Kinky Art

Kinky Art can be various and today we are presenting you the work of Unmove, a 28 years old Japanese Mummification fan. First we thought to present his work as an insight into sessions but if you see the mummification he does, so you’ll understand that it is much more than just a sexual game. In my eyes it is a special kind of kinky art, even more if you see the mummy in the style of Mondrian. I would really love to see several of his mummies leaning against a big white wall in a gallery. Who is into real long term bondage? 😉

Unmove is totally into Bondage, Zentai, Shibari and Vacbeds. Since he is 20 he loves to get mummified. To be unable to move is a great turn on for him. He gets relaxed and it releases his mind. He believes that it comes close to the feeling of protection you have in a mother’s womb. The last two years he started to mummify others and to create his own style of mummies.

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