between the split rings. The baby oil also let master Arrom rotated the split rings easily around my ball sac as he tightened the screws with an Allen key. Master Arrom kept rotating the partially closed split rings gently as he tightened the screws keeping my scrotum skin from getting pinched as the space between the rings decreased. And, after master Arrom careful operation, the cold stainless steel ball stretcher was fastened to my low hanging balls and the piece of thin string was untied and removed from my balls.

I was very grateful for master Arrom for handling my balls with care and love.

I was naked and tied up in the bathroom. My arms were tied spread out. My legs were tied spread apart. Master Arrom fastened a two inches thick stainless steel ball stretcher to my balls. I felt the full weight on my balls. My hairless cock was freed for the first time since it was locked up in the JAIL BIRD chastity device on Sunday night and it was hard to the fullest at five and a half inches length but I could not touch it as I was helplessly tied up.

Master Arrom came back and gave me something to drink to help ease the aching in my balls before they went for their Friday night out. My balls were aching inside as they were tugged constantly without relief by the two inches thick stainless steel ball stretcher.

Even though I was in pain down there the playful master Narin still played my balls by swinging it back and forth making me felt the full weight of the stainless steel ball stretcher.

Master Arrom used a ball gag and gagged me to muzzle my groaning while master Narin played my balls and my hairless smooth hard cock. Master Narin seemed to like my hairless cock a lot. He also took some closeup photos of it with his handphone.

Master Narin also took photos of my face saliva dripping from my ball gagged mouth and precums leaking from my teased hard cock. He took a lot of closeup photos of my stretched balls and my hairless cock and my ball gagged mouth.

Then, master Arrom untied my arms from the towel bars and made me lay on my back on the bathroom floor over a bathroom rug with my head near the wall. He tied my twists together and hung my arms above my head to the towel bar. He also tied the bar that was stretching my legs apart to the towel bar as well making my spread legs pointing to the ceiling and my plugged ass hole exposed in clear view. He pulled the butt plug out of my hole in one swift motion making me groaned as it had been in my hole since the swimming trip. He then inserted an inflatable butt plug in my hole. It went inside my hole with ease as it had been stretched by the previous butt plug.

Master Arrom then played my ass hole with the inflatable butt plug. He inflated the plug after inserted it in my hole and then slowly pulled it out of my hole without deflating it. He did it repeatedly a few times.

He deflated the butt plug only after he pulled it out of my hole and then inserted it back in my hole again forcefully and quickly. And, he inflated the butt plug and pulled the inflated butt plug out slowly and joyfully having fun torturing my hole. I could hear a pop sound when the inflated butt plug finally popped out of my poor stretched hole every time it came off my hole. I could see the inflated butt plug that master Arrom was holding in his hand and it was almost as big as a fist in size. It scared me a little as I had not been fisted before. The slow pulling out action made me groaned very loud even though it was through the ball gag.

Master Narin tried to pacify me by removing the ball gag and kissed me mouth to mouth and fondled my hard cock. I still groaned and moaned a lot as master Arrom ass played my hole a few more times.

Master Arrom seemed to like to stretch my hole and my balls. He really enjoyed it. I could see his boyish cold face with an evil grin. It was a bit frightening and yet so lovable which made me obediently surrendered my body to him for his abuses and tortures.

Master Arrom left the inflated butt plug in my hole before they went off to meet their friends on a Friday night out. I was helplessly tied and I could see my precums wet my lower body as my spread legs were lowered from the towel bar to the bathroom floor and the bar that spread my legs apart was tied to the base of a water pipe. I was naked but they did not blindfold or gag me when they left me alone in the bathroom.

I wanted to stay up and wait for the twins to come back from their night out but I felt sleepy and dozed off.

Saturday morning…

By the time I woke up I found myself lying on the bathroom floor over the bath rug. It was daybreak. It was Saturday morning. I was not tied up any more. I was naked. The stainless steel ball stretcher was removed. The inflatable butt plug was removed. I had nothing on me except my own apartment’s keys which were tied them around my neck with a piece of black string.

I went out of the bathroom and I found the twins sleeping in master Arrom’s bedroom. They were both naked and sweet to look at in their sleep. I did not disturb them. I went for a shower and tidied the bathroom.

It was the first time I got to play with my morning hard cock since Sunday night. I played with my hairless and smooth cock and my low hanging balls while waiting by the bed for both masters to wake up. I dare not make myself cum without the permission of my masters like a good slave should be.

