An interview with Mister X, who will publish his drawings in a blog on sadOsam from now on.


MasterMarc: Hi MisterX. It is nice to have you here. You have a great Blog on Tumblr where you show a lot of own illustrations and short stories. We are happy that you’ve decided to publish them on sadOsam too. Can you tell us, for how long you’re doing this kinky illustrations and what your motivation to start with it was?


MisterX: I’ve been drawing kink art for about nine years now. Which seems a long time in hindsight.

I started drawing BDSM for a variety of reasons. First, I never really drew seriously before. I wanted to improve my skills and learn anatomy. Second, I seldom saw the kind of guys or kinks I was interested in. Sometimes that was because that scene was pure fantasy (unless someone out there knows of a place specializing in real tentacle porn ;)). Other times it was just because I had a hot scenario in mind. Lastly, I’ve persisted in drawing because of my fans. I have a vocal group of followers who share ideas or advice on helping me continue to improve.

: I really love your pictures because you often combine kinky motives with the innocence of the children’s book illustration style. Was that an intention you’ve had from the beginning or is it the result of your art work development?

MisterX: That’s the first time I’ve heard my work described that way. There’s not any connection between my work and children’s books. My personal style has been a long evolution. Early on I mimicked a couple artists I liked (Po-ju specifically) while I was figuring out what worked for me. I think those early years are a really awkward amalgamate of anime and realism. I tend to avoid looking back at them. Now I’ve landed on something that feels mine.

I like very expressive faces, strong lines, and over-saturated colors. I enjoy the experience of drawing, especially when I’m proud of the results. I’ve worked hard to move away from those early roots in shota. I know a large portion of my fanbase really liked that stuff, but like I constantly say I draw for myself.

: I hope you haven’t been offended by my statement about your style. I was saying that because I really like your style. And yes, you can be proud of the results. I know often the artist is the biggest critic of his own work. Where do you find the models for your work or are the characters just coming out of your fantasy?

MisterX: No worries. No offense taken.

I find most of the models for my work tied up in the trunk of my car. I’m really not sure how they get there, but I make the most of the situation. :p

Truthfully, I have a mix of real life models and imagined ones. Some times I’ll base a pic on a guy I saw in real life, other times I just dream them up from fantasy. In past I took volunteers from online and use them as a basis for images. But it never seemed to work right. They never ended up looking like the original subject. Mostly I’m inspired by popular trends in fashion. Hair styles, clothes, etc.

: Even if I have my real sexy own boys you should probably borrow me your car. We have never enough sexy guys. 🙂 As we can see in your tumbnail sketches on your blog, you are really working hard and in a classic way on your drawings. Is it just talent you have or have you studied art? And can you tell us a little about the working process to show us, how such drawings arise out of your fantasy?

MisterX: Just talent. I’m amazing. 😉 Originally I started drawing things as I thought they should look. I didn’t understand proportions or anatomy or poses … or anything really. Then I started studying other artists and trying to mimic their proportions and styles. But that didn’t work. I needed to find something my own. So I just started studying anatomy more. I paid attention to the way bodies look in a variety of poses. Or the way a face distorts when they smile, grimace, or sigh. I say study, but really all of my anatomy lessons came from porn :p Its a huge resource of naked people doing a variety of poses.

My working process tends to start with a lot of ideas at once. I do a couple quick thumbnail sketches of them to see if I like it. Most sketches get thrown away.

If I like it I start inking over the sketch. This step takes a LONG time. I am very critical of my lines and I’ll draw them over and over again to get them just right. A lot of drawings get ditched at this point. I get frustrated or lose interest. I have very little patience for my work…

In this picture, I finished the first character very quickly. I knew what I wanted him to look like, I knew the sort of face I wanted. But the sub in this scene was going to be harder. He had to interact with the Dom in such a way that implied submission, frustration, and exhaustion. So I did a couple different poses to pick from.

Tumblr: Bild

Last I start adding color. This is usually a lot of fun as well. My colors tend to be bright and bold. I don’t do complex lighting.

I don’t like backgrounds. I feel they’re a waste of my time (considering I spend days working on an image and only have so much free time). So I tend to avoid them and just do a boring gray backdrop. Some day I’ll work on my background skills. But nobody was ever turned on by a bed or a mirror on the wall in an erotic drawing :p

: Do your drawings have any connection to the real life and do you think that as artist you can also live things, which you wouldn’t be able in real life?

MisterX: There’s a strong thread of reality to my art. Puppy play, chastity, bondage, domination, feminization, etc. These are all kinks that me and others engage in in the real world.

There’s a lot of subjects I do draw that have no place in reality or simply should not exist in reality. A frightening number of people think I either engage in or condone those things. I’ll steal from a recent post I made on tumblr regarding this topic:

“I draw a lot of fantasy. Art and fiction are great places for fantasy to exist because real people are not harmed by it. And a majority of the extreme kink I draw should remain as fantasy. Fap to it. Share it with someone else and fap about it together. But don’t drug a guy, kidnap him, and saw his limbs off. Because I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in most places.”

MasterMarc: Are there any pictures in your had you haven’t found the right approach to draw them? If there are, what kinkd of motives are them and what is the problem you have with it?

MisterX: I had to think a while on this one.

Most scenes that I struggle with I quickly abandon and forget about. Art is supposed to be my relaxing hobby, so there is no sense stressing about it. But I have struggled with drawing some of the kinks I really enjoy like climax control. Ideas that require more than just one scene to explain and exist largely in headspace rather than imagery. I think I’ve successfully drawn it twice and its my biggest personal fetish :p

I’m also struggling with drawing new approaches to puppy play. There are only so many scenes you can draw before you start repeating yourself…

But the largest problem I have with drawing is my inability to draw dynamic or action oriented images. Everything is very static and posed in my art. I doubt this is something I’ll ever improve on.

: I can imagine, that it is not so easy to draw fetish scenes because the kink is comming often out of the action and that is really difficult to display in a pic, which shows just a moment. In any case we are looking forward to see a lot of your drawings here on sadOsam. Mister X, it was a great pleassure to talk to you and I hope we will continue with it soon.

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