Nothing much happened after the twins woke up. They washup and showered and we went out for brunch and did some shopping and afternoon tea. Master Narin dressed me up for the outing and he also bought me a new pair of underwear and a new pair of shorts while he was shopping for his. Master Narin liked to dress me up like I was his real-life Ken doll. I was happy that masters took me out and I was happy to let master Narin dressed me.

After tea we went to buy groceries before heading back to the apartment. We washup and took a nap. All three of us slept naked in one bed. It was so nice to feel the warm bodies of both masters by my sides.

In the evening, we went out to meet masters’ friends for dinner and movie. Master Narin dressed me for the night out. He put me in a pair of low-hip skinny jeans without underwear and a silky sleeveless black t-shirt. He also put a stainless steel cock ring around my cock and balls.

He untied my black string that held my keys from my neck. I let him did what he wanted without question like a good submissive slave.

I realized that the front pockets of my jeans were cut off and they were bottomless as master Narin slipped his hand in my jeans pocket and touched my cock.

Sean and Alvin (two of masters’ friends) went off after the movie and did not join us at the bar and clubbing.

Before heading to clubbing, we went to a bar for a drink as it was early at 10 pm. I got to know James, Ian, and Wilson (other three of masters’ friends) better as we chatted at the bar over drinks.

Ian was the tallest and more muscular than all of us while James and Wilson were of the same height. Wilson was leaner and James was brawnier. All of them looked good and pleasant and were ready to have a fun night. They were school mates.

After 11 pm we went to the club. Before entering the club, master Arrom buckled a leather collar around my neck. At first, I was a bit embarrassed and humiliated as a lot of people at the club would see me in collar. Then, I was subdued by master Arrom cold face. And, I remembered I had ever seemed a guy wore a collar at the club before. And, it was dark inside the club. And, I could take it as a fashion thing I thought.

Master Narin ordered jar after jar of alcoholic drinks. There were always two jars on our table. By 1 am, the mood in the club was in full swing with many people dancing on the dance floor. Master Narin and James and Wilson and I were dancing while master Arrom and Ian were at the table enjoying the mood. Half way through the dancing, master Narin stripped my sleeveless t-shirt and tucked it in the front of my jeans. It did not seem to bother me as I was high after taking so many alcoholic drinks.

I was dancing shirtless. I was molested my masters’ friends and some strangers at the dance floor. James liked to slip his hand into the back of my jeans and touched my butts crack. He even rubbed my ass with one of his fingers. Wilson liked to put his hand inside my front pocket and reached for my dick and caressed it which made me very horny and slutty. Some strangers at the dance floor also touched me I guessed it was because I was shirtless and wearing a leather collar around my neck. One of them pinched my nipple and slipped his hand into my jeans and grabbed my smooth and hairless dick until master Narin had to push him away.

After clubbing, James, Ian, and Wilson joined masters and headed back to the apartment.

Once we were inside masters’ home, we did not hesitate to strip ourselves naked. All were naked expect I had a cock ring around my cock and low hanging balls and a leather collar around my neck. The twins let James and Wilson took me to master Narin’s bedroom while the masters took Ian to master Arrom’s bedroom. While James and Wilson took turn to fuck me I could hear moaning sounds from the other bedroom amidst my own moaning.

After James and Wilson had fucked me, they took me to master Arrom’s bedroom and I was made to suck Ian. He came inside my mouth and I was ordered by master Arrom to swallow every drop of it.

While James and Wilson took Ian to master Narin’s bedroom, master Arrom and master Narin tied me up without letting me cum. After all the sex, I was so high and horny and wanted to cum so much but I was helplessly tied and denied to release my cum.

Sunday late morning…

When we woke up on Sunday morning master Arrom and master Narin took turn to fuck me and cummed in my hole.

While master Arrom and master Narin went to the shower, James, Wilson and Ian came into the bedroom and teased me. They seemed to be quite excited to see me naked and tied up in bed. And, my cock was hard. The three of them teased me and played me and my hard cock and balls. It was humiliating as it was under bright day light although I was already fucked my James and Wilson not long ago.

James and Wilson took turn and made me sucked their morning hard cock while Ian played my morning hard cock. Ian stroked my smooth hard cock so much that made me wanting to cum. I was on the edge of shooting my cums when master Arrom came into the bedroom and stopped Ian. My poor hard cock only managed to spurt out two drops of white cum as it bounced at each drop and continued to bounce a few more times desperately but without the pleasure of releasing any more cum because Ian had stopped stroking my cock with his hand and the stimulation to my cock was removed as Ian moved his hand away from my cock on the command of master Arrom. It left me horny and frustrated, as though as I had received no release at all. Only two drops of thick cum was released out of my 8 days load. I guessed it was what they called a ruined orgasm.

I was so horny that I was so willing to serve James and Wilson orally and sucked them both one after another. I drank every drop of their sweet young men juices.

After they were done, we washup and showered and we went out for brunch together.

The twins and I went back to the apartment after brunch and changed the bedding, did the laundry, and mopped the floor. All three of us did it together and we got the apartment tidied in a very short time. It was enjoyable as we were all naked doing the household chores.

We went for shower. In the shower, master Narin stood behind me inserted his hard cock in my hole and held my body with one hand and stroked my hard and smooth cock with his other hand while master Arrom hit my low hanging balls with his hand.

Master Arrom smacked my balls with one forceful blow after another while master Narin continued to stroke my hard cock. It was painful in my balls and pleasurable at the same time.

I was horny and high by the treatment and I could see my dangling balls slowly raised up. My balls rose up slowly until they were tightened up against the base of my hard cock and I could not see my balls any more. It was sexually weird that I could not see my balls. And, master Arrom’s beating on my raised up balls was no longer painful at all. It was pleasurable.

As I was enjoying master Arrom’s tortures on my balls and all of a sudden, my cock spurted out gushing stream of white thick cum on master Arrom’s lower arm and naked body.

At each gush of my cums I felt my hole grabbed master Narin’s hard cock. Master Narin momentarily stopped stroking my cock and let go of his hand as he was stunned by my first two squirted out cums landing on master Arrom’s body. Or, he was stunned by my hole grabbing his hard cock.

During that few seconds, I saw my hard and pulsating cock in full orgasm trying to squirt more cums but nothing came out. Then, master Narin quickly grabbed my hard cock and resumed to jerk me off fiercely and that made my cock jet out a few more bursts of cum juices and they all landed on the floor.

Master Arrom made me licked up all my cums that had landed on his hand and lower arm and his body. I hesitated to eat my own cums but master Arrom made me. I felt humiliated as he grabbed my neck and pushed me to kneel down and licked his body and sucked his six inches hard cock. As I knelt down I felt master Narin’s hard cock pulling out of my hole. I felt so slaved and I licked and cleaned master’s body and I sucked master’s cock.

I sucked master Arrom’s cock head and used one hand to jerk his hard cock at the same time. I could hear his breathing getting heavier and he grabbed my head with both hands and fucked my mouth dominantly and cummed inside my mouth. I felt his warm cums shot inside my mouth. It was difficult to swallow master’s cums after I had already cummed. The taste was strong but I took it like an obedient slave.

Master Narin put his six inches hard cock into my mouth right after master Arrom withdrawn his cock. I dutifully did the same for master Narin knowing that his cock had been in my hole only a moment ago. Master Narin did not fuck my mouth. He let me sucked his cock head and jerked his hard cock at the same time until he also cummed inside my mouth. I swallowed both masters’ sweet and bitter mixed cums eagerly like a good slave. I seemed to like to be ordered or forced to do things that I would never do in my own freedom.

After the shower, master Narin returned my keys to me and he playfully tied the keys with the black string around my hairless dick and balls. And, he dressed me up in the new pair of underwear and the new pair of shorts that he bought for me, and, my own singlet that I came with.

We went out for dinner after showered and dressed and they sent me back to my apartment car park in their car with my keys tied to my dick and balls.

That was the end of my house slave experience.

On reaching at the front door of my own apartment unit, I had to put my hands into my shorts and underwear to untie the string from my dick and balls that was holding my keys to my main door and gate. I hoped my neighbor did not see what I was doing that night in front of my door with my fly zipped down and my underwear lowered below my balls to get the string untied in order to get to my keys.

P.S. We did meet up several times for sex. I was the twins’ sex buddy and obedient sex slave until they graduated. I also met up with James and Wilson a few times to serve them orally and anally. All of them liked my service very much. I did not meet James and Wilson as much as I met master Arrom and master Narin because they did not tied me up like master Arrom did. I did not meet Ian as he was a bottom like me.

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